A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 28

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 28

EP 6 – Nuclear bomb-class incident (2)

“When will the cast be removed?”


Yeo Do-yeon, who was lying on the sofa, murmured potato chips and turned her eyes to the TV. She waved the cast that was wrapped around her right arm.

“Are you already well?”

“……Then why are you wearing a bandage?”

I still get chills just thinking about the time when I escaped from the Shinbundang line. Her right arm had been bitten by a monster while being bent with a reverse joint, leaving only tendons remaining.

Yeo Do-yeon answered after a moment of silence.

“…No, it’s a mess, but it’s a little strange to get healed after one heel.”

“……is it.”

“Well, it’s just…”

She smiled lightly, as always.

“Are you trying to cosplay as a normal person?”

looked a little sad.

“Sister, let’s go somewhere with me.”


“How long have you been? Why are you being so picky when your siblings want to walk together?”

Yeo Do-yeon raised her middle finger without even looking at me. A husky and cold voice of criticism followed.

“I wish I had walked three days and three nights as a beggar. This babting.”

“By the way, you’re not my assistant, aren’t you? The legislator wants to go, but he keeps saying that.”

“I will hit you. take care.”

Bassack. She slumped over on the sofa, slurping potato chips. Look at that, me, me, slurping sodium just because I hit exercise.

“Very chubby. Is not it?”

Yeo Do-yeon passed the attack with a light laugh. You seem to know that the map paper is thin. I lost some muscle, but it was in very good condition.

Yeo Do-yeon opened her mouth with a tired look.

“Idol. Idol, very…”


“Didn’t you see people sticking together when I went out to buy ingredients for the mushroom hotpot with you yesterday? Are you bulletproof?”

“I was alive enough to be a little bit…”

Although it was passed down as a light farmland street, it is true that the present world is paying attention to this Han Seung-moon.

In times of crisis, people are looking for villains and heroes.

I’ve done both of those honey jobs.

As a nuisance politician who made an accident while flirting at the scene of an accident, he became a disgrace to the people of the country for ten days.

At the same time, he led the miraculous escape from Apgujeong, and even became a national hero as all the scenes were made known to the world through Gamja.

Considering that the creature of a politician is a beast that gnaws at awareness, good or bad, I was enjoying the best golden age of my life.

Yeo Do-yeon slowly got up from her seat and asked me if I had finished acting like a habit.

“Oh, sir… where are you going?”

“Mountain climbing.”

“Then we can just go on like this.”

Yeo Do-yeon got up from her seat and started stretching. It was like a lion waving his mane as he brushed his frizzy hair.

I clicked my tongue slightly.

“Hey, you’re going to wear short-sleeved hoodies with thigh-high shorts?”

“whatever. It’s hot.”

“Come out in a suit. Put on a suit…”

She asked as if it was weird.

“Do you go hiking in a suit? Is it normal?”

“Oh, little. I’m going to go by car anyway.”

“Ah, where are you going, kid?”


“State secret.”


A mountain near Chungcheong-do. We arrived at the foot of the mountain on the charred Equus.

The elderly driver cautiously opened his mouth.

“Im here. Senator.”

“Oh, yes. thank you.”

The guards waiting outside opened the car door.

We got out of the car with a blank expression on our faces. The fresh mountain air blows, but the faces of the soldiers standing around are just chilly.

Yeo Do-yeon quietly took the wheelchair out of the trunk.

As usual, he had an expressionless expression that became frightened of the onlooker, but seeing that the corner of his left lip went down, he was quite nervous now.

military control area. No entry. warning statement. 7452 units.

Signboards lined with nasty words hang. Yeo Do-yeon slowly pulled the wheelchair and passed by it.

“sorry. Only you are allowed to enter.”

A soldier stopped in front of us.

Something, something feels strange.

“…I need someone to pull me in a wheelchair.”

“If you need me, I-”

go on an ad hoc basis

“I don’t allow it.”

I pointed and gave a stern warning.

“This person is my family, the official secretary, the bodyguard, and the psychic who was at the forefront of the Apgujeong escape operation.

Besides, I am a person who needs a secretary’s help with my movements, and Lee Yi is the person who is authorized to access confidential information in the course of assisting with my political affairs.”

“Oh that……”

“Is that explained enough?”

The soldier hesitated for a moment. It was the dilemma of a person who could not act as an individual.

“You said you would pull my wheelchair right now. What are you, wanting to enter the National Assembly with me? The secretary can’t go in, but a soldier accompanies me?”

“Ah, no, the order is that no one other than the lawmakers are allowed to enter—”

“Is it an order or a decree?”

I mumbled legal bullshit proudly.

It wasn’t because I wasn’t feeling well. It was simply because he felt embarrassed by the name of Unit 7452 and the soldiers surrounding it.

Besides, a soldier asked a member of the legislature to join him in the class 0 control area.

As I was craving for Shidabari in front of everyone else, my body finally came out. Three Mugunghwa came up to me and gave a brief salute.

“Loyalty. I’m sorry, Senator. This is Colonel Jang Seung-yeon. I will take you to the coordinates.”

He’s too young for a young man. And it kind of feels like a suit.

Besides, it’s Unit 7452. I heard about it when Rep. Yang Pan-seok served in the intelligence committee.

I heard that intelligence agencies sometimes impersonate Unit 7452, since Director Hu-rak Lee of the Central Intelligence Agency crossed the armistice line for the 7.4 North-South Joint Declaration on May 2.

Of course, this is a widespread myth.

And soldiers don’t wear luxury watches. I’m afraid I’ll look hateful to my superiors.

in other words,

The NIS is wearing a military uniform.


teasing it



“Uh, are you here?”

“No, what’s so hard about getting in?”

At the end of the road he guided, there was a large pension. I greeted Yang Pan-seok, who was waiting at the entrance of the pension.

“Have you met Colonel Jang?”

“I wasn’t a soldier.”

“I thought you would recognize it.”

He also greeted Yeo Do-yeon.

“You are here too. Thanks to my wife and I.”

“Ah, well… It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you. Doctor Yang.”

“To be ashamed. There are a few chickens in the refrigerator on the first floor here, so I’ll put them on the stove and eat them. I’ll go somewhere with the oriental clinic…”

Yeo Do-yeon looked at me with anxious eyes, and I nodded slightly.

She stayed on the first floor of the pension and we went into the basement. The interior, which looked like a home, was replaced with barren concrete.

We walked for a long time. The old man and the disabled kindly held hands and limped down the stairs.

I remember when I was escaping the Houses of Parliament. It seems to be the same with the slabs.

“It reminds me of the old days.”

“It hasn’t even been a month yet.”

“her! It’s been less than a month that the world is like this…”

The circular staircase was dug very deep. Yang Pan-seok muttered in a small voice.

“Seven Republicans and five Democrats. Including us.”

“You mean there were only 12 people who escaped from there?”

“I don’t know. Who else could be alive?”

Of course, that wasn’t the point.

“…Where the hell have you all been hiding?”

“It was not hidden.”

Yang Pan-seok whispered in my ear.

“All of them were rescued earlier than us.”


“…the crab caught by Cha Jae-gyun.”


“Okay, we’ve all arrived.”

“……It’s very, very big.”

The underground National Assembly building for war, which is classified as a state secret, boasted a magnificent size. The seats of 300 are dignifiedly arranged in a semicircle.

Although it is a place that doubles as an underground bunker, the ceiling is low and there are many columns, but it is surprising that such a facility exists in the basement nonetheless.

There are only 12 people using this gigantic auditorium. It’s ironic.

Among the numerous vacant seats, people are seated in the front row. Yang Pan-seok gave a kind voice and pretended to be popular.

“We are here.”

“Uh? ah! Aren’t you Senator Han Seung-moon?”

“Nice to meet you. This is Han Seung-moon.”

The grandfathers and grandmothers, who sat and forgot red ginseng jelly, got up and welcomed us. The National Assembly, with an average age of 55.5, still boasted of its age.

After all, who is who, and what he is doing is basically put in his head. There was no need to cry. Because everyone already knew.

The atmosphere between the 12 people was very friendly.

In fact, the relationship between lawmakers is not as harsh as it appears on TV.

Of course, as they say, people who deserve to appear on ‘TV’ usually sharpen their angle of confrontation because they have three roles (floor representative, secretary-general, and policy chairperson) in the party.

The councilors would bite like dogs in front of the camera and shake hands with banana milk in the health care room (gym & sauna) on the 2nd basement floor of the Capitol.

Out of the 12 people, only three of them appeared on ‘TV’.

4 line veneer. Democratic raccoon.

Han Seung-moon, a freshman. Seoul’s hero.


“I’m Won-ok. Nice to meet you.”

“My wife, nice to meet you, Senator.”

The middle-aged man between aunt and grandmother asked me to shake hands with an expressionless expression. Of course, 17 years of politics can’t help but laugh properly.

It was just that the nerves in his face were killed by the knife.

“I heard the story of Apgujeong. The oriental doctor must have suffered a lot.”

“Oh, no.”

The scar on the left eye that was horribly dug out.

The right eye, which was dyed hazy due to the long one eye.

ophthalmic glasses. The charisma that radiates from it.

1990. 10.13 declaration of Roh Tae-woo administration.

aka ‘War on Crime’

A powerful swordsman who tore and killed gangsters on the front line.

5th Republican congressman. Won Ok Min.

“Let’s do our best in difficult times. I have high expectations for Rep. Han Seung-moon.”

“It’s overrated. Senator.”

One giant was alive.


No one stood in the chair. Just like a round table meeting, we sat around and chatted freely.

Of course, the tacit progress was made by Yang Pan-seok and Won Ok-bun.

Wonok-bun looked at me with one grayish-white eye.

“First of all, I am very positive about the Special Committee for Response to Monsters initiated by Rep. Han Seung-moon.”

Yang Pan-seok immediately launched a support fire.

“It is unacceptable to be bound by procedures in a crisis of national survival. I think it would be a good idea to set up a special committee to form a temporary extrajudicial institution.”

“First of all, we are going to temporarily vacate the missing lawmakers. What do you think?”

When the two sleep dragons came together, everyone nodded. The number of expelled members of the National Assembly was reduced from 300 to 12 at once. this is politics

We dealt with several issues.

The fact that most of the members of the National Assembly are lawyers also contributed to the speedy work. In the first place, Yang Pan-seok was also a judge.

Despite the absence of the Speaker of the National Assembly and the collapse of the Legislative and Judiciary Committee, our professional lawmakers joined forces and made every effort.

First, under the leadership of Yang Pan-seok, the ‘Han Seung-moon Foundation’ was created legally.

It was the end of recognizing the public interest in exterminating monsters and amending a few lines of legislation regarding the foundation’s articles of incorporation. The crime quickly became legal.


“Hey, do you have any opinions on the monster response? Ah yes. Please tell your doctor.”

There were also areas where I could show my expertise.

“If you want to go out strong, you have to stop the immigration of superpowers, and if you want to go out smoothly, you have to catch the magic gem commerce first. In particular, I think the latter is essential.”

“Ma-seok, huh?”

“It is a gem that comes from the corpse of a monster, and when a psychic absorbs it, it becomes stronger. If Maseok is designated as a national strategic resource, the domestic industry will be taken over by the government.”

“Hmm. Then there will be a lot of backlash from the company.”

“Once you tie it up, it becomes uncommon to release it. And later you won’t be able to tie it.”

Interpretation: You can loosen the regulations and get something from the company.

All the senators laughed. Except for the senator.

I carefully continued the story.

“And the prototypes are more valuable than the gemstone shards. I think we can apply a proportional tax.”

Wonok-min shook his head.

“Let’s do that. Do you have any other opinions?”

“Ah, about the use of force by superpowers…”

We continued the discussion for a while. Knowing that this was a point where division should not be made, there were very few instances where opinions were divided.


The most important issue emerged.

“……The acting president’s authority cannot be left vacant forever.”

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