A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 31

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 31

EP 7 – Northern Wind (1)

“North Korea used nukes to stop the monster.”

Cha Jae-kyun said.

“On the Korean Peninsula, there was only one gate in Seoul, but many gates were opened just above the Korean Peninsula. Shenyang, Jilin, Yanbian, etc…”

A gate was opened above North Korea.

“Then how many in total?”

“You can’t pinpoint just one place. It happened sporadically over a large area.”

filthy a lot

“The problem is that China used a strategy to push monsters into foreign territory.”

China pushes the monsters to North Korea.

“A lot of monsters poured down into North Korea, and yesterday around 8:52, North Korea used a nuclear bomb 20km north of Hyesan, Ryanggang Province.”

North Korea uses nuclear bombs to stop the monster.

“In terms of Mt. Baekdu, it is the southern foot of the mountain. As it is an active volcano, there is a possibility of an eruption.”

“…Any damage?”

“It depends on the wind direction. We don’t know where the ash will go. Well, fortunately, scholars claim that it is unlikely to explode. The nucleus is so small that it deviates from the plate boundary…”

If I did it wrong, Mt. Baekdu could have exploded, but it’s not. I breathed a sigh of relief, but Cha Jae-gyun added calmly.

“The damage that varies greatly depending on the wind direction is still the same.”


“You never know where the radioactive fallout will go.”

* * *

The country has been turned upside down

The price of ‘Gangbuk Style’, which is represented by a 70,000 won can of tuna, has begun to spread.

“It costs 10,000 won for one ramen. Also in Busan.”


Ho-jung frowned and covered her mouth.

Yang Il-ho asked me with a nervous expression.

“Isn’t the radioactive fallout coming down this way?”

“……It’s summer now, so the continental wind blows. Southeast monsoon.”


“Damn, the wind blows from the sea to the land.”

“Then the fallout won’t come to us…?”

I nodded my head once.

However, the reality is that no one can guarantee what will happen to the wind because you never know what will happen. There are typhoons, too.

On TV, the announcer aggravated the social chaos.

– It is estimated that the nuclear bomb dropped near Mt. Baekdu weighed about 7 kilotons. It is half the size of Hiroshima. The authorities claimed that they were doing their best to measure the fallout damage, but some predicted the possibility of an explosion of Mt. Baekdu…

“Hey, sis-pal, what are you doing without even putting up a press guide…!”

“brother! Be patient!”

“Ah-oh! Whoa!”

Without a president, the horns are running wild. Cha Jae-gyun is the only king in the vicinity of Seoul, and there is no way to stop the media from talking down there.

Of course, the more the media fussed about raising the ratings, the more obvious the country would be.

‘It’s a big deal’ The more you encourage it, the more people get upset, and then the ‘big thing’ becomes a ‘big thing’.

I took a sip of carbonated water in succession, trying to moisten my burning throat. Then, like a madman, I banged on the remote to change the channel.

– Citizens isolated in Gangbuk are covered in fallout…

– The size of the explosion is not confirmed in detail…

– Baby shark turu ut turu…

– A large-scale protest took place in Uijeongbu…!

– The military authorities have not come up with a clear plan…

Of course, I didn’t even listen to the TV content. The power of the word nuclear bomb itself was so great.

I picked up the eighth call from an acquaintance. The phone is on fire and a call comes in.

“hello? Oh yes. aunt. Yes. it’s okay. Yes. There’s nothing wrong with that. Hey, I’m safe, of course! Yes. Don’t worry. Yes, yes, ah, I have to go to a meeting now, yes. hang up.”

The impact of the third nuclear bomb used in history was so great. People are trembling in fear. I lost strength in my legs and fell over the sofa.

As soon as one call was disconnected, a new ringtone rang.


– Seungmoon.

“Ah yes. Senator.”

It is a slate stone. He said to me in a gloomy voice.

– This is martial law command.

“Ah, are you in Gangbuk?”

– Do you have a secret room where we met with the vice-minister before? come over there now As soon as possible.

“Yes, I understand.”

The phone was disconnected with the sound of Yang Pan-seok’s ‘I’m here now’. It seems that you are with several people.

At the front door, while holding the prosthetic leg in a hurry and whining, the phone rang again.


-hey. are you okay


– Are you okay?

“Oh, uh.”

-be careful.

drop. Yeo Do-yeon’s phone was disconnected.

I looked at my phone with a puzzled heart.

There were 24 missed calls from Yeo Do-yeon.


“Ah, you are here. Sit down.”

“Forgive me for being late.”

“No, no. come here”

I was less limp as much as possible and ran to the side of the yangban and sat down. About eight people were sitting in the back room.

Cha Jae-gyun, Deputy Minister of National Defense.

Won Ok-bun, acting president of the presidency.

Yang Pan-seok, a member of the Democratic Party.

Deputy Minister of Strategy and Finance.

Director of the National Intelligence Service.

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

US Ambassador to Korea.

Busan mayor.

Including me, there are nine.

Is this the highest meeting in Korea right now? Looking back, the personnel were carefully distributed.


Republican Party,


Sejong city government organization,



Representatives of each power representing the local self-governing system are gathered.

I smiled inwardly with a smile of conversion.

My judgment was not wrong. Efforts so far have not been in vain.

I have now gained the right to attend this place as a ‘representative of superpowers’. Also as a celebrity politician.

When Cha Jae-gyun gave the signal, the head of the National Intelligence Service opened his mouth.

“An additional call came in an hour ago. It’s not enough to stop the monsters coming down from the north right now…”

In the next words, the conference room turned over.

“I’m going to detonate a few more nuclear bombs.”


bang! The mayor of Busan smashed the desk while showing off his roaring momentum as a presidential sledgehammer.

“We need to warn you and take action right now! This is out of line!”

Interpretation: First of all, I’m trying to save face by shouting, but I don’t really know how to do it, so you guys should try it on your own…!

The US ambassador to Korea smiled and presented a calming appeasement book.

“How about sending an army to block the border instead? Please consider advancing some of the encircling corps north.”

Interpretation: The Korean military will solve it.

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff answered in a spirited voice.

“We are fighting against an enemy that does not diminish, so it is quite difficult to build a siege network. Also, if you don’t know what will happen to our troops if they enter North Korean territory, and if you consider the legitimacy of the regime there, it’s probably not a very good choice. In addition, in order to protect the duty of the South Korean military, it is desirable to prioritize the safety of its own people by maintaining the encirclement network.”

Interpretation: f**k

The deputy minister of the Ministry of Strategy and Finance shone coldly in his eyes full of intelligence.

“Fear is eroding the economy. It is already on the verge of bankruptcy, just like the time of the IMF. It’s a pity that the whole world has collapsed together, but if only Korea had opened the gate, the country would have already collapsed.”

Because the economy is bad, you know what to do.

The head of the National Intelligence Service kept a poker face and reported calmly.

“There is growing dissatisfaction among citizens isolated in Gangbuk. Not to mention the protests already. The whole nation is trembling with anxiety over the fear of fallout.”

I changed the comment group, but I couldn’t change the opinion.

I glanced at the clock and saw that 1 hour and 16 minutes had passed since the meeting started. Soldiers and administrators wereted an hour and 16 minutes shivering and whining.

This is a chronic problem in Korea. Tall people are too scared It’s only natural to save yourself as you have a lot to lose.

Whoops, I heard a small sigh next to me.

Yang Pan-seok’s eyes flashed and he and Won Ok-bun looked at me.

okay. Basically, this is what politicians specialize in.

The old raccoon dog finally opened his mouth.

“Well, first of all, I heard your opinion.”

Yang Pan-seok stroked his beard with a look that seemed to have something to do with it.

“Radioactive fallout, rising prices, heating public opinion. etc. The whole country is in a state of chaos due to North Korea’s atrocities.”

He looked at the crowd seriously.

“To add to my small opinion, the damage that nuclear bombs do to us is not the root cause.”

I also added my own words as a disciple of Yang Pan-seok.

“…are you saying that people’s fear is the root cause?”

Won Ok-bun answered this question instead. All politicians seem to think the same.

“okay. Taking care of the people’s livelihood is our urgent priority.”

Interpretation: Let’s agitate

Yang Pan-seok smiled happily.

“Would you like to hear my thoughts first…?”

It was said that professional scammers would solve it, so gunman and penman should be out of the way.


Yang’s plan was simple.

noodle soup.

Even though I was even slightly insulted for making this statement, everyone could not hide their admiration for the explanation that followed.

After all, everyone knows enough when they’re at the top. I just fell into a sudden panic and panicked.

The leaders, who calmed down around the yangban-seok, put on the flesh, and a pretty cool picture was completed.

I watched Cha Jae-gyun’s press conference announced three days ago in the back seat of the car.

This was Yang’s first plan.

‘Warning from the Commander-in-Chief of the Military’.

– We express great concern and warning for the very negligent behavior of the North Korean puppet regime.

There will be no further warnings, and I would like to tell the people that our air force has already seized the air supremacy of North Korea and is ready to strike North Korean territory anywhere…

It is true that the Air Force took over the air supremacy of North Korea. It is also true that it can strike North Korea anywhere.

However, it will hit the monsters pushing down into North Korea.

If North Korea collapses anyway, all those monsters come here. It can also deter the use of additional nuclear weapons.

But in the end, they are helping North Korea for free. Perhaps this was also the goal of North Korea.

South Korea’s ‘voluntary’ help. If you ask them to help first, then the government’s cause will be shaken.

First, we made the u-jju-jju with deep engravings of what they were doing. And once, for the domestic consumption, Waku was beautifully woven and spread.

Of course, the people could not be satisfied with this. What time period is it that you will be deceived by this kind of tongue-in-cheek? Unsurprisingly, the left and the right immediately started a great scuffle on the Internet.

everything is as planned

In response, we have introduced a powerful leader to bind public opinion.

The second plan of yangban stone.

Won Ok-bun took office.

At that moment, Yang Il-ho from the driver’s seat asked me a question.

“Oh right. brother! Rep. Won Ok-bun, who accepted acting as president the day before yesterday.”


“I’m a Republican, right?”

“It’s all knitted up anyway.”

I skipped over the guy’s question and thoughtfully thought about her acceptance speech as an agent.

‘…We are facing the worst crisis since the founding of the country. In these turbulent times, we have already lost many families. So do I. 28 years together-


……–I will accept the request of the ruling and opposition National Assembly and accept the duties of acting president. We will strongly respond to unknown threats and foreign influences.

country! Right, I’ll set it up.

The rest will be shown in action. The speech is over.’

The sudden north wind, which blew in the north wind, made her the leader without much objection.

Of course, in fact, she was the leader jointly appointed by the National Assembly and Cha Jae-gyun.

Besides, he doesn’t have one eye and he doesn’t look good. Won Ok-bun immediately went to the temporary headquarters of the ROK-U.S. Combined Forces Command and shouted.

Don’t be shy, take the lead and fight together.

At her shout, the U.S. uncle, the commander of the ROK-U.S. Combined Forces, nodded and signed the document.

Of course, the reason the United States graciously accepted the expansion of the war was because the special forces sent by Cha Jae-gyun saved the American ambassador to Korea with bloodshed. In the beginning, he said that this was a deal that went under the water with the expansion of participation in the war.

I don’t know. People who watched the majestic appearance of the president of our country on live broadcast danced. The internet reaction was also hot.

In other words, Cha Jae-gyun and Won Ok-bun held a soup show for two consecutive days. And Yang Pan-seok’s third plan was executed yesterday.

The first legislation of the special committee of the National Assembly.

Eleven members of the National Assembly, including myself, (Ok-won Won is missing) passed a bill to help the ‘guild’ beat the monsters that stir up the southern part of Gyeonggi-do through the emergency legislation of the Special Committee on Monster Response.

In other words, 11 gold badgers bowed their heads 90 degrees in front of the camera, saying, ‘The people with superpowers will protect the people from now on!’ it claimed that It was a very nice scenery.

There, David Kim and Hong Seon-ah were inaugurated as the guild president and vice president.

And on the first day of his inauguration, he splendidly caught six monsters and kicked them.

Their power show and fire show gained popularity in the media. About 20 superhumans filmed a hero movie in the city center. It was obvious how the people would react.

This happened in just 3 days.

first day,

Cha Jae-gyun showed off his military presence in a cool press conference and sent a warning to North Korea.

And he eroded his reputation for Wonokbun.

Second day,

As Won Ok-bun took over as acting president, he was promised the expansion of the U.S. military’s participation in the war with one majestic shout.

It was originally done by Cha Jae-gyun.

third day,

11 members of the National Assembly formed a guild in a united manner and defeated the monster.

originally i did it

All of the processes up to now have been ‘things I had originally planned to do’ and ‘things that didn’t matter much’. There were no new and novel countermeasures.

It’s just that the order and shape of the work are neatly refined. Because this was our style of politics.


Cha Jae-gyun and I were able to quickly run the guild and organize southern Gyeonggi-do.

Wonokbun firmly established the cause of his shortcomings,

The National Assembly established a justification for revitalizing the special committee.

In addition, public peace of mind.

Everyone benefited from the holiday gift shells. If this is a real talent, then it’s a talent. Now it was time for me to eat the fruit.

And finally the fourth day came.

This time it’s my turn.

“Im here!”


Yang Il-ho stopped the car. I opened the car door.

As soon as we got off, a lot of camera flashes poured out. I quietly headed towards the podium.

I walked slowly, closed my eyes for a moment, and remembered the conversation with Yang Pan-seok.

‘Whether it’s a large-scale protest or inflation, it’s because everyone is anxious. After all, haven’t we been living with knives on our branches since the armistice? People do this because they are a little embarrassed. In fact, it’s not like it’s anything special.’

‘…do you really think so?’

‘no! A radioactive fallout might come, and North Korea might turn around and detonate a few more bombs. But does it matter now?’


‘right! When people believe ‘we’re fine’, the real problem is solved no matter what. That’s the point.’

‘Are you saying you want to pickle your brain with soup?’

‘It’s nothing special to create a patriotic mood for 4 days in a row. To do that, I need your help.’

‘…What can I do?’

‘You are Zhuge Gong Myung from now on.’

I got on the podium and took a deep breath for a while.

Yang Pan-seok’s last words echoed in his head.

‘Blow southeast wind…!’

I opened my mouth with a firm voice.

“The red gang is testing the patience of the nation.”

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