A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 215

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 215

EP 34- Perfume Bottle(3)

The presidential election is just 87 days away.

Hunters’ artificial collective action.

and conspiracies against the government.

“… … .”

Actually, it wasn’t a very detailed plan.

It was just that the government launched a reckless attack aiming at the weakest timing. Rather, if you look at the details, there are not one or two places where it is weak.

The executives of the union, which is a union union, are high-ranking hunters who were not usually interested in the human rights of hunters.

Some of them even tried to get a nomination. Why, aren’t there some quasi-politicians who are working hard in social activities to sell business cards for clubs and friends?

Moreover, what the union is claiming is recapture of Seoul, which the active hunters oppose, but most of the union members are non-active workers who do not even come close to hunting.

If you add a little flesh to the reasoning, it is difficult to recruit the top 1% active duty personnel, no matter how bad it is, so it seemed like the work was done against non-active hunters (construction service, delivery man, public health center staff) who were relatively easily accessible.

okay. Since that side is relatively out of reach of the government, it is true that such a surprise operation was possible.

However, the insolvent union created in this way is at the level of claiming, ‘I am the operating force-‘ just by looking at it.

If you look at it up to this point, it’s a bit of a mess… … .

“Hmm… … .”

There’s a reason these guys are terrifying.

first. The point is that it is difficult for the government to respond because it is a clash during the election season.

second. The sound is quite normal, so it is difficult to suppress it openly.

Lastly, the key argument is that if the opposition to the recapture of Seoul spreads in public opinion, it will lead to an all-out war between the hunters and the refugees in the metropolitan area.

In particular, we do not know what will happen if the hunters and refugees fight properly. There was a sufficient possibility that it would lead to an actual armed conflict rather than a political conflict.

Of course, from then on, the presidential election is no longer a problem.

One question arises here.

‘Did you do something like this because you have the confidence to take charge of it?’

And when my thoughts reached this point, the conclusion became clear.

“… … under.”

At the same time, I knew a person who could possibly be behind the scenes.

* * *

“That’s bullshit.”


“Did you get suspicious because your young friend has been in politics for a long time? Isn’t it me?”

Former Public Security Prosecutor, former Prosecutor General, former Minister of Justice. Former Acting President.

And the incumbent Jeonbuk-do governor and presidential contender who is running for the top spot.

Won Ok-bun shamelessly held out his flippers.

“On what grounds do you doubt me?”

“… … basis?”

She sent her eyes that meant to think about your past, but she showed a rather annoyed look.

“Hey, the NIS will always be monitoring you, so you know that. Have I ever had a suspicious phone call with anyone?”

“No, where is the government that inspects politicians with the National Intelligence Service?”

“tt, I was just being careful… … .”

“… … .”

After careful consideration of what he was saying, it was said that he had lost.

uhm. When Won Ok-Boon was acting as an agent, every time I talked to someone on the phone, I felt something strange… … .

It seems like it wasn’t a coincidence that the pizza delivery man and the chicken delivery man were the same person every time… … .

Anyway. That’s not what’s important now.

“therefore. Are you saying you’re not the culprit?”

“I am a person with no criminal record. Rather, Ms. Yang went in and out of the gambang as if it were my house.”

“That’s because the governor is from the prosecution-”

“Write… … .”

Governor Won Ok-bun frowned and tapped the desk with his dry fingers.

A threatening voice followed. It was muffled, but the meaning was clear.

“Tell me one last time. I don’t go beyond gold. No matter how much I want to eat the president, I will not risk my life.”

“… … Are you really?”

“If you were to become president at such an old age, what wealth and glory would you enjoy? Even I am a human being who has already done it.”

“Then why did you run for office in the first place?”

“Am I going out because I like it? what to do I just take responsibility for those around me when the time comes.”


“Hey, why is the young man talking like this… … .”

Whether it was her head hurting just because she spoke for a long time, or whether her self-esteem was hurt by the way she kept explaining to me, she pressed down on her wrinkled forehead to relieve the headache.

“For the past few decades. Do you know how many people struggled to make me president?”

“… … ah.”

“At least hundreds. In particular, the prosecutors believed in me and stabbed me like a dog butcher. I’m tired, and when I retire from politics, I’ll die in droves.”

“… … .”

“I think I’ve asked everything I want to ask now.”

“… … Ah yes.”

“Then go.”

The figure of the old man leaning on the sofa with his tongue lightly clenched seemed particularly heavy. Exactly, he looked tired.

It was to the point that it felt rude to question her further here.

However, there are still some inconsequential points.

“Then what happened to Hong Geun-young?”


“Candidate Hong Geun-young. 4 times per defense. This time, the guy who claimed to be an aggressor to recapture Seoul and paid for it.”

“What is it? Is this the first time you see a bastard in politics?”

I made specific threats to this clenched and ignorant woman.

“Don’t be fooled. that bastard. Isn’t that the hitman the governor planted to beat Yoo Jae-kyung?”

“… … .”

It was.

Refugees who lost their speakers due to Shin Su-gwang’s downfall flocked to Yoo Jae-kyung, who claims to be an economist, and this was quite a threatening figure.

So Won Ok-bun pushed through the Seoul recapture debate through Hong Geun-young, and framed Yoo Jae-kyung as an ‘opponent of Seoul recapture’ to get the votes out of the refugees.

“… … Huh, true.”

The old man, who had pretended to be alive, finally revealed his true color with a grin.

Just before he died, he was lying on the sofa like an old man, and then he bounced back and changed his posture and sat down. Now my body felt so light.

“Oh, you say you don’t do civilian inspections?”

“Because the NIS is not the only source of information.”

“Are you your secretary? I knew you were my lover, but there was a reason why I took him with me.”

“I do not know.”

“Yang Pan-seok also had a few people who were similar to him. I don’t know why I don’t have a guy like that. Come to think of it, there were a few security officers when I was acting as an agent, and I thought they would take them out. I guess it was because they were the ones Cha Jae-gyun was carrying… … .”

As if embarrassed, Wonok-bun spoke nonsense for a long time.


And he said sarcastically.

“We have agreed to unite with Yoo Jae-kyung.”


“I made a promise to the next prime minister as well. We are even thinking about legal decentralization.”

“Hey, what, what the hell… … !”

Didn’t I say that I skipped the front and back too much? Wonok-bun laughed as if my bewildered expression was funny.

“why. Is it strange for the same National Defense Party to unite? The horse is a uniform paper, and it is, in fact, victory in the primary.”

“that… … Is that so?”

It’s not very talkative. The reason Yoo Jae-kyung entered politics in the first place is because he slapped Won Ok-bun in the back of the head during the last presidential election.

At that time, he must have been attached to Yang Pan-seok knowing that Won Ok-bun could go to the same room. But where is the Korean political board? Isn’t this an industry where reincarnation is possible even if you are involved in a felony?

Yoo Jae-kyung cries and struggles because Won-ok-moon, whom he buried, becomes a zombie and comes alive, but there is no reason not to hold her hand if she offers to forgive her first.

It was a bit naive, though.

“Forgive me. Even if Prime Minister Yoo Jae-kyung is a bureaucrat. Do you believe it?”

“That’s why I didn’t use Hong Geun-young. Are your ears not thinning because you are covered in poop?”

“If you know who’s behind Hong Geun-young, you’ll probably roll your eyes.”

“If you keep your mouth shut, no one will know.”

uhm. Ok-Boon Won, Doo-Sik Kim, Jae-Kyung Yoo. Expectations of the three-way presidential election were shattered.

If it was a quantum composition, Won Ok-bun would win. Commander Doo-Sik Kim. Even though there was a public liking, there was no impact.

Won Ok-bun seemed to know that, and he acted as if he had already become president. It doesn’t mean you’re excited, it just means you’re already tired.

“It’s a presidential election, and if it’s me and General Kim, the shape will come out. This may have been the reason why the Blue House brought General Kim, who had no interest in politics, to the post of prime minister in the first place. How insidious is Yang Pan-seok?”

“Please. Isn’t that the way to expel Prime Minister Yoo Jae-kyung? There was a riot in Jeju Island, so we hired military experts.”

“I don’t know. But where would the personnel authority see only one of them?”

“Then you are saying that President Yang Pan-seok intended unification?”

“No matter how chaotic the political landscape these days, unification is essential for a three-part composition. He was a politician during the Lee Hoi-chang era, so he wouldn’t know.”

“Huh… … .”

While I was in my thoughts for a moment, Governor Won Ok-bun made a blunt conclusion.

“So, am I going to have anything to do with the government from now on?”


It was perfect logic. If what she said was true, the president had already won the party award.

Of course, if it was discovered that Hong Geun-young was behind the scenes, she would be mortally wounded, but even more so, there was no reason for her to attack the government.

But the question still remains.

“Then, who else in Korea can take charge of this?”

In this country, who dares attack the government and can back it up?

Only Won Ok, who held the prosecution, could do it. You won’t be charged with a crime. By the time the truth is revealed, it must have been after he was elected.

Even if the U.S. government mobilized the CIA, it can’t be helped. Because it’s my intervention.

So when I looked at her with suspicion until the end, she answered in a tired voice.

“I can understand that because I live a rough life. stop harassing people If you open your axe’s eyes like that and scare the old man, will you use it?”

“It’s because I’m not an ordinary old man.”

“If I say this much, you will know that I am not, so stop making excuses. However, not all human beings are thinking of backstabbing.”

“What else does that mean?”

Wonok-min said. It wasn’t the eyes of an old politician, but the eyes of a veteran public security prosecutor, now blurred with razor marks.

“I mean, not all four months are due to meticulous planning.”

“… if.”

“You’re so stupid you can’t even think about taking over. desperate or poison or One of these three.”

“… … ”

“Find the culprit as soon as possible. If the plan goes awry because of some crazy guy, things go awry. It’s true that you and I are twins, but aren’t we at least thinking animals?”

* * *

“I am against racism!”

“I am against it! Oppose!

“Give back the Hunter Association!”

“Give it back! Give it back!”

The street in front of the Busan Government Complex.

A dozen hunters gathered and shouted slogans.

No different from the usual protesters. The difference is that the big picket is not wrapped around the body but floated in the air.

On the other hand, the appearance of the police surrounding them was really serious. To the extent that we should call them ‘police troops’ rather than ‘police’.

Heavily armed cops with helmets and shields formed a rank, and the number was enough to surround the protesters and completely isolate them from the public road.

Even a police officer on top of the water cannon behind the row was shouting at the scene.

This was an urgent action by the chief of the National Police Agency, who apparently passed out after receiving a report that the Chief of Staff had made a surprise visit to the scene. The protesters have no clue.

Of course, my words weren’t good either.

“what the. How many people did the police say to come like this? I feel like a terrorist.”

“Isn’t this some kind of armed protest? To make it burdensome and send it home… … .”

“Wow… … . It’s a terrible government. You said yesterday’s protest wasn’t on TV? I saw in the group chat room that the government controlled the media.”

“Right. right.”

“At the time when rice prices were frozen. After all, it was the same when the farmers protested. I shot a water cannon and passed out, but it didn’t show up on the news… … .”

“But where have the executives gone? I said that the chairperson was coming today, but he didn’t come.”

“I just went there to take pictures in the morning.”

“ah… ”

Unlike the hunters who made a riot yesterday, these were not protesters who wielded violence for the purpose of agitation, but simple assemblers.

There were complaints, but it did not lead to violence. They are non-active hunters who are neither strong nor relatively wealthy as a hunter in the first place.

But in the eyes of the officers who were mobilized in a hurry, that was him.

All kinds of words passed between the guards’ shields. They were mostly words of fear.

“Wow. It’s scary. When people who look like that normal get angry, don’t they become the Hulk?”

“What about the Hulk? Yesterday I threw an egg, didn’t you see that the shield was crushed? it’s a monster monster.”

“Why are you throwing eggs? have to take it If it were me, I would have licked the dirt on the sidewalk block.”

“… … Our little daddy’s farm just buried all the raw chickens because of the bird flu this time.”

“look. The whole nation is suffering together, but who is throwing eggs and swearing because they raised taxes? under. seed. It’s a noble union.”

“If Han Seung-mun hadn’t come yesterday, someone might have died, those. Even if you look fine, if you turn your eyes over, someone’s neck will turn around in an instant.”

“Weren’t we brought out because of Han Seung-moon? I heard that Captain Bang Soon wore a uniform to say hello when Han Seung-mun opened today.”

Most of the combat police with shields were conscripted young men in their early 20s.

They insulted the Hunters to relieve their fear and flirted a little.

It was a common appearance, but the fact that Hunters’ hearing was different from that of ordinary people was the beginning of the incident.


“Yes Yes?”

“That one. Aren’t you supposed to apologize to me?”


“Who are you that you call me a monster?”

A hunter from the protesters approached the police officer.

The scenery roared. Fear of experiencing the violence yesterday led some to step back.

“Wow, step away!”

“… … !”

Seeing this, Hunter’s stomach boiled.

I hate violence, I hate being called a monster, so I haven’t even been to the hunting grounds.

Nevertheless, because of the reality that superhumans are discriminated against. Nevertheless, the association held a rally because of the reality of being a slave to a large corporation.

It was impossible for a person not to get angry if he was treated like a monster at that meeting.

“this… … !”

A few sidewalk blocks floated into the air. It had nothing to do with his will.

Because he didn’t live as a hunter, he wasn’t trained enough to control it.

Likewise, police officers were simply conscripted, not trained police officers.

“Hey, go away!”

“What? This bastard is real!”

“Turn it off!”

One foreground trembled and pushed the Hunter hard with his shield.

At the same time as the hunter fell backwards and hit the buttocks, the shield in the foreground was folded in half and crushed.



And the arm of the foreman was sucked into the shield as well. Blood spurted out in an instant.

on the sidewalk block. even on the shield. Even the helmet in the foreground standing next to him. Small drops of blood formed.

“uh. uh… … .”

Hunter couldn’t even say that it wasn’t intentional. When you can’t move because you’re hazy.

“… … !”

A frightened foreman swung his shield.

He roughly hit the head with the edge of the shield.

It was because he felt that he had to do that to subdue the fearsome Hunter.


The police officer was unaware of the fact that the psychic psychic had only slightly better physical abilities than the general public.


Red blood soaked the sidewalk block.

On the first day of my tenure, the gate was opened. Episode 225

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