A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 228

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 228

EP 37- North Upper North

The time President Won Ok-bun called me was around the time when a reporter at a broadcasting station cried and reported that the South had been recaptured.

“It was a lot of work.”


It wasn’t even nice to meet each other, so that was the end of the greeting. I didn’t even have eyes to see.

She handed me the NIS report. It was about a person who died while I was catching a monster in Jeonju.

Oddly enough, it was written as an article that could be sent right away. I glanced at the president without saying a word.

“SBS asked. It’s gone now, though.”

“It almost came out in I want to know.”

“It must have been fun.”

Although there was no victim, I could read the mind of President Won Ok-bun. Half of them were to say thank you for ignoring the incident, and half were to warn them that it wouldn’t be fun if they ran like crazy like they did in the past.

I glanced at the president. Her whitish eyes were staring at me. There was no malice or ambition. It just seemed that all of this was an administrative task.


I thought quietly.

It didn’t matter if I really killed someone. Whose responsibility is it that the monster we threw in the first place harmed people?

What was important was the fact that I and Gam Ga-yoon moved as one, the media asked this in a critical tone, and Ga Ga-yoon wore a hoodie because she didn’t like the camera.

“All right.”

Without saying a word, I nodded and left the Blue House.

* * *

[Chairman Cheon. A person is dead.]

[No, no, don’t speculate like that. I will give you an official answer later.]

[Then just say one thing. Did the Hunters really abandon civilians?]

[It is difficult to say katabuta because the legal process is currently in progress, but if you request an official interview, I will respond as carefully as possible. haha… … .]

[…] However, GS President Cheon Geum-soon refused an official interview. By the way… … .]

In the end, it was Cheon Geum-soon, the easy-going president, who got on the air instead of me. In fact, it was half-routine for the media to slap the archangel every few months. In the past, the indiscriminate mergers and acquisitions of the archangel looked disliked in the eyes of other chaebols.

However, it is impossible for a human being who is the head of a large corporation to hold onto anyone and complain. Karma went round and round and eventually came back to me.

President Cheon Geum-soon came into our house at once and started drinking alcohol. I looked at the archangel on TV and said to the archangel next to me.

“How did your tone become outdated?”

“Oh really… … ! Don’t do that to yourself. Because I’m hot… … .”

“Is it a fact that the GS Hunter ran away after leaving someone?”

“No. The GS defense agency saved a little over 216,000 people, and what was shown on TV was a case where dozens of civilians threw away as monster food and ran away saying that one idiot would survive.”

“Did you ever see such a bastard? But are the numbers oddly specific? 21 thousand people?”

“I took the sample a little wider, but would it still be over 150,000? That’s why I pulled out the corporate CF, but it exploded and it all fell… … .”

In fact, instead of confessing that the government threw Han Seung-moon to bite the archangel instead, I silently poured bokbunja in a wine glass.

CEO Cheon Geum-soon whined for a long time and eventually fell down.

I put my hand between my head and the table so that I don’t get sick because I put my forehead on the table.

Then my hand was grabbed.


“… … !”

The archangel raised his head brightly like a water ghost and looked at me. Her hair was running down her face and she looked like a real ghost.

Startled and startled, she approached me like a pistol.

“what. Why are you so sweet? You’re not really that kind of person. Did you do something wrong with me?”

“Oh, no.”

“Did the government throw me away? a. really. Somehow, the chiefs of the press were chewing on the call… … .”

“Don’t make baseless assumptions. I will give you an official answer later.”

“… … Wait a minute. That’s what I said-“

“Oh, just Div. ruler. ruler. If you drink, you should sleep well.”

I rolled the staggering archangel into a blanket and threw it on the sofa, wiping the messy wine table.

At that time, Pi Chae-won returned from an errand at a convenience store. Dezawa, who said to buy it, went somewhere and was carrying a certain prosthetic leg in her arms.

I jumped to my feet to see the smooth calf line of the prosthetic leg, the heavy gray coating, the shiny titanium, and the hydraulic press.

It was a miracle that the lame stood up.

“Isn’t that carbon?!”

“… … What is carbon?”

At once, I tried to recite the history of the carbon prosthetic leg, the German athlete who competed in the Olympics with the carbon prosthetic leg, and the cutting-edge technology that went into the carbon prosthetic leg.

It was because there was a familiar, unfamiliar man standing next to Pi Chae-won. He raised his hand and said hello. Awkward Korean came out.


“… … He brought the prosthetic leg.”

A Westerner who looked like a metal singer was wearing thick rubber gloves. Industrial rubber gloves. Suddenly, I remembered that there was one Pikachu in the Lumierne gang.

However, the name of this blitzkrieg superpower could not come to mind. uh uh uh uh huh, Pi Chae-won said softly.

“… This is Daniel Wellington. Chief of the Knights Society of England. Lumière’s secretary.”

“Sir… … .”

It seems that the Korean word that Daniel knew was ‘Angnyon’. He presented the prosthetic leg first and then said something in English.

It wasn’t that I didn’t speak English very well, but the British dialect was too bad. Still, I understood what the boss was doing.

Finally, the interpreter was Chae-won.

“I heard that the Chairman of the Knights of Lumiere was looking for you.”

* * *

“Beijing collapsed?”


“Ah, shit.”

It felt like my eyes were getting dark. Lumiere explained. Her fingers crossed the map.

“From Shenyang to Beijing, we have been embroiled in the aftermath of the gate incident. Reporting is being controlled in consideration of the aftermath of the situation, but sooner or later, the report will start to be a Northeast Asian catastrophe rather than a Korean catastrophe.”

“How did the aftermath of the catastrophe reach China?”

“It is not that an unprecedented monster has appeared. just… … I got caught up in the gate situation. As you know, modernized cities are extremely vulnerable to gate avalanches. Especially if there is an emergency inside the city.”

China was already a country that had lost the inland and was rolling in a way to defend the coastal region. In particular, the nuclear power plant along the east coast is receiving attention from the international community. If it explodes, the whole of Northeast Asia will become a radioactive land.

But saying that Beijing was breached meant that Tianjin was in danger, and saying that Tianjin was dangerous was that a nuclear power plant on the east coast of China could explode at any time.

“As the Secretary of State already knows from the radiation-contaminated eastern part of the United States, it is uninhabitable except in a few cities. Of course, those few metropolis accommodate all those people. But isn’t that possible because it’s America?”

“No, no, wait a minute. Then you don’t have that immunity. It is said that the human body is converted into radioactive immunity… … .”

“This is a product that cannot be mass-produced. And because the minister and me are awakened, they have a long lifespan, and because they are used to magical power, their lifespan is shortened a bit.

“… … Do hunters live long?”

“Why do you lack common sense, Minister?!”

“Oh, I feel like I’ve gained something.”

While he was joking, his insides turned pale. Because the US was suspicious. They are the ones who have already touched Europe with their gate games.

But why not touch China? China is Asia’s food pantry.

If China collapses, all of Northeast Asia will have to depend only on the food delivered by the United States.

I didn’t like this situation. As I was slowly thinking about how to brew candy to bring to America, Lumière seemed to read my expression.

“I met with officials from the US side. Those guys were half way out of their minds.”

“… … Is that so?”

“I was concerned about a nuclear war with China. Trying to contact the Vladivostok military, well. I think we should start living in China first.”

“Hmm. It sounds like America doesn’t know anything. At least the executives.”

“Minister. It remains to be seen whether this is really just bad luck or if it is an American design.”

“… … .”

Lumière, who hated America more than anyone else, kept his cool. Only then did I calm down.

“Now is the time for action.”

I don’t know how China lost Beijing. But that has already happened, and now is the time for action.

To prevent further damage.

“Noah, what are you going to do?”

“The knights go to China.”

There wasn’t a single hesitation.

“Minister. Can we expect Korean support?”

“I do not know. The hurdle has been overcome, but the gate situation has not been resolved yet. The economy has collapsed, the local government is faltering, and above all, I am no longer a public servant.”

“So why not?”

“Let’s do a little something, okay?”

*···The catastrophe has ended.

Some say that the situation is not over because there is still a subspace in Dumaesangol, but I believe that the crisis in the Republic of Korea reached an irreversible end when President Won Ok-bun lifted the martial law.

But I don’t like the term catastrophe. First, as etymologically, this incident did not cause ‘catastrophic’ damage. Second, the term itself is harmful to the national interest.

[Picture of President Won Ok-bun announcing the lifting of martial law. An old man with an eye patch on one eye is wearing a military uniform.]

The biggest damage that Korea has suffered is economic loss, not human casualties. All the foreign capital that maintained the Korean financial system is draining out. This is the European fear of the word catastrophe.

However, a catastrophe is essentially no different from a regular gate avalanche. When it is opened with domestic magic, it is a gate avalanche, and when it is opened with two-dimensional magic, it is a catastrophe.

So, I support the language revision movement, which is centered around some media outlets. Not a catastrophe, but a gate avalanche. Not a gate crisis, but a subspace avalanche. And not as a Hunter, but as an Awakener…”

“Hmm… … .?”

Yoo Jae-young, who was beating the laptop, tilted her head. I didn’t like the column.

[The greatest damage that Korea suffered is economic loss, not human casualty.]

And the flow from fears of economic loss to the language revision movement was not smooth. All three paragraphs were deleted.

However, even for his father, Prime Minister Yoo Jae-kyung, the economics section had to be included in the column. Yoo Jae-young sipping coffee and starting to worry.

“economy… For economic recovery… … We need to reconsider our national credibility… … think… … .”

To revive the economy, we need to bring money to the country. It was something anyone could say.

However, in order for the column to become popular, it had to at least struggle with novel methods.

But I couldn’t remember how. He rolls around on the blanket, and no matter how much he rolls his chrysanthemum, no inspiration comes to mind.

In the end, I decided to go to my dad reading the newspaper and flirt.

“Dad, did you say interest rates are going up in the US?”

“Yeonjun ate his heart hard. Even if I say hahahoho in front, that’s my nature.”

“Is that an embargo?”

“Well, the embargo is right. If you are going to use it in a column, do it yourself. How many people in Korea develop their own brains… … .”


Yoo Jae-young rubbed his father’s shoulder a few times and went into the room. But from the window on the second floor, a familiar figure was walking limp.

Yoo Jae-young was startled and went down the stairs. It was like watching a horror movie.

“Dad! what! Why is Han Seung-moon coming to my house?”

“What? What do you mean?”

“Bar, outside… … .”

“What the hell is this… … .”

Prime Minister Yoo Jae-kyung woke up with the newspaper closed, but he had already arrived at the door.

smart. At the sound of the knock, Jaekyung Yoo went out to the front door with a chewed expression. And as he opened the door, he smiled.

“Aww, isn’t it Minister Han Seung-moon? No contact on the weekend like this-”

“Prime Minister, are you not interested in the mayor of Seoul?”


“The Mayor of Seoul.”

On the first day of my tenure, the gate was opened. Episode 239

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