A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 208

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 208

EP 32 – Horse, Horse, Horse (5)

“……It’s Japan.”

“The elected candidate is seeking to contact Japan as soon as domestic issues are resolved.”

“What if Japan refuses?”

“Of course, no matter how they react, it would make more sense for the civil war to end and for the Monster Lands in the archipelago to be eliminated.”

The CIA director confirmed.

What they say after having a foreign envoy sit down is that the VIP’s will is firm.

Although it was not for world peace, it was a bad sign that some soldiers were going to grind and wash away the firewood that had been smeared in the presidential election. good was good

Of course, it wasn’t a bad offer for us either.

Because the purpose of my visit to America in the first place was to try Japan together. Isn’t the Jeju Island terrorist related to Japan?

Of course, when you become the director of the CIA, you must have calculated that and started negotiating. Because South Korea and the United States shared confidential information.

Not surprisingly, the director predicted the Jeju Island terror.

“I understand that Korea is also interested in Japan. I heard from the NIS that it is believed that Japan was behind the Jeju Island attack.”

I bounced it lightly once.

“…The cause of the Jeju Island terror is still under investigation. It is a difficult time to make hasty decisions.”

“That’s right, though. There is also the case of Jangjeon-eup. Isn’t there a group that hunted Korean hunters for stimulant research? It is now a known fact that unknown puppets are attacking Korea for stimulants.”

“Isn’t there any guarantee that Japan was the one who hunted Korean hunters?”

“Isn’t Japan still the prime suspect? Organs taken from Korean hunters have to go through Japan to cross the Atlantic.”

“……I beg your pardon?”

Organs cross the Atlantic? Maybe they didn’t confess that they were the culprits.


“Bur, did you find the culprit?”

“Let’s see.”

* * *

CIA Director Jaina Hespel handed me some pictures. As soon as I saw the picture, I felt nauseated. It felt like a long time ago.


“The CIA found the scene. The location is in the basement of a hospital near Manaus, Brazil. The culprit was a small PMC called Ariato Familia.”

Fortunately, the photo was not taken from the site of the biological experiment.

The photo showed organs that were nicely packaged. Inside the icebox were lumps of blood that looked like liver or kidneys.

I couldn’t say anything at all, so the director took it upon himself to explain.

“Ariato Familia was a PMC that started out as a drug trafficking organization. This time, organ trafficking was discovered as the government dealt with the cartel on a large scale.”

“…okay. How big was it?”

“It was not such a grand secret organization. They were about 30 thugs, and they were in charge of introduction and distribution.”

The director pulled out a few more pictures. It was also a terrible picture.

“We started with these and found more people involved in organ trafficking. These were the traces of the North Korean government’s exploitation of its citizens. About seven were found in South America and elsewhere.”

“I heard that North Korea sold people’s organs…”

“I am sorry to say that. The organs were sold to wealthy people in America, Europe, South America and Africa. Criminal organizations made profits in the middle of distribution.”

But what does this have to do with Japan? Looking at the director with that kind of gaze, she answered as politely as possible.

“All the organs were from Japan.”

“The organs of North Korean citizens were delivered from Japan.”

“It means that Japan is a middle ground in organ trafficking.”

“Then what about the organs of Korean hunters?”

“That’s right. It can be deduced that they went through Japan before heading somewhere. Maybe it was mixed with the organs of North Korean citizens and delivered to a living laboratory.”

“If you rob Japan, you can trace the distribution chain. Then we will know who the people who ordered the organs of Korean hunters for the living experiments are!”

“That is why we need to secure Japan.”

* * *

First of all, there was no need to suspect the United States, at least when it came to the stimulant issue.

This was actually a political issue. When I was the Minister of Portrait Management, there was a secret signal with the United States.

In fact, even if the U.S. did print stimulants, it wouldn’t benefit much. This was because the initiative of the American hunter society rested with corporations.

In other words, if the U.S. started playing around while watching whether or not to bring a stimulant, super giant PMCs could come out and curse the government and beat it.

‘The government conducts business with the lives of its people.’

‘The awakening system is a matter directly related to national defense.’

‘The president should be impeached.’

The scenario was pretty obvious.

With that as an excuse, companies would immediately demand that the federal government privatize the production of stimulants, and the war over privatization has historically been a major cause of the collapse of the United States.

But what if the right to produce stimulants goes to a large company? A large corporation that produced the Hunter Corps in an instant could cause a kudzu.

But if Korea has stimulants, it’s a different story.

If the US government were to take stimulants from South Korea, they could comfortably intimidate their PMCs with the stimulants. After leaving the moral responsibility to Korea.

Still, it is the US government that is being hit by large corporations’ PMC’s. For them, it was more important to distribute stimulants than to produce stimulants and fill the collars of large corporations.

In the first place, Korea was a country that gave as much as they asked for a stimulant for money (only alliances), so there was no room for conflict.

So my answer to Hespel’s suggestion was clear.

“For now, I know the sincerity of America.”

“Thank you.”

A smile appeared on the corner of the chief’s wrinkled lips. The CIA director, who was in a political crisis, succeeded in his mission.

She asked me to shake hands.

“Thank you for your cooperation, Chief Han. Then, as soon as the Australian crisis is over, we will find a way to advance the American forces. It seems that you should be prepared for a simple engagement. It’s going to be a pretty complicated fight.”


I don’t know how much he ate during the presidential election, but he seemed to want to make an achievement in Japan by any means possible.

Even the CIA director would be in a very difficult position. How can the power of the previous administration work so desperately on the orders of the new elected president in order to somehow survive?

But the more I thought about it, the more I got the feeling that the US government was rushing things for political reasons.

write it It looks like it’s going to crash somehow.

As soon as I had a foreboding that my way might be better, I grabbed Hespel’s wrist as he was about to get up.



“Chief. Still, wouldn’t it be a little dangerous to touch a country that is in civil war? It’s also a trio. If I make a mistake, I can’t find the original one.”

The current situation in Japan is very complicated.

The civil war was not just a civil war, but a three-way war in which the three powers were intertwined.

First of all, the failure of the Self-Defense Forces to respond to the gate incident was the culprit of all evil. This is because the status of the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force was virtually half-blind.

Due to the nature of the island nation, the army was small, and the quality of the troops was also serious. It wasn’t about harsh acts or shit, but it was the characteristics of the recruiting system.

The problem was that the Yakuza came through the gap.

“From what I hear, aren’t the words Yakuzaji de facto warlords? Absorb the remnants of the remnants and firearms quickly. It’s hard to deal with because the Awoken act like tanks. They collect taxes and farm in Nawabari, but what kind of thug is that.”

The first problem was the Yakuza.

While the Self-Defense Forces failed in their initial response and stumbled, they seized local hegemony through looting and intimidation. The more they were accustomed to violence, the faster they adapted to the weak and strong diet.

In a ruined world, fists prevailed, so the Awoken enjoyed the benefits of the Yakuza. As the number of humans who had gathered like this increased all of a sudden, it had reached this point.

“Again, are you talking to the Japanese government? Those yangbans are now blaming it all because of us. Even if only the peace constitution was amended, it would not have reached this level.”

The second problem was the Japanese government.

The Japanese government has been the subject of numerous criticisms. The Japanese government then turned the blame outside. It was all because of a foreign country.

The prime minister kept the logic of ‘I wanted to amend the peace constitution and make Japan stronger in preparation for such a situation, but it failed as a check from neighboring countries’.

However, if you think carefully about the legal principles, the current situation had little to do with the Peace Constitution, but the public opinion changed when those who spoke such stories disappeared.

“Finally, if you want to defeat the monsters there, you have to bring heavy equipment. Australia, the situation was open all around, so it was fine, there was Monsterland in the forest.”

The last problem was Monster Land in central Japan.

Gates were left unattended in Japan because of the civil war, at a time when it was not known what would happen if the gates were left alone.

That’s how Monster Land was formed. Especially in the vast mountain range and forest area that divides the Kanto region and the Kansai region.

The queen crawls out and lays eggs on Earth, the second generation of monsters breed and gradually adapt to the environment.

And the environment where Hunters died the most was in the forest. This is because monsters have a basic protective color and even poisonous poison.

Besides, I don’t know if it’s because of mushrooms or fungi, but the forest was the perfect place for an infectious entity to appear. The stats were like that.

Of course, the moment even one A-class hunter gets infected during the subjugation process, things start to get very dirty from that point on.

“Anyway, Japan will bleed a lot if you touch it wrong. There are too many variables. Australia fights monsters, but aren’t people more frightening? But how much of a headache would it be if you were fighting with a person?”

“I do admit it. still.”

When I insisted for a long time not to touch Japan, the director looked quite embarrassed.

The United States needed results, and the CIA director would suffer blood if he did this wrong.

Of course, I also had an alternative.

“Why don’t we use a diplomatic method instead?”


“Yes. I just came up with some ideas.”

The director leaned over as if he was interested.

I got the confirmation from her again.

“The elected person doesn’t want to end the Japanese civil war and preserve world peace, but don’t you just need achievements to wash away the fuel for the presidential election?”

“Yes, it is.”

“We also have no desire to be involved in Japan. Even I am in a situation where I am constantly criticized for spreading it abroad, so my range of movement is narrow. So, if possible, we plan to bring terrorists to Korea.”

“Keep talking.”

“There is a three-way war going on in Japan right now. Yes? Government forces, yakuza, militia.”

“Well, the militia used to be strong, but now they seem to be a bit behind. In fact, it’s back to a one-on-one composition. According to intelligence.”

“I don’t know that far, but now I know what the militia is called the Socialist International. So, is it a meeting led by the Japanese Communist Party?”

In addition to the government army and the Yakuza, Japan had a militia. The militia were none other than citizens of the central region. That’s where the gate is open.

They were the biggest victims of the Gates incident, and they were caught between the Yakuza and government forces and were not even protected.

However, I heard that the rate of awakening is quite high since they were the humans who were present when the gate was opened. However, the problem is that the numbers are so small.

However, what was unusual was that the flag raised by the militia was the communist flag. The red socialist flag.

I heard that the Japanese Communist Party was involved in the creation of the militia. It was not unusual because it was a party that had struggled with the ruling Japanese government for over 50 years.

He also said that the militia itself is a group of survivors living in a fallen society, so the concept of rationing or common ownership was incorporated.

In fact, this should have been regarded as true socialism.

And I was planning to use them.

“…Director Hespel. How hard have you been in Australia? I am the WPO, and the director is the CIA. Although they were in a position to contain each other. As we went through ups and downs together, I was worried inside myself.”

“Is that so? I didn’t know a manager would think of me that way. It is unfamiliar to hear such a thing from a politician like my grandson. By the way?”

“Don’t lose and stir up the army and hunters needlessly. Let’s try to solve it intelligently this time. Hopefully, we can see a solution before the elected president becomes president.”


“In order to do that, it seems that South Korea and the United States have to work together. How is the CIA condition? Do you have to?”

“We have not lost control of the organization.”

“good. First of all, I have a few friends that I know. Through those friends, we will deliver a message to Japan in a detour. softly.”

* * *

“You must not let the wicked bastards play with you!”

“The samurai, who are crazy about militarism, are trampling the socialist people with their bats. The whole world is trembling with astonishment and anger at that crazy move!”

“The political dwarfs of the lonely island nation must stop their unscrupulous, cunning, and vicious fighting, and actively contribute to world peace and security!”

“In addition, in front of the socialist people who are suffering from the fight between thugs and Seungnyang, you should immediately get down on your knees and ask for forgiveness!”

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