A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 209

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 209

EP 32 – Horse, Horse, Horse (6)

“North Korea has issued a statement to support the rebels and mobs in the country. This is Korean interference in internal affairs. I express my deepest condolences. The Republic of Korea should immediately stop acting that jeopardizes the trust between the countries…”

The Japanese reaction was very strong. Less than two hours later, the prime minister went live. It was safe to say that this was enough to put bubbles in the mouth.

Moreover, Japan’s backlash was directed at South Korea, not North Korea. It was well known that South Korea effectively controlled North Korea.

Of course, we had enough excuses.

A spokesperson for the Blue House, who had been rebuked by Yang Pan-seok in advance, recited the script leisurely.

In fact, it was slightly provocative that a spokesperson countered the Japanese Prime Minister’s protest.

“The South Korean government is only actively monitoring human rights abuses and humanitarian aid to North Korea, but does not include North Korea in its actual administrative domain. And, like Dokdo, Korea has maintained a positive view of sovereignty based on effective control over the past few decades.”

“At the same time, the People’s Republic of Korea and Democratic Council belonging to the Supreme Council, which currently exercises North Korea’s diplomatic rights, is a democratic government of North Korean citizens who have regained their sovereignty from the dictatorship, and therefore the South Korean government respects, to some extent, the administrative and effective rule of the alternative republic of North Korea.”

“Under these circumstances, I would like to state that the South Korean government’s involvement in the exercise of North Korea’s diplomatic rights is no different from the Eulsa Treaty. South Korea supports the North Korean citizens’ self-reliant unification transitional policy, and expresses concern about human rights abuses occurring within Japan.”


I checked the situation on the TV and put down the remote control.

Then I closed my eyes for a moment and pondered the words of my friends at the Blue House.


it was dog shit

* * *

To be honest, we had no intention of reunifying with North Korea.

Embracing 10 million North Koreans was close to economic and political suicide, so we set up a separate government in North Korea.

Therefore, South Korea has only one authority over North Korea, the Presidential Decree of Administrative Execution.

In other words, if North Korea neglects its ‘duty’ to govern its people, we will carry out its ‘instead’ and collect ‘costs’…

In fact, administrative enforcement was usually only used to demolish illegal facilities by demonstrators who put up a seat at Gwanghwamun. Usually city officials are sent.

But this time, no one knew whether the public officials we would send to North Korea would be the police, the South Korean military, or the police officers of the Public Security Administration of the Superhuman Assistance Agency.

In other words, South Korea was always in a situation where it could legally wield force against North Korea, and the North Korean leadership was in a position to receive practical instructions from the South Korean standing advisory group.

So, the Blue House spokesperson’s claim was actually bullshit.

However, as is the case with words, dog sounds could be made into words if they were nicely packaged.

And it was the US.

“Dear American citizens. Last night, I received shocking news between North Korea and Japan.”

The president of the United States elected this time is a woman who has held the presidential election three times. Even including running as a presidential candidate’s wife, that’s a total of five times.

It was more like a walking political animal than a natural person.

Thanks to this, she immediately acted with a beastly sense. There was a CIA director who had already seen Cha Woong with me, so I was less worried about the back of the head.

“I express my heartbreaking concern over the diplomatic issues in Northeast Asia. We are facing the worst crisis we have ever experienced.”

Unlike the previous president, his speech was quite smooth. At least outwardly.

“Humanity needs to be resolutely united more than ever. Although I am still the elected candidate, I will spare no effort to protect the most precious things that the stomach has to protect.”

First of all, it was a word that touched the rim by claiming to be neutral, but in simple terms, it was a call to intervene in the Japanese civil war.

Of course, the Japanese responded with foam in their mouths, but the American media did not report it. It was only natural for them to have a sense of humor.

“Northeast Asia Crisis! Clinton is coming!?”

“North Korea’s abrupt behavior continues.”

“Jaina Hespel as CIA Director Re-appointed… “We will focus on the current issue”

America, as always, has not been on the side of anyone. At least on the surface it was. Thanks to this, we started to act with peace of mind.

I first activated the diplomatic line with the power of the chief of staff. Since the Minister of Foreign Affairs was also very stingy, it was clear that the situation had been grasped.

I called comfortably.

“Minister Lee Tae-young, this is Han Seung-moon. You must be busy with the north these days, do you have time?”

“Oh, aren’t you the chief of staff? We met often at the State Council meeting, but the years are so fleeting. The head of foreign affairs gave a brief overview of the situation.”

“How is Japan’s reaction now?”

“haha. Rather, he seems to be enjoying it a little. Because of the civil war, the people’s feelings are also bad, but I think it ended up going well. In fact, we are protesting on our side only as a formal line, but inside Japan, we are angry as if we were going to declare war.”

“okay. How would the Yakuza react?”

“The Yakuza are silent. It’s an open dictatorship, so there’s no need to worry about public opinion. And such violent groups are managed by the National Intelligence Service, not the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.”

“Then what about the Citizens Army?”

“I do not know. As far as I know, they have no contact with Korea. It is also due to the fact that the power has decreased so much now. Of course, if the head of the department says so, we will be able to connect within a few days.”

“No, it is. Rather than that, I’d like to talk to the Japanese government officials. informally.”

“Then I will try to get a doctor to enter Korea from there. I don’t think it will take that long.”

As the Minister of Foreign Affairs said, it took less than a day for the Japanese special envoy to visit Korea. It was possible because it was an informal meeting.

Coincidentally, the person who visited this time was someone I knew well, and it was Secretary-General Yoshimura Yoshimura, who visited Hangu when China threatened Northeast Asia over the nuclear power plant issue in the past.

Even now, he was vice president of the Liberal Democratic Party, which was a testament to how seriously the Japanese government took this issue.

“Long time no see. One manager.”

“Nice to meet you, Vice President Yoshimura.”

We met in a safe house prepared by the National Intelligence Service. The atmosphere was not very good as the NIS stopped the Japanese cabinet intelligence officer from offering to be present.

Nevertheless, Vice-President Yoshimura smiled softly and spoke. It seems that they do not want to lose their ties to Korea in the midst of civil war.

“Huh huh. I knew that I was a Dongryang Ji-jae from the time I was born, but I didn’t know that I would become such a giant. If I had known that this would be the case, I would have built a friendship with a manager right away.”

“Haha, me too.”

The introduction was not long due to each other’s busy schedules. The atmosphere quickly became serious.

I percussed the doctor as if speaking the American word. It was a fun car that worked because the US was actively involved in media play.

“Vice President. No other than that, there has been a proposal to move the Japanese militia to North Korea.”

“……her. Could you say it again?”

Our defeat was a large-scale exile of the militia. The idea is to move the militia from Japan to North Korea.

Of course, the vice-president made an expression of absurdity, but I continued to manage my expression as much as possible.

The truth was 90% and lies 10%.

“The idea is to let the socialists figure out how to create a paradise on earth. Since North Korea is barren anyway, wouldn’t it be an agricultural society at best?”

“…It is difficult to see that this is a reasonable statement. one manager. I’m honestly embarrassed. Was such a large-scale exile ever unprecedented? In the first place, who is willing to discuss the relocation of Japanese people?”

“Who would you like?”

“……no way.”

“They sent an army to create a quasi-war state. For the Western world, the political situation in Northeast Asia has always been a politically valuable stage. They said that they would try to become a diplomat expert, so this is the result of our mediation.”

“…Unfortunately, the people are not the object of the deal.”

“Do you openly use the term non-citizen to regard the militia as citizens? How many civilians do you have at least? In the past, there was a rumor that there were 100,000 people, but now I know that there are less than 10,000. The number of combat troops, including hunters, is less than 1,000.”

“A manager. You are talking too much.”

“The number of civilians is so small. There are a lot of high-ranking hunters, so it’s just that they’re treated like that, but in reality, it’s not a shelter for a few thousand people.”

Clearly, the number of militia forces was extremely small. It’s a three-way battle, how can citizens survive for a long time in that hell road?

Several years have already passed since the civil war in Japan began. It was only during the time when the foreign media responded briefly that the militia had high expectations, but now it is only a remnant of less than 10,000 people.

This was actually due to the fact that the government army and the Yakuza used the civilian army in the central region as a bullet hole to stop the monsters.

As a result, most of the 100,000 militia forces either died, became Yakuza’s minions, or became minions of the government forces.

All that’s left are the anti-governmentists who are united in evil.

“I heard you did a lot of bad things to the Japanese government, the Yakuza, and the militia.”

“…be careful with what you say. One manager.”

“I’m saying this because we have done a lot of things that we shouldn’t have done to North Korea too. Now, if Japan were to absorb the militia, what good would it be? They even raised socialist flags to overthrow the government. Rather than hanging out with anti-government people, they say expatriate them and drive them away.”


“Let’s take this opportunity to make the relocation of the US forces in Japan, which the US is looking forward to, even the redeployment. At that time, wouldn’t it be okay to send an aircraft carrier or something on board? It is only when the United States agrees that Northeast Asia seeks sovereignty in a triumphant way. We can’t make Japan look like Australia, can we?”

The culprit behind all of this was the American president, blinded by achievements. And Japan had already become a troublemaker for the United States due to the safety issue of the US forces in Japan.

If Japan still had a sense of reality, if they knew how to distinguish between ‘real maniac’ and ‘maniac strategy’, their choice was clear.



Vice-President Yoshimura, who had been silent for a long time, smiled brightly.

“……haha. Let’s talk a little more practical. One manager.”

Japan was negotiated.

* * *

“……It’s amazing to see you sometimes too.”

“Yes? What are you talking about, President?”

Yang Pan-seok clicked his tongue briefly and shook his head.

“Ts. Come to think of it, you were the one who ate the most foreign food. hmm. okay. It was you too. Even during the European crisis, they created a knight society just like roasting beans in a lightning bolt. Maybe he has a talent for diplomacy.”

“Go, thank you.”

uhm. Did you find a new talent?


We were in Sokcho Port, Gangwon-do. It is a port in a city bordering North Korea. On the horizon, a US aircraft carrier carrying US forces in Japan and Japanese citizens began to be seen.

The seagulls, who were not barely extinct, groaned and ate the shrimp crackers thrown by the citizens. The salty sea breeze mixes with the cold spring breeze and blows.


After standing in the cold sea port for a long time, my throat was sharp. It looks like a sore throat is coming.

At Sokcho Port, the President of the Republic of Korea, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and the North Korean Supreme Council puppets were standing crouching, camera staff photographing them and numerous ordinary spectators.

And they were waiting for someone other than the Japanese militia.

The CIA director staggered over and spoke to him.

“A manager. The winner is said to be arriving soon.”

“Yes. Chief. The camera is on standby.”

“…Oh, and. I am really grateful for this work. These are the words of the elected president, and that is also true for me personally.”

“You’re welcome.”

Meanwhile, a sudden terrorist attack occurred in Japan. The House of Councilors, who usually criticize the government, was holding a press conference. Someone had committed terrorism while shouting ‘Long live socialism’.

Fortunately, there were no fatalities, but the House of Councilors is said to have gone unconscious. And the terrorist was arrested at the scene. The Japanese government said the attack was the work of the militia.

Therefore, the Japanese Prime Minister appealed to the people and declared deportation of the militia.

And it is said that the eradication of socialists began in earnest.

No one knows who will be the rogue, though.


Up to this point, it was close to the Japanese internal view, and the Western world had a slightly different point of view.

Most of the time, it is being wrapped up in the way that Japan has lost its tail to the shouts of the president-elect of the United States.

As a bonus, some of the US forces in Japan were also changed to US forces in Korea. This was also what the United States longed for.

Some were skeptical of what the president-elect had done, but we decided to use a little showmanship to calm such public opinion.

“Im here!”

Nimitz-class aircraft carrier.

USS Ronald Reagan arrived at Sokcho Port.

“CVN-76 has arrived!”

“Move the camera! Move the camera!”

“Reporters, please follow the controls!”

A group of reporters, a mixture of foreigners and Koreans, was filled with excitement. The first thing that appeared on an aircraft carrier the size of three football fields was,

She was a proud grandmother. At the same time, he was the culprit behind all of this, and he was the winner of the US presidential election.

Surrounded by bodyguards, she waved. The shouts of the citizens rang out. All these scenes were being broadcast live around the world.

“Heh heh, you worked hard.”

President Yang Pan-seok smiled warmly and walked over to the US president-elect to shake hands. Camera flashes went out from all sides.

While the president and the prospective president warmly held hands and took a photo, I welcomed guests from Japan.

It was the Japanese militia who would now lead a new life in North Korea.

Of course, I also had several cameras that caught up with me.

“Welcome to Korea. You have been through a lot.”

“Go, go, thank you……”

Of course, as is always the case with events like this, I had a pre-determined who I would talk to, but strangely, one of the Japanese militia officers was a Korean.

I decided to interview this woman. It was a measure to reduce the objection of the people as much as possible.

My name is Yoojung. Originally, he was a Korean student, but he said that he could not return because the gate was open. Occupation: Telecommunication magic and in Korea, he is a first-generation hunter.

I grabbed her hand and patted it.

“How hard have you been in a foreign country? Congratulations on your return to your home country.”

“Go, thank you……”

Lee Yoo-jeong was shaking like an aspen tree. The eyes looking at me trembled. It seems that he had a lot of trouble abroad because his body was too thin.

I hugged Lee Yoo-jeong with tears in my eyes. Tears were shed with half conscience and half pretense. The camera flash went out.

I left Lee Yoo-jeong, who was trembling, and said hello to the Japanese next to me.

“Are you Ishizuka-san? I heard that he is an SS-class rigid body magician, but his arm is broken. How much trouble must you have been…”

“Oh, no.”

“Welcome to Korea. Although we are a liberal country, we are a country with freedom of thought. You may live in North Korea, but you can feel free to talk to me about anything.”

I greeted my Japanese friends in that way, and for a while beckoned to Pi Chae-won.

Pi Chae-won ran with her straight black hair fluttering in the sea breeze.

“……hey. Chaewon-ah.”

“……yes. Senator.”

I whispered to him secretly.

“If there were terrorists active in Japan, they would not have missed this opportunity. Obviously, they will infiltrate the niche of the militia and try to find a niche.”

“……Ah yes.”

“About 8,000 Japanese came in this time. I will live in North Korea in the future, but for several months, I will go through health checkups and administrative procedures. In the meantime, you have to suffer a little. Do you know what I mean?”


“Check to see if there are terrorists in the gaps in the Japanese militia. There are quite a few hunters, so it might take a long time. You are the only one I can trust.”

“……Ah yes.”

Whoa. I sighed for a moment. As a result, the civil war in Japan was in a state of lull for a while.

This is because the militia that was protecting the monster is gone, and the Yakuza and government forces cannot fight with peace of mind.

Turning the fighting force into hunting monsters would not cause much damage.

‘okay. This is it.’

At the same time, high-quality personnel were also sent to North Korea. They were originally self-sufficient, so they had good survivability, and there were a lot of hunters, so it would be good to stop the monsters coming down from the north.

Although my diplomatic achievements were passed over to the US president-elect, I am a person who knows politics and cannot wash my mouth, so I can expect a reward.

uhm. It felt really good to have just been praised by Yang Pan-seok. Would you like to go into diplomacy?

Just then, Yang Pan-seok beckoned me.

“yes! President!”

I got stuck in the midst of the presidents and ran to take a picture.

It was the moment when the Japanese situation was resolved with only one tongue.

The gate opened on the first day of my tenure Episode 217

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