A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 25

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 25

EP 5 – Hunters (8)

Rifles were picked up from the corpses of every soldier in the vicinity and armed the soldiers.

From Hyundai Apartment to Apgujeong Station. It moved less than 50m and built a mountain of monsters.

From Apgujeong Station to Sinsa Station. In just one stop, Hong Seon-ah fainted five times, I fainted three times, and Yeo Do-yeon and David Kim saved our lives more than ten times.

The 20 Awoken in charge of the rear did not make a single victim while 1,200 people entered Apgujeong Station, and seven were maimed.

While transferring from Sinsa Station to the Shinbundang Line, Hong Seon-ah and I each passed out twice, and the grandmother who was treating us from behind lost consciousness and did not wake up until the escape.

While passing the long underground passage of the Shinbundang Line, he was attacked by a giant monster. David Kim alone caught the monster and lost an arm and an eye.

Small monsters stimulated by the shock wave attacked, and Hong Seon-ah and I burned them. Hundreds of people were burned by the terrible fumes.

Gangnam Station. It was the first time I had contact with the special forces dispatched by Cha Jae-gyun. However, there was no large-scale support. In the process of breaking through, six Awoken were crippled.

Yangjae Station. The remaining personnel of the Capital Defense Command, who were isolated on Mt. Umyeon, miraculously joined.

Cheonggyesan Entrance Station. About 1,200 survivors came to the surface.

* * *

I woke up in the hospital room.

“……Umm? ah! Wake up!”

Yang Pan-seok immediately got up from his seat and called someone, and I was dragged around and under the influence of weak energy, and I was subjected to various measures.

I was led back to bed by the nurses. Only then did I wake up.

I stared blankly at TV.

In a dark cave, dozens of wild dogs with their red eyes glowing ferociously rushed towards them.

– 1 o’clock! 2nd shot!

– Start entering the Shanyang team!

– Absorb the Manastone and set fire to Exit 4! move!

– Yah! sister! sister! f**k! Shoot! Grind!

– Fire in front for 15 seconds! Evacuate everyone! Lower your posture!

It was my voice.

Yang Pan-seok, who was slicing apples, spoke leisurely.

“The cold pulled the screen amazingly.”

“…don’t talk. I didn’t leave the front line to film that.”

“What? I was beaten up by my wife.”

Yang Pan-seok giggled and shoved a slice of apple into my mouth. I murmured with a sullen look.

“I didn’t know the day would come when I would eat the apples that you cut.”

“I know it’s an honor. I’ve never shaved anyone but my granddaughter.”

It meant that it was an apple that was not cut even to the children. I asked, muttering with a hazy mind.

“…is everyone okay?”

“Some people have to be hospitalized, but no one has died.”

“Your sister?”

“ICU. But, according to General Director Cheon Hwa-ran, it is a serious injury by the general public, but good by the standards of the awakened.”

“…the director?”

“Director of the Institute. What if you didn’t know when you founded it?”


Yang Pan-seok smiled warmly and said to me.

“Did you know that right after you disappeared, you were slandered all over the country?”

“…it’s worth it.”

It’s like a politician sneering around uselessly and causing a nuisance.

“Your aides do a fair bit of press play.”


“Especially Ho-jeong Lee? The friend cried bitterly, saying, ‘Our senator went into the limbo just to save his friend.’ membrane. Heh heh heh…”

Yang Pan-seok smiled brightly and put another apple in my mouth. I can’t speak and I’m just babbling.

“Well, I did a bit of hard work behind the scenes, but it has its limits. Anyway, that friend’s press conference changed public opinion.”

It seems that other people besides me also struggled and woke up in their respective places. I sighed in confusion.

“…I was floating, and I felt much better.”


“With a little exaggeration, if you run for president now, you will win.”

On the TV, my voice was constantly resounding loudly. I’m screaming evil and setting fire everywhere, so I’m screaming to run away, and to shoot somewhere.

“…I don’t know about the presidential election, but I shot one movie. It’s a disaster movie. With a hard sletter movie.”

“I don’t know about Sletter, but people usually like heroes, don’t they? That, Marvel? My granddaughter likes Cha-am…”

Suddenly Yang Pan-seok remained silent, lowered his posture and calmly chanted.

“You pinched the heads of local government heads.”

“…what do you mean by that?”

“With the pretext that you went to Seoul recklessly and was isolated. Thousands of people called for the dissolution of the National Assembly. This is it.”

I was appalled. It was said that the administration and the military were trying to send off the legislative branch thanks to public opinion.

“…how are they now?”

“…because you gave me strength. From now on, I have to roll up my sleeves.”

Yang Pan-seok smiled kindly.

He is a person who hates making enemies.

In fact, there were not many enemies.

That is, although he sometimes prevents enemies from being made while at a loss.

“Seungmun. Let’s keep an eye on the news in the future.”

Because once it happens, it kills everything.

“I’ll show you that you can get stuffy nose by sticking your head in a rice bowl.”


Kang Seok-ho is in a coma and cannot get up. It is said that he suffered burns to his lungs. As an Awakened person, there is no particular obstacle to recovery.

“The world is so ironic.”


“Eat everything you ate and answer me, dude.”

Yang Il-ho, Lee Ho-jeong, and I were eating cheese tuna mayo tteokbokki in Kang Seok-ho’s hospital room. Hojeong Lee took a bite and admired it.

“Oh my, what is this, is it delicious?”

“It’s a specialty of Apgujeong survivors. Eat with gratitude for being alive.”

“But it’s not a calorie joke…”

I coughed a little and continued the story.

“In one day, your life fell to the floor, and then you come back up again when you wake up?”

“……Oh, yes.”

“All that is left in life is regret. Yes? But looking back, there is always a better way. This is it!”


Ho-jeong Lee uttered ‘Yum’ and ate the tteokbokki soup. okay. Where did you not say ‘gook’?

“Did I look like an idiot?”


The wisest person here was Yang Il-ho, a former lawyer who quietly ate cheese from tteokbokki without interfering in the argument.

Yang Il-ho took all the cheese he liked and put down the plastic fork.

“Hyung, I did a rough patchwork of the foundation.”


“First of all, Dr. Hwaran Cheon is already running the research institute, but the orphanage has too many orphans, so it needs more time to prepare. How is the service, there are no psychics.”


“Why not?”


A day has passed.

“The doctor said that the old woman will be in bed for the rest of her life.”


“16 of my friends on the hunting team have become sick.”

“I am sorry. Mr. David.”

David Kim smiled grimly and fiddled with the eye patch with his right hand. He lost his left eye and left arm after a hard battle.

“You and I are now disabled.”

I nodded my head suddenly. He looked into the air and muttered.

“I was punished. I killed a lot.”

He giggled as if he was making a funny joke.

“I killed a lot of people. in Iraq.”

He took the cap of Chamisul, which was secretly brought in by the nurse. And took a sip.

“Did you kill someone?”

He giggled and pointed at me.

“Originally, the things that killed people for the first time often say that they save people. My eyes are slightly gone, and I can’t get away from the heroism.”


“That’s why I pushed your head-to-head strategy. You turned our cute sixteen into an asshole. Do you understand?”


“Because I understand how you feel.”

I nodded heavily.

It was me who rose to stardom with the success of this escape, but in reality, the biggest achievements were the awakenings of the Apgujeong camp.

In the middle and aft of the 1200 men, they defended the monsters that kept attacking with their bodies. And 16 out of 40 survived without dying.

The reason I didn’t die was because of the healers who were intermingled every now and then, because the 40 Awoken were more elite than I thought.

People were enthusiastic about my clever operation, but the reason the operation was successful was because

It could not be denied that it was thanks to the solidarity of the organization that David Kim had built up in just a few weeks.

“…I won’t tell you much. Since you were in the USFK, I’m sure you’ll understand what I’m talking about.”

I skillfully held out a contract and recited the slogan of the ROK-US alliance.

“Let’s go together.”


“what it this?”

Hong Seon-ah blinked her eyes like a deer. I smiled kindly and started explaining.

“Do you know what PMC is?”


Instead of Hong Seon-ah, who tilted her head, David Kim boasted a fluent pronunciation.

“Private Military Company. Private military enterprises.”

“Yes. I want you to start a company like this. To be precise, it’s a monster-catching company.”

David Kim began to read the contract with one serious eye, and Seon-ah Hong began to forget the tangerines next to him.


“From now on, you will continue to operate a psychic combat group as it is now. I want you to catch the monsters.”


I smiled and nodded my head.

“I want the hunters to subdue the rampaging monsters in the southern part of Gyeonggi-do. It spreads among civilians, and it is impossible to use self-propelled artillery…”

“neatly. Are you saying that only monsters should come out?”

“You understand.”

Hong Seon-ah said me and that, raised her hand and smiled.

“Um, hey, what are social welfare activities?”

“Private rescue, construction work, etc. It is a public interest activity that uses the powers of superpowers.”

I added with a smirk.

“The word is for the public good, but it will be a savory part-time part-time job. What is the law, yes. Do you know?”

“under! Seeing this, I am a born politician.”

David Kim smiled and pushed the share distribution ratio.

“I really like this.”

[The Monster Damage Restoration Foundation 40%

David Kim 30%

Hong Seon-ah 10%

0.5% each for the other 40 people

*CEO David Kim

**No dividends to the Monster Damage Restoration Foundation]

David Kim smiled warmly.

“Isn’t it possible to feed sick friends this time?”

“Yes. As the scale of the business grows, their friends will also be able to flirt with each other.”

I added a little more explanation.

“…Perhaps the military or the National Intelligence Service will try to convince the superpowers. In fact, the orders given to me were closer to that.”


“…even if psychics can create an environment where they can devote themselves to the country. I didn’t think it was a little bit to put a leash on the country.”

“Sweet, Mr. Seungmoon…!”

“This is my answer.”

Hong Seon-ah hugged me tightly.

I was a little nauseous, but I endured it.

I asked David Kim, patting Hong Seon-ah with a smile.

“But what should the company name be?”

He smiled pleasantly.


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