A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 24

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 24

EP 5 – Hunters (7)

“Ah, hello…”

Behind the large Seokho Kang, a little kid was hiding. Unfortunately, I know the child’s name.

“……hi? Shiho. Do you remember uncle?”

This child was Kang Seok-ho’s fourth younger brother. And Seok-ho was the head of a boy raising four younger brothers.

why is there only one

* * *

“All of them are dead. older brother.”


“Since I’m leaving, only one child is hiding…”

Kang Seok-ho emptied six bottles of soju in an instant. Then he nodded his head and muttered.

I didn’t shed any tears. It looked like it was already dry.

“That time. I killed the monster. I hid in the toilet bowl in the men’s restroom for a few days, and then Chun-sik killed Uncle…”

Then Hong Seon-ah joins, and they go to the apartment complex and have a sit-down. From there, the isolated people are gathered around and the organization is completed.

In this process, David Kim shows overwhelming force and leadership. He saved people to the point of being foolish at times, and he was a hero who saved everyone after countless adventures.

The reason I knew this was because Kang Seok-ho was repeating the same story for the eighth time.

“Hey, hey…”

“My dear, if he had been half as strong, we wouldn’t have lost Woojin, Soyoung, and Sojung.”

“……Listen to the child. Hey.”

I looked at Kang Si-ho with an anxious look, but this little boy was just sitting in his brother’s arms with a blank face.

Kang Seok-ho hugged Kang Si-ho and muttered for a long time.

“It’s only him now… It’s only him…”

“……okay. okay.”

“older brother……”

I knew what was going to happen next.

If I die, take care of him.

Kang Seok-ho had erased all his emotions to make this request.

Why didn’t you come to rescue me? We’ve been together for years, but did you guys just run away? There were no such words.

Graduated from college on a scholarship. The National Assembly official, who fed his four younger siblings while working part-time, was sitting in front of me and bowing his head desperately.

I answered the question before it even appeared.

“……okay. I get it.”

It was the eighth answer.


In the end, I didn’t ask for anything.

I was planning to dig up the organization’s internal affairs through Kang Seok-ho, but I swore to protect Kang Si-ho 12 times and sent Kang Seok-ho back.

Night came to overcast Seoul, and the dark clouds that covered the world all day became raindrops and fell on the world.

The sound of rain is heard through the curtains. All lights are turned off for fear of light leaking out.

Cold and Yeo Do-yeon were asleep in their respective rooms, but I couldn’t sleep until 2:18 in the morning and stared into the air.

I don’t know what the f**k I’m doing

is he a good guy is he the bad guy

no. Should it be good or should it be bad?

He came all the way to Seoul saying it was a gamble that he could win with confidence, and he suddenly fell into an open gate.

Due to the sudden threat, I only take care of my people first, and I only touch the dog tags of the dead soldiers all day long.

After pretending to be cool and cool, he crawls to die in front of the wolf.

I can’t even speak properly to Kang Seok-ho. A stupid bastard who can’t do anything right.

I feel weird.

I can’t live like a slate.

I pondered about the times when I was the brightest, the times when I was most useful as a part of society.

It wasn’t even the college days when I was famous for a full scholarship. It’s not even the days of a secretary who was favored by Yang Pan-seok on the subject of a driver. Or a member of parliament? It’s also uncomfortable.

A monster falls on the Capitol.

When I left Seoul with my people.

I was the brightest person back then.

Now I’m just a middle-aged ruler blinded by power, but back then, I was the best leader. I didn’t even know I was such a great person.

What is the difference between me then and now?

Now I am weighing everything.

Power, family, conscience, morals. loyalty.

I didn’t at that time.

During the time I had to think about trivial things, I found a way out, saved at least one more person, and gave the party a clear direction.

I did what I had to do then.

There was nothing else in the head.

He wasn’t a good person or a bad person. I was the right person to do what I was doing then.

I found my focus.

do what needs to be done

It was 2:41 in the morning when rain was pouring down over cloudy Seoul.

After eight hours of deliberation, I found a way out.


“I found a way out of Seoul.”

I went to see David Kim, shining dark circles in my ugly eyes.

“Gather people.”

With no time to spare, I ordered him, and with a grin he summoned all the camp officers.

“We get out of the subway.”

I put out a large map of Seoul from the apartment security room in front of the executives.

And with red meteor magic, in Apgujeong, Gangnam, I drew it without hesitation in the 5 o’clock direction.

“All 1,200 people in Apgujeong camp. Walk to Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do on the Shinbundang Line section. I will ask you questions.”

Whoops! I closed the red magic lid and rolled it on the desk, but no one started asking questions.

“Any questions?”

Only then did the man who asked if I could believe what I said yesterday began to get angry.

“Are you crazy?”


“You think we didn’t think of that!?”

Escape using the subway was a means everyone could think of.

The problem was that everyone thought so.

“As soon as the incident broke out, everyone went down to the subway! And the monsters went down that much! Didn’t you know that it was only in the rear and you didn’t know?”

“I know.”

He was clinging to the military commander-in-chief, and there was no way he could not have known it. When I replied calmly, he doubted my qualifications.

“…are you a member of parliament? Are you going to kill us all now!?”

“That’s right, a member of parliament. Before becoming a member of the National Assembly, I was an aide to National Assembly member Yang Pan-seok.”

I picked up the pen again and continued explaining in more detail.

“Rep. Yang Pan-seok is a member of the Land, Infrastructure and Transport Committee and participated in the state audit related to the start of the Shinbundang Line. I was there too.”

ID line.

Gangnam, Seoul,

Seongnam, located at 4 o’clock in Seoul

It is a subway line that connects

“Did you say that the subway is infested with monsters?”

If we normally want to get out of Seongnam via subway.

I had to go around Line 3 in the direction of ‘Apgujeong-Sinsa-Jamwon-Gyodae…’ for a while.

For some reason, Gangnam Station on the Shinbundang Line heading to Seongnam is the last stop.

We had to go through the agonizing march of the monsters for a long time to get the transfer.


“If the subway is crowded with people and the monsters are infested, you can go to the subway that was not crowded.”

– Cheeky!

I drew Sinsa Station right next to Apgujeong and Nonhyeon, Sinnonhyeon, and Gangnam in a straight line.

On the map, there was no subway here.

Of course. Because it’s still under construction.

“This is the extension section of the Shinbundang Line that started construction in 2016.”

I held the red pen at the people and continued speaking firmly. My heart is beating faster than ever.

“It’s still under construction, but all the passageways have been cleared. I know because I have been there.”

People started to listen to me in earnest.

“Apgujeong Station is right in front of the apartment complex here.

If you can go there and reach only to Sinsa Station, you don’t need to go round and round along Line 3.

You only need to drill one stop.”

A straight line running from Seoul to the 5 o’clock direction.

Apgujeong – Sinsa Station – Gangnam Station – Seongnam.

It was the shortest course I suggested.

People started screaming. At that moment, Hong Seon-ah raised her hand.

“Hey, did you say that Gangnam Station on the Shinbundang Line is the last stop?”


“Hey, are you saying that it is a free pass from Sinsa Station to Gangnam Station? Because the route is under construction.”


“Then how do you get from Gangnam Station to Seongnam? There must have been a lot of people there since it was the original section…”

It was said that it would not be heaven and earth of monsters.

I silently drew a circle on the large mountain range that was sandwiched diagonally between Gangnam and Seongnam.

“Mt. Cheonggye, Mt. Guryong, Mt. Inreung. These are the great mountains that span the Shinbundang Line.”


“The Republic of Korea 7th Mobile Corps is now stationed there.”

I dabbled red magic on the desk with every word I spoke, with my bloodshot eyes glowing horribly.

“It is the largest in the Korean military,

It owns the majority of the ROK Army’s tanks,

All infantry are mechanized infantry,

Anyway, it’s insanely fast.

If a war breaks out, it is the only army in the ROK Army that immediately hits North Korea and goes up.”

Being attached to Cha Jae-gyun, I learned how to imitate a military expert.

People seem to agree roughly whether the effect was not bad.

“There is no need to walk a long road from Gangnam Station to Seongnam. 7 Mobile Corps will meet us.”

“Did you get in touch with the military!?”

An unknown middle-aged man asked me, but I shook my head and pointed at Hong Seon-ah with red magic.

“Ms. Hong Seon-ah will clear the road in front of you.”

“Uh? Me? Me!?”

“I will burn down the monsters that fill the subway.”

After the Daegu subway disaster, smoke control facilities have been installed in all subways. Even if there is no smoke control facility, the smoke is supposed to escape somehow.

“Now, think about it from the military point of view. The rescue operation of Apgujeong, which is paying attention to the whole nation, has failed.

So, are you watching this with military satellites? Won’t you?”

Cha Jae-gyun is not trying to save us. Flying monsters must have turned on the lights to make sure they were escaping Seoul and monitoring this place.

There’s no need to talk about it.

“Well. Would you miss the 1200 people entering the subway station in Apgujeong?

And, if black smoke rises in a straight line that can be identified with the naked eye.

Anyone want to send an army? Aren’t you going to send it?”


“We just need to go through Sinsa Station to Gangnam Station. Black smoke will rise into the sky, and the army will meet us at Gangnam Station on the Shinbundang Line to rescue us. I believe in our military.”

“for a moment.”

David Kim pressed his forehead tightly against me.

“Isn’t this putting too much pressure on Hong Seon-ah?”

I limped towards her without saying a word. David Kim added.

“Isn’t that the point of dealing with all the monsters alone in front of you? Superpowers are not unlimited.”

I grabbed Hong Seon-ah’s hand.

“Hey, if you suddenly do this…!”

And he lit a fire with his other hand.


“I can use the superpowers of anyone I come in contact with.”


David Kim giggled and spit out swear words as if he had eaten one.

“Two people will cut the road. The rest of the psychics take charge of the rear. 1200 people can move slowly according to the time the soot escapes.”

I smiled confidently and began to explain the details of the plan, and Coilja was filming all of this with an interesting smile.


10 days after that.

July 29th.

I came out of the dark tunnel with Hong Seon-ah shoulder-to-shoulder. When I wipe my face, soot comes out.

The smell of soot permeated the tip of his nose, and the ashes in his eyes sting terribly.

Coughing as if out of breath.

It seems to vomit ashes with every breath. Coughing doesn’t stop Hong Seon-ah was half hanging on me.

As we got out of the tunnel, a roar of rain greeted us. Rain from the sky washed away our bodies.

hey Hong Seon-ah looked ahead and smiled a little, then lowered her head and fell to the floor. I also fell at the same time.

Soldiers shouted and supported us.

Apgujeong Escape Operation.

Total number of people 1231

754 injured

95 seriously injured

0 deaths

The rainy season in July.

It was the moment when a piece of history that will remain in modern history was born after the outbreak of the Gate Incident.

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