A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 212

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 212

EP 33- The War Against Crime (3)

Yoo Jung.

A Korean student living in Japan, the main character of bad luck is that the gate was opened while studying abroad and could not return home.

A rank A telecasting magician in the technical field, and a key executive of the ‘Citizen’s Army’ that formed an axis of the Japanese civil war.

At the same time, she was a leading suspect in the Jeju Island terrorist attack and was also a current offender who was arrested after killing four people in a Japanese residential area.

“If you are a suspect in the Jeju Island terrorism, you are already out of touch with me. nice to see you. Then my secretary was hit with a butt and had a concussion… … .”

“… … .”

“Let’s talk about that later.”

She was a hunter specialized in face-to-face combat. It means that you dealt with more people than monsters. Considering that Japan is in the midst of a civil war, this was not surprising.

Thanks to this, even the magistrates struggled to arrest Lee Yu-jeong, and she was eventually overpowered by Yang Pan-seok’s henchman sent from the Presidential Security Service.

The veteran hunter, commonly referred to as the car manager, nodded at me while wearing black sunglasses.

It meant that Lee Yu-jeong’s paranormal ability was temporarily sealed.

She is now an ordinary student in her early 20s. I asked her with ease.

“Let me ask you this first. Why did you kill me?”

“… … .”

“Aren’t all four who died Japanese who entered the country as part of the militia? You wouldn’t have killed four people without a reason on a normal night.”

skinny body.

flaky skin.

Short hair mixed with gray hair.

And dark circles that look close to psychopaths.

Lee Yoo-jung was more of a war victim than a veteran veteran. Even now, her dry shoulders are shaking like an aspen.

She trembled for a long time as she looked at the eyes of the bodyguards around her, then closed her eyes tightly and started making a statement.

“I, the people I killed were people sent by the Japanese government.”

It wasn’t a complicated story.

I tapped the desk with my finger.


The Japanese militia have been at the center of a civil war for the past few years, and the Japanese government has not tolerated their escape abroad.

So they mixed the assassins among the militia. Lee Yoo-jeong was caught and arrested while dealing with the assassins.


Are there any secrets that should not be known abroad? If so, what does that secret have to do with North Korea’s organ smuggling and hunting Korean hunters?

Why didn’t you keep your mouth shut in Japan and cause an incident in Korea? Could it be that the US forces in Japan were involved, so you couldn’t do it? If you die in Japan, you are suspicious, so you tried to overwrite Korea?

A hasty decision is poisonous.

Nevertheless, one thing is certain,

The threat was that it had to be removed.

* * *

It all started with North Korea.

North Korea was on the verge of destruction due to the gate incident. China pushed the monsters out of the north, and in the south, the Republic of Korea sought an opportunity for unification by absorption.

Taking advantage of the chaos, Ri Yong-su, Minister of the People’s Armed Forces, took power in North Korea. He ousted the Kim clan by collaborating with Acting President Won Ok-bun.

Ri Yong-su (like a successful person in North Korean society) was more of a genius opportunist than a reliable soldier, and he chose to sell North Korea to South Korea instead of reviving North Korea on the verge of destruction.

In fact, there was once a plan called ‘Operation Backhoe’, which would cause a second Korean War to easily hand over North Korea to South Korea.

So, it was not unusual for Ri Yong-su to engage in organ trafficking. Whether it was for safety or national defense, I needed money.

It was a time when the most people were injured in human history. And those whose family members are injured engage in organ trafficking.

Yongsu Ri aimed just for the surge in demand.

And according to Lee Yoo-jung, in addition to the information provided by the CIA director recently,

The place where those organs were distributed in the middle was Japan.

“Most organs were airlifted from North Korea. Usually, the Yakuza entered North Korea disguised as a relief organization… … .”

“Did the Yakuzas enter North Korea? In a world where aviation fuel is scarce, what ability does the Yakuza have to operate an airplane?”

“I know that the plane was supported by customers. If they buy organs from abroad, they are very wealthy, and money is not a problem if they are involved in organ trafficking… … .”

In fact, most of the people who bought organs from North Korea in South Korea were chaebols and high-ranking officials whose families were at risk.

And shogi is not something sold at the supermarket. A prize that requires careful ordering… … . because it was It was highly likely that it was a market maintained by the customization of a few privileged classes.

“Then the size of the market would not have been that big. But the money must have flown astronomically.”

“So it was kept secret. It was a work that only a small part of the Yakuza was involved in in a closed organized society… … .”


I glanced around and saw that a stenographer from the National Intelligence Service transcribed Lee Yoo-jung’s statement. It was natural that the red light came on on the recorder as well.

On the other hand, I raised a very natural question.

“But how do you know that, Yoojung?”

Lee Yoo-jung’s hazy complexion turned pale.

* * *

“The Yakuzas sometimes catch Japanese people too. If there is a tint in the middle, it is said that it was procured locally. In a world where it is impossible to determine who died and when… … .”

“Huh… … .”

“There are also reports that the Japanese government and the Yakuza have a symbiotic relationship. To be precise, the Japanese government is asking for peace and using the Yakuza as political thugs. I see it as an ‘external enemy’ strategy.”

“The United States must have already known that.”

“It would be. In my opinion, at the end of the long-term smuggling route from North Korea to Japan, the rich Americans exist as customers.”

“You are the only one who has the ability to do that in this situation. Even the president of the United States is a human being who has to get allowance from him to hold an election, so I can’t touch him… … .”

“Think of it in that context. The fact that the director of the CIA recently leaked information that the distribution site for organ trafficking was Japan can be interpreted as the intention that South Korea should handle Japan instead.”

“Now that the election is over, do you guys want to hold on to discipline? It’s also the devil, but yeah… … .”

“But it would be a waste of national power to play with American rhythms. That is all.”

When I finished the report, I felt a little nauseous.

I’m glad I didn’t have to do this to the Pi-chae-won. As a human being, I kept the minimum good, but the feeling of being exposed to the bottom of the human world was not very good.

Yang Pan-seok, who heard my report, seems to have a similar sentiment. He nodded with a visibly emaciated face.

“First of all, you did a good job. You’ve been through a lot.”

“thank you.”

“I’ve been through all sorts of terrible things in my life… … .”

Yang Pan-seok’s abusive language was something I had not heard in a long time. He smoked a cigarette with a 10-year-old face.

A yangban who used to speak harshly when he was a member of the National Assembly behaves politely when he became president, and his characteristic cynical tone comes out of it.

“I saw crazy things installed. It sure looks like the world is going crazy.”

“… … .”

“then… … What happened to the Jeju Island terrorism?”

“It is said that it was done to break through the difficulties at the militia level. He said that the reason there were no deaths was because he did not want to make the problem bigger.”

“You have caught a useful pod.”

“Isn’t that why we couldn’t request cooperation from the Korean government in haste?”

“Yes. Rather, it’s because we’ve been ignoring your requests for aid all this time.”


“haha. It’s hard for us to live, but can’t we afford to help the rebels in other countries? It’s not that we want to go to war with Japan for nothing… … .”


“You don’t have to worry about the details. Anyway.”

Yang Pan-seok brushed his ragged beard and put off his cigarette. It hadn’t even bloomed a few sips.

He smashes his cigarette into the ashtray, and then suddenly smiles.

“therefore. Are you saying you still don’t know who the people who supplied Korean hunters to the organ trafficking market are?”

“that is… … .”

At that time, I felt a strange pressure and could not speak.

However, Yang Pan-seok spoke no different than usual. In the first place, it was rare for Yang Pan-seok to lower his voice.

He was always as relaxed as possible, and he valued keeping a business-like attitude, no matter how serious the situation.

He does not respond emotionally to petty corruption. This is because corruption and strife are considered to be the work of politicians. Even if it is a crime if caught.


There was one thing he couldn’t tolerate.

“Why no answer? Did you not find those who hunted only Korean hunters and robbed their organs?”

“Yeah, yes.”

“Yes. is it?”

Yang Pan-seok’s uncle was taken to Samcheong Education College, and his mother shed tears of blood and ripped her chest out.

So, 20-year-old Yang Pan-seok picked up a Molotov cocktail. Although he betrayed the right to act in the political world, at least a minimal line existed for Yang Pan-seok.

No matter how corrupt the power,

People shouldn’t be killed

“Tt… … .”

“… … .”

Yang Pan-seok was silent for a long time with a shaky expression on his face. It wasn’t very charismatic, but I couldn’t open my mouth because of some strange pressure.

He scratched his head for a moment, then swapped hands clenching his chin, sniffing, sniffling, and eventually beckoning to me with a sly smile.

“Yes. Let me go.”

“… … Yes?”

“I always told you that you can’t use people and you are stupid by yourself, but now that I look at it, I must have been an idiot.”

“Oh no, what does that mean… … .”

“From now on, I will take care of myself. It’s a little late, but I guess I’ll have to do it myself.”

“… … Are you trying to declare war on Japan?”

Yang Pan-seok answered with a friendly smile.

“We must declare war.”

“… … .”

“Not in Japan.”

* * *

two days later,

The Chinese media Global Times (环球时报) raised suspicions about the ‘symbiotic relationship between the Japanese government and the Yakuza’.

In fact, it was the unofficial position of the Chinese government, and it was accepted by everyone.

“The situation of Dongju-dong in May was caught in the corners of the Japanese civil war. The Japanese government raised a white flag at the jokes of thugs. The Japanese authorities have taken actions to partially recognize the sovereignty of rebel-occupied territories… … 」

“This is the negligence of the United States, aiming for hegemony in Northeast Asia with the ‘Operation New Generation’ by fixing the Japanese civil war with a delay tactic. We believe that the international community is not lacking in respecting the aspirations of the people of the continent, and that China… … 」

It was a clever rhetoric.

There was nothing particularly controversial about China beating the United States, but the suspicion of an alliance between the Japanese government and the Yakuza was a rather fresh point of view.

Japan tried to be consistent with inaction, but when suddenly (or artificially) the American media started paying attention to it, they responded immediately.

“The Japanese government, resolutely, is protecting the lives of the people and a peaceful life from domestic mobs.”

“It is no exaggeration to say that the current security environment is the most serious, even including the old wars. The government will protect the people under any circumstances. In addition, we promise to break away from the conventional association and shift to an offensive position toward the mob, and ask for cooperation and solidarity from the international community… … 」

The message was that there was no relationship between the Japanese government and the Yakuza.

At first, the public opinion was ridiculing China because it was such a false story.

Then, Korea detonated a bomb.

“It has been discovered that the Japanese Yakuza were involved in the Jangjeon-eup incident. Organs provided by the North Korean government are distributed abroad… … 」

“Also, the circumstance that Japanese Yakuza were the ones who invaded Korean territory and systematically killed hunters and then sold their organs overseas… … 」

The South Korean government has placed all charges for the killing of a Korean hunter on the Japanese Yakuza.

There was no evidence whatsoever.

However, since it was announced like this, evidence was no longer important.

“My fellow citizens… … 」

“In order to protect the safety of the people and the peace of the country, I have made the decision that we should no longer tolerate the existence of irrational gangs that threaten the Republic of Korea.”

“Even in order to set the order in the international community and preserve peace in Northeast Asia, resolute justice must be realized. We are here to help Japan eradicate the bandits of gangsters on the archipelago… … 」

Yang Pan-seok declared war on crime.

It was never a declaration of war on Japan.

Perhaps it was.

The gate opened on the first day of my tenure episode 220

Side EP – End of Transition

“A tragedy has occurred in which the people were killed. Now is the time to set the Northeast Asian justice right through decisive determination and thorough investigation… … .”

President Yang Pan-seok declared war on crime.

It was the pretext that the Yakuza had systematically hunted Korean hunters, but in reality, it was an attack on the Japanese government, which was closely affiliated with the Yakuza.

Of course, Japan did not stand still. Japan formally proposed forming the United Nations Forces to subdue the Yakuza.

If the Allied Forces are formed, a combined headquarters should be established. When the combined forces are formed, there will inevitably be noise surrounding the operational rights.

Then the Japanese government shakes the board saying that it will take control of the South Korean army, and if South Korea refuses, it can be driven out by putting on an ‘aggression’ frame.

At the very least, Japan was able to buy time while the conflict over operability continued.

Korean hunter hunting.

Collusion between the Yakuza and the government.

The actual situation of American customers who ordered organs from North Korea.

The long civil war created numerous bombs on the archipelago. No one dares to guess how far the bomb will go if it detonates.

The most desperate thing for the Japanese government was time, and if the combined command was formed as Japan insisted, they would have enough time to cover up the incident.


Yangpan-seok was one step faster.

“The head of the Yamaguchi-gumi, the largest yakuza in Japan, has been killed in a bombing by the ROK military. Masahisa Takao was active in the Jangjeon-eup area and killed a Korean hunter… … .”

* * *

“Republic of Korea, the Yakuza Chief is killed!”

“UN expresses strong regret, escalating war crisis.”

「Won Ok-bun, talk to the Blue House.. “Are you going to war?”]

The whole country turned upside down.

No one expected Yang Pan-seok to enter a full-fledged performance event.

Although the Yakuza was not an organization run by one person, the killing of the leader of the largest faction was virtually no different from a declaration of war.

However, Yang Pan-seok was never a human to fight directly.

“My fellow citizens… … .”

Prime Minister Kim Doo-shik appeared at the official ceremony in a military uniform rather than a suit.

When Korea’s greatest war hero talked about military operations, all kinds of media focused on him.

“This operation was actually led by Japan. Japan pointed to the strategic strike point of the ROK military, and the strong unity between Korea and Japan… … .”

Prime Minister Kim Doo-shik attributed all the credit to Japan for the assassination of the Yakuza. It was a tone that praised the allies in a line that was not too submissive.

It was reported by media all over the world. It is a beautiful cooperation between Korea and Japan.

Things were getting closer to that point, but Japan could not refute that Korea was lying.

It could be criticized for being too ignorant to intervene in the affairs of another country, but that was impossible because the Yakuza boss died so easily.

To admit that this operation was Korea’s sole operation was to admit that even the only Yakuza leader was stupid and ignorant.

However, to complain to Korea about why they killed the yakuza boss was to openly confess that the Japanese government ate with the yakuza.

Moreover, Korea took revenge for killing a Korean hunter by a Yakuza, and it was very funny to see the Japanese government protesting against it.

of course,

In fact, it was the United States that pointed out the location of the Yakuza boss.

The US began to intervene in Northeast Asian affairs in earnest.

Of course, on the outside, he was shivering, though.

It was not difficult for the president of the United States to create an image of a benevolent mother, as the Japanese militia was transferred to North Korea to capture the concept of peace.

“The proud spirit of the United States says: Our real enemies are not monsters. All the ignorance and immorality that undermines the fundamental justice of the planet. My fellow citizens… … .”

“We have seen clearly how corrupt a country called North Korea can be. The international community has responded quickly to achieve justice, and the Yakuza are no exception.”

The president of the United States pointed to Japan as a soap to remove the burnt soup during the election season.

To be precise, the US government needed to tempt the American tycoons.

Who was the biggest stumbling block of the previous administration right now? They were chaebols, including PMC and Ioyong media. As multinational corporations took over the Hunter society, the government could not control it.

Although, the current president used it in the process of regime change, now that the election is over, what does that matter? Boiling hunting dogs was a political tradition.

Of course, I couldn’t get my hands on it because I’ve been abused by the chaebols, but politicians who want to raise their approval ratings always find a way.

Organs were produced in North Korea and distributed in Japan. Of course, there was someone who ordered it, and there were quite a few American conglomerates among customers.

In other words, if the organ trafficking distribution network that exists in Japan breaks down, the American conglomerates will also be hit by a grenade.

So the CIA director leaked information about Japan’s organ trafficking to South Korea, and South Korea attacked Japan based on that information.

In the meantime, the US president unconditionally benefits whether the US government grants favor by enveloping the chaebols or seizes discipline.

So the US has no choice but to move. No matter how powerful a country was, it was politicians who risked their lives for their approval ratings to rule them.

“The unrelenting soldiers of the Armed Forces will realize justice in Northeast Asia. The people’s aspiration for peace is stronger than ever. In order to protect the safety and peace of the people, the government is… … .”

“The spirit of the United States is based on freedom, human rights, and peace, for the people, by the people, and the government of the people, I promise in the name of the President to dedicate without hesitation to the peace of the world… … .”

“In the past, the People’s Republic of China committed the vicious vice of distributing the organs of numerous political prisoners abroad, which in turn made a dignitary ship. Therefore, the Commonwealth of China has no sympathy for the archipelago gangsters, and intends to fulfill the aspirations of the people of the continent by expressing all its heart for peace in Northeast Asia… … .”

“… … ”

Everyone was shouting for peace in Northeast Asia, but what they wanted was war, not peace.

War fortune revolved in Northeast Asia. The interests of politicians pointed to the victims.

The US president is trying to boil a hound, the South Korean president has declared national revenge, and the Chinese president is quietly dealing with the aftermath of a coup.

The Japanese government now has two options.

The ties with the Yakuzawa are exposed and they are miserably dismissed and accept sanctions from the international community.

if not,

“This is urgent breaking news. Early this morning, the Japanese Self-Defense Forces conducted a massive bombing of Osaka city. Currently, the Ground Self-Defense Forces, including police forces, are advancing to the Kansai region, and the news that they have actually entered an all-out war… … .”

or boil a hound.

* * *

The Japanese government is not a group of psychopaths either. If the thugs who have taken control of the government office run rampant, of course it is normal to suppress them.

However, he was unable to do so, and in the end he tolerated the Yakuza’s dominance, and as a reward, he used the Yakuza as political thugs to maintain the government.

The people’s dissatisfaction from there was stamped out and suppressed by oppression.

in other words,

The fact that the Japanese government did not settle the civil war and sought to coexist with the Yakuza was proof that the Yakuza were not so friendly.

“A large-scale uprising broke out in the Kyoto area! The Yakuza blow up all the tracks and launch an all-out attack on the Self-Defense Forces trapped in the city… … !」

The beginning of the gate crisis.

The Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force was swept away helplessly in front of the monsters. There was also an effect that the military discipline was weakened due to the evils of the recruitment system, but since it was an island country in the first place, the army was small, and there were hardly any troops on the planet that responded properly at the beginning of the crisis.

The real problem was that it didn’t work.

Numerous remnants of the remnant were mixed in the apocalypse. Most of them did more bad things than good with guns.

The problem is not the individual’s morality or the insufficiency of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces. It is natural for the individual to have an impact when society collapses.

Rather, the normal response of the Japanese government has exacerbated the situation.

The Japanese government imposed death penalty on all those who had committed murder, rape, and looting, which caused those of the Self-Defense Forces to go to Osaka instead of Tokyo.

And the closed, hierarchical, and strict sense of belonging as a weapon is now called the Yakuza rather than the Self-Defense Forces.

“Soak all of these dogs!”

“Introduce a new wave! Intercept from the helicopter!”

“air raid! Self-Defense Forces Airstrike! Harm!”

The city was engulfed in madness.

A Yakuza member pulled the trigger of the Type 89 rifle and scraped the front left and right.

The best hunters from Kyoto Yamaguchi-gumi and Sumiyoshikai were sent to the battlefield,

Organization bosses hid in the basement and ordered the operation by radio.

“Bye! 👌👌👌👌👌 These bastards!”

“I am allowed to fire! Kill everyone!”

“Why are the Yakuzas driving tanks!”

The Self-Defense Forces first sergeant pulled the trigger of the Type 89 rifle and scattered bullets in front.

Paranormal talents belonging to the Special Assault Forces of the Metropolitan Police Department were sent to the battlefield,

The Self-Defense Forces and Metropolitan Police Department officials remained in Tokyo and ordered the operation by radio.

– Doo doo doo!

– Kwagwang!

Explosions and explosions filled the world with blood.


The building collapsed and attacked people, and the family hiding in the house was buried in concrete. The soldiers engaged in a gunfight over the rubble.

However, the soldiers did not lose their reason between the gunfire and the cloth. The survival instinct seized reason, and rather castrated the conscience.

tickle, tickle. The sound of bullets being loaded rings out.

The battlefield was not engulfed in madness. Each individual repeated rational judgments and pulled the trigger to somehow survive.

They looked identical to each other.

The Self-Defense Forces were able to obtain bullets for rifles from the bodies of the Yakuza, and the Yakuza were able to capture familiar rifles from the bodies of the Self-Defense Forces.

They could understand each other’s abusive language, and they continued their struggle for survival through short conversations at times.

Similar gunfire continued throughout. The cry of the war dead echoed in the same language.

It was the Japanese Civil War.

* * *

The civil war in Japan ended with a victory for the government forces.

After the victory in the Battle of Kyoto, the Self-Defense Forces swiftly swept through the Kansai region and liberated the people suffering from the Yakuza. It was a possible result thanks to the air raids of the US and South Korean forces in Japan.

However, the Japanese government was unable to cope with the sudden increase in territory. Monsters from various places broke through the defenses and harmed people, and the damage caused by the monsters slightly exceeded the damage caused by the civil war.

Eventually, Knights Without Borders launched a massive relief effort in Japan. Korea supported it.

The huge amount of Mana Stones produced through large-scale monster subjugation was almost all sold at a low price to Korea due to the distribution distance problem.

In the process, organ trafficking in Japan was covered up.

At the same time, the fact that the Japanese government imported organs from Korean hunters and conducted research on stimulants was also concealed. The research results were handed over to Korea, and Korea shared limited research results with the US, China and the EU.

In the end, the American chaebol succeeded in Boshin. However, as large corporations accepted the regulation of the political world, the US version of the Military-Industrial Separation Act was passed with limited restrictions, and the government took control of the company.

And Korea succeeded in economic recovery for the first time in the world with magic stones distributed in large numbers from Japan.

It was a complete, economic recovery.

Side EP – End of Transition


On the first day of my tenure, the gate opened. Episode 221

SIED EP – Tiger Without Tooth

War is money.

This is how I felt during the past year in Japan as I worked through the civil war. Much blood was shed, and even more gold was poured out.

A stable hunting spot formed by the world’s strongest hunter group, Knights Without Borders. It was not unusual for a large number of hunters and supporters to gather there.

In addition, Japan’s leading conglomerates who want safety and escape, and Korea’s energy companies that buy magic stones almost indefinitely.

The body of the world’s third-largest economy was practically a gold mine, and as all the wealth of the archipelago escaped abroad, the scavengers who wanted rice cakes flocked in.

And we were the biggest among them. Thanks to this, Korea took on the responsibility of mediating disputes between other Seungnyangi. It was the responsibility that the person who ate the most should bear.

and of course,

“… … uh.”

All the Seungnyangyi did not choose any means and methods to call the boat. Besides, what kind of winnyang is that Seungnyang? USA and China There was no one without a nuclear bomb.

Even while they were biting and plucking at a money feast with magic stones on one side, the Yakuzas on the other side made their final moves and fired guns.

Therefore, it was almost impossible for the Korean government to deal with all the Northeast Asian peers while participating in the Japanese civil war,

I did that hard thing.

“Uh, huh?”

Looking back over the past year, it was a series of overwork and overwork. No vacation, no weekends. If you sleep for 5 hours, you’ve slept a lot.

Even when he was sleeping, he barely closed his eyes amid all kinds of worries and stress. I also lost about 6 kg of weight. When I look in the mirror, I wonder if this is a human or a zombie.


“Ah, ah… … !”

one morning. It was not unusual for the front teeth to fall out of the swollen gums while eating.

* * *

“Chief… … .”

Pi Chae-won’s gloomy eyes turned to me. It wasn’t his usual look at human garbage, but his sympathetic gaze had its own damage.

“Are your dentures okay?”

“Oh, because it’s not dentures!”

“Then the dentures… … .”

“Implant! this child! Implants!”

“Ah, implants… … .”

Pi Chae-won bowed her head as if in disappointment, but seeing her elongated her tail was a complete mockery.

It’s already the 4th time I said it wasn’t dentures in the first place. He’s not even a guy with a bad memory, but Pi Chae-won kept dripping his dentures at me.

Pi Chae-won said in a blunt voice as usual.

“I’m happy though. You took a vacation from the president to commemorate the loss of a tooth.”

“… … Is that fortunate?”

“sure. Thanks to the manager, I can take a break too.”

“Look at you.”

Chaewon Pi seems to have taken a hobby of tormenting me secretly these days. this one. I have a hard time helping myself, so I can’t be bothered with anything.

Anyway, I put an end to my long overwork. Yang Pan-seok took a vacation. In fact, I was in a state where I could do it now.

The remaining term of Yang Pan-seok is one year. Now that the government is over, it was time to slowly find my work. While taking some time off.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that teeth that are already missing will sprout.

Still, I’m glad I lost my teeth. President Yang Pan-seok seems to be losing his hair these days. I was confused for a while when I saw the black chae on the desk in the Oval Office.

“Whew… … .”

As he was calming his heart with a light sigh, Pi Chae-won pricked his head and pointed out the plane window.

“Chief. I think he has arrived.”


This is Gimhae International Airport.

No matter how much the gate was opened and the skyway was blocked, the largest airport in Northeast Asia was still crowded with airplanes.

I put down the tuna rice balls that I had been eating for in-flight meals and packed my things. He puts on the suit that Pi Chae-won had taken off and tells me.

“Chief. Rice in your mouth.”

“Ugh. brushed wiped.”

“Not there, on the other side… … .”

Since I was traveling on a private plane, I did not have to go through complicated immigration procedures. Rather, they leave the airport leisurely, drinking the milk tea handed to them by the airport staff.

The problem was the flash of the camera flashing as soon as I left the airport arrival hall.

Reporters rushed in, pushing their smartphone with the recording function into my mouth.

“This is Lee Young-rak, a reporter for the national economy! Chief Secretary Han Seung-moon! What do you think of the recent National Defense Party in Hong Kong? The possibility is being predicted that Won Ok-bun and Yoo Jae-kyung may run separately for the presidential election without going through the internal primary!”

“Heh heh, I respect the judgment of the National Assembly with an open mind. From the position of the government, the government is only doing its best to solve the current livelihood issues and national affairs.”

“This is Park Yoo-chung, the Unified Korea Newspaper. Director Han, what do you think about the possibility of Prime Minister Kim Doo-shik running for president?”

“With President Yang Pan-seok still having one year left in his term, I don’t think it’s time for the Chief of Staff to discuss the presidential election. Of course, I believe that our wise people will make the right choice again this time. haha.”

“There are rumors that a tooth fell out this time… … .”

“Fake news will be taken seriously.”

I don’t think it’s a country that prepares for the next election as soon as someone elects the president. The reporters’ eyes were red and bloodshot in the presidential election a year away.

of course. I have nothing to do with this election. Because he’s the president’s chief of staff. When the government changed, he had to quietly return home and prepare for the liquidation of corruption.

Well, the approval rating of the president in the fifth year of his term was 47%, so it was not in a situation where he was in a situation where he could not only clean up corruption, but also talk about government judgment.

Thanks to that, I was able to take questions from reporters at a leisurely pace.

“Chief Han!”

Except for a few questions.

“The civil war in Japan is becoming more and more yakuza terrorism! 61 civilians were killed in the Yokohama terrorist attack, is Korea a safe zone?”

“The gates in Hokkaido ran into two runaways. Is the control center for Japanese monster countermeasures the Knights Association? Are you the government?”

“Rumors are spreading in the Japanese political circles that Korea has instigated a civil war. Just tell me one thing! Is it true!?”

* * *

“Oh. How much is this?”

“Long time no see. Mr. Chen.”

“Baby, there are rumors that you have lost your teeth these days-”

“We will not respond to unfounded negatives.”

Busan. GS Group headquarters.

The underground bunker connected to the office of President Cheon Geum-soon was nothing short of a hotel suite. Even the window with the night view.

She smiled and pointed to the scenery outside the window. The night view of Busan was spread out on the window-shaped screen. It is said that it is being filmed in real time with a building observatory camera.

“how about it. It’s been a while in Busan, isn’t it?”

“It has changed a lot. I didn’t know about the skyscrapers, but I didn’t know that even the residential areas would be lit up at night.”

“I also liked that it was getting brighter. Isn’t that proof that the economy is reviving?”

“I do not know. Only electricity, water, and food prices were stable. Isn’t it an economic structure that only doubles the rest of the companies?”

“It’s normal Korea.”

“… … .”

I didn’t know what to say, so I went on to say hello.

She used to always wear dark circles on her eyes, but today her face was so bright.

“How? Seeing that your face is soft, I think you touched it with some money this time. I thought I was going to be subject to a tax audit for nothing.”

It wasn’t something I was just saying. This is because most of the companies involved in the Japanese civil war have been beaten with the government mace at least once.

Was there a curse on the bloody money? Or is it the fundamental sin of war? Companies involved in the Japanese civil war must have been exposed to refurbishment, and the government had to put blood on their hands.

However, the GS group was an exception.

GS Defense Agency, and GS Aegis.

Although the two affiliates, which form the main axis of the company, were deeply involved in the war, it was a case in which they escaped without a relatively large accident, simply eating money.

President Cheon was too proud of that fact, so he stretched out his droopy shoulders and crossed his legs.

“Ugh! Excessive circular shareholding and octopus-type business expansion are shortcuts to failure. But everyone knows it, right? I just didn’t do it.”

“Oh, is that so?”

“sure. I’m not a CEO who clings to performance, but an absolute owner. Isn’t sound responsible management possible? The head of the department also took this opportunity to get rid of prejudice against chaebols… … .”

“Didn’t you go to the prosecutor’s office the last time you beat up the union?”

“… … Oh, that’s it. This is it.”

“… … .”

“… … Yes, insufficient evidence. insufficient evidence. acquittal.”

Hmm. President Cheon slapped his hand and coughed in vain. And he brazenly turns the topic around and asks questions.

“by the way. Is our manager okay?”


“It doesn’t matter if the money has a nose or blood on it, but I thought the manager might have had a weak stomach… … .”

“… … haha.”

Suddenly, memories of the past flashed through my mind.

dim office.

A pile of papers spilled on the floor.

A reporter shouting at me from above.

‘The Japanese government kidnapped a Korean hunter and conducted a living experiment. Isn’t that crazy? But you’re going to cover it up?’

‘Shall we put it on the Yakuza and move on? Instead, will you take over the magic stones from Japan at a low price? Yes. It could be. But that is to pass on the fault of the Japanese government to the private sector. Is that right?’

‘There is a principle before justice and national interest. Don’t you know that better than anyone? What the hell did we come here for? It’s not about being comfortable. I will take responsibility and dig it. So… … .’

‘Chief. no. Seungmoon Mr. Let’s be honest. In common sense, Japan could not have carried out this bullshit alone. of course… … .’

I used all my political power to intervene in the Japanese civil war, and because of this, Gamja and Archangel were among the few who knew everything about the Japanese civil war.

What. Even if I didn’t tell them, they were great enough to figure it out on their own.

However, their personalities were completely opposite, and the advice they gave me was also very different.

But, ironically, the last thing they said to me was the same thing.

“… … Manager?”

“… … oh Yes?”

From the mouth of Mr. Chen,

The last words the cold had left to me came out.

“… … it’s okay?”

“… … Oh yes.”


it should be okay

It’s okay, that’s the problem

* * *

A fishing spot in the valley where the cool wind blows.

Water flowed along the river. The fishing line sways with the waves. It was natural.

My mouth opened naturally. It wasn’t something I said, it just came out of nowhere.

“What are you going to do when your tenure is over?”


“No, my term is coming to an end soon… … .”

“What are you asking? It’s not like I’m treating a normal person as a scarecrow.”

To be honest, it was treating the president as a scarecrow, but the words were not important.

Yang Pan-seok kicked his tongue and rolled up the fishing rod as if he was riding illegally.

“Well, let’s come… … .”

And again, he answered seriously.

“Because I can’t even dream of being a politician in the future. I need to f**k my granddaughter while watching it. I call people who have nothing to do and often go fishing… … .”

It seemed that I was also included in the list of ‘people with nothing to do’. first of all too. Otherwise, it is impossible to call a subordinate who has managed to take a vacation and fish it on the weekend.

People shouldn’t do that.

I deliberately asked harshly.

“Aren’t you worried about liquidation? In fact, it’s rare for me to end the president’s last years without a hitch… … .”

“ah. That is something you have to worry about.”


Yang Pan-seok knew exactly his situation. As always.

Even the president, who entered the Blue House with the greatest support from the people, is thrown out as garbage in the world when he leaves. If the president in his fourth year in office easily exceeded 40% of the approval rating, it was almost a living wage.

“You won’t have to worry about your old age.”


Although there is an error according to the opinion poll, Yang Pan-seok’s approval rating never fell below 40%. Even the most accurate NIS estimate is 47%.

The presidential election is a year away, but no politicians have cursed the president. Because the swearing guy hooked it up and went away.

Thanks to this, the presidential candidates are said to be honing their individual skills neatly without negatives.

Yang Pan-seok explained to me the current situation in Korea. It was information that I didn’t care about when I was traveling abroad.

“Won Ok-bun is slowly preparing to open a new city in Saemangeum. The construction was finished a year early. It’s because I used superpowers… … .”

“no. Is that already over?”

“If I admit it, it would be too biased. Judging from the estimates, it’s pretty much the level of a metropolitan city. I think it will come out as a promise, but I don’t know.”

“I think it would be really cool to give houses to the refugees. How is former Prime Minister Yoo Jae-kyung these days?”

“He sells lights because he saved the economy, but he doesn’t say it’s wrong, he just leaves it alone. No one is that good at a job… … .”

“The impact is a bit weak.”

“It seems like they are preparing for economic reform by gathering all of their personal connections. At first glance, there are many plausible stories. If I become president, I don’t think the country will be ruined.”

“Being president is difficult. Isn’t it?”

“Huh huh.”

Yang Pan-seok laughed leisurely and caught a fish. He wasn’t a small guy, but as soon as he saw it, he released it again. It was the winner’s chance.

As a president who saved the economy, the position of Yang Pan-seok was solid. There was talk of re-election in some parts, but that was half a joke.

The problem was that he had too much blood on his hands.

“I was insulted.”


“It was a lot of trouble.”

“… … Yes.”

Yang Pan-seok asserts to me that everything was his order, but I found out that it wasn’t.

Japanese civil war.


economic recovery.

Someone had to do it.

So I did.

It didn’t make such a great impression. There was no feeling of heartbreaking guilt, and there was no feeling as if something had been forsaken as a human being.

just. it was a duty

If you think about it, it’s even disappointing. It passed so naturally. People do not have feelings for things that are taken for granted.

That’s how people become dull. Somehow just. like flowing water. Like getting wet little by little in the drizzle.

With that in mind, I focused on fishing. I couldn’t sleep, so my gums were swollen and painful.


Just caught a fish. It wasn’t that big, but I put it in a bucket. I was going to go home and eat sashimi.

Yang Pan-seok glanced at me like that, and clicked his tongue again.

“Can a narrow-minded bastard pass it up like that?”


“… … All right, I hope the rest of your term ends safely.”

“One year left.”

“Pray with water so that accidents don’t happen.”

“Where would that be? It’s called Jin Insa Daecheonmyeong… … .”

“Don’t just pick out ugly sounds.”

“It’s advice.”

the next morning. Another tooth fell out and I went to the hospital.

The doctor said it was due to stress.

On the first day of my tenure, the gate opened. Episode 222

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