A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 230

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 230

EP 37- North Top (3)

The damage inflicted on Korea by the second catastrophe was by no means small. In underdeveloped neighborhoods, reserve forces were still wandering through the snowy mountains in search of monsters, and since the basis of all economic policies was the stability of real estate, the economic damage was severe.

When the news that Beijing had collapsed, people’s anxiety reached its peak. All kinds of rumors were circulating, saying that Asia would be destroyed, that a monster would come to the Korean Peninsula.

But the truth was even more terrifying.

When the Vladivostok warlords lost their supply lines in the collapse of Beijing, they began to show disquiet in Moscow.

Although the information had not yet been released to the public, at least it was clear that the shadows of war were slowly creeping in.

However, was the Northeast Asian collapse US intention or was it a US error resulting from a miscalculation of the Horus system?

Will the unification of Russia be achieved through nuclear war or through intimidation and negotiations? Is the Chinese President still alive? … .

It was something no one knew.

* * *

“Oh, because I don’t know.”

Just because I left the office didn’t mean I became a dog at all, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t sit down and look at everything like I did in the old days.

So, even if the hunters flocked to every corner and pecked at me, I couldn’t hear a very nutritious sound.

But these guys didn’t know that.

“Sir, please don’t do that. Guild leaders are gathering now, so it’s not a riot, right? Why did Beijing collapse?”

“I don’t even know what to answer.”

“Are you really going to keep doing that?”

As Hong Seon-ah was the representative, the hunters who occupied every corner added their words.

“No, Minister. You are really great.”

“There were rumors of war going on in Primorsky Krai, how did that happen?”

“The president of our guild sponsorship took us for construction services to get permission for the Seoul redevelopment project. Is it really a deal to retake Seoul? Just tell me frankly. yes?”

Damn it’s like a bunch of shit. It hurts my ears.

I wondered if this wasn’t an apartment women’s association and what he was doing, but the guy sitting on the sofa was a magistrate in Hamgyeong-do, and the woman leaning on the refrigerator was the head of the SK Hunters Guild.

And since I have monopolized the portrait industry since the gate incident, it is safe to say that there are virtually no high-ranking hunters who are not familiar with me.

Therefore, domestic hunters came to me when an incident occurred, and George had a routine, but today, Hong Seon-ah came to my house to take coordinates and was in the middle of a big fight.

In fact, Hong Seon-ah seemed to enjoy the fact that I was suffering. ‘Cause I’m like a bad guy

“No, what will change when a retired person comes to visit? There is a separate Minister for Portrait Management, so why are you catching Aman?”

“The person who instigated the recapture of Seoul was Assemblyman Lee Ho-jeong. Would you have done it alone?”

“Hunter Seo Joong-seop, you did well. Why are you arguing that this is Han Seung-moon’s dark intentions and maligning matters that the KMT could push into the party argument?”

The SK Hunters guild leader intervened.

Once upon a time, he was a friend who laid down a barrier next to me when we shut down the Seoul Gate runaway. She looked deeply saddened as to whether the goal had been scored in the reckless recapture of Seoul.

“I do not know. A member of the legislature I know doesn’t say that.”

“Who are you?”

“I can’t tell you that.”

“Are you the former Foreign Minister Lee Tae-young?”

“yes? uh, how do you-”

“Is there anyone else who plays with SK other than that yangban? No, by the way, isn’t that person from Washington? They seem to have picked up a few words while interacting with the CIA friends, but they are the ones who have been pointing their fingers at me since the WPO days when they are bored.”

“… … That’s the price the Minister paid for the magic stone at that time-”

“Ah, I don’t know what you’re talking about, but let’s move on to that.”

Hunters weren’t clinging to me because they were idiots. Among them, there were people who were entwined with the chaebol family, and there were high-ranking hunters who had been leading the PMC guild for several years.

However, the current situation in Northeast Asia is a situation in which even a thick-headed president cannot grasp the situation. But how anxious are the hunters with their lifelines attached to them?

Seol Jinwoon, who knows my personality the best, came to the rescue. He was wearing a light sweatshirt, but he was more influential than any other hunter in this position.

“Senator. I don’t know about political issues. But we also need to know what is happening in China.”

“Seol Hunter, I’m curious about that too.”

“Don’t say that. If the case grows like this, hunters will be sent to the battlefield. Shouldn’t we know why we have to fight?”

“Oh, I really don’t know… … .”

“What the hell happened in China?”

* * *

When a catastrophe was predicted in the southern part of the Korean Peninsula, China declared martial law and mobilized its troops. This was in preparation for a crisis on the Korean Peninsula that would affect eastern China.

Population summons magical powers. Therefore, it was not difficult to predict that the magic power concentrated on the Korean Peninsula could move to eastern China.

However, it was not only the gate incident that the magic brought about.

“A massive magic storm has occurred.”

“Magic storm?”

“You may have heard of the hourglass strategy described by the federal government. If you concentrate the population in two large cities, you take advantage of the magical power consolidation at the midpoint.”


“South of the Korean Peninsula and Beijing served as two large cities.

It is estimated that the largest magical storm ever occurred in the Yellow Sea area, an electromagnetic pulse occurred on the Korean Peninsula and along the eastern coastline of China, and the sea monsters living in the Yellow Sea were stimulated by magic and ran away.”

After the chief of staff of the president finished his explanation, Won Ok-bun sat down deeply in a large leather chair. It was to assess the seriousness of the situation.

China is a country that has ‘independent’ inland including Inner Mongolia and Tibet, and is rolling around large cities along the eastern coast. In particular, nuclear power plants concentrated on the eastern coast of China were a threat that could lead to the destruction of Northeast Asia the moment they explode.

Fortunately, however, there was no accident in which the East Coast nuclear power plant exploded due to EMP.

It wasn’t because the EMP, which was purposefully weaponized in the first place, was exploded, and even in the Korean Peninsula, where the situation was most serious, it was only at the level of destroying the communication network. To take an example, it was similar to a localized blackout caused by a solar wind flare.

Wonok-bun muttered with a tired look.

“I don’t think this division was created because of EMP.”

“At the time of the incident, you must have already heard the news that a sea monster trembled in the South Sea.”

“I heard that Seol Jinwoon subjugated him.”

“This was possible because of the relatively small size of the monster. It was different in Tianjin.”

The chief of staff provided a satellite image. The port city in southeastern Beijing was now part of the sea.

Won Ok-bun was shocked when he saw the blue dot in the satellite image. I thought that the sea monster that brings the tsunami only appeared in movies.

“… … If he had come to Busan, the capital would have flown away.”

“They say they caught it with tactical nukes.”

“Is Beijing caught up in the explosion?”

“no. In fact, if you look at the land mass itself, Beijing is safe. The problem is people. Since the People’s Liberation Army has collapsed and the government has collapsed, it must be said that China’s metropolitan area has been destroyed.”

“What happened to President Lee Choong-bin?”

“I don’t know if it’s missing or dead. But if it had been alive, China would not have been in anarchy.”

Won Ok-bun’s mind was cleared. Worse than the destruction of the Beijing metropolitan area, China was now in anarchy.

Hundreds of nuclear warheads and hundreds of generals are in chaos. No one knows when or where it will explode.

If we take into account the paralyzed Vladivostok warlords and the Moscow government aiming for Russian unification, it was concluded that the possibility of a nuclear war in Northeast Asia has become greater than ever before.

“… … A bomb.”

* * *

“So the president said at the Cabinet meeting that no intervention is the principle. I will give priority to economic recovery and recapture of Seoul.”

“okay. thank you for telling me.”

“no. It’s not even confidential.”

Prime Minister Yoo Jae-kyung smiled brightly. The thought of walking only on the flower road in the future seemed to make my face heal itself.

And although it was unintentional, it was me who laid the flower path for Yoo Jae-kyung. He paid a charter to a Korean restaurant and laid out a Korean table setting.

To be honest, I thought that if I asked for it, they would give me a hand-made side dish.

“Actually, the recapture of Seoul was not a matter of wealth, but of time. It has been decided to push through with a compromise in a timely manner, so I plan to organize my personal affairs and run for mayor of Seoul soon.”

“The military hasn’t even entered Seoul yet, but the elections are starting?”

“Once the mayor of Seoul is elected. The mayor has decided to take charge of everything from recapture to reconstruction.”

“Wait. Do you mean giving the military to the Seoul municipality?”

“No, it is not, but there was an opinion to introduce a kind of autonomous police system. Isn’t it too dangerous to respond by sending official messages one by one?”

“The horse is the police, and there are hunters in the police force, right? Huh, that’s not the market, it’s a marginal bag.”

“Heh heh, it’s not like the mayor of Seoul is in charge of one-fifth of all citizens, is it?”

The fact that the mayor of Seoul could control the soldiers and hunters operating in Seoul was close to the Seoul Dominion rather than the Seoul Metropolitan Government.

In fact, it was not without precedent, since the governor of Jeju-do has appointed the mayor and is in charge of the autonomous police, but frankly, I don’t think there is anything to be said about hearing that he is the Earl of Seoul.

Even Prime Minister Yoo Jae-kyung, who was preparing to run for office, was the one who pumped the mayor’s authority like that. It would be Yoo Jae-kyung’s line to be precise.

“Hmm… … .”

The reason why this was possible was that Korea was not a country that was rolled out according to the system. Most of the important events are rolled by people who just know each other, crossing a few bridges and hitting the shobu.

This is especially true in politics. These interests take precedence over actual business soundness. Roughly speaking, if you want to win-win in each financial statement, you are pushing it by pouring taxes.

The recapture of Seoul was such a project.

Sejong city officials who want to turn the central point of Yoo Jae-kyung into the mayor of Seoul,

Politicians trying to turn the frustrated public opinion into a large-scale military action,

Governments, corporations, etc. trying to lead the collapsed economy into a construction boom… … .

In the beginning, it was just a propaganda to lay the groundwork for the dispatch of troops to China, but sooner or later, the theory of northern progress was becoming a task facing the times.

If this is also the butterfly effect, then it would be the butterfly effect. In the end, it was like giving Yoo Jae-kyung a porridge, but seeing him like him like this gave me a sense of pride that I didn’t have.

I don’t know how many drinks he had or whether he was drunk with hope, but Yoo Jae-kyung talked about various things with Mi-joo.

“Ah, I’m not going to close all the gates actually. Convenience facilities were built nearby so that hunters could use them similarly to Manastone Mine, and the infrastructure was also properly constructed… … .”

“Is that so?”

“But when I saw the yangbans running around to run for mayor of Seoul this time, I saw that he was the chairperson of the former president Shin Su-gwang. He was propagating that he would sow the land with foreign money to some refugees, huh, I was amazed. Even if it is Minister Han Seung-moon, a person who has never contributed to the country until now… … .”

“haha… … .”

“Ah, but wouldn’t a minister come and say that he would run for mayor of Seoul? So am I scared? Huh!”

“If you keep making fun of me, I will go to the National Election Commission.”

“Ugh. The joke was too much. I’m sorry.”

tt, Yoo Jae-kyung has a family image, but he was not a humble person. He is a typical gang, yak, gang-style civil servant.

However, at the time of its opening, he had the highest level of understanding of all national affairs and had the ability to be an economic policy maker.

In addition, the Sejong City Cartel, united by Yoo Jae-kyung, was one of the most powerful groups in Korea.

Sejong city officials were the only group in the midst of the collapse of the state that had a healthy organization, and power naturally shifted to the public officials, as is usual during the introduction of new industries.

Therefore, Yoo Jae-kyung, who received strong support from Sejong city officials, had no choice but to be appointed as a powerful person whether he wanted it or not.

In fact, there were very few people with the ability to carry out the mayor of Seoul.

“Well, I also think that if Prime Minister Yoo Jae-kyung takes over as mayor, things will go well. It must be a lot of hard work.”

“Thank you for saying that, but it’s also a burden. We will do our best to be as diligent as possible.”

The horse is to retake Seoul and reconstruct it, isn’t it supposed to be responsible for the construction and distribution of that huge real estate, and to manage and supervise the loss of life while running the hunters one by one?

To be honest, I’m trying to re-enter politics right now, but honestly, even if the mayor of Seoul told me to do it, I didn’t think it would be possible because I was afraid. I’d rather go to the National Assembly as a by-election.

Fortunately, Jae-kyung Yoo had already won the mayoral election in Seoul.

The most dangerous opponent was the refugee candidate who fell below the double score. It was also a yangban who served as a member of the legislature next to Shin Su-gwang.

Of course, the promise to restore the original property to refugees from the metropolitan area was a subject that was daunting enough regardless of its feasibility, but it was not a big threat as there were two more independent candidates making the same claim.

If Nana or Yang Pan-seok run for office, the story will be different, but she has her own sense of shame and face. At first, I suggested Yoo Jae-kyung to run for office, but hitting the back of the head was a bit like that.

Anyway, I said goodbye to the mayor of Seoul and gave it a go. It was a little bit like he liked the way he looked as if he had already been elected mayor.

“Yeah, anyway, stay strong. I will support you.”

“Thank you, come in. See you later.”

Until then, I thought Prime Minister Yoo Jae-kyung would be elected mayor of Seoul.

This was until the refugee candidates succeeded in unification and Yoo Jae-kyung became a gossip.

The gate opened on the first day of my tenure episode 241

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