A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 23

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 23

EP 5 – Hunters (6)

“…I’m really sorry.”

I sat in the middle of the room and looked around the dozen people. Then, wiping away the tears in his reddened eyes, he continued to speak slowly.

“Because I met my brother again…”

It was as expected. Kang Seok-ho was a kind of awakener similar to Yeo Do-yeon. Also, he was a member of Team 1, led by David Kim.

The information I got from the first meeting was roughly as follows. At most, the conversation lasted about 30 seconds, so I couldn’t get much information.

I spoke to the main executives of the Apgujeong camp.

“The greeting is late. My name is Han Seung-moon from the Seoul Emergency Martial Law Command. Nice to meet you.”

Hong Seon-ah clapped brightly once at my greeting, but the rest did not applaud, so she awkwardly lowered her hand.

An old woman asked me a question.

“Then… are you saying that the country is coming to rescue us?”

“……I’ll tell you after cutting it all off.”

* * *

All explanations of the military’s rescue operation have been completed. Except for the fact that the military had identified the Apgujeong camp and left it unattended.

“…you’ve worked hard.”

David Kim gave a brief congratulations.

The others looked greatly shocked, and only Hong Seon-ah was smiling. She lowered her eyes slightly and opened her mouth.

“Then… is the rescue wrong now?”

“no. The existing operation that was planned under the premise that the sky is safe has been abandoned, but the state has not abandoned you.”

“How do you believe that?”

A certain old man questioned me with a look of excitement. Everyone seems to be in sync with each other.

Don’t let this gentleman talk any more. The flow of conversation must be interrupted. If the bottom is found, I will go out.

I continued my next statement with the utmost sincerity.

“I told you what the operation was and why it failed.”

I was smiling softly, though.

In fact, my stomach was boiling right now.

I came here for two reasons. Hong Seon-ah. Press.

But, everything got messed up.

Maybe it’s just a coincidence. It is a series of simple misfortunes, and it may be a failure that you go through from time to time.

However, I, who was only half an asshole with body, mind, and superpowers, was a person who should never make a mistake. If I make a mistake, I die.

I was too helpless in front of the wolf, and the chauffeur cub less than a month after being elected to the National Assembly was too impulsive.

replay it in your mind I’m a cunt.

And I put the words ‘humility’ and ‘desperateness’ in my head. I will never fall again.

I clenched my teeth and smiled.

“Now, let me tell you why I am here.”

I came here to take the press with Hong Seon-ah, but I used Kang Seok-ho and the people’s livelihood as an excuse.

“The first was to find the younger brother I cherished.”

Now the excuse has become the truth.

“The second was to reassure you with my very existence.”

I proudly challenged them.

“I am currently the only member of the National Assembly in Korea. The military is running the psychic TF, and he is in charge of the establishment of the Monster Damage Restoration Foundation.”

A bastard who has no horns will survive even if he is bluffed.

“And I’m here with the promise of escaping with the last members of this camp.”

Originally, the ordinary words that politicians spit out were a kind of bluff.

“Korea has not abandoned you.”

I decided to become a little more politician.


“There will be no rescue.”


After the camp officers returned, I sat around and chatted with David Kim and Hong Seon-ah. They were the first or second person in the organization.

“Vice Minister Cha Jae-gyun is a very cold-hearted person. It’s a great cut, even with your eyes closed.”

I deliberately warned about the character Cha Jae-gyun.

I did this because I thought it would be better if these people were closer to me instead of him.

“We have to prove that we are worthy of our rescue.

…or escape ourselves.”

Hong Seon-ah said to me with anxious eyes.

“It is a story among executives, but there is a saying that the organization is slowly collapsing. It’s a gathering that was attached from the beginning, so if Chun-sik doesn’t have an uncle, soybean flour-“


“oh! sorry!”

Hong Seon-ah immediately shut her mouth as if she wanted to, but I quickly understood what was going on.

There was only one reason why this soy flour-like organization was still surviving so well.

There was an overwhelming contributor who founded this organization from the very beginning,

It was because the contributor was leading them with excellent leadership.

A superman with a cause and real power.

David Kim. My Korean name is Kim Chun-sik.

That was the reason why this Apgujeong camp was still maintained.

He asked me openly.

“What exactly are you doing?”

“I am the general manager of the affairs related to psychics that go back and forth between the National Assembly and the government. Right now, there is no one who has more authority than me in terms of superpowers except Vice Minister Cha Jae-gyun.”

“This was a great yangban.”

He grinned and brought up another story.

“Actually, there have been many stories of escape. It was just that we were more stable than necessary, so people didn’t want to take risks.”

“…Did there ever be a discussion about escaping?”

Hong Seon-ah intervened. She answered with a slightly sullen corner.

“Even if the awakened don’t know, the lives of civilians are at risk even if they step out of the front door. Yes, well, Chun-sik respected the opinions of those people.”

The tortoise trapped in the cauldron does not intend to leave,

Insert the head into the shell. is this

Surprisingly, David Kim was not a cold person. I started talking about the present moment.

“If you didn’t escape because you were afraid to go outside, you are already wrong. As long as the flying monster has come out, the apartment is no longer safe, but-”



David Kim got up in an instant and pulled the curtain open.

“Oh my gosh!”

Far away, in a building, a large bat was pulling a man out of an apartment window, like a caterpillar from a beehive.

Several bats are flocking there from the sky.

It is truly a horrifying landscape. A man was seen falling to the ground.

“Come out now!”

When Hong Seon-ah shouted, Kim Chun-sik leaned back.

And then, something amazing happened.


waves of fire.

A flash of flames covered the sky in an instant.

A large roar of fire flew through the air several tens of meters and swept away the swarm of bats.

It was an overwhelming look that I had never seen in any other movie. Hot air heated the room.

…boy. Didn’t I say you can’t even use a pillar of fire?


Against the backdrop of the monsters who were writhing in the flames and falling, Hong Seon-ah muttered with hazy eyes.

“I didn’t say that I couldn’t do it because it was hard, yo……”

I accepted her as she fell forward. The hair was warm as if it had just been dried. David Kim mumbled seriously.

“…I must hurry.”


“Hey, what just happened?”

“A monster has attacked my apartment.”

“Yep-byung, I need to go quickly to use it.”

The therapist who was taking care of Yeo Do-yeon got up and ran to the front door. She was an elderly old man called a doctor grandmother.

She explained about Yeo Do-yeon.

“Everything was gone, but I bled a lot, and I lost my soul. Moore. Each winner is so strong, get a good night’s sleep and wake up.”

I went into the house to see off the doctor who was leaving the front door. In the bedroom, Yeo Do-yeon is sleeping soundly.


The cold person sitting on the sofa in the living room breathed a sigh of relief and spoke to me.

“How did you get here safely?”

“It’s a matter of how to get back.”

According to David Kim, the total number of campers was about 1,200. Among them, about forty Awoken. It was a number that would have surprised anyone on either side.

We watched the cloudy sky through the window silently. It is the rainy season. The gate was hidden in the dark clouds and could not be seen.


I sighed and lamented the reality.

I wonder if Cha Jae-gyun will help me, and I can’t even contact him in the first place. How the hell did you escape from the middle of Seoul with thousands of people?

I concluded with seriousness and solemnity.

it’s a b*tch answer

“Somehow it worked.”


The cold person who was rubbing the camera lens with an eyeglass cleaner smiled calmly.

“Ugh. I am 15 years older than you. Can I give you a little advice?”

Those 15 years were 15 years as a war correspondent. I nodded willingly.

“What do you mean, do you even ask permission?”

“Actually, the only thing left to live is regret, isn’t it?”

Suddenly, a philosophical topic was thrown.

“Ah, then I will do this. At that time, we would do something like this… But if you think about it, that means that no matter what we do, we will come up with a better way later, right?”

He grinned, as if the world was in a key state.

“If you think about it again? Even if it looks like there is no way right now, it’s not that there isn’t a way, it’s just saying that we can’t find it.”

“…after all, you are saying that you should try harder.”

“No, well, I said something from my own experience, but looking back, it’s a conclusion.”

The cold sore smiled and nodded his head.


“Oh yeah…! my!”

I laughed out loud because I was absurd, and the cold-blooded chattered inconspicuously.


“Are you just living a little longer?”

“I am such a witty person. Because of the situation, I’m holding on to it, and I’m confident that one day, if I make a drink with a lawmaker, I’ll grab my belly button and laugh.”

“Oh, yes! All right!”

What is wit. I shook him off with a jingle expression. And I grabbed the doorknob of the room where Yeo Do-yeon was sleeping.

“Don’t be too mortal.”

Then, the cold spit out.

“The characteristic of politicians is that they smile every day, but their eyes are gone. Life is empty when people live like that.”

Now I understood the meaning. I didn’t mean to try harder.

“Sometimes it’s okay to just pass it on with the mindset that it will be okay. The fact that I am still alive is proof of that.”


“What! I’m a liberal arts major, so I say this often. Just pick the part you need and listen carefully. You seem a little tired, so I added a few words.”

Cold-jaw smiled faintly and went into the other room. I grabbed the doorknob for a long time and looked silently at the sofa where he was sitting.


sat by the bedside. Yeo Do-yeon, with a bandage on her back, was lying face down. The white bandage was already stained red.

I gently patted her on the shoulder. The fine muscles protrude out of nowhere. This was her life.



“Are you sleeping?”

she has no answer

I silently lifted the blanket up as a shoulder dance. And he stayed by her side for a while.

The hair that I started growing for the first time after my career as a player had grown to my shoulders. I passed the time by braiding her hair.

how long has it been

“You bastard…”

“I woke up.”

“I told you not to touch my head…”

she tapped me It was too weak a force to hit. I put the blanket back on her and opened my mouth.

“This is Apgujeong Camp. Both you and I are safe.”

“……Uh. uh.”

“The therapist here took care of me. In the case of bacterial infection, it is said that if you are awakened, you will be immune. It seems that some research has been done in this area as well.”


It seems that you have less energy. I got up so as not to disturb her rest.

“Hey dude…”

Suddenly she murmured like a drunkard.

“Look at me.”

I looked at her as instructed. Yeo Do-yeon looked straight into my eyes with a dull look. And in a voice that seemed to crawle, he barely continued to speak.

“You’re like a serpent…”


“If you’re having a hard time, just tell me. Baby, really…”

“… are you drunk?”

She continued speaking hazy with her open eyes.

“I don’t think anyone can eat people…”


“Don’t walk around with your eyes open like that…”

I closed the door without a word and left the room.

Knock. Knock.

A knock on the front door is heard. After confirming who it was through the hole, I opened the door with a bright smile.


“Oh, hey, it’s been a while, bro.”

“okay. okay. come in!”

Lots of work to do.

I had to figure out what kind of feelings he might have for me, and what position he occupies in the organization. We had to investigate how the internal affairs of the organization worked.

For him, I first smiled brightly.

It’s time to go back to being a politician.

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