A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 233

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 233

EP 37- North Top (6)

“Breaking News, European Commission President Lumière Assaulted”

“China’s Ministry of National Defense … “understanding the situation”

「Rumiel Knight President, seriously injured during the operation」

Although Knights Without Borders usually acted like a strong non-governmental organization with nothing to lose, it was a coalition ruling party that had its roots in the European Parliament and the French National Assembly.

Therefore, the Knights Association were not just hunters with connections to politics, but a political group that could voice the French use of nuclear weapons. Really, sometimes he seems to catch monsters, and he shoots tactical nukes as well.

Therefore, the fact that Noah Lumière was shot in China was news that broadcasters around the world would hit the breaking news for at least half a day, and it actually happened.

However, my opinion is a little different.

“It’s a lot of fuss.”

“What is this fuss about? I had holes in my calves and thighs.”

“How many people have died so far, but it would be disgraceful to go out on air saying they were hit by three pistols.”

In the old days, I would have admired the noble spirit of sacrifice, but now that I come back in rags on the day of the fuss, I was half worried and half worried.

One shot in the left calf, two in the right thigh, and three shots in that way, Lumière was lying in a hospital bed with bandages wrapped around both legs.

Fortunately, he was a doctor himself, and he said that the Knights Without Borders and Doctors Without Borders (both pick and choose the most f**king places in the world) tend to stick around, so he was able to provide quick first aid.

“Gosh… … ! Are your legs okay?”

“They said I could be discharged next week. Still, seeing the bullets drawn, potions sprayed, and lost with light, I thought the world had become so much better. In the past, when I was shot in Kashmir, I was hospitalized for almost half a year because of an infection after sticking with gauze… … .”

“What kind of life have you been living? … .”

“Don’t worry too much. When I was isolated on the St. Petersburg subway, my face, shoulders, and back were chewed up, and I even had fist fights with monsters.”

“Oh, the subway sucks. Dark, cramped… … .”

“By the way, the Minister once… … .”

We talked about how we each fought on the subway for a long time. By the time the chatter had become so long that I didn’t know how the subway story came out in the hospital, she returned to the main point.

“Ah, President Li Choong-bin is dead.”


* * *

“Are there bullet marks on the body?”

“Lewin also said he was not sure because he saw it. But if you look at the fact that the operation itself was something that did not happen inside the CIA, it is probably right. He also told me not to go anywhere.”

“But why are you talking?”

“Oh my, I made a mistake. Intoxicated by weak luck.”

Lumiere simply smiled and shrugged. He was wearing ringers all over his body, so it wasn’t wrong at all.

Tug, the death of President Li Choong-bin cannot be hidden anyway. If the disappearance continues at this rate, the leadership of the Communist Party will decide on its own that the Führer has been caught up in a monstrous situation.

So far, it’s just sad. But it would be outrageous that the Führer was shot and killed. If you think about it from the perspective of Chinese generals, you will probably be angry enough to detonate a few nuclear bombs.

I decided to zip my mouth.

But who the hell killed him?

“This is Weiji Yeming’s listing. It must have been the director of the Military Science Academy of the People’s Liberation Army or the government officials. He is in charge of the field of military science in China. That includes para-industrial top-secret technology.”

“… … Is that really?”

“Did I ever get shot by a monster? He was once classified as a commentator, but he didn’t just assassinate because of his loyalty to the old boss, he had a big dream in his own way.”

“How do you-”

“I heard it from myself. I have a bit of a mad scientist temperament. They called me and gave me a Japanese speech. Let’s go together.”


She pointed to the gunshot wounds in the thigh and calf with a chin.

“I leave the rest to your imagination.”

“Oh my gosh. It is a miracle to be alive.”

“You give me time to think, so what do I do when I shoot? There was a fight for a while. Fortunately, our people are safe, but we have seen some blood.”

It meant that Wei Jieming was dead. I changed the topic without asking any further questions. As a disabled leg, I was also worried about her aftereffects.

“Anyway, I’m happy. Will there be any after-effects?”

“Did you forget that I am the most famous healer in the world?”

“How does that healing art work?”

“The base is regeneration, but sometimes some people can purify or sterilize it. I don’t know if this is a constitution or a technique. I couldn’t write it originally, but I learned it later so I could use it.”

“Huh, maybe you became a good healer because you were a doctor. Or maybe a good doctor awakened as a healer, I don’t know. Maybe it has something to do with vocational aptitude and awakening… … .”

“no. A doctor with a story enough to work in Doctors Without Borders has awakened to a great healer, isn’t the picture good? Such cases are rare, so the French government took me and made me a face-mother. I’ll give you a gem… … .”

“Oh, I see. He has a talent for hunting monsters, and his own spirit of sacrifice… … .”

“sure. It’s cooperative with the government, it’s leadership, it’s cool and pretty… … .”



* * *

It was good news that Torai was executed across the sea, but the world was wide and there were many. There seems to be a lot of it especially in the National Assembly.

The Seoul mayoral election was getting overheated, and as the draw was drawn up, players who hit the calculator jumped into the board.

The country was split in half.

As always.

“Secretary Han Seung-moon has already abandoned you! Who brought about the era of Hunter’s dictatorship? People are suffering from cold and hunger in the shack… … .”

“Candidate Mok-yun Kim is a candidate who has not been qualified. The fact that a person with no administrative experience was nominated as a candidate for the Kuomintang means that the party is not generating normal power for government. I’ll make it clear at least on the podcast.”

“Rep. Ho-jeong Lee will have to decide whether he is the face of the Kuomintang or Seung-moon Han. Failing to support a candidate elected through a transparent primary is clearly an appropriate act—”

「Who is doing this now?! What a habit of talking to the former floor leader!”

“Secretary Han Seung-moon’s run as an independent is not a betrayal of the KMT, but rather a desire to draw a line with the refugees who have seized power… … .”

The election for the mayor of Seoul was decided as a nationwide election because there are no current citizens of Seoul and at the same time, the mayor’s responsibility is heavy. He also held a by-election for the head of the local government.

However, all the spotlight was focused on the Seoul mayor election, not the re-election, thanks to which enormous events occurred in a short period of time.

Records of a closed meeting of the Nationalist Party excommunicated abusive language, Han Seung-moon’s election fund GS Group involvement, Pastor Kim Mok-yun’s execution, implicated in disguised transfer in the past, and the parachute controversy… … .

Most of the issues were not nutritious, so they did not change the approval rating much, but Prime Minister Yoo Jae-kyung’s (planned) renunciation of the candidacy completely disrupted the election.

“The city has collapsed. The foundations of life have been destroyed. The Korean economy is now like a candle in the wind. And from the time this disaster first began, I was the decision maker and responsible for the economic policy of the Republic of Korea. Therefore, I cannot accept the National Defense Party’s candidacy for mayor of Seoul.”

“… … It would not be enough to apologize for the rest of my life for failing to respond to the support of my esteemed comrades in the National Defense Party. However, if you say civil servant in English, you are a public servant. I have lived my whole life serving the people. I have a responsibility and a great mission to save the economy of this country.”

“I have to put down all politics, all the past, and all conflicts right here and now. Respected citizens and politicians, please stop the politics of division and the politics of hate. To usher in a new era of hope, we must all work together.”

He spoke very well for a civil servant. Prime Minister Yoo Jae-kyung, who stuttered a lot of strange economic terms at the press conference, suddenly became a person who could speak with a pathetic and evil voice, like a worn-out politician.

In fact, for the past few years, there were a lot of people who were agitated when a person who had read the news almost every day made such an appeal.

Up until now, Yoo Jae-kyung was able to recover from the wounds that he suffered. That difficult political indifference class and the middle class were moved.

At this point, I broke the 50% approval rating. This was because Yoo Jae-kyung’s declaration of renunciation of the candidacy acted as a de facto unification. And it was also for this reason that I ran as an independent.

Refugee lawmakers of the Kuomintang attacked that point.

“It is a sad feeling. This is not a disappointment with Candidate Han Seung-moon’s political rallies. I can’t help but feel devastated that a young man who was more opposed to the dual party of the Democratic and Republican parties in the past has fallen into such a trivial matter. What is the alternative power to forsake the Kuomintang, which he created with his own hands, and join forces with President Won Ok-bun? … .”

It wasn’t something the deputy spokesperson said on Facebook pretending not to know, but it was a remark that a yangban, who used to be a member of the top committee, went directly to the final episode and shot it.

It seems that after Shin Soo-gwang flew away, he had a strong heart. Refugee lawmakers even insisted on impeaching Prime Minister Yoo Jae-kyung. This was possible because there was a precedent for former President Roh Moo-hyun, who supported the Open Democratic Party and was accused of impeachment.

But Yoo Jae-kyung is no fool. He never said a word of support for anyone. It was the duty of civil servants to be politically neutral. At least outwardly.

And refugee lawmakers are not stupid. Even those gents were unaware that the impeachment headwind at that time nearly destroyed the Democratic Party. Since the number is small in the first place, it is impossible to raise an impeachment bill.

It’s just over-action in order to gather supporters and make a living. That way, you will win the next election, and even if you lose, you will sell your awareness and set up a YouTube channel.

The only real fool here was candidate Kim Mok-yun.

“I didn’t really run for mayor of Seoul.”

“yes? candidate. What now-”

“I didn’t think I was going to win in the first place.”

It was a discussion forum.

The whole country was watching. His sudden action came out while the whole country was watching. The staff at the forum expressed their tension in a terrible silence.

Of course, it’s not wrong to run for an election even though you know you’re going to lose. Isn’t there a saying that completion is the goal? But to say it out loud is an act of fooling the supporters. I couldn’t even speak in such a tone. He has crossed a political gold threshold.

“I came here to tell Candidate Han Seung-moon.”

“Tell me.”

“Please don’t make fun of refugees.”

Oh my gosh.

He was twice as big as me because he had a rice cake stand, but Pastor Kim Mok-yun, who was the head of the discussion forum, was dazed because of the hardship he was experiencing for the first time. Considering that she even finished her makeup for broadcasting, it means that a person has become green onion kimchi.

He continued to speak steadfastly, receiving everyone’s bewildered gaze. Since it was an act that was close to self-destruction, the host did not even think to stop it.

“Can you return all the refugees’ property to what they were before the gate crisis? I know this isn’t a real promise. Shall we close all gates on the Korean Peninsula? The fact that this is actually giving up economic independence. I know.”

“… … .”

“Actually, even those who support me know it in their hearts. that this isn’t right. But we are just as terrified of monsters. We want to restore the old peace. A lost family, a lost past!”

“that… … Calm down. candidate.”

“You must not dismiss this as the nonsense of refugees who simply do not know the reality of this. Now, refugees in the metropolitan area are not simply homeless people. Look at the internet. Refugees are now treated as parasites in Korea. There is no place for refugees in this country right now.”

“Yes… … don’t cry… … slowly… … . yes.”

“I don’t think Minister Han Seung-moon had an affair with Prime Minister Yoo Jae-kyung. In the first place, the election was not a fight, but what kind of quarrel and collusion are there? However, I have a request from Minister Han Seung-moon. Please make a place for refugees to live in the Republic of Korea. This is, this is the wrong country. really… … .”

“… … Okay. Come this way.”

I limped as much as possible to emphasize my disability in front of the camera, approached Pastor Kim Mok-yun and hugged him. So the broadcast started as a discussion session and ended with a human theater.

However, the results were not at all impressive.

Pastor Mok-yun Kim’s approval rating from 36% plummeted below 15%. It was because the people who would sympathize with those words anyway were the people who filmed Han Seung-moon, not the people who photographed Kim Mok-yun.

This debate was accepted as a de facto political surrender. Refugee lawmakers from the Kuomintang became like dogs chasing chickens, and Pastor Mok-yun Kim was expelled from the refugee movement. With a certain degree of individual fandom.

Still, it seems that Ho-jung Lee was deeply impressed in her own way.

“Write. Would you like to hire me?”

“That yangban won’t be able to carry his face for a while, so what kind of recruitment is that?”

“When you lose an election and talk about innovation later, why wouldn’t it be nice to have a strange character like that in the non-captain?”

“Then let it ripen a bit and then take it out.”

“Anyway, the election is over. congratulations.”

“… … uh… … .”

I wondered if the elections could go back like this, but that’s the way politics was originally. It’s a floor where you don’t know when and where tortoises will pop out.

Still, this trolley had a bit of a novel feel to it.

* * *

Election day went so smoothly. There were no surprises in this election, except for the fact that a former Democratic Party member was elected in the re-election for Gyeongsangbuk-do governor.

“… … Seoul Special Mayor Election, exit poll results are out! Independent candidate Han Seung-moon! It easily broke through the majority with 59.1 percent! In fact, it is a sure win situation!”

When the news announcer shouted, shouts erupted from the election camp. Volunteers who danced cutely in the election song at Rotary as they became high-ranking hunters gave them bouquets of flowers.

My parents and Do-yeon Yeo cried a lot when I first became a member of the National Assembly, but now they have eyes that somehow guessed the high school student I was destined to go through.

After calming the excited volunteers to some extent, Pi Chae-won, who was watching from afar, sneaked up to him and whispered.

“Candidate, interview outside… … .”

“Ugh. okay. I have to go quickly.”

As I was about to move in a hurry, Pi Chae-won pulled me tight. As he raised his eyebrows to wonder what was going on, he whispered in his ear with a slightly embarrassed look.

“… … congratulations.”

It was a momentary peace.

The gate opened on the first day of my tenure episode 244

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