A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 22

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 22

EP 5 – Hunters (5)

hey hey hey!!

The burning wolf shouted.

At the monster’s last breath, flames are splattered in all directions. It looks like a big flame is going crazy.

A man in a helmet jumped off the motorcycle.


The man parked the motorcycle and asked the cold-jaw who was supporting Yeo Do-yeon.

“Hey, does your brother know how to drive this?”

“Ah, that, yes…?”

While the cold gets cold at the sudden question,

The wolf swung its claws on his back.

“Ah, what a dog…”

He was hit with an authentic attack, but only the jumper was torn, and he did not move even a single step. The man nervously pulled out a beer bottle.


He threw a beer bottle at the mad wolf. With the smell of sour oil, the wolf began to struggle again.

“Yumma! Can’t you hold it straight!?”

“I’m sorry-!”

As he yelled at the sky, a woman jumped out of the apartment window and apologized.

The fire started moving. As the raging flames wrapped around the monster, the monster was trapped inside and burned to the ground.

The man tapped the motorcycle.

“…do you know how to do this?”

“ah! yes! I know!”

“Look at the girl’s condition… she bleeds. Get behind.”

According to his instructions, Gumja and Doyeon Yeo got on the motorcycle. The man took out a knife from the inside pocket of the leather jacket and guided the way.

“Go straight two blocks. Once to the right, twice to the left. Building 703 underground parking lot. OK?”

“Oh, I see.”

“The lady, that. Just ask the gatekeeper to take her to the 7th floor grandma.”

The cold-jaw swallowed dry saliva and nodded, and soon the motorcycle started running in the direction the man had instructed.


He just took off his leather jumper torn in the attack and threw it at the burning monster. Then he brought a cigarette from his mouth to the fire.

It is a fire that uses monsters as firewood. As the smell of meat spread under the cloudy Seoul sky, cigarette smoke slightly rose through the apartment.

“……Well? Oh, there’s a suit.”

Then the man looked at me and smiled.

“Talk to me.”

“It’s hard to see people wearing suits these days.”

A middle-aged man was walking around with cigarette smoke.

“It’s rare that a wolf cub beats and doesn’t die.”

“…my sister.”

“He’s an outsider.”

he reached out to me

“David Kim Chun-sik.”


“My Korean name is Kim Chun-sik. His American name is David Kim. Call me as you please.”

I looked closely at this middle-aged face. The features in the helmet are obvious.


“It feels strange to suddenly hear the sound of sheep.”

“Oh, sorry.”

“Actually, you are right. U.S. Forces Korea.”

“……Ah yes. My name is Seungmoon Han. Thank you so much for your help.”

I took his hand, and he grabbed my hand and waved it once.

Then, with a small chin, he began to move. I followed him and limped hard. David Kim took a cigarette and started muttering.

“The world has gone crazy. Lesser bastards shoot and kill people. Have you seen them before?”

“…the people in the truck?”

“They were playing chess around here, so I lured them here and gave them wolf food.”

It was a little creepy. He turned to me and added briefly.

“I didn’t know who would follow after that.”

I asked him.

“Is this a camp where thousands of people live?”

“There is no such thing as a camp. As I interacted with people isolated in the apartment, people who were nearby flocked to me. About 1200?”


“Did you not know?”

He inhaled all the cigarettes and threw them on the floor. I couldn’t even see the speed of the throw. The cigarette was crushed as it hit the floor.

“Hey, what is the young man doing? It’s hard to see a suit these days.”

“Oh that. Politics.”

“Ah, what, city councilor? aide?”

Diplomacy began.

“This is Assemblyman Han Seung-moon. I am from the Seoul Emergency Martial Law Command.”


“Who are you?”

“Dear guest. Where did they go?”

“I went to see my grandmother for treatment.”

“After treatment, guide me to room 504.”


David Kim gave instructions to the gatekeeper in a strict voice, but the gatekeeper smiled brightly and extended his tail.

He is the type without subordinates and dignity. I calmly asked the question.

“Are you the chief executive here?”

“Are you a head?”


“It’s a group with no particular hierarchical order, but if it’s true, it’s half way… Oh, I don’t know. i am the boss Go up at once.”

He led me down the stairs. Just then, a woman came down from above.

She is a beautiful woman with short hair dyed red.

“Chun-sik is a jerk! Uh, is he…?”

She came over to me in surprise.

“Ah, no, legs…! How good is this…!”

She trembled, not knowing what to do. David Kim added seriously.

“I was hurt because of you.”

“Gee, really!?”



She kicked Kim Chun-sik’s shin with all her might, but


He grabbed his feet and sat down with a strange moan. David Kim Chun-shik naturally supported me and muttered.

“Oh, can I help you climb the stairs?”

“Then thank you.”

He put his arm through my armpit. I carefully climbed the stairs one step at a time.

“ah! Nice to meet you. My name is Sun-ah Hong!”

She, who had been sitting down, ran staggeringly, grabbed my hand, and waved it to me alone. was shaken

“This is Han Seung-moon. Thank you for your help.”

“Nice to meet you, Seungmoon Han! Are you all right?”

“Oh, yes. Thanks to…”

Hong Seon-ah climbed the stairs and started chattering. It was different from David Kim, who looked blunt.

“I’m sorry we couldn’t look around during the operation. Did you see the gate open earlier? I couldn’t see the sky because it was cloudy, but suddenly something was pouring down from above!”

She smiled and continued to ask questions.

“By the way, if you were hiding in this area—”

David Kim answered instead.

“It’s a government messenger.”


“It’s the one the government sent us.”


Hong Seon-ah, who was going up the stairs, stopped with an awkward gesture.


And jumped and jumped.

“Am I really from the government? really! really?”

“Ah yes.”

“Are we going to be rescued now?”



She croaked a few more times and asked Chun-sik Kim.

“Chun-sik is a jerk! Can I tell other people about this!?”



“You should listen to this gentleman.”

Is the new suitor really from the government? Isn’t he an outside force spy? etc.

There are still a few verifications I have to go through. It was only then that she realized it, and she blinked her eyes a few times and smiled bashfully.

“I’ll prepare something to eat first!”


“Try some of this too!”

“Ah yes…”

“It’s instant tteokbokki, tuna kimbap, triangular kimbap, and stick cheese bibin, but it’s delicious!”

Hong Seon-ah smiled brightly and cast a catch on me. The churai churai sounds.

“This is a recipe for a vision given to me by a friend who was living in Room 504, Room 801, but John Mattang! Oh, this is not important now.”

A smirk never left her face. It’s awkward because a slightly cold-looking beauty is flirting.

Hong Seon-ah asked me a question with her eyes shining.

“Are you really from the government?”

“yes. I came from the martial law command in the northern part of Gyeonggi-do.”

“thank god……! What news! rescue?”

It was to recruit a pyrotechnician and put a face stamp on the press, but that was a reason I could never say.

He was going to say that he had come to rescue Kang Seok-ho and to give hope to the isolated people, but he also couldn’t say it now.

So I just smiled without saying a word. I feel like I’m running out of line. You have to be alert.

“Ah, I said you’d tell me this after a while…”

We were sitting alone in a big house and eating cheese tuna mayo tteokbokki. It was because Kim Chun-sik told them to wait while the executives were called.

I asked carefully.

“Mr. David said he would bring executives. How does the organization work?”


Hong Seon-ah, who had been chewing on tteokbokki, readily answered.

“Ugh. The hunting team leaders, the women’s presidents of each apartment, the security guard, the doctor’s grandmother, the department store manager. Well, there are several people!”

No specific answer was given. However, combat, supplies, medical care, and even operations. The organization was running quite pluralistically.

maybe it’s sloppy

“Is that so?”

“But the key is the hunting team! Whether it’s procuring food or saving lives, the Awoken do it all.”

“You call me the Awakened?”

“yes. In the first place, this is the organization that Chun-sik created by defeating all the monsters around here. By the way, you are the first team leader, and I am the second team leader!”

barely caught on

The horizontal organization or actual head is David Kim. The person in front of me was Hong Seon-ah, who was also the second team leader.

I watched the cheese tuna mayo tteokbokki with interest and took a bite. It was very tasty, but that doesn’t matter now.

Food cooked with water and fire. Now that water and gas were cut off, it was an extreme luxury.

“How did you make this?”


“It is very delicious. I didn’t know it would be so good in the yard where water and gas were cut off.”

Hong Seon-ah also readily answered.

“Water is used as bottled water! There are quite a few when you pick up the geolru in a plastic bottle. Of course, it’s barely enough to hold on, but not enough to wash and even brush your teeth…”

she muttered sullenly. Then I noticed that my hair was a little frizzy.

“And what is the fire, hey!”

A candle lit up from Hong Seon-ah’s fingertips. She smiled softly and held out the fireball.


I clenched my fists involuntarily.

“…a flame wizard.”

“Hey, you don’t have to call it that big.”

I set my goals right away.

“No, I saw it on TV. It was really impressive. Nice to meet you. Hong Seon-ah.”

“Why are you here? burdensome! ……Hehe.”

She sighed in embarrassment and ate a tteokbokki. I trembled like a fan who met an idol.

“Hey, I couldn’t help but admire the pillar of fire the size of a building. The way they wipe out the monster in one stroke is really…!”

“a. That’s hard!”

He managed to prevent the corners of his lips from going down. Hong Seon-ah explained in detail.

“Usually, after oiling, as before, I shoot small fireballs. It is more efficient.”

After David Kim hit the monster with a beer bottle, a small fireball flew from the apartment window.

Hong Seon-ah stretched her chest and continued to speak triumphantly.

“So! I’m not really a great person-“

beep. There was the sound of the door lock being opened.

With a murmur, David Kim entered the house. It was with many people.

I put the pyrotechnic gun in my mind for a while, and got up to greet them.

“older brother…….?”

“……It’s a lagoon!”

I limped and ran and hung on the lagoon.


“Ton, why are you here, why are you here…”

“I shouldn’t have left you…!”

“Oh, no. Brother. how…!”

“I’m sorry, Seokho…!”

A drop of tears, like jade beads, flowed down again.

…Save me, you bastard!

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