A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 224

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 224

EP 36- Lost Capital (2)

When I first got a job as an assistant, it was a time when the PC movement was popular in the United States.

Like the National Assembly, which likes American stuff, there was a hipster vibe in Korean politics for a while, and lawmakers used to copy newspapers clumsily.

In any case, it was usually at the level of snooping on YouTube or social media or learning the latest dance moves and wriggling, but Yang Pan-seok went a step further.

He hired a disabled person as a driving assistant.

And that was me.

So I was kind of like a human accessory, but Yang Pan-seok used to take me to the interview and sell the light, saying that disability was not an obstacle.

Thinking about it now, I don’t understand it, but back then, it worked. Above all, Yang Pan-seok was also the original hipster who rolled up Molotov cocktails when he was young.

Although he operated on his former comrades in the former activist circle as a nominee massacre, was it not Yang Pan-seok who was more left-wing than anyone else?

Anyway, Yang Pan-seok really liked the lame assistant who could roll his head a little, and he carried me with him all the time, even after he drank all the sweet water by jumping on the PC fad.

Of course, there are not only pleasant memories. There have been times when I was beaten for screaming hair loss because of drunkenness, and there were times when I dropped a Zippo lighter while lighting a cigarette and set a tie on fire.

At that time, Jae Su-Tang, the chief aide next to him, was startled and cut the joint, but if the prosthetic leg flew and he hadn’t fallen horribly, he would have been cut off 100% of the time.

But surprisingly, the worst episodes were on their own.

It was a case of infiltrating a nightclub under a secret order from Yang Pan-seok, and escaping from the police and CCTV with Yang Jeong-seok drunk.

Even Jeong-seok Yang, who had come to his senses, could not overcome his shame and poured all kinds of hexagrams on me.

Although Yang Pan-seok received a generous amount of consolation money, at that time, he was clinging to Yeo Do-yeon, complaining and crying.

Fortunately, it’s still because of the hardships of my younger days, I can’t even remember, but seeing ‘that kid at that time’ on TV gives me a new feeling.

[Fellow Koreans, the Jecheon incident is only a harbinger of an even greater storm. South Korea is no longer safe.]

I’d rather take medicine.

[…] … President Won Ok-bun left a huge stain on the history of democracy in Korea with unprecedented national defense nongdan and election intervention in the past.]

Yang Jeong-seok’s emergency press conference was slowly raising the mood. Perhaps he inherited his father’s talent, his face and horseshoe bird were unexpectedly plausible.

“… … Are you okay with that?”

“Are you okay?”

Yang Pan-seok was expressionless even in this situation because he had reached the level of expression management, but his face was flushed red because he did not know whether it was shame or anger.

It’s been a long time since Yang Pan-seok’s face turned so red. It was only then that I slightly stopped my doubts about Yangpan-suk.

[…] … Sooner or later, there will be a large-scale gate incident in Korea. Look at this. This is the official report of the Los Alamos National Laboratory. According to this, the magical power of the Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asia… … ]

Yang Jeong-seok, whether he knows his father’s heart or not, he did something. The thought of angry citizens running out into the streets also makes me choke out of breath.

Yang Pan-seok sharply sharpened his teeth.

“I told you not to be silly… … .”

“Where do you want your children to go?”

“That’s what the badgers are talking about.”


Yes, it’s behind the scenes. If you look closely, you can see several lawmakers standing by Yang Jeong-seok’s folding screen even at the press conference.

Most of them were lawmakers Yang Pan-seok-gye of the National Defense Party. Not everyone betrayed Yang Pan-seok, but it seemed that Yang Jeong-seok believed in it and rushed forward.

And I had a rough idea of what to do.

[…] … I will withdraw from the National Defense Party with a mournful heart. It’s not just me. A government that does not respect people’s right to life has no value. Now that the crisis of national annihilation approaches, in order to find the right direction again… … ]

withdrawal rush. Yang Jeong-seok and his friends were trying to kill the National Defense Party by splitting it in half. The uncomfortable cohabitation of Yangpan Seok-gye and Won-ok Boun-gye was broken.

Anyone could leave the party because they could have a party record even if they were not elected, but Yang Jeong-seok, who bowed his head saying that he would leave the party like that, seemed like a member of the National Assembly.

In addition, as he shot down President Won Ok-bun and left the National Defense Party in disarray, no one would recognize that as an ordinary person now. If you lay the ground rice like this, you will gain face even if you go to the party representative election later.


Only then did Yang Pan-seok come to his senses. He spoke dryly.

“Don’t worry too much. Sooner or later, if a few people get caught, they’ll be blown away. Disgrace to the family is unavoidable, but… … .”

“If the prosecution indicted in this situation, wouldn’t it be seen as oppression?”

“Repression is also oppression. If you step on it until it crumbles, there will be no headwind.”

Well, anyway, the power that conveys the spirit of the yangban stone won’t last long. It could be said that it is a positive plate team without a positive plate.

Still, it was necessary to sort out the chaos in the country before the catastrophe really struck. First of all, unplay him so that he can’t talk about his yangban-seok spirit… … .

[…] … We will stop the dictatorship of President Won Ok-bun! Although Minister Han Seung-moon has stepped down from politics, Minister Han’s spirit still remains. He resisted dictatorship and oppression by clashing with his whole body… … !]


* * *

“CEO Chung-yeop Chung. I will join the Kuomintang.”


Chung Jung-yeop, the party leader of the Kuomintang, smiled as if he was embarrassed and mumbled his answer. It was to check how sweet a guy named Yang Jeong-seok was.

However, Yang Jeong-seok continued the conversation calmly. I don’t think he has a bloodline that is good at politics, but at least he seemed to have a rhythm that he had seen and learned from when he was young.

“If you accept us, I am willing to actively cooperate in the next election.”

“We, if you say.”

“There are about 20 National Defense Party lawmakers who are wary of President Won Ok-bun’s tyranny. Most of them are those who have taken control of the local organizations in the Honam area, so even if the party changes, they will maintain their minimum competitiveness in the election.”

“I heard that you are preparing for the founding of a new party.”

“Haha, just think of it as insurance.”

“ha ha ha!”

Chung Jung-yeop habitually laughed and skimmed Yang Jeong-seok’s specifications once in his head.

graduating from college. Honam Toho family. drug lord. City Council election experience. large landlord. Real estate speculation… …

It wasn’t a very attractive background, but it was a style that covered the shortcomings with a flat top, a wealth of wealth, and the tongue.

It was a typical local Toho-style greeting, and in fact, Chung Jung-yeop was roughly similar to Yang Jeong-seok, except that it was Jeju Island, not Jeolla Province.

As Chung Jung-yeop was silently scanning Yang Jeong-seok, a few concrete suggestions popped up as if rushing to answer.

“CEO Chung-yeop Chung. He entered the central political field after completing his term as governor of Jeju Province, but I understand that the foundation within the party is still lacking. It must be because of the checks of the Han Seung-moon factions.”

“You’re pretty straightforward.”

“I’m sorry if I was rude. But how long can we not be pushed by that back? Luxury people criticize me for selling my parents’ names for politics, but there are other people who really do politics by selling other people’s names. Where have the Han Seung-moon lawmakers ever promoted policies in their own name other than the government’s enactment? It’s irresponsible power. It is a deformed form.”

“… … .”

“If you take control of the faction that defected within the National Defense Party, the party government will be restored to normal. At the same time, the Scarecrow National Assembly will be corrected. I am not here to impeach President Won Ok-bun. At least, as an opposition party and as a citizen, you criticize that the president should be held morally responsible for the people. It’s been a long time since the opening of the doors, and we still can’t decide everything in the back room.”

It was true that Chung Joong-yeop lacked a foundation within the party, and it was also true that lawmakers Han Seung-moon, who had gathered around Lee Ho-jeong, were annoyed.

But more important than that was whether Chung Jung-yeop could digest Yang Jeong-seok (and his friends).

And seeing what he was talking about, Yang Jeong-seok was a man with the ability to form factions within the Kuomintang and spread the word.

Although he offered to push him in the next presidential election, Won Ok-bun had just started his tenure as president. Aside from the brutally living power, there are still four years left until the next presidential election.

The calculation does not match.

Yang Jeong-seok added that he had read something from the audience’s face.

“If this political reorganization is successfully completed, the first party will change. President Won Ok-bun, who has already entered the lame duck, will not be able to properly promote anything. Then we just need to make use of the graveyard of cooperation and check and control to lead the government in a democratic way.”

“Keep in control and check. Have you ever tried anything like that successfully?”

“No. But how long will we tolerate old-fashioned behavior like closed-room politics? Cha Jae-gyun, Wonokbun, Yang Pan-seok. All of them were good dictators. However, if we do not break free from this exile custom, the country will be able to survive but will not be able to develop from it. Now we need a rider to go out with the flag. So, we would like to have CEO Chung-Yeop as a moderator.”

“… … .”

“Right now, the only person with the ability to coordinate state affairs between the government and the National Assembly is Chairman Chung Jung-yeop. Just as you demonstrated your negotiating power between companies, wouldn’t you be able to use that ability to lead state affairs?”

Lobbyist From the Jeju governor to the coordinator of central politics.

That was Yang’s real suggestion.

If so, the most likely candidate for the presidential election would be the audience. Because the leader of the opposition party has always been reborn as the next president in a women’s society.

There was no intention to overthrow the government, so President Won Ok-bun was also restricted from doing so.

Therefore, Chung Jung-yeop only had to manage traffic between the government and the National Assembly.

And negotiation and compromise were the real specialties of the audience. He did not serve as the governor of Jeju Island for more than 10 years by selling only his handsome face.

“… … haha!”

The audience did not intend to miss this opportunity.

“Okay, start with the application form.”

* * *

[The party that left the National Defense Party applied to join the Kuomintang. If this coalition is successful, the one party in the parliament will be replaced by the Kuomintang. Currently, the leadership of the Kuomintang is convening an undisclosed plenary session… … ]

Yang’s revelations turned the country upside down. The public sentiment, which was heated by the Jecheon incident, exploded once, and Yang Jeong-seok’s gang turned that anger into their approval ratings.

Seeing the lawmakers raising their voices while walking around the protests taking place everywhere, it seemed like they were the ones who had done some demonstrations when they were young.

Security has already collapsed, and the police are guarding supermarkets rather than evacuating. There were even signs of a bank run, which Won Ok-bun managed to block the press by stalking the press.

Although the country was on the verge of bankruptcy, President Won Ok-bun remained silent. The same goes for the slate.

“How amazing.”

As I put down the remote control and leaned on the sofa, I heard a squeak of admiration from the side.

“What are you so excited about?”

“I don’t think it’s a matter of just saying no because President Yang Pan-seok or himself goes out and says no. If you don’t come down from the news all day like that, how much is the advertising effect?”

President Chun pointed his finger at the news screen.

“Isn’t it because of the face? I borrowed the name at will, but why didn’t I explain it? Sometimes, even politicians don’t understand… … .”

I didn’t answer that a serious fight would only have the effect of increasing the weight class of Yang Jeong-seok, but I just asked another question.

“Who was Governor Chung-yeop Chung?”

“Well. I do not know… … .”

The archangel shrugged his chin and pondered for a moment.

“There is a lot of perception that he is a pro-business politician, but he was someone we didn’t really get to know with.”

“Oh, was it? There must have been a reason why I had been doing it for so long.”

“I just looked at convenience from an administrative point of view. Half of it was gone just by not doing anything for nothing. That’s why our local elders like it… … .”

If you’re an old man in the neighborhood, you’re probably talking about the presidents of the chaebol. The archangel shrugged.

“What… … If you are thinking about where to build the factory, we will release the natural green area. If we had to fight over a budget, we would fight. … .”

“It’s soft.”

“It is the exact opposite of Mr. Han, who lives where he lives. Throughout my tenure, I had my eyes wide open to eat up companies… … ”

“Uh-huh, I wish I could let you touch a lot of money.”

“It’s not like we don’t have money, right?”

It was. Although the chaebol may lose face from time to time, they are not without money.

Similarly, politicians can sometimes lose money, but they don’t lose face.

Isn’t it a world where the president of a large corporation with a market cap of hundreds of billions of won is called to a hearing and is humiliated, and a member of the National Assembly who lives in a rented room is struggling with a budget of tens of trillions of dollars?

However, when a chaebol loses money, he becomes not a chaebol, and when a politician loses face, he becomes not a politician.

So the politicians followed the protocol. Therefore, politicians would not talk to them if they had a low salary.

So, if Chung Jung-yeop gave money, it was given, but not following the condolences and condolences of the chaebols.

In the end, to kill a chaebol, you had to take money, and to kill a politician, you had to lose face. That was the reason why Yang Pan-seok and Won Ok-bun were silent.

“Now that Yang Jeong-seok has been resolved, let’s do something about the economy. What kind of trouble is this in a few days… … ”


I checked the watch. And for a great show, I got up and left the office without saying a word.

President Chun looked at me with a puzzled look, but I didn’t look back.

And a new breaking news popped up behind me. The archangel was startled and followed me.

[The National Assembly of the Nationalist Party refuses to join the party.]

* * *

CEO Chung Jung-yeop finally joined hands with us. Yang Jeong-seok quickly became a laughing stock, and I held a press conference and expressed my opinion that I did not agree with the Yang Jeong-seok faction.

And the prosecution moved. Yang Jeong-seok thoroughly left it alone, and it was a targeted investigation by the lawmakers next to him.

The investigation was extremely precise, swift and fatal. As if someone had leaked inside information. As if a spy was hiding.

Yang Pan-seok-gye, who was attached to the lawmakers, had to realize again that the inspiration they served had cut the movement comrades into pieces with their own hands when they were young.

And around the time when security was managed, President Won Ok-bun, dressed in military uniform, appeared at the conference room and announced the observation result that a gate would open between Busan and Gwangju.

Martial law of emergency was declared.

On the first day of my tenure, the gate opened. Episode 235

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