A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 231

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 231

EP 37- North Top (4)

There was a watery smell in Beijing.

Seawater stagnated in the rubble of a collapsed building. The dung vomited and excreted by back alley refugees. Blood oozing from the crushed corpse. Even the sewer water that backflowed because it could not handle such water.

All the water was stagnating and rotting in the gray city. The two people who were crossing the city were shocked as they looked around the ruined city.

“他妈的… … .”

The CIA agent was Chinese, so I couldn’t understand him, but I could roughly guess that it was an abusive language from his empty expression and gesture.

Lewin Schmidtseva, a telecommunication magician belonging to the Knights Society, asked in a harsh voice.

“How long are you going to just watch?”

“I’m sorry. My hometown is near here… … .”

The CIA agent counterattacked in fluent English.

“No, but Schmidtseva, aren’t you sorry for me? It’s the chinks’ hometown. It doesn’t matter what happens. That is racism.”

“… … You are an American spy.”

“A job is a job, and home is home. I mean, I used to play around here when I was in college. Come to think of it, when I was in Yanyuan… … .”

“I will turn.”

Lewin hovered slightly in the air, avoiding the damp floor. And in that state, he even walked in the air.

Considering that the majority of telecommuters clumsily attempted to levitate, their bones would break and their flesh would rip, so it was a very delicate and very dangerous action.

As such, it was a difficult area to even walk around. It was Lewin who traveled all over Europe with Lumière before the formation of Knights Without Borders, but the scenery and smell of this city with drowning bodies in the water was a hell that slowly gnawed at the mind.

“What the hell did it take you so long to find?”

“I’m looking for people.”

It was a city full of corpses, but more than that were people. Frightened eyes fled from the two strangers wandering the city.

Neither the police nor the soldiers have long since left this cursed city. It took only one tsunami and only a week for the city that used to be the center of Asia to turn into ruins. It was such an era.

After that, the two wandered around Beijing for a long time. Breaking through the government buildings occupied by looters, crossing the border line controlled by the remnants of the People’s Liberation Army, and finally under a guldari in an outlying area.

They found a limousine half submerged in water.

“Shu, Schmidtseva. Could you bring that car up to the shore… … .”

“I know.”

An agent in a suit and a hunter of the knights meet with the Chinese President. Li Choong-bin’s body had gunshot wounds. Looking at the wind hole in the forehead, the CIA investigator could not hide his frustration.

“他妈的… … .”

* * *

“How do I know that?”

The autopsy doctor waiting on the aircraft carrier off the coast of Tianjin was also in vain. The old doctor took off his gloves and simulated pulling a trigger with his hand.

“All I can give you an answer is that you shot him in the back of the head. It’s also close. He probably wasn’t shot.”

“Is that really what it was all about?”

“I’m not Sherlock Holmes, can you guess the culprit just by looking at the body? In the first place, the cause of death of the leader of the Chinese military coup is not an old man like me, but a CIA agent who knows… … .”

“Okay, write a confidentiality memorandum.”

The old autopsy’s jokes had a knack for turning the minds of CIA investigators hearing them. The tsunami-ridden monster roamed around Beijing and managed to find the body, but to hear anything like this.

Who the hell assassinated the Führer? There were too many people who could be the culprits. Wasn’t it the leader of the warlords from Shenyang County who assassinated the president and came to power in the first place?

Numerous generals and many more nuclear warheads were watching each other waiting for launch, which was too much information for a single agent to handle.

Eventually, the agent reported to the director, and the director reported to the president. And the president of the United States decided that if this fact were made public, war would break out in Asia.


The truth has gone into the shredder.

* * *

“Oh, it’s China, it’s Nabal, and you don’t have to win the election!”

Unbearable, Hojeong Lee shouted with a force to turn the table over. I gazed pitifully at the cooling breakfast.

“Can’t we eat rice first? … ?”

“I decide to run for office. Are you going to the mayor of Seoul?”

“I’ll have to think about that.”

Ho-jung Lee and Il-ho Yang came in in the morning and took over the house. Despite Yang Il-ho’s reluctance, her screams did not stop.

“Are you going to let the refugee camp children eat the mayor of Seoul? If you pay taxes to preserve the old property that can’t be proven, what will we eat?!”

“Hey, it’s rude to say that even if we’re together, it’s rude. People will choose wisely.”

Yang Il-ho added calmly.

“Even in this situation, worrying about the transcript is the same as in the past.”

“Oh, no, it’s not… … .”

Yoo Jae-kyung went because of the transcript.

To be more precise, it was a rant about the sound of appointing someone as the Seoul Deputy Mayor at a drinking party. And it was confirmed in the news shortly after.

At the beginning, it was a naive article about ‘Former Foreign Minister Lee Tae-young, Seoul Deputy Mayor Hampyeong’, but gradually it started to turn into malicious rumors such as ‘Prime Minister Yoo Jae-kyung’s secret shadow cabinet’.

That’s how the media rant began.

“Cheong Jung-yeop “Has Yoo Jae-kyung been elected yet?”

「Prime Minister Yoo Jae-kyung, drinking ‘explosion”

“As if elected before the election… Prime Minister Yu’s excitement.”

In fact, it was normal to think about who will be seated in which seat before the end of the election, unless you really only look ahead and look ahead.

However, if the candidate shivered in an official position saying, ‘We are designing a talent pool for a smooth administrative handover’, it means that the candidate is ready.

And, in my opinion, Yoo Jae-kyung belongs to the former, but unfortunately the media think differently. If you look at the currently released transcript, ‘Then the deputy mayor is Minister Lee Tae-young…’, but Yoo Jae-kyung was already suffering from all-round bombing.

But now, Ho-jeong Lee in front of me was more important than that problem. I opened my mouth to appease her who was glaring at me.

“Don’t hate refugees too much. Are you really going to pay taxes and save your fortune? The resident registration number system also broke and cannot be restored. How are the refugees in the metropolitan area going to prove their old property? If you have a minimal sense of reality over there, you can’t say that.”

“You don’t even know that? Knowing that, that’s why I’m doing this. I can’t do it because I don’t have money, then I’ll go out and demo again. Are you going to let it go until you become president?”

“… … You’re suffering a lot from the Shinsoo Gwanggye kids… … .”

Shin Soo-gwang, a politician representing refugees in the metropolitan area, had already flew to Andromeda, but the friends he left behind were still wearing gold badges in the Kuomintang.

He was the one who was desperate to eat the mayor of Seoul no matter what. Lee Ho-jung, a former floor leader of the Kuomintang, expressed deep concerns.

“If one of those affiliates comes out as mayor of Seoul, the Kuomintang will completely take over. In fact, now that we have a party shape and color, we shouldn’t become a refugee party like this… … .”

The ‘color’ she spoke of was the ideology of the party.

In fact, the Kuomintang had no party or ideology. Wasn’t it an organization of people who didn’t like Won Ok-bun’s acting in the first place?

When Yang Pan-seok threw the trick of a coalition government, the Kuomintang was completely incapacitated, and throughout the last administration, it floundered without any party argument. Because ideology was the soul of the party.

However, as the years passed, the Kuomintang began to gain spirit. Refugees from the metropolitan area of Chungcheong Province. The super-industrial conglomerates of Jeju Island. And to the hunter society of Gangwon-do… … .

All of those who made up the Kuomintang were a new class created by the Gates incident. On the other hand, the National Defense Party was formed by the merger of the Gyeongsang-do Republican Party and the Jeolla-do Democratic Party.

Therefore, the Kuomintang was changing from an anti-establishment party that shouted opposition for the sake of opposition as in the past, but a reform party that dreamed of the development of Korea through the introduction of new industries.

And this change in the spirit of the times did not occur naturally, but was an ideology that was narrowly formulated by the National Party leader Chung Jung-yeop and the floor leader Lee Ho-jeong.

Maybe it was Lee Ho-jung’s unconsciousness, who was a member of the Progressive Party, or it could be the plot of Chung-yeop Chung to stop the refugees whose nutritional value had fallen.

I managed to get Lee Ho-jung and Yang Il-ho out of the house. However, a new visitor came before they could even eat the cold breakfast.

“Hello, Minister.”

“Uh… … Aren’t you, Senator Jang?”

The visitor was a member of the Kuomintang party, Jang Mu-gae. It was close to knowing each other, but he whined and dragged the wheelchair and bowed his head to me at first.

“Minister Han Seung-moon, you must run for office.”

“haha. It’s too sudden.”

Rep. Jang was from a Sangi Hunter with no legs, and was a member of the National Assembly that I had nominated and badged a long time ago. As the first member of the Apgujeong faction, I was also someone who listened to the voice of my uncle from Hong Seon-ah.

However, although I brought him into the political arena, I neglected him for too long, so I was confused as to whether the name of this nobleman was Jang Gyu-seop or Jang Ki-seop, so we were not close enough to say that he was just Rep. Jang.

In fact, most of the members of the National Assembly classified as the so-called ‘Han Seung-moon’ were not familiar with me. Those who don’t know me claim that I’m controlling the National Assembly from behind the scenes.

To be honest, I could have managed to get rid of dozens of genealogists, but there was a warning from my survival instinct that if I did, I would have been executed by Yang Pan-seok, who hated dictatorship right away.

So I left the National Assembly and focused on government affairs, and the people in the National Assembly would not have known that Han Seung-moon had neglected them.

Even so, the fact that Rep. Jang came to my house with a wheelchair himself meant that he was in such a hurry that he bowed his head to someone he didn’t even know.

“Minister Han Seung-moon, please respectfully. Please go to this election. If the refugees really close all the gates in Seoul, there will not be one or two people sitting on the streets right away.”

“… … Will the refugee representatives close all the gates?”

“We will close all gates in Seoul as well as in the Korean Peninsula. Does it make sense to send hunters abroad and import mana stones? It works because the people are hurt because of the catastrophe.


“The only person we can trust is the Minister. Please.”

I barely applauded him and sent him back. Up until yesterday, I was naive, but now that I became an idol of the members of the National Assembly, I felt very refreshed.

So Ho-jeong Lee came in the morning and Rep. Jang came in the afternoon. After all the day was wasted by the Kuomintang lawmakers, a National Defense Party lawmaker came to see me in the evening.

“… … Inspector of liver cirrhosis?”

“I am now a senator. huh huh. long time no see.”

Prosecutor Gan Gyeong-su was the former head of the Lee Neung Investigation Department of the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office, a member of the National Defense Party, the son-in-law of Yang Pan-seok, and the person who made me a member of the National Assembly.

When I was running for office in Tongyeong, it was a liver test that underwent an order from Yang Pan-seok and operated on the other candidate. Even during the portrait management department, the relationship was special because he actively cooperated with the prosecution while creating the magistrate system.

However, apart from the relationship, there were very few personal acquaintances. The first reason was that I did not manage my personal network, and the second reason was that I kept my distance from the political world.

He approached me not as a member of the National Assembly, but as Yang Pan-seok’s son-in-law.

“This time, when my brother-in-law is making a fuss about going into politics, the atmosphere is ridiculous. Dangdo is a portrait house, and the family is also a portrait house, so should I call it a line portrait? … Oh yeah… … .”

“Ah, Yang Jeong-seok.”

“Yes. Yes. Since ancient times, Geumma is the eldest son and has been arguing. This time, there was a riot outside the house, so our people in the National Defense Party were in a bit of a difficult situation.”

Yang Jeong-seok attempted to leave the party with some of the members of the National Defense Party, including Yang Pan-seok. Of course, it was threshed and sunk, but it is said that the people of the yangban stone world who stayed still were also in danger.

Therefore, it was said that at least one more central point was needed in the political arena, and if I ran for and became mayor of Seoul, I would actively cooperate, so let’s have a good time.

In the end, I was told to run for office.

As the day passed, I gathered my thoughts while watching the night view from the window. The more I tapped on the calculator, the more frustrating it was.

“… … .”

something is suspicious

I intuited that the unusual media saturation that was inflicted on Prime Minister Yoo Jae-kyung and the constant visits of politicians to me were not a coincidence.

Of course, it was natural for the second hitter to get attention as the powerful runner was staggering, but my animalistic sense, having experienced all kinds of bullshit, sensed that there was something more in this asari board.

So I called the person who would hate Jaekyung Yoo the most in the world.

[hello… … ?]

“Chief Chen. Where are you now?”

The gate opened on the first day of my tenure episode 242

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