A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 205

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 205

EP 32 – Horse, Horse, Horse (2)

“At the time of the Jeju Island terrorist incident. It has been revealed that former Minister Han Seung-moon has been active in the fight against terrorists, drawing attention from the public. The police released a CCTV video of the day of the incident today, and the person held hostage was Minister Han Seung-moon… … 」

“It’s a fact that even active hunters sometimes overlook, but Han Seung-moon is also a first-generation hunter. It is also classified as one of the best special superpowers in the PMC. This is only occasionally the case with people who were really in front of them when the gates opened, that is, people who were directly exposed to the magic of another world, because they all participated in the legendary battles… … 」

“This morning, President Seok Jae-bong announced his resignation. At the same time, he announced his intention to run for the general election through SNS, but the general election landscape is shaking as conservatives from re-elected lawmakers are flowing into Honam. Meanwhile, as successors, former Minister Han Seung-moon and former Jeonnam Governor Ji Hoe-gap ascended to Hama-pyeong… … 」

* * *

Time passed quickly. Exactly, it passed without a moment’s notice. Then, when I woke up, the day of the National Assembly personnel hearing was dawning.

personnel hearing.

When the president appoints a high-ranking public official, he or she obtains the consent of the National Assembly. A tsunami of bitter questions and verification rushes in, leaving one person alone.

However, the president could be appointed without the consent of the National Assembly, so the National Assembly did not unconditionally agree.

So if it rots roughly enough, it will pass. If it had rotted a bit, it would be the National Assembly personnel hearing. And since I had a short career, it was a slightly aged shaft rather than a rotten one.

The problem is, there was no such thing as a personnel hearing for the original chief of staff of the president, but he passed the bill in the National Assembly, saying, “What do you think of it?”

It was easy for anyone to come out half crippled after one hearing, so it was probably the result of someone (or someone else’s) touch. Even the chief of staff had been talking about a hearing for a long time, so it wasn’t particularly unusual.

Besides, for the chief of staff anyway, the state audit took the place of the hearing. It would be convenient if you thought that you would be beaten beforehand. I’ve also served as a minister, so it’s not the first time it’s happened.

“… … Whoa.”

But the tension still did not go away.

Justice Moon-Young Lee, who was nominated as the Chief of the Board of Audit and Inspection, is the first female chief of the Board of Audit and Inspection, and she is not an opponent that lawmakers before the election can touch.

While everyone expected that war hero Commander Kim Doo-shik’s hearing on the Prime Minister’s appointment would pass smoothly, eventually the focus of the topic was on the hearing of the Chief of Staff of the President, which is the most accommodating.

And the members of the National Assembly during the election season were beasts thirsting for topics more than anyone else.

* * *

“Minister of Portrait Management, Yang Il-ho! This is Han Seung-moon’s right arm. The ruling ‘opposition’ floor leader, Ho-jung Lee! This is Han Seung-moon’s left arm. But what about Han Seung-moon, chief of staff of the President? Is this the Republic of Han Seung-moon?”

The Republic of Han Seung-moon

It was not the vocabulary that would come out at the National Assembly personnel hearing, but it was an appropriate statement to occupy the main news of Naver. You’re probably counting it up to there and talking about it.

I sat in the candidate seat for the hearing hall and pretended to be calm while soothing my swollen stomach. Rep. Kim Jae-ryong of the National Defense Party asked me a question after swearing at the camera for a long time.

“I sat in the seat of the Minister of Portrait Management and controlled the National Assembly. Now, it will become a full-fledged nonsensical situation! Is that so?”

“It’s not like that. The president-”

“Ah, did the president call you? Then why did you quit? Did you believe that and didn’t even run for a member of parliament?”

“Excessive speculation is-”

“If this is not a mockery of the people, what is it? how!”

“… … .”

“Why don’t you answer me!”

Ask questions and not give them time to answer. Then, if you say something in anger, it becomes an insult to the National Assembly. It was a strategy often used by Yang Pan-seok to scratch people like that.

Of course, this was also out of shape, so I didn’t do it myself and had Kobung do it, but that person named Kim Jae-ryong didn’t seem to have been nominated in this general election.

In other words, he is a member of the National Assembly who was abandoned by the party.

So somehow they are attacking me to get people’s attention, but Shin Soo-gwang is also on the verge of ruin, so somehow the two sides seemed to fit together.

“Oh, yes. Speech time is over. Next, the Kuomintang, Rep. Shim Woo-jung.”

“Doctor action speech! I am requesting you to speak with me!”

“Yes, the mic is off. Ask Senator Shim Woo-jung.”

After the National Defense Party inquiry. As soon as the Kuomintang question started, a member of the National Assembly member Shin Su-gwang asked me. As usual, I should have healed myself, but somehow the level of questions is unusual.

“There is growing criticism that the Hunter Association’s presence is becoming obsolete. because. This is because huge corporate capital, the so-called three major guilds, monopolized the superpowers. The new energy business is also monopolized by large corporations. Hunting management is also monopolized by large corporations. What was the portrait management department doing? Do you feel responsible for this?”

“The treatment of people with supernatural abilities is a matter directly related to the national defense of the Republic of Korea. It came under strict regulation and monitoring. At that time, the economic environment was not good for SMEs to do business. Only large corporations passed the regulations-”

“Who made those regulations? Isn’t that Han Seung-moon, Minister of Portrait Management? What if the result was a ruthless monopoly system of large corporations. Who will be held accountable?”

“At that time, my job was not to achieve a fair market economy. It was about rebuilding a broken society. And to see this as a monopoly—”

“Is the state first? I agree. But did such a person take 400,000 stimulants abroad?”

“… … no-“

“I will finish the query.”

blood dry It was like dying because people who were so clever were driving people away. But in the midst of this, even the people who should have listened to me were not active.

Kookmin Party lawmaker Jeong Gap-soo. I heard that I am a member of the audience, but the yangban, who had to protect me after receiving orders from the audience, asked me this question.

“candidate. All kinds of suspicions are pouring in. So I will ask. He acted contrary to his heavy responsibility as the chief of staff of the president. didn’t Speak confidently.”

“It’s not enough, but I didn’t live like that.”

“I will believe that.”


Not embarrassed by any attack, I put on a bewildered expression for the first time. National Assembly Broadcasting was still being broadcast live.

Besides that, there were several other happenings. During the hearing, aides broke in with pickets, which caused a dog fight at the hearing.

“Chairman. What is that assistant doing now?”

“Be quiet when talking to others.”

“Are you protesting with a banner picket?”

“I learned it from the Democrats.”

“You have to learn good things!”

“I will speak again.”

“Get out of here! What is that!”

“I did it and even made an aide… … .”

“Get out of the way! Where are you doing that at the sacred meeting place!”

“Chairman. I speak so loudly—”

“No, why are you intimidating opposition lawmakers-”

Nationalist Party and National Defense Party. There were loud bangs between numerous factions that could not be described as bipartisan, and the chairperson tapped the baton several times to calm the situation.

Also, there were workshops about submitting my materials. Especially in this part, the humans on the Shinsu-gwang side struggled to survive and bit me.

“Right now, 20 million refugees in South Korea are suffering from housing problems. However, candidate Han Seung-moon lived in a detached house in Haeundae, Busan, paying a monthly rent of 6 million won. With 6 million won, it is difficult to get a studio room in the mountains of Gyeongsangbuk-do these days.”


“The question is not over. But do you know who owns that luxury mansion? This is Yang Jeong-seok, the son of President Yang Pan-seok. In fact, it is the home of President Yang Pan-seok. Well, I don’t know if the candidate is the hidden child of President Yang Pan-seok. Does this make sense?”

At this point, the Honam lawmakers of the National Defense Party got up, voicing their anger as an insult to the president, but the Shinsu Gwanggye, driven to the edge of the cliff, was nowhere to be seen.

“Still, the candidate was just a security issue. It is not a matter of financial interest. I am only giving these vague answers. So, I requested data on the property details, but the personal data of the WPO councilor were not submitted as they were state secrets. This makes sense-”

“It was inevitable because the next councilor was not elected—”

“Don’t stop talking. Anyway, the question is whether a hearing without knowing the details of the candidate’s property is a proper hearing. A thorough government colleague, and a government for his private interest, mocking the people with such a show hearing… … .”

In the end, the National Defense Party lawmakers who supported Yang Pan-seok left the hearing. The chairman of the standing committee, who has to control the hearing, is just looking into the air with eyes that have lost his soul.

And surprisingly.

All of this happened before lunchtime.

* * *

In fact, the hearing lunch time was not a meal time, but a kind of operation time. It was also a time to check public opinion on the Internet.

But I ate lunch alone. He mumbled a cup of tuna kimchi and checked public opinion on his cell phone. The internet has now become a sea of fire.

At worst, Il-ho Yang called me and asked me.

“hello? Oh, it’s Ilho.”

“No, why didn’t you submit your property details!”

“Heh heh, it’s been a while. hey.”

“This reaction is not a joke!”

Of course, it wasn’t a good response.

Public opinion was boiling in earnest. A photo of the detached house I lived in occupied the front door of the news portal. The most common comments were that they felt betrayed.

Haha, my cousin bought the land and my stomach hurts. It was impossible for politicians to lead a luxurious life in this state of affairs. This reaction is quite natural.

But I had insurance.

It was also an insurance investment in the last few years. And that’s why I haven’t submitted my property details yet.

So the hearing went on.

“Candidate Seung-Moon Han.”

As the hearings resumed, life revolved in the eyes of the lawmakers. As if the opening in the morning was a search battle, a full-fledged offensive began.

The lawmakers who analyzed public opinion on the Internet launched a concentrated attack on my property.

“Although the discussion on the gap between legal principles and legal appraisal is not over, we have no choice but to discuss the issue of the National Emotional Law. Aside from the fairness of the market economy, the fact that high-ranking officials are living in luxurious mansions in this country is… … .”

“I was offered a monthly rent lower than the market price in a luxurious mansion that the president actually owned. If this isn’t a bribe, what is it? Even with the excuse of being a WPO council member, he hid his wealth details. Have you been enjoying this life until now?”

“This is absolutely a bribe real estate contract. You didn’t disclose your property details, so how do you know if this was a double contract or if you actually lived there? Are the people funny now? We hope that the details of the property will be disclosed as soon as possible.”

In the morning, the human who was flirting like a child was talking about a bribery real estate contract, so something was awkward. Even if the parliamentarian IQ fluctuates like Bitcoin, isn’t this a bit too much?

In the midst of continuing the hearing as if to separate my bones from my flesh for a long time, aides suddenly broke in and broke into a cold sweat and turned the data to the lawmakers.

“… … .”

A strange silence lingered in the parliament. It was hard to believe that Goseong had just come and gone. I can only hear the camera shutter click from time to time.

Eventually, Hojeong Lee, who had been quietly silent in the corner, opened her mouth.

“… … Dear Chairman. I will apply for a speech in the proceedings.”

“Ha, do it.”

Hojeong Lee took the microphone. I slowly closed my eyes. Only the boy’s voice could be heard. A cold voice spread over the radio waves.

“As you can see from the data, the candidate has donated half of his income to refugees in the metropolitan area over the past three years. It has been a long-term donation activity since the Cha Jae-gyun administration.”

“So much wealth. At the time of the Jeju Island terrorist attack, they were all exhausted to hire PMCs for the safety of the Jeju people. We even have 1.4 billion in debt.”

“I belong to the WPO Council and my personal information has been temporarily frozen by the National Security Act, but this can be seen simply by looking at the public official’s property disclosure. Therefore, this member of the National Assembly cannot understand the current one-sided and ruthless political offensive… … .”

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