A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 219

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 219

EP 35- International Society

“uh. Chae Won-ah. Ride quickly.”

The secretary, who was suddenly called while resting, had a bad expression on his face.

Her hair was frizzy, and her suit looked like she had just picked up the crumpled up on the floor and ran out.

The guy approached me wearing a robe.

“What’s going on?”

If it wasn’t for the people living next door to stare at people with their dark eyes, it would have been a hit. Normally, I would have joked, but now is not the time.

“Reporter Gam has met a monster. Even on the highway.”

“Are you a monster from Mt. Juwang?”

“Well? I met him in Chungcheong-do on the way, so I think he’s a different guy. There are monsters roaming south of the Chungcheong Defense Line. At least two.”

“There was no contact from the USFK. President Won Ok-bun was elected the day before yesterday. Things are a little tricky.”

“You are looking at the situation now.”

“I must have a lot of work to do.”

Get in the car and go to the road First of all, I was thinking of going to the underground bunker Blue House.

Things were pretty complicated. It was a dirty mess with monsters roaming south of the Chungcheong Line, but if the USFK and the president were involved… … .

I got a phone call as I was going on the highway with such an uneasy feeling.

Pi Chae-won, who knows my flair when it comes to driving, naturally took the phone from her pocket.

“yes. hello. This is the assistant to the phi chae-won. I will pass it on to the secretary general. Yes. Yes. Inspector General, you have already been informed of the accident… … .”

I usually don’t answer the phone while driving. It’s a habit that I developed after my parents passed away in a car accident. Never take your hands off the steering wheel. Absolutely look forward. Absolutely safe driving… … .

Thanks to this habit, the disabled person got a job as a driver for the National Assembly, and after I became a politician, hiring a driver was more difficult than a ministerial hearing. So now I drive myself.

To be honest, it seemed more like a trauma than a habit, but what can I do? I lost a leg in a car accident, so it was natural for me to pay attention to driving.


However, there is no way to get a call from two phones at the same time. This time it was the National Army Security Line.

“… … Yes. This is Han Seung-moon.”

[This is Lieutenant General Yoo Hyeon-jong, commander of Gangwon County.]

“Lieutenant General Yu? long time no see. How have you been?”

[Yes, there was a report that the gate was opened in Jecheon, North Chungcheong Province… … .]

“Are you Jecheon? Isn’t that the Woraksan side? I know it is near the tunnel that passes through Songnisan. Where are you, Goesan-kun?”

[I also contacted you to confirm the contents of the reports coming in from both sides are different. haha.]

“Well, it’s a neighborhood, so it can cause confusion. Maybe the monster from Jecheon was caught in Goesan. Anyway-“

Then, a call came from the third cell phone. It was the NIS security line.

“… … what?”


“No, the phone was overlapping… … .”

A call came from the fourth cell phone as well. It was the phone used in the presidential secretary’s office.

There was also a call from the fifth cell phone. It is an international hotline.

The car quickly filled with the sound of a phone ringing.

“… … .”

[Chief? What’s going on?]

Then I suddenly realized This was my intuition as a hunter, not a politician.

Jecheon. and Goesan.

Gates were open on both sides.

* * *

As always, reality betrayed me.

“There are only 5 confirmed gates: Jecheon, Goesan, Chungju, Chuncheon, Yeongyang.”

The situation was more serious than expected. What was confirmed in the video was the level of a few small monsters jumping out of a small gate, but the situation seemed as serious as the knowledge I had.

The smaller the type, the more dangerous. Because it is difficult to destroy.

The monsters have already begun to mutate according to the local environment, and if the gnomes hiding in the valleys beat their young and evolve from generation to generation, the entire Sobaek Mountains will become a majestic landscape.

There were even groups of people who had already entered the city. The small town near Jecheon was already fighting the monster. The monster bites and kills people.

It’s a familiar look, but I’m not used to this miserable feeling. Cooling the boiling inside, he set out to judge the situation.

“… … What gate?”

In the past, the word ‘gate’ was a hole where monsters came out, but these days it has been studied. Although the division is slightly different from country to country, there are also different types of gates.

A fixed type that spits out honestly from one place,

erosion that pollutes the surrounding area,

sporadic, with small gates occurring randomly in the area;

Annihilation type that spit out one filthy strong guy and disappear.

And the most difficult case to deal with in Korea is… … .

“It’s sporadic. The rating is unknown.”

‘I’ll take care of it.’

Rather, if it is a fixed type, you can hit it with a gatebuster, and if it is an extinct type, you can rush and hit it.

Although this country is only a rattlesnake, it is not because it is a country lacking in hunters or resources.

But sporadic gates are a different story. In Australia, if a gate was opened at random in this small country, it was almost always near the city center.

In fact, Jecheon was unlucky that a gate was opened near the city and he was seeing blood. Since bloodshed has already occurred, it must be said that it has entered a state of war.

Besides, the horses are randomly opened in that ‘region’. Only the monster and the United States know whether that ‘region’ is Chungcheong-do, the Korean Peninsula, or the whole of Northeast Asia.

The only country that could predict the flow of magic in the atmosphere with the Horus system was the United States.

And the United States was still undecided.

“Breaking news has been released in the press!”

“Is the Combined Forces still in trouble?!”

“Wait! I will pass!”

Underground bunker The Blue House was half-panic. Not everyone seemed sane.

I was already preparing to leave the room when the next president was elected, but to be dragged out like this. In fact, the Blue House, after the presidential election, is in a more troubled situation than high school students who have completed the entrance exam.

It was fortunate that humans, who were virtually no different from the plant government, did not run away and went to work, but if it goes on like this, there will be no rice or porridge.

Fortunately, I also had the same rhythm I had been doing so far, so I was able to pick up a few words and spit people out.

“Has it only spread to Chungcheong-do yet? First, let’s gather a doctor and an ambulance to Gwangju and Busan. The fire department commands it, and the superhuman support agency sends hunters into the city.”

“Don’t give an evacuation order at random. You don’t know where to run or where to run. It wasn’t even the guy who broke the apartment came out, but for now, he told me to stay at home, and slowly in accordance with the military policy… … .”

“Please tell the USFK to turn on the Horus system even now. I’ll make a complaint later, so let’s start by requesting support. What are you doing now by threatening to spit out an apology to the US government? Send me an aircraft carrier or something.”

Fortunately, I wasn’t the only one struggling to save a country that had fallen into chaos.

Prime Minister Kim Doo-sik, who had not yet been seen, was commanding the South Korean military at the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

It is true that he had high expectations as he was a great commander who had already assembled the collapsed national army in this situation, but he showed a response that exceeded expectations.

“Did the 7th Corps already set foot on Chungcheong Province?”

[Yes. The operational goal is to fortify Sejong City while evacuating civilians. Aren’t you in a situation where you don’t know where to run from?]

“Huh… … .”

[Anyway, the administrative capital is a place that must be protected unconditionally. Lieutenant General Yoo Hyeon-jong of Gangwon-gun-gu, who led the retreats from Uijeongbu and Sokcho, took the helm. Don’t worry, he’s a well-trained evacuator.]

“Do you even have time to joke… … .”

Of course, while I was there, I wasn’t playing either.

I gave the news to Prime Minister Kim Doo-shik.

“Prime Minister. All hunters belonging to domestic private military companies were first dispatched to the Chungcheong Defense Line.”

[I do not know. Will your business friends come?]

“I can’t confirm it because there is no Horus system, but right now the skies over the Korean Peninsula are full of magical power. Then, isn’t there a risk of running out of gates left for the use of magic stone mines in the metropolitan area? So I decided to destroy them all.”


“Only when they see their business overthrown, they will go out of their way to protect them. If the special law is strictly applied, you may not even know that conscription is possible, so we will cooperate in moderation.”

[That’s a thank you, but… … .]

“Oh, Prime Minister. Nuclear power plants in Gangwon-do.”

[There was occupied first. All the hunters on the military side were dispatched there. So I tried to ask for support from the Superhuman Support Office, but it would be better if this happened.]


I thought it was a scarecrow who sat down to kick out Prime Minister Yoo Jae-kyung, but when the situation became like this, there was no one as reliable as that.

Perhaps President Yang Pan-seok drew the big picture up to this point.


slate stone.

I guess I’m half way out of my mind. I guess I’m forgetting about that gentleman.

I grabbed a public official who was passing by hastily and asked. It was an underground bunker at the Blue House, so when I first caught it, I realized that it was a high-ranking official.

“Economics chief.”

“Ah, chief. what brings you here… … .”

“Where is President Yang Pan-seok?”

“Weren’t you in the Joint Chiefs of Staff?”

“Why are you asking me that?”


“… … ?”

“… … ?”

* * *

Fortunately, President Yang Pan-seok said, ‘The country is doing well!’, ‘No, in this situation, why does no one know where the president is?!’ I reached the bunker while screaming.

Of course, everyone knew the president’s position, and the chief of staff to the president, who was supposed to assist the president, wandered around in the underground bunker as if nothing happened.

It was an emergency, but on the other hand, it was possible because the government officials who had gone through so many emergencies.

“Are you here?”

“I’m sorry I’m late.”

To be late, it was less than an hour after the outbreak of the incident. Fortunately, it seemed that George Bush’s figure could be avoided in the near future.

However, the appearance of President Yang Pan-seok seemed almost 10 years old. As the blood drains from his emaciated face, he looks almost like a corpse.

“My daughter-in-law is dead.”

“… … .”

“My son is in the hospital. I’m a human too, so my feet don’t come off easily.”

I couldn’t say anything at all, and after wandering around for a while, I only made stupid remarks or mumbled a word.

“So, granddaughter, are you okay?”

“If he had died, I would have been lying on the road. It’s okay now, so let me explain the situation. I thought you would be ruined without me, but somehow you are doing it.”

There are no people who say it’s okay, and there’s no one who says it’s okay, and in reality, Yang Pan-seok was in the form of a half-dying person.

Yang Pan-seok read the report slowly in the office with such a gloomy attitude. As always, it was a calm voice, as if nothing had happened.

“Well. Jecheon is pretty serious. Chuncheon was well blocked by nearby hunters. So, are these five gates the end?”

“No, considering the number of those crawling out of the Sobaek Mountains, there are probably more than ten. There may be more, so we need to investigate from now on. Pressured USFK to operate the Horus system… … .”

Omen forecast system through research integrated satellite.

Herald Omen through Search United Satellite.

The so-called Horus system was a technology that only the United States had in the world. A satellite that reads the magic flow in the Earth’s atmosphere, and with it, the United States obtained the Prophet of the Gate.

The problem is that they didn’t prophesy to us. This meant either the Horus system had become an asshole, or they were treating us like a fool.

However, we could not preemptively question it. America was still America, but I and Yang Pan-seok were members of a government with less than two months of life left.

Yang Pan-seok clicked his tongue and concluded.

“For now, the US Forces in Korea will deal with it later and clear things up. Almost all casualties came from Jecheon. Why?”

“Is there any reason? In other words, the gate was opened, and in other words, it was opened nearby. The monsters attacked the nearby town before the government could even grasp the situation, so how could we have prevented it?”

“Ah, I can’t tell the people that it’s all because of America.”

“The dead should be compensated, and the undead should be spared as much as possible. Why don’t we just leave it there and pass it on to the next government? I think that’s our best. In fact, if we even dig into the US Forces Korea, it will affect the foreign policy of the Won Ok-bun government… … .”

Even now, people were dying in Jecheon, and while the hunters were being put in, they were talking like this.

The people are dead and you can’t even get angry with the US Forces Korea to your heart’s content. Country work was a very funny job, if you look at it from time to time.

But then, the USFK commander came to us first. He was the sad-looking white man he had seen often in the past few years.

“The Horus satellite has been hacked by the Chinese.”

“Isn’t that an easy excuse?”

The gate opened on the first day of my tenure episode 230

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