A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 214

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 214

EP 34- Perfume Bottle(2)

The social position of superpowers varies greatly from country to country.

In China, they are the vested interests and risk factors under strict government supervision, and in the United States, they are self-employed people who are close to vigilantes and entertainers.

In Europe, hunters directly run local governments (shelters), and in the Third World, they have been reborn as criminal warlords.

Among them, Korea was a case involving the United States and China.

Usually, he belongs to the PMC like a soccer player and works freely (at least), but when martial law breaks out, he is conscripted without a hitch.

So, in the hunter industry, there is no such thing as a strike in the first place.

“It’s a strike. What are you talking about?”

“ha… … .”

“No, common sense makes no sense.”

How do you strike if you’re not a salaried worker? When a sole proprietor strikes, the shutters are simply lowered, and that is not called a strike.

It is virtually impossible for hundreds of thousands of hunters to strike at the same time. The Hunter Association, which the government has been using as a scarecrow for years, has no power to instigate a large-scale strike.

“But how do the hunters strike?”

“that is… … .”

But what I overlooked was the fact that nothing is impossible for people with food chains.

“The Hunters abandoned the Hunter Association and formed a union… … .”

* * *

Although the enemy of politicians is the union, I have never been associated with a union very much in my life.

In the past, when I was elected as a member of the National Assembly, I often heard it when people with disabilities came to take pictures of the disabled member of the National Assembly, or when Lee Ho-jeong, an aide to the Progressive Party, was drinking and complaining.

Even the fearful KCTU did not fight for my life because I belonged to the Democratic Party.

The Teachers’ Union was on our side, sometimes hitting the back of the head, and the civil servants’ union was closer to the government’s idiot union… … .

Thanks to you, I tasted the spiciness of the union for the first time today.

“Hey you bastards!”

The raw egg flew at an invisible speed. It explodes when it hits the foreground shield, and its power is almost that of a grenade.

“… … Isn’t that a dented shield?”

I headed to the strike site for the initial suppression before the media caught on. It was not too late to run as soon as I received a direct notification from the Minister of Portrait Management.

However, I did not know that a crazy level of siege was going on at the protest site.

Fighting police, who matched shields against the struggle of active hunter workers, fled in confusion.

“retreat! retreat!”

“Put up your shield! Bring it up!”

“Ah! Alas!”

“… … .”

To see the combat police who live and live and run away from the shards of eggshells. If I had heard a stone instead of a raw egg, I would have declared martial law.

As I stare blankly at the protest site, the bodyguards pull my shoulder.

“Chief, you are leaving. It is dangerous.”

“this… … what… … .”

“They say the magistrates will be arriving soon. Hold on this way… … .”

“No, are the magistrates mobilized here too?”

who are the magistrates Isn’t it Korea’s strongest armed group? Veteran high-ranking hunters of level 7 or higher who wear dark blue coats.

However, it was only after three or four magistrates arrived that the situation calmed down. The Hunter’s union’s resistance was not that light.

Considering that this place is in the middle of downtown Busan, it was even more so.

Fortunately, the magistrates who arrived at the scene grabbed the hunters by the collar, beat a few, and suppressed the situation.

And one of the magistrates saw a familiar face. The face was a bit too familiar.

“… … Why is your sister here?”

“Why are you asking me that? I was reported and rushed out.”

“… … Who has already reported it?”

“Then this shit happened in downtown Busan, wouldn’t it be reported?”

“Gosh… … .”

shit. I’m ruined.

They controlled nearby roads and sent people to the broadcasting station to crack down on them, but it seemed that they couldn’t stop the stings from spreading through social media. Of course, there will be follow-up reports.

If so, at least we had to stop the picture of the hunters coming out on the 9 o’clock news and complaining to the anchor. I cautiously entered the protest scene.

The backlash of the exasperated Hunters was immediate.

“It’s Han Seung-moon!”

“I oppose the suppression of Hunters! Withdraw the recapture of Seoul!”

“Close the Plant Association! Close the Botanical Association!”

“You bastard hunter crumbs! What does tax mean to a low-level hunter!”

“Abolish the Hunter Rank System! What does a grade mean to a person? We are not processed meat!”

write it

It wasn’t very pleasant to be insulted, but thanks to this, the ideology of this rally is roughly outlined.

There were some strange sounds, but there were also quite a few claims of stabbing a painful spot.

Maybe this is all my own karma, but… … .

“… … .hmm.”

The timing was too clever.

Why do accidents happen at a time when the whole country is in a sea of fire due to the controversy over recapture of Seoul? Even at the end of the election season. In the yard where the government has become a return center.

Common-sense unions don’t demand anything from the lame duck government. I don’t know if I had joined the presidential campaign. okay. Maybe this is the foundation for that.

My animal sense was intuition that this strike was not just a labor struggle.

So, rather than making them into aristocratic unions through media play, I immediately went to the scene to take a picture of reconciliation with the union heads.

Once the fire is turned off, you will see. Even if the arsonist is found later.

Fortunately, as soon as the protest started, a senior government official came to visit, and the protesters rushed out.

“one… … Aren’t you, Chief Secretary Seung-moon?”

The union officials looked quite puzzled.

Seriously, I was whining to the media for a few days. I thought I was going to have a government meeting, but it must be ridiculous that the chief of staff comes as soon as the protest starts.

I approached them with the most pitiful expression on my face. Then he shook hands and looked at the executives.

“hello. This is Seungmoon Han… … .”

It was a union against the hunter class system, but the union officials were all high-ranking hunters. And I am a person who lives by memorizing the list of high-ranking hunters. ‘Cause I’ve been judged

It was a little fun to see people who usually eat chapagetti in a penthouse with a red belt and wearing a worker’s shirt, but I threw in a sincere individual comment as much as possible.

“Aren’t you Kim Jung-sun Hunter? He is a man who did a great job in the defense of Mangyang-ri, and I am very sorry to meet you like this.”

“Ah, yes… … .”

“Hey, Gyuri Lee Hunter. We met once at a hotel in Jeju Island. Were you not hurt?”

“Yes, yes… … .”

“Heh heh, I’m glad.”

I made a small wink and called the reporters. Of course, they were smart friends who were managed by the Blue House spokesperson with pocket money.

greatness. He cleared his voice and smiled as pitifully as possible. Molgol is so emaciated now, so the picture will come out just fine.

“First of all, I did not hear the explanation of the situation, but I am really sorry that our Hunters have become so dissatisfied. That’s why I ran right away, so I hope that it will be resolved through mutually beneficial dialogue and communication.”

My role ends here.

Journalists have already started writing articles. Roughly, a few hunters held a protest, but Han Seung-moon was dispatched to ‘communicate’.

Only then did the union executives come to their senses and start making demands and suggestions to me.

I nodded and made a gesture of humility to listen, but these were words that the press would not go into detail. maybe.

“If we retake Seoul, the hunter industry in Korea will be annihilated. It’s not just halving! In the yard that is already overflowing with hunters and sending them abroad, if you destroy the domestic hunting grounds, the industry will go bankrupt!”

I couldn’t answer that all the politicians fluttering about recapture of Seoul were all electoral bullshit, so I just quietly nodded.

“The Hunter ranking system is too unfair. Were the Hunters’ opinions taken into account? In effect, the government is intimidating Hunters and businesses by the leash of rankings and ratings! Why do alternative ranking systems, rating systems, and performance systems coexist?”

In fact, I couldn’t answer that it was a system made for that, so I just kept quiet.

“Why does the Hunter Association exist?! There is no role other than giving the Hunters ratings! Even if the PMC of a large corporation unfairly adjusts the settlement ratio or the government doubles the tax overnight, the association can’t say anything… … !”

The hunters keep not catching monsters and earning honey, so if I answered that they raised taxes, I thought I would get hit, so I just kept quiet.

And in the end, there was only one answer I could give.

“In the process of overcoming an unprecedented crisis in Korea… … As the government maintains the wartime administrative system, there are certain aspects that have not been paid attention to.”

We’ve been a little busy, so please understand.

“Now that the Yang Pan-seok government is coming to an end. As Korea has entered a period of stability. I feel the need to improve the system in a better way in the future.”

Talk to the next president for details.

* * *

That evening.

I watched the news and checked the results of my political work.

Watching the announcer open his mouth with a trembling heart.

“… … This afternoon, a gathering of hunters was held in the area around City Hall Station in Busan. Hunters emphasized the expansion of the voice of the association and improvement of the working environment.”

“… … At one time, there were signs that the protests would intensify with the arrival of a police officer, but when Chief of Staff Han Seung-moon visited the assembly site, the road control was lifted in about four hours.”

“yes. Next news. A small monster from Juwangsan Mountain in Gyeongsangbuk-do… … .”

ha. When I saw the news, my heart sank.

Fortunately, it was not reported that the Hunters opposed the recapture of Seoul.

In addition, he managed to prevent the catastrophe in which union executives came to the desk and had a five-minute interview, and made a 30-second short break.

If you do it wrong… … .

「Breaking News: Massive Hunter Strike. Defense Emergency”

「The Hunter Association that became the Plant Association. What is the truth?”

「Hunter Union Union. “Opposition to retake Seoul.”

Horrible news like that was about to circulate.

Just thinking about it is terrifying.

In fact, even if the government is insulting it. If the fact that the hunters went on strike to oppose the recapture of Seoul became an issue, the whole country would become a battlefield.

In particular, it is a fact that an all-out war between refugees and hunters is taking place.

And refugees and hunters were the most reluctant group in mainstream public opinion.

First of all, many refugees hide their rifles as a result of meeting the monster.

And since he is a survivor of the apocalypse, he doesn’t trust people.

Unfortunately, they did not easily adapt to society, and as the Shin Soo-gwang gang insisted on preserving their past property by winning refugee votes, the people of the South were properly afflicted with hatred.

The people of Gyeongsang-do and Jeolla-do did not feel the need to restore the property of refugees in the metropolitan area with their taxes.

Conversely, Hunters tend to stray from the general society and aristocratize themselves.

The activities of the first-generation hunters who saved Korea also began to be buried after a few years. As Hunters join the full-fledged vested interests, the general public also dislikes Hunters.

In fact, it is close to instinct that people make fun of people who are poorer than themselves and are jealous of people who are better off than themselves.

Of course, not everyone is like that. Of course, there are people who live in the world without prejudice.

However, even if it is an error of generalization, politicians should look at generalized data more than anyone else. Because it’s a job for the general public.

In that sense, today’s achievements in preventing social division were quite positive.

Just in time, the phone rang. Of course, he must have been watching the news there as well.

“yes. I got a call.”

“Uh. Seungmoon… … .”

It was President Yang Pan-seok. Although it was a bit tired, it was a pleasant voice.

“I said I was swearing today.”

“haha. It’s not an insult. I have heard some complaints.”

“You did a good job. If things got messed up in my later years, I would have been in trouble in many ways.”

As always, the death penalty didn’t last long. A more important issue remained.

Yang Pan-seok asked the first question.

“Isn’t it just a protest?”

“Looking at the top of the leadership team, it seems that some high-ranking hunters interested in joining the presidential campaign have come out. They are yangbans who have been working hard in social activities.”

“You want to be political, so you want to curse the government and join the opposition? Is that all?”

“no. We obtained a list of protesters and investigated.”

“It’s good because it’s fast.”

“Because the Hunter Association is not completely a plant.”

Surprisingly, the scale of this strike was considerable. This is because hunters do not only go to hunting grounds.

It is not easy to risk your life and make killing your profession, and in fact, there have been times when low-level hunters traveled only to easy hunting grounds and the government used a knife.

And some hunters, without hunting, are active in the private sector.

“Construction services for civil engineering work, security guards in the town hall, PMC clerks, courier deliverymen, heavy industry workers… … . There were more of them than my friends who are playing on active duty.”

“… … is it?”

“There are only a handful of people attending today’s protests. The number of people listed in the union union is significant. Maybe the government will have to come up with a countermeasure.”


to summarize,

It is said that high-ranking hunters who dream of becoming political aspirants instigated a large-scale strike by instigating commoner hunters in line with the election season.

At least on the surface.

Yang Pan-seok answered.

“It’s strange.”

“That’s right. Non-active hunters are far from hunting grounds. It doesn’t matter if the Seoul Gate is closed or not. However, the union leaders stubbornly opposed the recapture of Seoul.”

“exactly… … The reason for the demonstration is too lax. If you do it wrong, you die right. When I-“

“No, not even that… … .”

First of all, it was strange that the government didn’t know until things got to this point, and it was not common sense for the hunters to play quack in the middle of downtown Busan all of a sudden.

In addition, the debate over ‘recapture of Seoul’ is heating up with 10 million refugees.

If the hunters who are recognized as vested interests strongly oppose the recapture of Seoul, what will happen?

national opinion is divided.

no matter how you look at it He crossed the line too far for a joke during the election season.

“In order to carry out the claims of active hunters, they shouted against the recapture of Seoul, and in the meantime, the strike mobilized non-active paranormal talents to inflict fatal wounds.”

“… … .”

“Once we have stopped media coverage, the problem is likely to grow if the strike proceeds as planned. Then the government would have to sit at the negotiating table. A government with only 87 days left in office. Of course, the initiative will pass to the Hunters, and if the negotiations go wrong, all kinds of criticism will of course be… … .”

“… … It’s systematic.”

“Someone is looking for us.”

On the first day of my tenure, the gate opened. Episode 224

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