A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 218

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 218

EP 34- Perfume Bottle (6)

The presidential election is fast approaching.

The whole country, including politicians, was clinging to one election, and it was convenient to think that virtually all issues were buried before the election.

To add a bit of exaggeration, when politicians gossip, carbon emission issues come up, stocks of bio companies rise, and public-owned bio research institute projects are all-stopped.

It was just that time. Return to Seoul. superhuman riot. international situation… … Because everything becomes the subject of a political battle. It’s a time when all power sees blood in trivial matters.

“Chief Han Seung-moon!”

In that sense, due to this superhuman riot, I, who was the former Minister of Portrait Management, was beaten in a similar vein.

“Chief Secretary Han Seung-moon! Just one word please!”

After the superhuman riot killed 31 people, I was plagued by reporters for days.

“The Union of Paranormal Workers, who went on a general strike, is demanding the normalization of the Hunter Association! As the founder of the Hunter Association… … .”

“Yes. I’m really sorry. It is the Sochi of my vice, who resigned from the ministerial position after failing to complete the innovation work.”

“Some are raising suspicions that the 3rd guild and Chief Secretary Han Seung-moon are collaborating-”

“Then I would not have proposed the Military-Industrial Separation Act a few years ago. Minister Yang Il-ho as well. We will not respond to unfounded negatives.”

“With GS Aegis CEO Cheon Geum-soon, who was recently arrested on charges of union destruction… … .”

“I’m not familiar with that Cheon Geum-soon.”

Still, the guy who’s been hit was a good fit, and I absorbed all the pressure on the government, almost like a human punching bag.

He barely stopped the theory of government judgment that was creeping up.

It was also the moment when he saved several names that would otherwise have been on the slaughter department.

Naturally, while I was being beaten so hard, the Blue House wasn’t just sucking my fingers.

[Chief. This is the chief civil affairs office.]

“Yes, tell me.”

[When Rep. Hong Geun-young was serving as a secretary of the National Assembly’s Portrait Management Committee, the National Defense Party, the situation in contact with Park Sang-yoon, permanent advisor of the Hunter Association… … ]

* * *

next election poll

1. Wonok powder – 35.7 percent

: Former Acting President, Jeonbuk Branch

2. Jaekyung Yoo – 26.9 percent

: Former Deputy Prime Minister of Economy Former Prime Minister, Current Member of Parliament

3. Doosik Kim – 16.2 percent

: Former Commander of Chungcheong County, Current Prime Minister

4. Geun-Young Hong – 4.6 percent

: Current Member of Parliament

“Hmm… … .”

The situation in the presidential election this time was roughly one-to-two, and Won Ok-bun struck out, followed by Yoo Jae-kyung and Kim Doo-shik.

This does not mean that Won Ok-bun, Yoo Jae-kyung, and Kim Doo-shik are running side by side with symbols 1, 2, and 3.

Because Won Ok-bun and Yoo Jae-kyung belonged to the same National Defense Party, and only one person could run for president with the National Defense Party name tag on.

In other words, if you want to run for president while receiving a large amount of election subsidies that are proportional to the number of lawmakers, you have to win the internal primary of the National Defense Party.

Above all, it wasn’t just about money.

Because there was no one in the people who would like a candidate who was robbed in the primary and crawled out as an independent.

There is also the issue of factions within the National Defense Party. If the Bundang incident occurs, there is a possibility that the third party will benefit. There is also a variable in which Chung Joong-yeop scouts Yoo Jae-kyung… …

Anyway, it’s complicated in many ways.

As is usually the case with politics.

Anyway, Won Ok-bun needed to put Yoo Jae-kyung down (as beautiful as possible) in the internal primary of the National Defense Party, and the card he used was a human named Hong Geun-young.

“… … So you asked to see me?”

“Those who used them must be removed by themselves.”

“Hey, who knew it would turn out like this?”

“People are dead. I can’t cover it anymore.”

Won Ok-bun was setting up an election camp in Busan with the guts of the Jeonbuk-do governor, but he saw the bad news of Nolbu saying he would eat both the hearts of the people of Yeongho-nam.

In fact, this grandmother was the root of all evil, so she did not speak well.

I flopped down on the office sofa, pointing out her fashion.

“Isn’t it a little bit of a forsythia-colored suit for someone who has grown old enough to eat? Cody will you wear? Or an assistant?”

“Well, I heard you want to touch the hearts of the people.”

“In the last election, you almost pretended to be Park Chung-hee, but this time you changed the election strategy?”

“Fashion changes every day.”

Won-ok-bun responded sarcastically.

Rather, he even asked me as he frowned at the cloudy eyes that were reflected through the cuts. As his career in running for elections became longer, his pronunciation, which had been blurred due to facial paralysis, became more accurate.

“therefore. You want Hong Geun-young to get rid of it?”


In the first place, Hong Geun-young was a human being who hailed as “recapture Seoul” in the internal primary of the National Defense Party. And because of that, Yoo Jae-kyung suffered a fatal blow.

What kind of madman is pushing the recapture of Seoul, which is sure to lead to a fatal economic crisis? In the end, Yoo Jae-kyung was a bit shy in front of the refugees.

And that moment’s hesitation turned Yoo Jae-kyung from an economist into a gray molecule. When Hong Geun-young absorbed refugee votes, the National Defense Party’s internal primary also tilted.

Yoo Jae-kyung, who was in such a crisis, received an offer that Won Ok-bun could not refuse.

If he wins after losing the primary, he will appoint the prime minister.

okay. Let’s go there so far.

“Let’s say that it was until Rep. Hong Geun-Young ordered Yoo Jae-Kyung to drop the horse. But do you take the hunters to a protest in the middle of Busan?”

Won Ok-Moon protested.

not self-responsibility.

“He didn’t even take me on my own. you know? If you cross a few bridges and jump, you’ll know… … I never met him.”

In other words, it was not like putting a bomb necklace around a person’s neck like a yangban stone and playing them like limbs, but rather cleverly moving people to the point that they didn’t even know they were being used.

It was common in politics. Pumping up a healthy person and blowing air into their lungs. Even now, it is a method that even I use from time to time.

But this time, the scale of the work was different.

“Don’t take responsibility like that. Anyway, you do what you’ve done yourself. Can the Blue House not intervene in the election?”

“Why is that an election intervention? If you look into it, Rep. Hong Geun-young instigated a rebellion and sabotaged it. It wouldn’t be a problem to take it in moderation and arrest it.”

“The prosecution is under your control, so why are you leaving the matter to us?”

“No, even Hong Geun-young probably didn’t know that he would see blood during a protest like that.”

“… … under! I think so. You probably didn’t know either. Who would have known that a decent protest would turn into a sea of blood?”

“I heard that the guy who was running around to catch a broadcast like that was biting his nails in every corner of the house. So, you should have done it.”

“okay. You spoke well. 31 people died. But are you going to do this while blaming me? Yes?”

“Write… … .”

Wonok-bun swallowed the chim-eumseong.

okay. I didn’t even know that Hong Geun-young would go so wild. And Hong Geun-young didn’t know that the peaceful protest would turn into a joint funeral for 31 people.

Politics was such a mess. Politics was a living creature. What you do to get some votes can lead to someone’s death right away.

And even in the process of rectifying that death, money and tickets were needed.

I finally made an offer to Won Ok-bun.

“… … Well, I heard that there was some noise while selling the refugee housing complex in Saemangeum New Town.”

“There is always noise. But isn’t this one made there?”

“I will prune the pre-sale ordinance and accept it as an enforcement ordinance, so Hong Geun-young will arrange it there.”

“… … .”

Wonok-bun thought for a moment. It wasn’t very long.

After all, it was our job to decide how to treat people with no face-to-face in one sitting.

“I do.”

She nodded.

* * *

Hong Geun-young was charged with the prosecution that evening.

It was not a charge of instigating a large-scale riot by instigating non-active hunters, it was a charge of ordinary illegal political funds. Even a 4.6% presidential candidate was useless.

The social impact was not so great, but after a while, Won Ok-bun won the National Defense Party primary, and Hong Geun-young’s presence naturally disappeared.

Hong Geun-young’s interest was thanks to his 4.6% approval rating in the presidential election, and the only way for him to become president was to create a miracle in the National Defense Party primary.

After a few days of tumult, a politician quietly disappeared from the political scene.

But the wounds he left behind were never small.

“Amid the prolonged general strike of the Hunter Union. At the site, a portrait of the late Hunter Kim Joo-young was hung. The police’s bereaved families turned to the government… … 」

Non-active hunters turned to anti-government tendencies.

However, the public’s gaze was not good, and insults to the bereaved family were publicly displayed on the Internet. The ostensible reason was that more police died.

Naturally, politicians also took advantage of public opinion. Because Hunter was a job that was not eligible for votes.

“The Awoken attacked the police first. That is a fact.”

“Didn’t the police provoke the Hunter first? It was the state power that provoked and attacked ordinary protesters.”

“Is it normal? No, is it normal for you to try to kill me because I heard some gossip from the 20-year-old police officers?”

“Don’t be so misleading.”

“It is not normal for a non-Awakened person to attack with a knife just because they have heard some gossip. How much less is it normal to blow off your wrist with your telekinesis?”

“It is partly the responsibility of the government for failing to enforce compulsory education… … 」

Politicians’ language selection has changed from ‘hunter’ who catches monsters to ‘awakened’ and ‘non-awakened’. It was intended to separate the general public from the hunters.

So, when none of the candidates 1 to 6 of the presidential election were friendly with Hunter, the social atmosphere changed naturally.

In an atmosphere hostile to Hunter.

Then, of course, the Hunters also became anti-social.

“Did the active-duty hunters join the general strike?”

“Yes… … .”

There was even a situation where active-duty hunters had to quit their jobs. To be precise, it was the domestic hunters of the GS defense agency, whose union was forcibly disbanded recently.

The strike of non-active hunters had an effect on increased construction costs, bankruptcy of distribution companies, and an increase in office cleaning services, but the strike of active hunters was different.

Real estate in the city plummeted, additional troops were deployed, and losses were incurred due to reduced Manastone production. As a result, exports were also affected.

Naturally, the government’s efforts to rectify this had to increase more than several times.

And that was all my job.

“Increasing orders for stimulants is nonsense. It’s not something we can control the quantity. I’d rather increase the magistrates… … .”

“Isn’t the National Defense Party’s floor leader Park Jeong-gyun being caught in the Supreme Court for violating the Public Official Election Act? By the way, the constituency is also nearby, but in order to rectify the public sentiment… … .”

“Let’s assume that the president of the Association, Hong Seon-ah, is in Australia for the time being. Delay your return. I’m not interested in politics anyway, so I’ll agree with you.”

The confrontation between the awakened and the non-awakened was reaching its extreme, and the political circles were pouring fuel into the conflict. A dagger for those who have lost their family has been floating around the Internet.

Discussions about the economic feasibility of retaking Seoul, as always, led to hatred towards the refugees. The number of shootings caused by refugees has gradually increased.

As society gradually deteriorated, all of the government’s power was focused on keeping the country small.

In fact, it was as much effort as a patient who had fallen into a state of total organ failure to complete a marathon. It was just before the end of his presidency.

like that. how come

It was presidential election day.

* * *

“Who took the picture?”


“Who took the picture? president.”

It was the president’s question.

I stared at the yangban-seok and replied back.

“Who took the picture of the president?”

“It’s a secret.”

“I am a secret too.”

It was too childish to be a conversation between the president and the chief of staff. We laughed at each other and packed our bags at the Blue House.

In fact, it was not the Blue House, but an underground bunker with the code name ‘Blue House’, so I had a lot of luggage to pack. Duvets, pillows, bags, clothes, laptops, seals… … .

Thanks to you, I checked all of Yang’s daily necessities. He was the only president to spend most of his term in an underground bunker.

“No, why is your toothbrush so old?”

“By the way, I haven’t brushed my teeth in a while.”


“You brush your teeth just by gargling, there’s a dick. I used to use it once, so I ended up using it.”

“Why did you write that good thing by yourself… … ?”

“It’s a bit expensive. I personally ordered it from the National Institute of Science and Technology. It’s a new technology, so it probably hasn’t been commercialized yet. I didn’t pay any taxes, so don’t worry.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“It is the prerogative of the president.”

It would be the president’s prerogative to brush his teeth without using a toothbrush. Today, there is another secret that must be carried to the grave. You sound like a strange old man.

It was then that an idea came to my mind.

“That privilege is now over.”


“Well, aren’t you upset?”

“What are you upset about?”

Yang Pan-seok smiled softly and took off the futon. There are quite a few gray hairs on the pillow. The president’s hair loss had progressed considerably.

I kept talking to him.

“The president worked hard in his own way. Please tell me how you feel.”

“Oh, hey, I told you yesterday. With the sole intention of dedicating my life for the sake of national security and world peace… … .”

“Not for broadcasting.”

“It’s sad. I’m sorry. Well, if you’re curious about it, why don’t you look up the autobiography of former presidents? What did I know would be different?”

Frankly, it was.

Wasn’t he the first president elected after monsters began to fall from the sky? Even so, the yangban-seok looked no different from usual.

Without saying a word, he packed all his belongings, called his aides, and after reading through it, he left the Blue House. After all, his tenure was not over, so he had to go to work tomorrow.

The room will be removed today, but for the remaining two months of my term of office, I will have to show my face and inform the Insu Board of this and that.

In fact, we wouldn’t see each other often because we were each other’s.

He and I had grilled eel for dinner, a favorite food of Yang Pan-seok.

After eating almost all of them, the result of the counting of Won Ok-bun’s election appeared on TV. Seeing that, I think I drank a few more bottles of soju.

And as they left the restaurant, staggering drunk and hugging each other, Yang Pan-seok said to me.

“Even then.”


“Weren’t we hugging each other like this when we ran away from the National Assembly?”

“Ah, then.”

When the monster fell through the ceiling of the Capitol. He had been limping down the emergency stair, supporting the yangban stone.

“Well, it was.”

“Just running away on a boat in the Han River. I did. yes?”

“Then a strange guy crashed into the boat and almost overturned.”

“under. that boat. I was riding with my wife. The more I think about it, the sadder I get.”

It was around the beginning of the rainy season. Dark clouds formed in the evening sky, and drizzling rain fell.

The humid air was stuffy, but it was okay with the smell of alcohol next to it.

“What are you going to do now?”


“Well, there was talk of going abroad.”

“Oh! WPO will never go back. I’d rather try YouTube or something. I have connections, and Chaewon is good at things like the internet… … .”

“Go, go, me, in the past, politicians used to write noble books when they retired. I don’t understand. Well, in today’s world… … .”

“I wrote my autobiography because it turned out to be money, didn’t I?”

“It is not.”

“Isn’t YouTube like that too?”

“is it?”

“It’s like that. What.”

President Yang Pan-seok left a comment at the end of his tenure saying that he should try YouTube.

Another secret to take to the grave.

I came home like that. And, perhaps, around 4 a.m., news came that the gate had been opened in Jecheon, North Chungcheong Province.

Unfortunately for some,

On the first day of the election, the gate burst.

The gate opened on the first day of my tenure. Episode 228

Side EP-What should I do when I see me?

The monsters destroyed the world and drove mankind to the brink of extinction, but they did not bring down the Korean taxi industry.

The first reason is that people abandon their cars and look for public transportation in this unprecedented crisis of fossil energy depletion.

The second reason is that refugees who have no foundation can find a job if they put a ‘taxi’ on their abandoned car outside the metropolitan area.

In addition, the third reason is that Hyundai Motor Company and Samsung Psionic, which have accurately grasped this situation, started a business to run the Maseok Energy engine when they join their taxi company (subcontractor).

Thanks to this, the taxi industry survived, refugees were able to breathe, the government ruling party won the taxi drivers votes, and companies sweetly sold energy batteries… … .


Sejong city officials were dying.

“It’s cheap! 25 years of accident-free driving!”

“Bullet Taxi! Drive safely!”

“You can lie down on the back seat!”

* * *

The Sejong City Government Complex was surrounded by taxis. Poems that are so rare these days are filled with soot. Also everywhere.


No matter how much the taxi industry has received life-sustaining treatment, the only people who take a taxi in this country are people in a hurry or gents holding corporate cards.

Thanks to this, the entrances of major conglomerates and public companies tended to automatically become taxi stops, and among them, the Sejong City Government Complex was one of the most famous places where taxi drivers had to fight for a seat.

Sejong city officials often go on business trips to Busan, and long-distance customers from Chungcheong-do to Busan were the piggy banks they walked around.

“Take a taxi! taxi!”

“250,000 won to Busan!”

“Oh, yes, wait a minute.”

Choosing a taxi is not easy these days.

Taxi drivers are passionate about soliciting, and since they are vehicles that have been picked up by placenta, there are various types of vehicles from Damas to Equus, and most taxi drivers also work as courier and chicken delivery. .

Thanks to that, the vicinity of the government building was crowded with taxi drivers looking for customers, public officials looking for a decent taxi, and merchants selling fried rice in the middle.

Of course, public officials, who were enraged by this behavior, protested that they would rather create a Chungcheong-Busan shuttle bus, but what can they do?

It was far from changing the law, as the people at the desks had already made the law, large corporations had put their seeds in the industry, and the public sentiment of taxi drivers was the people of refugees.

So, the best thing an official can do is choose a taxi that looks good. Fortunately, I do this often, so I’m starting to get a command.

Knock. Knock.

Knock on the taxi stuck in the corner.

Most of the taxis pushed to the corners are newcomers, and even though they don’t know their driving skills, they don’t have the guts to get a parcel on the way, load it up, and put the customer in a bag.

“Are you going to Gyeongsang-do?”

“uh. yes?”

“I’m not going?”

“Oh, no! going! Go! Where can I take you?”

The taxi driver only looked like a college student. It is also a young girl. He hurriedly puts down the atlas he was holding because he didn’t think that guests would come to the corner.

In fact, the young head of the household who lost his parents was overflowing with society, but the public servant in a suit smiled warmly because the customer also had a young daughter.

“Please go to Mt. Juwang in Cheongsong-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do.”

* * *

“Have you been driving for three years? Are you twenty now?”

“Yes, it has already happened. Taxis have just started… … .”

“Then what did you do before? No, no, is there any place for minors to drive in the first place?”

“It’s been a while since Gangwon-do was isolated. There, the Hunters and older brothers dropped them off on the mountain and carried them to the city. Sometimes they even put monster corpses on trucks.”

It must have been a very impressive memory, and the taxi driver looked out the window and smiled for a moment.

Outside the window, green trees pass by. The taxi was crossing the Sobaek Mountains.

“Well, it doesn’t matter now that the ID is out. I got my license properly. And I can become a minor civil servant, but not a minor taxi driver? He’s next to Minister Han Seung-moon, blood… … what blood was it Bloody?”

“Are you Chae-won’s assistant?”

“ah! Pi Chae-won!”

“He has a higher grade than me.”

The taxi driver laughed as the customer pouted his lips.

The driver asks the customer.

“Are you a civil servant? Have you ever seen Pi Chaewon? They say he is a very strong superpower on the internet.”

“Aww, I saw it, but seeing it from afar, I don’t know. However, since it is a state of affairs, people who are good at their jobs see their country as it is.”

“Is that the same for guests?”

“haha! That’s what it says.”

The customer ignored sensitive questions, and the young taxi driver ended the conversation with Abu without further ado.

And the taxi driver, unable to withstand the silence that followed, glanced at the rearview mirror.

“By the way, what are you going to Juwangsan for?”

“Ah, there were traces of monsters.”

“A monster?!”

The taxi driver was terrified. The taxi was crooked.

“He, he, Juwangsan, isn’t it below the Chungcheong Defense Line? Almost on top of Busan… … .”

Somewhat overreaction. This is usually the case with people who have encountered monsters in person.

Intuitively at the unusual reaction, the customer smiled to reassure the taxi driver.

“Do not worry. At best, it’s a miniature monster, and the Portrait Management Department isn’t even trying to catch it. Is it because the director of the Superhuman Support Agency comes out and yells every day? The magistrates are also conducting a thorough search.”

“Ah, yes, yes… … .”

“Didn’t the news say it was okay? I remember that announcements were sent out enough.”

“These days, we only talk about President Won Ok-bun… … .”

“Aha, you got buried in the presidential election issue. So, you don’t have to worry that much. Actually, I’m not even going on a business trip because of the monster. What kind of YouTuber was trying to get over the fence of the blockade there, and he was beaten by Marshal Yeo Do-yeon and lay down, and that’s why he’s going to pay for hospital bills… … .”

“haha… … .”

At this point, the taxi driver seemed embarrassed that he was aware of his overreaction. The knight smiled shyly.

“I’m sorry, I’m too Yunan… … .”

“no. At least we won’t see any monsters, so don’t worry. haha!”

* * *


how long has it been The customer was nodding, and the taxi was passing through a tunnel in the mountains.

The road was, of course, empty. Since the road for military use and the road for civilian use were separated, it is difficult to find people on most highways.

Thanks to this, the taxi driver was able to check the far end of the tunnel, and the customer woke up in surprise.

There was something at the end of the tunnel.

“Isn’t it Goran?”

“I think it’s too big for an elk. and… … .”

Normal elk doesn’t run towards the vehicle – there was no saying.

“… … !”

The thing that precedes the horse is the cold shiver that runs up the back. Survival instinct warns

it’s a monster

At least there is no walking elk in Korea. Memories of human-eating monsters flash before my eyes.

As the taxi driver, who was terrified, was about to turn the wheel, a customer popped out and grabbed the steering wheel.

“Ah! Uncle, are you crazy!? Whoa, whoa!”

“Hold on.”

The forearm of the civil servant in a suit is so strong that no matter how bright the taxi driver, the hand holding the steering wheel does not move.

Fortunately, there was still a certain distance left to face the monster. The customer quickly explained.

“Hey, the kind I know, it’s faster than a car.”

“Ah! Aww! Hands on the steering wheel! hand! Get it off!”

“Hold on to Excel! Hit and pass!”


The taxi driver panicked, but obeyed the customer’s orders. No, I was in a state of panic, so I unconsciously listened to the customer’s orders.

As a result, the driver stepped on the accelerator and grabbed the steering wheel from the rear seat. It was crazy right.

Good profit-!

And the passenger in the backseat turned the steering wheel just before the crash to avoid a head-on collision and hit the body of the monster.

Puck – !



The taxi went round and round for a few laps and then came to a halt while scratching the tunnel wall.

The corpse of the monster with its waist bent over the skid mark rolled over and over.

The taxi driver was sobbing with his face buried in the airbags that had exploded.

“Uhhhhhhh… … .”

“Are you okay?!”

“Are you okay, uncle!?”

‘Guest’ became ‘Uncle’, but I didn’t care. The important thing is that he survived, and more importantly, he encountered a monster on the street.

The lame taxi driver staggered and got out of the car. The customer got out of the car and looked at the corpse of the monster before he knew that he wasn’t sick.

The customer glanced at the taxi driver.

“How about tea?”

“It won’t start… … .”

The taxi driver, who was about to grumble about what to do with the car, saw the monster’s body and kept his mouth shut.

Her face was smooth and round, like a deep-sea fish, and it was creepy and cute, but her body was like a ferocious werewolf.

Even a muscular werewolf. A canine animal with no hair and only muscles exposed. It was even more disgusting because it looked like a crawling person from a distance.

How could such a damned creature exist? I can’t believe it’s a beast in this world.

The taxi driver limped his limp legs and swallowed nausea.

“this… … Is that the Juwangsan monster?”

“I do not know.”

“her. Heh heh heh… … . I’m glad I caught it. You’re not even a hunter, but you’re catching monsters. Do you do half and half magic stones? I think I’ll have to buy a new taxi.”

“Let’s get out of here for now.”


“I’m still here in Chungcheong… … .”

The taxi driver froze at the customer’s words.

The customer sighed deeply and shook his head.

“This guy isn’t the guy who wandered around Juwangsan.”

“Well, that word… … .”

“It’s a new monster that just popped out of nowhere. Then there may be others.”

“Does that make sense? No, f**k it, it could be. I don’t know. Anyway, it’s a monster… … .”

“It’s a good mindset. It’s impossible to understand these guys with common sense. But didn’t I know what kind of guy he was?”

The customer patted the taxi driver on the shoulder a few times, then smiled calmly and started picking up things from the taxi. And in the meantime, the explanation continues.

“It is mainly monsters that have fallen into the valleys that evolve into long-legged dogs. And look at his head. Is it still smooth? This means less variation. I haven’t gotten used to the environment yet.”

“… … oh f**k.”

“Yes. It means you just popped out of the gate. What do you mean? It means that there is an open gate near here. Let’s get out of here as soon as possible.”

“Hey, shouldn’t we have to report it first?”

“I already did.”

“… … It was not a lie to say that public officials these days are capable.”

The taxi driver, who had regained his composure at that time, staggered and grabbed an atlas, a flashlight, and a lighter. He grinned as if he could afford it, and even offered a biscuit.

“Sir, would you like some biscuits?”

“Haha, I’ll take that too. By the way, what should I do if the taxi is broken?”

“Uh, well, I rode it for a long time, but it’s actually a car I picked up in Gangwon-do. I just changed the engine.”

“I’ll give you all the magic stones. It’s probably difficult to compensate for a taxi-”

The customer who opened the taxi trunk stopped.

“Why is there a rifle in the trunk?”


The main reason for the drop in house prices in Chungcheong Province was the metropolitan area refugees, who kept k2 rifles they had picked up on the streets in every corner and occasionally took them out.

“I picked it up in Gangwon-do.”

“… … You’re really good at picking things up.”

Well, sometimes it was hidden in the trunk.

* * *

As a result, there was no need to use a rifle.

Fortunately, no monsters were encountered, the hunters literally flew into the sky and arrived, and the taxi driver got a magic stone, but was fined for possessing an illegal firearm.

It can be said that it is a lucky result in its own way, but since you met a monster while on a business trip in a taxi, what kind of luck would you say?

In addition, a monster appeared in the middle of Chungcheong Province. The portrait management department has already been turned over because of the mysterious monster of Mt. Juwang, but this time to Chungcheong-do?

In the meantime, what was the USFK doing?

Where was the monster prediction system sold? Could it be that you didn’t tell me on purpose? Or is there something wrong with the system?

Who has to deal with when the presidential election is just over? What the hell is the gate size? How many more people will see blood in the fluctuating land price?

The head is getting more and more complicated. I couldn’t quite predict its impact. Fortunately, there was someone to share this misfortune with.

The customer answered the phone with a bitter smile.

As always, the other party answered the call like a knife.

[Yes, reporter Gam. Long time no see. what brings you here-]

“Chief Han. Gate opened in Chungcheong-do… … .”


“Listen to your friends in the secretariat for details. The emergency bell should have rang there by now.”

[I beg your pardon?]

“I will be hospitalized for a while. You don’t have to come to visit. Can you make a shuttle bus between Chungcheong-do and Busan? under… … .”


“Thank you for your concern. See you later.”


“… … .”


Side EP

look at me and tell me what to do


On the first day of my tenure, the gate opened. Episode 229

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