A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 229

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 229

EP 37- North Top (2)

“There, brother.”

In the National Assembly, the aide at the moment is a member of the National Assembly and brother and sister. And I think it would have happened when Yang Il-ho got older.

It’s just that I’m not the type to be polite. It was Yang Il-ho’s style as an aide when he was an aide to stick to the lawmaker he was serving, rather than being polite.

But then, Yang Il-ho called me a brother. He even had a gentle voice.

“No matter how much I think about it, recapture of Seoul doesn’t seem like much.”

“why? Are you okay?”

Ho-jeong Lee, who was watching from the side, answered instead. This guy alone was a member of the National Assembly, so he was the most powerful among us.

“It’s not like Nara, but what kind of Seoul is it? It’s just something the refugee camp head can talk about as an independent.”

“Hey, isn’t the head of the refugee camp a little too much?”

“Have you ever suffered from Shin Soo-kwang’s gang? Who was the one who got the bullet in the National Assembly while he was ruling the government gracefully at the Blue House alone?”

“Then I have nothing to say… … .”

Ho-jeong Lee frowned and waved her hands as if chasing flies.

“Anyway, it has no nutritional value. nutritional value. Out of 300 lawmakers, 250 are squeezing juice at the Busan Hapdong Incense Center. In the meantime, are you talking about reclaiming Seoul? It’s perfect to listen to war fanatics from the bereaved families.”

“What omega three is politics? Are you looking for nutrients?”

“Then you should ask, don’t you?”

As the debate heated up (as always), Yang Il-ho, who had been watching closely, intervened. Of course, it was the sound of his wife’s side.

“Brother, we are not eating as ministers as in the past, but if we are going to retake Seoul, we have to put up a plausible face… … .”

“Prime Minister Yoo Jae-kyung does it?”


Yang Il-ho was astonished, and Lee Ho-jung pressed his forehead as if in pain. He seemed to have foreseen what I was going to say.

Before I robbed the yaburi, Hojeong Lee hit the player. It seemed like there was usually a lot of stuff piled up.

“Brother, be honest. Prime Minister Yoo Jae-kyung is going to stand up?”


“Pi Chae-won, does she use mind control or something like that? Or is your brother’s ability really a spirit? It’s because I got goosebumps. How the hell did you twist that new breast?”

“Hmm. First of all, because I received a heavy greeting. In order to unplay, the National Assembly must first lay the groundwork.”

“Then I’ll have to go out and get beaten up again? Eggs and flour, right?”


Ho-jeong Lee was frightened and ran away.

“I do not like it! I never do. Don’t explain the strange Big Picture and go home. Why do you come so often to your newlyweds?”

“Ho Jeong-ah… … .”

“Oh, don’t persuade me! You don’t!?”

“Recapture of Seoul is a task facing the times. Unless Seoul is retaken and the Korean Peninsula is stabilized, there is no guarantee that the current situation will not be repeated… … 」

Although the core driving force of political power has shifted from the legislative branch to the executive branch, the National Assembly remains Korea’s largest issue maker.

And Lee Ho-jung, like it or not, was a member of the ten fingers in terms of recognition alone, and had the ability to heat up a fire in the Republic of Korea.

national opinion was divided. And it was Sejong City that seized the divided public opinion and started to lead. A carefully coordinated press play began.

“As soon as the Fed raised interest rates, a lot of foreign short-term money flowed out. There is a big loss of national credibility.”

“to… … I think the recapture of Seoul could be a trick. It is time for quantitative expansion. If the government’s control tower functions firmly, it can bring about a construction boom through territorial reconstruction… … There is definitely such a possibility.”

「Can you secure an infinitely pouring Manastone Hub other than Seoul? Wasn’t the North Progression theory frustrated because of this problem? But now that North Korea has been stably annexed… … 」

In the midst of the collapse of the southern provinces, the Sejong City civil servant organization survived.

Technocrats, technical bureaucrats who actually run the government, and professors who went to university with the nobles, appeared in various interviews.

The media play of economic bureaucrats, unlike the instigation of politicians, had the power to make the viewers mistakenly say, ‘It’s like that.’

To be honest, I don’t even know if what these yangbans are talking about is true. They probably don’t even know. The economy was like that.

However, if we retake Seoul, will the economy revive? The illusion of degree started to spread, and at that point, President Won Ok-bun called me.

I haven’t heard her swear for a long time.

“If you want to send troops to China, just leave. Why are you so mad at public opinion?”

“I am doing this because it is all in the national interest.”

President Won Ok-bun glared at me with venomous eyes. But it was after my face had become too thick to shrink there.

As they smiled softly without saying a word, the president pointed at them first.

“Did you, by any chance, have a crush on Dead Sea compatriots or anything like that? Why should we help China? Say it once.”

“If China collapses, food hegemony in Northeast Asia will be passed on to the United States.”

“The food problem has already been solved. We’ve got a plantation in northern Australia. While you’re fussing behind your back.”

“Oh, is that really it?”

The reason Korea did not lose its stimulant technology to the United States and China was because even the powerful countries wanted to control the number of hunters.

American politicians have often argued that the damn Koreans don’t concede stimulants, so they don’t get hunters.

In that way, it is to contain the giant PMC in the United States. While controlling the amount of stimulants through under-the-hood negotiations with South Korea.

What if Korea really cuts off the supply of stimulants to the US?

If that happens, the US will probably bring out their own stimulants that they have secretly developed in vivo tests, at least that’s what I was guessing.

In other words, if Korea and major powers fail to benefit at the same time, that is the moment when Korea’s monopoly on stimulants will collapse.

But over the past few years, Korea has done this. I think this is half a miracle.

And the person who designed and organized this elaborate diplomatic cartel was Acting Authorities Won Ok-bun.

Fortunately, even after he became president, his unique diplomatic sense was still there.

“The government has secured about half of the Korean peninsula’s state land in northwestern Australia. fertile farmland. Why should we help China now?”

“If China collapses, the military district of Vladivostok will also collapse, so wouldn’t the tens of millions of monster Horde in Eurasia go straight to the Korean Peninsula?”

“Vladivostok? Do you believe that warlord with nuclear weapons? Although the head is fine, in reality, he is no different than a thug. They’re doing something bad about Mongolian refugees. Moscow, with the help of the European Union, is preparing for a large-scale offensive.”

“… … There’s going to be a civil war in Russia?”

No, what are you talking about?

“Beijing collapsed. That means all the supply chains of the Vladivostok warlords have collapsed. You can’t miss this opportunity in Moscow.”

Russian civil war But Lumière never mentioned war. How far is the truth?

After being silent for a while, Wonok-bun coughed. It looks like phlegm is boiling from the dry throat of the elderly.

She bent over and reached for the mug in the corner of the large desk. I couldn’t reach it, so I handed it to him instead.


“… … .”

It was a sound that I didn’t know if it was a thank-you or an ambush. She took a few pills from her inner pocket, ate it, and resumed the conversation.

“okay. How far have you been talking?”

“There is a civil war going on in Russia… … .”

“Ahh. okay. okay. I wasn’t elected, but I was still acting president. was the head of state. When the world went to this six-year-old shit.”

“It was.”

“Even though I was pushed away by Yang Tong and you after not paying attention to the domestic situation, I think it worked out diplomatically well at that time. We survived China’s annexation of Taiwan and Inner Mongolia, and we maintained our sovereignty while the United States took over the leadership of our allies. Do you admit it?”

“that… … right?”

“Then you owe me.”

“I know we are inferior to others, but aren’t you a little different? Oh, yes, well, I see. What happens if you say you are in debt?”

“Give up Chinese intervention.”

President Won Ok-min said. The whitish eyes were looking at me in the scars of the years.

“Is the Chinese President still alive? Where are the Eastern Warlords’ nuclear weapons? Did the US really induce this situation in the first place? … Nothing is certain.”

“… … .”

“If we intervene prematurely, a nuclear bomb could fall on the Korean Peninsula. This is not the time for cheap sympathy.”

President Won Ok-bun closed his eyes for a moment. And after rubbing his eyes a few times, he began to speak in a dry tone.

“I am a person who should value one Korean more than hundreds of millions of Chinese. If he wants to, I will tolerate the recapture of Seoul, but I will not intervene in the situation in Northeast Asia under any circumstances.”

“… … Is that so.”

“Just as you drove me away by talking about the separation of powers, I will speak as an elected president. Stop putting your country’s fate on the gamble. Your tenure is over.”

* * *

“So you just came?”

“Then what do you say there?”

“no… … Well.”

Ho-jeong Lee frowned, furrowing her sharp eyes, but when she thought about it, she didn’t seem to have anything to say.

Yang Il-ho, who is taking good care of himself, intervened. He swept away politics and his face changed to a brighter color.

“President Won Ok-bun is more capable than I thought. Shall we take a picture for the National Defense Party next time?”


“Nope… … .”

A small rebellion was suppressed by Lee Ho-jung, a member of the Nationalist Party, but Yang Il-ho spoke with confidence.

“But, seeing that the permission to retake Seoul was lost, even President Won Ok-bun compromised. Why don’t you just make Prime Minister Yoo Jae-kyung the mayor of Seoul and let go?”

Yang Il-ho scratched the back of his head and smiled kindly. Then Hojeong Lee stuttered rarely.

“What? No, that, that, in China. How many people do you have to give up?”

“As far as I know, 300 million to 600 million? I don’t know why the presentation in China is so strange.”

“Then let’s throw away 300 to 600 million won?”

Yang Il-ho smiled sadly instead of answering.

Lee Ho-jung was shocked. It seems that she was shocked by the cold side of her husband whom she had met for the first time.

Hojeong Lee looked around as if looking for someone to help. Her gaze turned to me. I felt some kind of fear at the same time as my embarrassment.

“Five. brother.”

“… … .”

I couldn’t answer quickly. My past deeds are holding me back. I felt the emotion I felt right before I killed Cha Jae-gyun for a long time.

Yang Il-ho said. Suddenly, he was not a flashy aide, but a former Minister of Portrait Management.

“older brother.”

“… … .”

“Let’s stop. Even for the people.”

I found out that Yang Il-ho often visited Cheongsong Prison or, no, Cheongsong Research Institute during his time as minister. It was the shadow of modern history.

And it was the shadow I made, so I said:

“Let’s get our hands off it.”

“… … I know.”

“If Seoul is recaptured, the economy will be saved.”

I picked up the lies I made up and served them. And he left from the newlyweds of Il-ho Yang and Ho-jeong Lee.

Thousands of lives have been lost, but too many years have passed to mourn.

I quietly limped and walked down the street. Some people asked for autographs, while others took pictures with their smartphones.

After walking around, I finally arrived at my house. I could hear the laughter of my uncle, my aunt, and Yeo Do-yeon from inside the house.

A snowflake fell on the back of my hand as I greeted the tailors from the bodyguard and grabbed the doorknob to enter the house.


it snows

Snow fell from the cloudy sky. A pure white snowflake covered the faults of the world, but the world remained the same as it was before and now.

From the sea off Tongyeong, I looked over the horizon.

There the monster was still hurting people. Maybe people are hurting people.

I smoked a cigarette.

“ha… … .”

No coughing now. Something was leaking from inside, not knowing whether it was a sigh or cigarette smoke. The smoky smoke is blown away by the winter wind.

A cold blizzard was blowing.

The season when the cold north wind blows has returned.

The gate was opened on the first day of my tenure Episode 240

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