A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 225

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 225

EP 36- Lost Capital (3)

-The government declared emergency martial law in Jeolla and Gyeongsang areas, and guarded martial law in Chungcheong, Gangwon, Jeju, and other annexed islands. Citizens, please follow the military’s control.

– We, KBS, will remain with the people and continue reporting until the martial law is lifted. Repeat. Currently, martial law has been declared in the Jeolla and Gyeongsang areas… … .

– Because I have a family in Gwangju! please! Please let me pass! This, put this away!

– This product is certified by the European Union. Pressing the bracelet activates an anion anti-magnetism field, which will keep you out of the monsters’ eyes for 5 minutes. No, I’m crazy and play with people’s lives… … .

-The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God the Father, and the power of the Holy Spirit… … .

-Don’t cross the police line! Hey there! Don’t fall over! hey! stop that! stop it!

– The government appointed General Yoo Hyeon-jong as the martial law commander and sent troops throughout the southern provinces. Currently, a military operation to evacuate the citizens is being carried out, and the people of the people are calmly under the control of the military… … .

* * *

There is something called the National Senior Advisory Council.

It is an advisory body under the direct control of the president and is chaired by the ‘immediate’ president. It’s ‘before’, not ‘before’. It was enshrined in the constitution during the military government.

Of course, there was no president who wanted to go into politics while receiving training from the previous president, so the National Elders Advisory Council has never been properly launched.

It is safe to say that the desire of those in power to continue eating even after retiring in the first place left traces in the Constitution… … .

“President Won Ok-bun called it?”

Yang Pan-seok nodded his head.

“Yes, according to the Constitution, I became the chairman, and I recommended you and former Prime Minister Kim Doo-shik as members of the elders. Wontong signed it.”

“… … Aren’t I too green to hear the elders’ voices?”

“After all, this is an organization that will disappear after martial law is over. You have to sell a business card to enter the National Security Council, so I use it for a while. Follow me quickly.”

“Yes, yes? No, wait. I’ll bring some luggage. hey! Chaewon-ah!”

As soon as martial law broke out, Yang Pan-seok shoved key figures into his limousine and ran to the Blue House. It was to attend the National Security Council meeting.

I thought people who were not civil servants were going into too much of a mess, but when they got to the bunker, they changed their minds.

The president’s underground bunker, which was managed as a first-class military secret from its location, was filled with people from all directions.

“Uh, isn’t that yangban CEM president?”

“Do you see it now?”

While the giant PMC presidents, chaebols, and lawmakers could not even penetrate the bunker entrance, Yang Pan-seok felt like a beggar and pushed people through the entrance. It was only natural that Mangjo was heard one after another in the family and in the country.

We headed to the deepest part of the underground bunker Blue House. It was where I had been living for the past few years, so I didn’t even need any guidance.

There, the real powers of the Republic of Korea were gathered.

‘Only the faces that everyone knows.’

Key figures were seated around President Won Ok-bun, and human faces were densely packed on the monitor that filled one wall.

Feeling the familiar tension, I tightened my tie once and sat down next to the table. The dry saliva passes by itself.

President Won Ok-bun was in the midst of holding the head of the National Security Office and giving orders.

“Take it and do it there, then what are the yangbans doing? We have to hand it over to the Joint Chiefs of Staff and push it into a tank.”

“Yes, President. I will do that.”

“And don’t fly the MiG in Osaka. If the U.S. military fires missiles… … .”

Usually, when a national crisis strikes, it was a cliché in the movie for big players to gather and put a cat on their lap and hold on to the weight, but in reality, from the minister to the president, it seemed like shit was burning.

The chairman of the chaebol who appeared on TV since I was a child was biting his nails, and the yangban who was appointed as the defense minister this time was sweating profusely.

“Uh, Minister Han Seung-moon? When did you come?”

“Prime Minister Yoo Jae-kyung, long time no see.”

“Haha, there is something like a trust that I developed while meeting a minister a few times… … I think you will solve it wisely this time too.”

Even so, the yangbans who had a hammock sound seemed to hide their tension to some extent. The meeting was focused on such people.

“Let the army catch the monster, and let the hunter close the gate. Naturally, the citizens are also evacuated by the army, and the hunters thoroughly aim to destroy the gate… … .”

“dismissal. The help of the hunter is essential to deal with the monsters hiding in the city.”

“Hunters in the army fight with the army. We want only private hunters to run separately. What do you think of former Prime Minister Kim Doo-shik? Can you take only hunters in the army and put them into street fighting?”

“It seems that it will be enough for the hunters who are organized for that purpose only.”

“good. Then, by dualizing the headquarters… … .”

The meeting was organized neatly as there was a manual prepared by the government.

The army evacuates the citizens and clears the monster, and the hunter enters the gate and closes the door.

The citizen evacuation plan established by the Joint Chiefs of Staff was plausible, and bunkers in each area had been completed over the past few years. Slowly, hope began to appear.

And as soon as there was hope, like a ghost, the meeting gradually turned into chaos. The merchants, who had kept their mouths shut, began to intervene in the plate.

“Then, does the martial law command command the South Korean army and the paranormal management command the hunter?”

“Legally, yes. However, whether a former police chief can lead such a large-scale military operation… … .”


“Let’s put our pride down and talk. Aren’t police officers soldiers? This is not a protest suppression.”

“you’re right. I wonder if those venomous hunters will listen. I’d rather get a strategic advisor from GS defense agency or SK Hunters… … .”

“Why is Samsung missing?”

“You are fighting over the stake between Samsung Psionic and Samsung Hunting Agency. I can’t even clean the house, what do I believe… … .”

“Even if it’s a private meeting, isn’t it too soon? Just be honest and say that you want to command both the Army and the Hunter in the Ministry of Defense. Don’t make a fuss about other people… … .”

“They said they were going to eat everything in the military… ”

“Hey, what do you do with a hammock? But from a strategic point of view… … .”

It was a familiar scent. Why does the government of Yang Pan-seok or Won-ok-bun, or the government of Won Ok-bun, appear in the middle of the meeting, and the Asari version is produced?

In the end, President Won Ok-bun stepped in and cleaned it up. No one was able to open their mouths when the pale eyes between the hideous cuts glared at them.

“The Paranormal Management Department directs all civilian paranormal people. No PMC is allowed to conduct individual activities. Except for reinforcements coming from abroad. no one. Do you understand?”

“… … .”

“And former Prime Minister Kim Doo-shik has been given the post of special minister to oversee both the portrait management department and the Ministry of National Defense. And I would like former President Yang Pan-seok to remain here and support my judgment.”

“All right.”

President Won Ok-bun was not a very good talker. Especially where there are no cameras.

However, she had experience leading national emergencies as acting president, and that experience was evident in this incident as well.

either positively or negatively.

“The ROK military has adjusted the population density by relocating citizens over the past few days. The location of the gate was set between Busan and Gwangju. Block all roads now.”

“… … .”

“Let’s fortify the strongholds in each area and evacuate the citizens. Make sure your local population doesn’t change. Evacuation is permitted, but evacuation is not permitted. Do you understand?”

* * *

“what. Was the reason it was held between Busan and Gwangju because people were gathered there?”

“Rather than that, I think the population density was lowered by scattering the people of Busan and Gwangju.”

“The person over there must not die, is it okay to die here?”

“It’s not about people, it’s because Busan is an industrial zone and Gwangju is a granary… … .”

“That’s a complete bastard!”

“Hey, Jiyoon-ah.”

Gam Ji-yoon always liked hoodies the most, had a rough mouth, and was Korea’s strongest superhero.

So, it was natural for me to be placed next to this naughty kid, but for Ga Ga-Yoon, this was quite an unexpected arrangement.

Ga Ji-yoon came out, waving her clasped hands, and smiled mischievously. When I entered middle school, my breasts fell out and my personality became a little rough, but this bright smile was the same as before.

“By the way, didn’t you know that you would come to the scene? It’s good for me!”

“Did you not know that Jiyoon would like you so much?”

“no. The work will be cut in half.”

Right. I agreed with a bitter feeling. Politicians aren’t Pororo, and they probably won’t be popular with the kids.

I walked on the roof and watched the road. Several tanks lined up under the streetlights, and people with their heads sticking out of the windows were taking pictures of us with their smartphones.

Gam Ji-yoon, who had a bone in the camera, frowned and tucked her face into the hoodie, so I just pulled her hand and played around.

“Jiyoon, you’re in middle school, so start using your respectful words from now on.”

“I’ll write it when I go to high school!”

“Last time, when I entered middle school, I was told to write.”

“That was then, and now is now!”

As I was relaxing like that, Hong Seon-ah, who was waiting in the corner of the roof, approached me. Her hair fluttered in the night breeze.

“Senator? Have you been fighting together for a long time?”

“Hey, Seon-ah.”

“You said it was decided to destroy all border gates?”

“Yes. Chae Sanseong is second to none, and if you are stimulated by magical powers and run away for nothing, you will get in trouble. The PMCs are probably closing all the gates in their area by now.”

Usually psychic psychics wear only protective devices, but a submachine gun is always hanging from Hong Seon-ah’s side.

That was the philosophy she got in Apgujeong. There are times when people are more scared than monsters. And that was not the level of belief that carried a single submachine gun.

“I sent someone to the border to check. A few guild leaders colluded and left the gate.”

“Such. How is it?”

“How do you think it would be?”

“Don’t push yourself too hard. Basically, you have to stack them up little by little like collecting ok cashbags and then pop them up.

Gam Ji-yoon grumbled, saying that this is a story to be told in front of a child, so I finished the conversation and looked up at the sky.

how long has it been since

Jiyoon’s extraordinary ability to respond to magic was transmitted to me, and I could see something wriggling from beyond the night sky.

There were no stars in the dark sky. Darkness flickered through the gloomy darkness. Blue waves began to spread through the wriggling black paint.

“… … opened.”

The black sky opened its mouth, revealing a blue throat. A blue light from another world that could not exist naturally was shining down.

Soon the sky turned like cheese with a hole in it, and the world almost turned blue. The gate lights were replacing the moonlight.

A monster awaited us from the other side of the world.

* * *

In fact, even if it was called a gate attack, it was just going in and smashing everything and escaping.

Enter, destroy, escape.

First of all, to explain the entry, in order to enter comfortably, we had to meet the friendly gate. The good gates were in the ground, the bad gates were in the sky, and the damn gates were either underground or in the sea.

Then, you have to destroy the dimension axis. In most cases, the dimension axis that maintains subspace means a certain point in the air, so you just need to install a gatebuster there and escape.

The problem is that sometimes a single entity, either powerful, massive, or both, takes over the role of the dimension axis. Then I had to beat the boss monster in the midst of the monsters.

Finally, you have to escape again through the entrance you came in from, but the problem is that if you forget the entrance, get lost, or escape too late while you are struggling in the subspace, you will not be able to return to Earth for the rest of your life.

So, if you miss the string of tension at any stage in the process of entry, destruction, and escape, you may end up in a goal.

However, Gam Ji-yoon was an exception.

“It’s easy.”

Gam Gam-yoon was the one who succeeded in attacking the gate if he flew, crushed the ground, and escaped again. And what would happen if there were two such Gam Ji-yoons?

“Uncle, let’s enter the next gate!”

“It’s open next door. It’s easy to see at night. Look at that, me, that cypher.”

We quickly closed the hole in the night sky and headed to the next town. Although the soldiers were fighting the monsters that had popped out so far in the city, the government guidelines were to block the monsters and then join the battles in the city.

Of course, even if you block a hundred days in the city, if you can’t close the gate, it’s a natural choice.

Still, the plan was moving forward. There was no notification that a super-large gate had suddenly appeared, and there was no news that a city had been destroyed.

On the contrary, it went so smoothly that I felt uneasy. This country is not running smoothly like this… … ? It’s kind of a feeling.

Not surprisingly, Hong Seon-ah, who was with us, raised a question.

“Isn’t it time to slowly go to Jirisan?”

“You haven’t received any instructions yet.”


Of course, Hong Seon-ah did not join Ga Ga-yoon and me to suck on honey. The three of us were tasked with burning the entire Jirisan National Park.

To be precise, our secondary mission was to set off a large-scale forest fire storm and burn all the monsters when the ROK Army pushed them out of the southern part of the Korean Peninsula to Jirisan National Park.

So, the Won Ok-bun government even artificially manipulated the population density so that there were the most people near Mt. Jiri.

The people of Busan and Gwangju scattered to nearby shelters, fortified the area around Mt. Jirisan to gather people, and even deployed a large number of soldiers there… … .

Although it was possible because a new town was formed when the development permit was granted to Jirisan National Park, most of Korea’s land was still mountainous.

Therefore, the operation to drive the monster into Jirisan and burn it was possible enough, but Hong Seon-ah pointed out that it was too late.

“But Seon-ah, I haven’t received any instructions, but I think it’s too early to start a fire.”

I asked if I was going to proceed with the operation to destroy Jirisan at an early stage, but Hong Seon-ah’s answer was the exact opposite.

“It’s not that we want to light a fire on Mt. Jirisan, but I think it shouldn’t be. I’m not the only one who thinks so, but strangely, there is no contact.”

“What else do you mean?”

Hong Seon-ah explained step by step. We floated in the night sky and exchanged views for a while.

“There were no super-giant gates as we initially expected. Judging by the fact that there has been no further communication, it must be so.”


“Then you are saying that this situation is centered on street fighting or small-scale fighting. Of course, there must be very few monsters in Mt. Jirisan, but it is not right to burn the entire Mt. Jirisan to prevent it, right?”

“It is.”

“Then, whether the Jirisan devastating operation should be reduced, canceled, or implemented quickly, there should be an order for that, but it is a bit strange that there are still no words.”

“… … I’ll make a phone call.”

But unfortunately, the cell phone was turned off. I tried to borrow Hong Seon-ah’s cell phone.

“Seon-ah, could you lend me your cell phone?”

“… … Is mine turned off?”

Suddenly, an ominous feeling ran through my head. Meanwhile, Ga Ji-yoon also shook her cell phone.

“I don’t even see mine… … ?”

I asked slowly.

“Does anyone have a walkie-talkie?”

“Who comes with a walkie-talkie when dealing with monsters?”

It was. The anti-monster strategy has developed efficiently and modernly, and there is no case where the monster casts communication interference, so it was after the walkie-talkie was abandoned and smartphones and KakaoTalk took its place.

But the smartphone sucks.

Did the monster even explode the EMP?

I really had a million thoughts. Isn’t it the fact that communication with the command was lost in the first place? What actually happened during the disconnection?


In fact, the giant gate has already appeared, but maybe we were the only ones who didn’t know? Actually, Busan and Gwangju are already under attack, so maybe we were the only ones who didn’t know? Could it be that we were the only ones who erased a few gates and mistakenly thought that we were winning because we were excited?

The night sky is full of blue holes. Three crazy psychics were floating around.

On the first day of my tenure, the gate opened. Episode 236

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