A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 207

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 207

EP 32 – Horse, Horse, Horse (4)

[After President Yang Pan-seok appointed former Minister Han Seung-moon as the new chief of staff, the ‘green’ signals from the ruling and opposition parties have continued one after another. It looks like the action was taken with the upcoming general election in mind…….]

[That … It is not an exaggeration to say that he was, in fact, designated as a political successor. Isn’t there a presidential candidate who has been released from the passport now? Governor Won Ok-bun has the same party record, but it is unreasonable to regard it as a passport, and Seok Jae-bong, the former chief of staff, is probably popular with the public…….]

[In the midst of uneasy tension in the political world ahead of the general election, Han Seung-moon, the new chief of staff, is scheduled to board a plane to the United States as a presidential special envoy on the 7th…]

* * *

The US presidential election is not unique to the United States. It used to be, but now it is. It was a time when mankind was facing the worst crisis in history.

While eating an in-flight meal on an airplane, I suddenly said such a thing, and Pi Chae-won tilted her head mysteriously.

“It’s a little awkward because it’s a human crisis.”

“It’s true, but what?”

In fact, living in Korea didn’t really feel that way. Even if you order Pizza Chicken, it will be delivered within 30 minutes. What is that at the end of the century? It’s a very expensive problem.

After all, most of the Korean people have never encountered a monster. This is all thanks to Cha Jae-gyun and Kim Doo-sik’s fantastic iron wall defense.

Therefore, the southern population of 30 million had never seen a monster, and most of the 10 million refugees from the metropolitan area simply ‘evacuated’, and far fewer people were attacked by the monster. In other words, among the 40 million Koreans, the number of people who directly felt the threat of the monster was around 3 million. Even then, thanks to the crazy land prices, they were living in the slums of Chungcheong-do.

That is, most of the people perceived the Gate incident as a threat from the North. And we were human beings who felt the ‘threat from the North’, but were dissatisfied with leading our daily lives.

“By the way, Senator.”


Pi Chae-won, who had already mastered politics, took another leap.

“Isn’t this the government induced? Hunters appear on variety shows every day and they say that monsters are nothing. They often put on moving music and say that Korea is fine. Also, even if there is an accident at the border, it is reported as if it happened on the other side of the world…”

“I, I don’t know…”

“People should be safe and engaged in their livelihoods… A little bit like that-”

“Ah, anyway!”

Although Korea perceives the monster incident as a national disaster at the IMF level (and some claim that the monster itself is a fictional enemy created by the government), in reality it was the worst catastrophe that even threatened the survival of mankind.

If you look at Europe right now, it is common for a shelter to collapse and thousands of people die, and in Africa, it is difficult to even calculate how much the population has decreased.

In China, millions of people died from food shortages this winter, Russia was in a cold war with the threat of nuclear war, and Japan was divided into three factions in a civil war.

And the only country that can or expect to overcome this catastrophe is,

It was only the US.

* * *

“Uh, Lumiere.”

“Minister? Long time no see. I see you all at the airport.”

“Heh huh, I’m no longer a minister, but a chief.”

Since the president of the United States has changed, all kinds of people have gathered at the airport. Some people thought that the UN General Assembly was held in Dulles International.

I also met Lumière unexpectedly and exchanged handshakes. It was the first time I’d seen it since the Australian crisis, so I was even more happy. I greeted her by tapping her arm.

“It’s even more nice to meet you by chance. Weren’t you waiting to stand with me on the photo line?”

“Wow, what are you saying?”

“Anyway, let’s value it together. I will wait for the reporters to die.”

From the entrance of the airport, the clamors of reporters could already be heard. So, taking a picture is not another diplomatic achievement.

Lumiere and I went through immigration procedures with a small greeting. There were plenty of people on both sides, so we had enough time to talk.

She spoke first with worried eyes.

“Minister. no. head of a department. I heard the news of the Jeju Island terrorist attack. Are you okay…?”

“Oh, yes. I’m fine too. No casualties, that’s fine. It’s thanks to the people’s response. By the way, are you ready for the WPO council elections?”

“yes. A general election is planned in the near future. Thanks to this, Hunter’s census seems possible. Hiding the number of hunters in the shelter has caused a lot of headaches, but that’s fortunate.”

“Ha ha! Isn’t that why I said to do a straight line system? In order for a hunter to vote, he needs to know who the hunter is. If you do a census without any excuses like that, then it is a violation of basic rights, or a private temple.

“Well, that’s the political economy…”

Lumiere looked a little shaky, but either way, I tapped the calculator in my head.

After the passage of the WPO direct system, a large-scale election of hunters will be held. The number of councilors has also increased dramatically from 5 to 50. The top 10 voters from each country enter the council, and so on.

And, as with democracy, the council would lose its powerful position and become a de facto botanical council. They’ll do everything they can to fight each other.

Then, eventually, the council would faithfully represent the position of the Hunters to win the election, and if that acted as a lock to prevent the great powers from fussing, my plan would be successful.

Because we can also do a census of hunters, it was one stone and two groups.

As we were talking roughly, the immigration procedures were over.

“Ah, have you finished immigration procedures?”

“Now is the time to go to the reporters.”

But I never met reporters.

Because the CIA staff kidnapped me before I even left the airport.

* * *

The home of the US CIA director was more cozy than expected. It’s like a study designed by a professor with a good personality. On the desk lay a picture of a happy family and a baseball player’s autograph.

The thought of decorating my house like this came naturally to me, but I still showed a mysterious expression because of a vague feeling.

The CIA director, dressed in light casual clothes, grinned. She used to be an old woman with a dirty temper, but wearing glasses makes her look a little mellow.

“People who come here always look like that. Should the CIA director have his house all black?”

“I thought there was going to be a big map of the world attached to it. Washington has a green pin, and North Korea and Palestine have a red pin…”

“It is in the office.”

“Are there no alien heads? Like floating in a green aqueous solution.”

“Sorry, but this is a state secret.”

She handed me a cup of coffee. I took my coffee, bowed slightly, and sat down on the guest sofa. And put the cane down next to the sofa.


I have exchanged official documents with the CIA director like Kakao Talk over the past few years, and I have often met face-to-face due to the UN General Assembly or the Australian incident, so we had enough acquaintances.

But I never had any close friends, and he would suddenly invite me to his house like this.

Apparently, there was a close affair.

The chief was speechless.

“First of all, thank you for accepting this sudden invitation. I think you must have been very surprised. I wondered what the CIA director of an already ruined regime was going to say.”

“Haha, is that possible?”

In fact, it was.

What surprised me the most wasn’t the interior decoration of the director’s house, but why the person who was about to be fired was looking for me.

In other words, the Democratic Party won the US presidential election.

If this was also a kind of anomaly, then it was an oddity. The US federal government stopped the spread of the virus in the US, and even managed to overcome the Australian crisis.

In fact, the U.S. government did nothing to lose in this election. Rather, it is an axis that has made good progress in the midst of a global crisis.

But America was a money-driven country. And American companies favored the Democrats. It was because the federal government, which was concerned about the tyranny of large corporations, had beaten up too many companies.

And the ‘heroes’, who were treated more than celebrities because of the government’s propaganda, belonged to a large corporation PMC, and that variable led to a fierce battle in this election.

So the Democrats took power in the United States, the United States had its first female president, and the CIA director in front of me was destined to be fired sooner or later.


“The elected candidate has decided to renew my tenure.”


It sounded crazy. Who in the world is the one who saved the former administration’s personnel? As I came from a country that strictly enforces retaliation and punishment, I could not understand the situation at all.

Somehow, this grandmother has a warm impression today. Even if a politician loses an election, people become disillusioned.

I couldn’t hide my embarrassment.

“Hey, is this American style?”

“I do not know. I don’t know that either. However, the elected president has expressed his intention to deal with the situation he is in as wisely as possible.”

This is what I heard from the CIA director.

first. The battle between the federal government and the Democrats was fierce. The country is a mess, but the theory of government judgment has not worked. It was a testament to how much people supported the federal government.

second. The negative election has hurt the elect too much. He was not a close aide, and he had several prosecutions with the appraisal agency.

third. Operation ‘Brave New Generation’ has garnered worldwide acclaim. The Democrats were vehemently opposed to it, saying it was a waste of taxes, but in the end, they had no choice but to twist their promises and approve.

In other words, even if the Democrats took power, the Republican approval rating was too high.

This is commonly referred to as a wound-only victory.

So, the Democratic Party-elect wanted to serve as president for as long as possible, so he chose the method of retaining some of the former government officials and continuing core projects for national unity.

And the most representative core business is the ‘Brave New Generation’ operation. A plan to eliminate the monster land around the world and free mankind from the threat of monsters.

The core business of the previous federal government was to be passed on to the Democrat-elect.

The CIA Director ended the explanation with a smile.

“And it was the Australian War that overturned this situation, and it was Korea that led to the victory in the Australian War.

“Rice, don’t tell me anything.”

“If it wasn’t for that, all my mistakes would be revealed by now. He must have waited for the court’s judgment while being stalked by all kinds of media. If I was wrong, I would have been sentenced to life imprisonment. I am very grateful for this. haha.”

It was a small confession that he had done something deserving of life imprisonment. Perhaps it was a joke to others, the director smiled and continued the conversation.

“Hey, that’s a long introduction. It is no different that we have gathered them like this to convey the message that the elected president-elect has asked for.”

“Yes, you tell me.”

“The war in Australia will soon be over. The US military has already been deployed, and it is analyzed that Australia will be completely cleansed within two months.”

“That’s good news. By the way?”

“The elected candidate pointed to Japan as the next target.”

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