A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 29

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 29

EP 6 – Nuclear bomb-class incident (3)

Acting president’s authority is determined according to the ‘war order of the nation’.

However, it is limited to ‘administrative department’ personnel.

Of course, the national ranks include representatives of the opposition and the Supreme Court, but they are the legislative and judiciary, so the president cannot be ‘absolutely’.

This is because of the separation of three volumes.

Thorough separation of executive – legislative – judiciary.

in other words,

Prime Minister

Minister of Finance

Ministry of Education

Ministry of Science and Technology

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ministry of Unification

Ministry of Justice

Department of Defense

Ministry of Public Administration and Security

Ministry of Culture

food department

Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy

Ministry of Health

Ministry of Environment

Ministry of Labor


Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport

Department of Oceans and Fisheries


These were the people who now deserved to be kings.

In the presence of the strict law of separation of three powers, the legislative and judiciary can never aim for acting president.

“So, the question now is whether any of the members of the State Council have the right to act…”

Interpretation: Is there anyone useful?

“Isn’t it rare to find someone who wants to act as a proxy in this situation? I’m sure you’ll face great criticism. How about a constitutional amendment to a parliamentary system rather than a parliamentary system?”

Interpretation: Let the heads of lawmakers eat the prime minister!

“What kind of constitutional amendment with 12 people! Constitutional amendment! We need to discuss it in a way that suits the sentiments of the people. With only 12 people left, the democratic legitimacy has decreased by that much!”

Interpretation: Now the presidential Democrats? Are all the ministers Democrats? But right now, if you want to elect a prime minister from among the lawmakers, are you kidding that a Republican lawmaker is going to eat a lot of bread?

“Ah no, aren’t proportional representative candidates waiting for rankings now? Make him a member of parliament immediately and increase the number of members again-”

Interpretation: All you have to do is toss a few scarecrows and push them in, guy! Republican comrades. Please shoot support. There are 7 of us and there are 5 Democrats.

It sounded reasonable. When the original proportional representative member becomes vacant, the person in the lower rank fills the seat immediately.


“It’s not that the lawmakers are dead at this point, it’s that the vacancy is made because their survival is uncertain. What will you do if you succeeded the proportional representative candidate, but the lawmaker returns alive?”

Interpretation: Don’t! All 12 of us can’t eat it!

“You have done well, Mr. According to Article 200 (2) of the Public Official Election Act, the succession of proportional representation is a matter that should be dealt with by the National Election Commission in the first place. Let’s not disturb the administrative process.”

Interpretation: Are you crazy? Divide it into 12 equal parts and eat it. It’s just a matter of turning it into the responsibility of the National Election Commission and crushing it.

“If you look at Articles 201(2), 219(2) and 223, if the effect is ambiguous due to a dispute, no by-election will be held at all. I think that acting prematurely without a legal interpretation could confuse the people.”

Interpretation: Tsueki. You must uphold your morals! Uhde, he tried to overturn the table to seize the party power.

Parliamentarians were originally very sensitive creatures to rice bowls. We, the beopsters, whined as a group and created an excuse.

I’m only cosplaying on TV, but it’s rare for a real tortoise to serve as a member of the National Assembly. Or a political figure who goes out mentally and becomes an idiot.

They’re really smart dudes. If there’s a headwind like that, you’re f**ked. Anyway, I kept my mouth shut, so it doesn’t matter.

Yang Pan-seok smiled kindly and took the right to speak.

“First, let’s get rid of the lawmakers from among the State Councilors. If you do it step by step, there will be a point where everyone agrees.”

Interpretation: Hey Everyone, Listen

Originally, it is normal that an acting minister should be selected from among the ministers. Korea’s bizarre political climate brought difficulties here.

Yang Pan-seok, who put his iPad screen on the big screen, erased the names of several people with an electronic pen.

What is the reason?

South Korea

Parliamentarians (legislative) to minister (administrative)

could be humble.

Although it is against the separation of three powers, it was because Korea was a country where the parliamentary cabinet system was mixed.

But the funny thing is that the ‘member of the National Assembly and Minister’ cannot act as acting president according to the separation of three powers.

The problem is that most of the ministers also served as members of the National Assembly.

Originally, this floor was unavoidable as it was a board that was heavily used by people, but the extreme decrease in the number of people acting on behalf of the person was a huge problem for now.

“Come on, I’ve removed the moderator for now.”

Yang Pan-seok left a few names on the screen.

“I will also remove the missing and the dead from here.”

Originally, the offices of the ministers were located in Sejong City, but since the vice minister is usually in charge of working-level affairs and the minister is in charge of political affairs, the ministers usually resided in a separate office in Seoul.

So, some yangbans all died.

Food Minister – Confidence in the lost presidential election

Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport – Professor close to the president

“Okay, there are two left. First of all, the Minister of Food has confirmed the acting authority under the law.”

Yang Pan-seok kept the screen on the screen and continued his explanation while riding the rhythm with excitement. He hummed as if singing a labor song and selected the president’s feelings.

“By the way, here the food minister resigned voluntarily due to ‘some kind of pressure’.”

Interpretation: Cha Jae-gyun has already sent him.

wisdom. When Yang Pan-seok drew a line on the pad with an electronic pen, a name was erased from the screen.

“The Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport also suddenly complained of chronic illness and was hospitalized for a long time in a nursing home.”

Interpretation: Did Cha Jae-gyun send him too?

In the end, both names were deleted.

Yang Pan-seok chuckled.

“Hey, this is a very difficult situation!”

Interpretation: Cha Jae-gyun, you bastard, are we playing Gensei?


“……that day.”

Representative Won Ok-bun carefully opened his mouth. It was a traumatic day for everyone.

The day the gate was opened on the first day of his tenure.

“I left the National Assembly on the back of an aide. We have been friends for 28 years since we were prosecutors.”

She muttered with an expressionless expression. It wasn’t very emotional.

“…I used bizarre magic to drive away the monsters, and then died of excessive bleeding in front of the hospital. I lay down in front of him, who has already passed out.”

She muttered, stroking her nails with her cloudy eyes. He wasn’t eloquent, so his words were muffled, but the dreadful atmosphere took hold of everyone.

Mrs. Won Ok-bun smiled sadly.

Of course, it was a distorted smile due to a nervous disorder.

“I’m the one who used to open up even when gangsters came into the office carrying sashimi and cut off their eyes. But politics is fun. After 17 years, I turned a person into an idiot.”

She said to herself as if it was an uninteresting joke.

“by the way. Because the person I’ve been with all my public life is dead. I’m thinking a lot about the past. I want to know what I can do for this country.”

Silence followed for a moment.


Wonok-min muttered again.

“If we go on like this, the country will perish.”

It’s a cool warning

“I want to do something called true patriotism after 28 years of public service. What does the National Assembly do in a country without a president?”

Yang Pan-seok gently accepted the opinion.

“I deeply agree with the views of our member. So, uh, I have two eyes, how would you like to hear it?”

“Tell me. Doctor Yang.”

“first. The presidential election will be held within 38 days from now.”

According to the Public Official Election Act, in principle, a by-election is held within 60 days of the absence of the president.

However, the Supreme Court Justice, who is the chairman of the National Election Commission, also died, and all related high-ranking officials are dead. or disappear.


“There are millions of people locked up in their homes because of the monster. When do you know how to take back Seoul and vote?”

Some senator’s objection was correct. Yang Pan-seok also faltered and accepted the word.

“Yes. A president elected like that will not even be recognized by the people. It will probably take longer for the presidential by-election to take effect. There will be a huge gap in administrative power.”

Now a second offer awaited.

“Come on, second. The minister, who is also serving as a member of the National Assembly, will take off the gold badge and then take over as acting authority.”

Interpretation: It’s moral, it’s rude, just push it.

“…Is that going to happen?”

“There is nothing that can’t be done. In the yard with a hole in the sky.”

There was no one in this place who did not know this.

Everyone looked at one person.

5th term MP. Appointed as Minister as soon as the election is confirmed.

A legend in the detective world. Judicial Research and Training Institute jockey.

Current Minister of Justice.

7th in the order of authority.

Won Ok Min.

Yang Pan-seok threw a gravestone.


Won Ok-bun is telling him to take off the gold badge and act as president. Everyone naturally turned to her.

Then there’s something she said earlier.

‘I want to do something called true patriotism after 28 years of public service. What does the National Assembly do in a country without a president?’

Interpretation: Shouldn’t we make a president somehow?

If you think carefully about it.

It sounds like I want to be president.


Perhaps this is what Yang Pan-seok was aiming for from the beginning. No, it was this. I was thinking about Won Ok-bun’s intentions while turning the words round and round for nothing.

I looked back on the flow of conversation so far.

At first, because Yang Pan-seok did not have a sense of president,

(Interpretation: Okbun, do you want to be president?)

Won Ok-bun brought up the story of his 28-year-old aide.

(Interpretation: I will.)

And Pan-seok Yang, who received that word, naturally appointed Won Ok-bun.

(Interpretation: Do it.)

In conclusion, she asked for a moment to ponder. But the answer was obvious.

Really, my

Politics was such a strange thing. The long meeting the 12 people had so far was nothing more than a secret conversation between the two sleep dragons.

However, I did not say a single word at the meeting that followed.

It was an action conscious of the recorder.

Besides, isn’t the NIS in military uniform surrounding this area? Even if there is a wiretapping machine, it is not unnatural.

And Yang Pan-seok said,

They were all rescued earlier than us. And he said that he was being “protected” by Cha Jae-gyun and had just been released.

After signing the operation agreement that Cha Jae-gyun brought out, he was locked up in a hotel for personal protection. Perhaps it was the act of fear of impeachment.

Perhaps, if Yang Pan-seok and I hadn’t been the first to resolve Cha Jae-gyun’s worries (Ground Operations Command), we would have been indebted to the hotel.

Cha Jae-gyun ate the military safely without worrying about impeachment. Ground Operations Command, Gyeryongdae, Joint Chiefs of Staff, USFK, etc.

Even our share was large there. Didn’t we all turn into rebels except Cha Jae-gyun?



Their eyes met with the yangpan-seok.

Yangpan-seok also set fire to the atmosphere and didn’t say a word. We feel that we can relate to each other.

Perhaps the coup d’état was already successful.

Also by our hands.


I did not open my mouth until the end because I was concerned about the eavesdroppers and the recorders. The power Cha Jae-gyun currently holds was that terrifying.

Of course, there is such a thing as gold.

line that must not be crossed.

If 12 people were involved and impeached Cha Jae-gyun, he would move the army. If Cha Jae-gyun killed 12 of us, the people would rise up.

Politics had several of these forbidden techniques.

And I think,

“…this seems a bit over the line.”


Yang Pan-seok held a recorder at me.

These are the minutes of the previous underground parliamentary meeting.

“Who are you going to give this to?”

“Cha Jae-gyun.”

I couldn’t help but be amazed at Yang Pan-seok’s casual remarks.

“You should bring this to the Gangbuk Martial Arts Command.”

“No, Doctor Yang! What!?”

The raccoon laughed.

“If it is a beast that cannot be stopped, it must ride on its back.”

Now the feeling has come.

Yang Pan-seok deliberately set a gap between the National Assembly and the military, and then reached out to Cha Jae-gyun through me.

“Did I just say line?”


“No principle is my principle.”

He quietly and gently placed the tape recorder in my hand.

“I want you to remember what I said when I went out on the Han River on a yacht.”

He patted my shoulder as he passed.

“You are mine.”

The yangban-seok had left me, who had hardened, and secretly disappeared somewhere.

I stood there for a while, silently staring at the tape recorder in my hand.

Yang’s strategy was simple.

It’s a fight between the National Assembly and the military and loses both legs. Maybe Wonokbun will be a meat shield.

Outwardly hostile, they hold hands under the water.

It is not different from the previous policy.

In many ways, it’s a bat strategy.


I couldn’t deny Yang’s last words.

“…I, really.”

Do bats recognize bats?

Or is it because I learned politics from Yang Pan-seok?

It’s ironic.

I put the recorder ‘Hana’ that Yang Pan-seok gave me in my inner pocket.

There are now ‘two recorders’ in it.

The recorder I was concerned about wasn’t the NIS thing.

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