A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 210

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 210

EP 33 – The War Against Crime (1)

“As the rainy season front moves north, it will rain all over the country. A heavy rain advisory has been issued for some areas in Busan… … .”

As soon as the radio weather forecast came on, raindrops began to fall.

Thug, tuck, thump.

I clicked my tongue, turned on the wipers, and turned on the radio.

If you keep turning the channel, you might hear some good news.

“A nuclear explosion occurred near the India-Pakistan border. It is the 67th nuclear weapon used since the Gate incident. Officials say the Pakistani government provoked India… … .”


“No, I mean, why do you keep spreading it? After delivering stimulants to Australia, they are now accepting Japanese refugees to North Korea. Even socialists? A government that is pro-Japanese and pro-North Korea at the same time lives and lives… … .”


“This morning, a level 4 hunter, Mr. Kim, was shot and killed after making a riot in the Daejeon area. The perpetrator is known as the bereaved family of the Cheonan massacre. Yes. Next news… … .”


「Parapbeeppapa. Tobi Do Bob Bar. For your safe life! GS defense agency is working hard… … !」


“GS Group Chairman Cheon Geum-soon, who was accused of disintegrating the Hunters’ union, was dismissed due to insufficient evidence. As a result, the GS defense agency Hunter’s Union, which was formed during the Australian crisis, is expected to go into closure within a year… … .”

I ended up turning off the radio.

When I turn off the radio, only the sound of rain is heard.

tuk. tuk. tuk.

Suddenly, a strong stream of water poured out. The vehicle raced through the Gwangan Bridge through the rain and wind.

In the distance, through the mist, the National Assembly building on Dongbaek Island was slowly revealing its outlines.

* * *

The general election is over.

The new National Assembly was launched in the new Parliament Building. The location of the new National Assembly building is Dongbaekseom Island in Haeundae, Busan.

The reason why I didn’t build it on Jeju Island was that the National Assembly lost its shape because it seemed like they were running away to the island because they were afraid of monsters.

The reason why it was built in Busan was that Yang Pan-seok drove development in Gwangju, so it meant that the actual capital was recognized as Busan.

The reason why it was built on the coast was to show the public confidence in Korea’s naval defense.

Well, aside from various reasons, once it was built, it was cool.


“I would just hang out here all day anyway. What a splendidly built thing that would be enough to just put 300 chairs in a boxing alley.”

“I would rather keep using the building in Yeouido.”

“It’s good not to waste tax.”

Pi Chae-won, who covered me with an umbrella, gave me a cynical joke, but I slowly passed on it.

We floundered through the puddles and entered the Houses of Parliament.

Because of the now tighter security, reporters were not seen waiting at the entrance.

As Pi Chae-Won was wiping off his black umbrella, Ho-Jeong Lee, a re-elected lawmaker, came to us waving his hand.

“It was hard in the rain. Manager.”

“Uh, senator.”

In private, it was Lee Ho-jeong who even fed me Kusari, but probably because he has a lot of eyes, he bowed his head quite politely.

It was a bit strange for a member of the National Assembly to do this to the chief of staff, but no one knew that Ho-Jeong Lee and Il-Ho Yang were former aides.

In the first place, the Republic of Korea is not a country with three separate powers, but rather a country that is run by individual politicians on orders and negotiation.

It was a fact that did not change no matter how many holes were drilled in the sky and monsters poured in.

“Rep. Lee Ho-jeong. I’m going to be saddened by resigning as the floor leader. I also worked hard in the general election.”

“I have fulfilled my responsibilities, so I have no regrets.”

162 seats for the National Defense Party.

135 seats for the Kuomintang.

2 independent seats.

1 seat for the Progressive Party.

That was the result of this general election.

Mathematically, it was a catastrophic defeat for the Kuomintang, but considering that Yang Pan-seok, Won Ok-bun, and Yoo Jae-kyung share the 162 seats of the National Defense Party, it is not a very bad result.

In the first place, who was a person with a sense of pressure in the Kuomintang? Lee Ho-jung in her late 20s? Jeju-do Governor Chung Jung-yeop? Or am I the chief of staff at the Blue House?

Not all styles were favorable in the National Assembly.

In fact, the National Party succeeded in making a miraculous save, as the election started when Shin Su-gwang, the chairman of the Nationalist Party, flew to Andromeda.

I offered a simple word of encouragement.

“On the internet, floor leader Lee Ho-jung is even said to be the queen of elections. Who puts his name in proportional representation number 22 in that situation?”

“Haha, I resigned after losing the general election, but the compliments are too much. Actually, Governor Chung Jung-yeop suffered more than me. No, you are the representative now.”

As soon as Shin Soo-gwang was overthrown, Chung Jung-yeop resigned as governor and ran for Busan. He showed agility before the three-line limit was fully filled.

It wasn’t a very strange choice because he was the culprit who, in the first place, sent Shin Soo-gwang to me for looting and robbery.

Chung Jung-yeop wielded his nomination rights to expel Shin Su-gwang and refugee camp officials, and sent out a large number of people recommended by chaebols to the National Assembly elections.

The result is this.

Chung Jung-yeop entered the central political world.

“Cheong-yeop, Chairman of the Party. Long time no see.”

“Are you here, Chief Secretary Han Seung-moon? haha!”

“There is an urgent need to solve the people’s livelihood issues, but I feel relieved when a seasoned administrator enters politics. Can we expect close cooperation between the party administrations?”

“ha ha ha! Sure. Yes. Now is not the time when we were fighting over grants like in the past. Wouldn’t it be better to cooperate with each other in an emergency?”

If Gwangju is Korea’s farm, Busan is Korea’s factory. And the factory runs largely on the money of large corporations.

That was the reason Chung Jung-yeop, who ran for office with a large corporation on his back, swept through Busan-Gyeongnam. In particular, the southeastern coastal industrial zone was a living area that was heavily dependent on the manufacturing industry of large corporations.

Of course, from now on, the Kuomintang will have to shout, ‘The country must survive only if the company survives’, but that was better than remaining as a colorless and odorless party.

Through this general election, the Kuomintang was reborn as a pro-chaebol-pro-hunter party, while the National Defense Party was reborn as a pro-refugee-pro-military party.

and in my opinion

These were all yangban-seok paintings.

* * *

After a rough greeting, I ordered a jjajangmyeon and rubbed it in the parliamentarian’s room, and only then did the sequel start to pop out.

Governor Chung Jung-yeop opened his mouth, chattering about dumplings. As someone who used to go around fan meetings, I eat dumplings very wildly.

“Ugh. Thanks to this general election ending in a draw, the Blue House will feel quite at ease.”

“There is also an aspect that things become easier as conflicts intensify in the political arena. During the reshuffle season, there are cases where one minister is put on a bullet stand and the rest are skipped over.”

“by the way. Did President Yang Pan-seok appoint a number of military personnel this time? The appointment of Prime Minister Kim Doo-shik as well. If you were thinking about recapturing Seoul… … ?”

“haha. Is the country going to be ruined?”

“haha! I fluttered a bit.”

No one was defeated in this general election.

To be honest, Shin Soo-gwang, who was swept away in a robbery scandal before the general election even started, was the only loser.

First of all, this election was completely person-centered.

It was partly because the politicians who supported each region were different, and partly because the confrontation between the Kuomintang and the National Defense Party did not happen because of me.

And, the result was that all the big players took their seats fairly.

Yang Pan-seok dominated Gwangju-Jeonnam.

In general, a large number of former Blue House aides were elected, proving the strong support of Jeolla-do despite the freeze on rice prices.

Won Ok-bun dominated Jeonbuk-Gyeongbuk.

By doing so, she not only took control of the National Defense Party, but also solidified her position as the national presidential candidate.

Yoo Jae-kyung swept Sejong-Chungcheong.

He absorbed Shin Soo-kwang’s support. Refugees from the metropolitan area who wanted to overcome the economic crisis cast their votes for Yoo Jae-kyung’s aides, a former economic bureaucrat.

And as Chung Jung-yeop swept Jeju-Gyeongnam, Busan became a battleground, and the re-elected or higher lawmakers started fighting for their individual skills.

This National Assembly has become a battleground for giants.

Rather, if either side had overwhelmingly won, the show would have been directed with a sense of cooperation and coexistence.

And, ironically, the more the National Assembly opened, the easier it was for the government to do it, even if it was cursed.

Because people’s attention is drawn to the parliament.

I quietly lowered my voice and entered the main topic.

“… … Representative Chung-yeop Chung. We’re going to start discussing next year’s budget soon, but it won’t be that easy, right?”

Governor Chung Jung-yeop answered the words with pure deer-like eyes.

Of course, only his eyes were pure.

“Of course. On the economic side, it’s Prime Minister Yoo Jae-kyung, no, it’s not the home ground of Rep. Yoo Jae-kyung. There is no such thing as too much of an issue if we want to increase our presence against Governor Won Ok-bun.”

“If it is a hawk that is hit in advance, I would rather pull it a little. There are many public opinion complaining about the recent introduction of Japanese refugees into North Korea. The Ministry of Strategy and Finance will toss the budget within this week, so please receive it appropriately from the National Assembly.”

It was roughly the sound of covering public opinion criticizing the government with a budget war from the National Assembly.

To be honest, people didn’t really care about fighting over a budget.

Roughly budgeting a few billions of billions of dollars, people were going to go crazy after fighting for a few weeks.

Then, naturally, the government was able to spend a good time when it shifted to the auditing season.

In the midst of a budget crisis, they only crack down on blind money thieves and act as apostles of justice.

Since the audience was also a person who joked around with billions of dollars in Jeju Island, he skillfully started negotiating without any explanation.

“Haha, of course we have to cooperate in leading the government. By the way, do you have any insight regarding the New Southern Policy?”

It was said that he had insight.

Or the insight that someone picked up.

I pretended not to know anything.

“No, I heard there was another coup d’etat in the Philippines. Whoa. If there is a change in government, I would have to sign contracts to import magic stones one by one… … .”

“Haha, how about signing a treaty at the ASEAN level instead? This time, Samsung Psionic gave me advice… … .”

* * *

“Hey, Chaewon, come in.”

“Goodbye. Senator.”

“okay. okay. Don’t fall on the bed right away because you’re sleepy, do a little Chika Chika and sleep. Where’s the guy who brushes his teeth in the National Assembly bathroom?”

“… … !”

“And mam. Don’t just put the retort in the refrigerator, and eat some side dishes. I put some mapo tofu in it, so I ate fried rice as well.”

“… … When did you come into my house?”

“You went in the last time you were sleeping at the amusement park and laying it down. And you, these days, you don’t do laundry and wear the same clothes… … .”

“Oh, I see.”

Pi Chae-won bowed her head and gestured to me. go fast

I looked at him for a long time with an uneasy look, then parked my car about 20 meters away and went into the house next door.

The time is around 11pm.

It was time for my aunt to come in with the lawyer’s office closed and run the washing machine, and for my aunt to pack up leftovers from the store and prepare a late-night snack.

Lately, the economy seems to be failing, so late-night meals are becoming more and more luxurious. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry

I greeted lightly at the entrance by changing my ankle from an outdoor prosthesis to an indoor prosthesis.

“I’m home.”

“Hey, the gate has come.”

President Yeo Do-sik greeted her brightly, and lawyer So-jeong Byun waved her hand with a tired look.

The two were already sitting at the table facing each other and eating a few pieces of sesame seeds dipped in soy sauce.

Without even taking off my suit, I approached and ate flounder with my hands.

“Are you flatfish today?”

“These days, all the farms are ruined and only flatfish are sold. Even though we had survived in a few places, we slowly started to close our business.”

“Write. I want to eat flounder sashimi… … .”

“Then save the economy, Mundi.”

He couldn’t use too many airchecks, so he couldn’t help but say that he would save the economy.

First of all, the election has already ended. Originally, politicians should have a heavy mouth after the election.

This is because right after the election is the season for politicians to relieve the stress accumulated during the election season by coaxing each other.

So these days, I’ve been taking care of myself as much as possible and engaging in political activities.



The aunt, who was quietly muttering sashimi, said.

“Did you come on TV today?”

“Oh, what’s wrong?”

“No, it’s not, it’s just because I see it often on TV. Come to think of it, as soon as Governor Chung Jung-yeop was first elected, he was charged with violating the Election Act. My motive was that I wrote my resignation after making a mistake while defending… … .”

My aunt, who lived by selling her soul for money, also felt that people became softer when she was in her 50s.

It wasn’t that the guns didn’t run out, but maybe he’s slowly preparing for retirement. Since I quit the law firm and started a human rights lawyer, people have changed a lot.

Anyway, thanks to Yang Pan-seok’s consideration in various ways, I was constantly going to work at 7 in the morning and leaving work at 11 in the evening.

It was rare to stay up all night like in the past, so this was a well-being life. On the contrary, I have a lot of energy, so I often go hiking on the weekends.

On the contrary, Yeo Do-yeon was busier than me.

“… … Why isn’t your sister coming?”

“It’s overtime today.”

“Well, he’s a great talent and he works overtime.”

“He hardly needs to sleep. I heard that even if you sleep for 30 minutes, you can fight two days down… … .”

“Still, mental fatigue cannot be ignored. It is said that humans are the ones who pick and fall even if they fight normally. Even high-ranking hunters systematically manage their bedtime schedule. There are times when I can’t sleep and take sleeping pills.”

“tt, he has a taste for being a police officer these days. It’s good to be interested in the public interest, but tell them to pay attention to family peace. Anyway, since the old days, my mother’s words have never been dirty… … .”

My aunt and I were having a hard time chatting with Yeo Do-yeon, so my uncle mumbled a sashimi, picked up the remote control and turned the TV channels.

On TV, as always, there were only bleak news. The difference from before is that there are almost no breaking news.

It was a world where no serial murders were reported as breaking news anymore.

That was then.

“This is an urgent breaking news!”

The whole family’s attention was focused on that one word.

“Currently, a large-scale unrest has occurred in the newly established Japanese refugee residence in North Korea. The perpetrator is presumed to be an S-class or higher telecommunication magician, and his whereabouts are unknown after he fled to Mt. Geumgang.”

“Currently, guard martial law has been invoked around the border of Gangwon-do, and the president has activated the administrative vigilance and dispatched the military and police to Jangjeon-eup and Mt. Geumgang.”

“Meanwhile, in the process of suppressing the riot, Marshal Yeo Do-yeon, known as the 9th-level hunter, suffered serious injuries and fell unconscious, and about 20 people including civilians were injured… … .”

At that moment, my aunt grabbed the back of my neck and passed out, and the table was overturned.

While panicking, I ran straight out and got into the car, and Pi Chae-won also ran out in pajamas and joined the car.

1:14 in the morning.

A black tolerance car races down the road at night through the lights of yellow streetlights.

The gate opened on the first day of my tenure episode 218

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