A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 33

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 33

EP 7 – Northern Wind (3)

dark circles.

frizzy hair.

gloomy and gloomy eyes.

trembling hands.

stuttering words.

staggering footsteps.

That was the chaewon I knew.

A poor girl suffering from trauma.

But now I have changed my mind a bit.

“…what happened?”

Chae-won Pi is holding her breath at the front door of our house, exhausted. He looks scruffy and tired.

“Your expression has improved a lot.”

However, only her eyes were shining a gun that had never been seen before in her youthful face.

“…Did you say you will be my guardian?”

“It was.”

she bumped into me

“Please don’t ask me anything just for once.”

* * *

I brought Pi Chae-won into the house.

From the Martial Law Command in the northern part of Gyeonggi-do to Tongyeong in Gyeongsangnam-do. I wondered how he got here in the yard where the roads were all blocked off, but that didn’t matter.

Since you’re not a normal person, how did you find out? Skip the stupid questions and get to the point.

“Um, it’s a bit embarrassing that you came so suddenly.”


“No, no, the student first got the courage, so I’ll tell you straight up.”


“Take this from now on.”

I handed him a towel. He blinked his eyes wide and looked at me as if he was asking what it was.

“The bathroom is the second room after a stir and turn left.”


“I’m going to prepare dinner, so please wash up first.”

I smiled bitterly.

“I’m going to wiggle.”



White seaweed was coming out of the pressed barley rice, and I picked up some sea bass sashimi on top of it.

“This is the fish called perch. The emperor of the Zhou Dynasty saw this and said that it was the cornerstone of unification of the world.”


“That’s why it’s delicious to eat with rice.”

mind! This is Ham Mubara! Dijinda baby!

yum. I took out various side dishes and poured them on the plate of Pichaewon. With a bewildered look, he awkwardly ate the side dishes I had given him.

I must have been very hungry Heck, I couldn’t have been able to eat three full meals a day in the same yard as I went on a national journey with my bare body.

With a bright red face, Pi Chae-won bowed her head and continued eating. I smiled and looked at him with warm eyes.

It’s because I’m full just looking at our future poem, 未來視, eating. oh my gosh

“Hey, sir, I’m going to pretend.”

Perhaps bored, Yeo Do-yeon came to the table, dragging the rabbit-shaped slippers, and sat down at the table. She said to me in a solemn voice.

“Just a bite.”

It wasn’t that he was bored, but he seemed to be craving for a late-night snack. I shoved a few pieces of wasabi-coated perch sashimi into Yeo Do-yeon’s mouth and opened her mouth.

“By the way, what’s the matter, are you asking for help?”


You don’t tell me either. I stopped thinking about it and laughed hehehe.

“Oh, did I tell you not to ask?”

If Chae-won Pi had come all the way here directly from Gangbuk without contact, it must have been something unusual.

In particular, it is suspicious that he came in person.

I don’t think it’s bullshit that I couldn’t contact you because I didn’t have a cell phone, and if that’s the case, it means that it’s something that shouldn’t be recorded on the computer network.

It would be quite serious if a high school student would even consider the computer network and records. Or it’s illegal and clandestine.

There was no need to dig. The boy opened his mouth carefully first.

“……It’s about monsters.”


“Could you go to Gangbuk with me, with reliable hunters?”

The words were a bit awkward, but the purpose was quite interesting.

But I still don’t like it very much.

Even if Pi Chae-won sees the future, it is difficult to completely trust it. I don’t even know what happened, but I can’t trust this guy’s judgment-

“…Uncle Cheol-i also said the same thing.”

iron man.

persimmon iron.

let’s get cold

……So. The cold-blooded boy is caught up in something and needs my secret help in the meantime. is this

The judgment of the cold is very reliable. Let’s get past this issue for now.

“If you ask me to take reliable hunters, does that mean that there will be situations where we will use force?”


“Then why do you need to bring more than one?”

I put a bowl of rice to my mouth and placed my hand on Yeo Do-yeon’s shoulder, who was eating the instant sashimi bowl. A harsh response came back.

“……What you looking at?”

“I like it.”

“Oh really…”

Don’t I already have a left blue dragon and a right white tiger?


“By the way, isn’t it a blue dragon and not a zoukjak?”


“Oh, my, my.”

I drove the car around the road near the station. Yeo Do-yeon and Pi Chae-won were in the back seat. Yeo Do-yeon said suddenly.

“Hey, isn’t it a bit strange for a lawmaker to drive with his secretary?”

“Are you aware that Ji is the secretary?”

Yeo Do-yeon rolled her eyes with a warm expression. I just got my 7th grade secretary’s salary yesterday.

“Well, I’m driving…”

“Did you have a license?”

“After graduating from high school, we got it together. idiot.”

“No, I didn’t even know it was there because I hid it in a closet.”


“Anyway, don’t go anywhere and say such scary things. You give out your sister’s license when you buy soju. know?”

The expression on her face in the rearview mirror did not show a vicious devil. To be more specific, it could be said that he was a thug on the verge of getting into a person.

Either way, it’s bad for your mental health.

I was sure to die the moment I put the steering wheel down, so I didn’t park the car and deliberately circled around the station.

A familiar face caught my eye.

cold impression.


Beige long coat.

Red magic that glows softly from the tip of the hair.

The expressionless Hong Seon-ah was wandering in the city center, throwing cold eyes around her.

I stood next to the cold city girl and honked my horn briefly.

– bread !


I rolled down the car window and called her.

“It’s been a while, Hong Seon-ah.”

“ah! You were surprised!”

“Come on.”

She climbed into the passenger seat with a distressed expression on her face. Then I looked back at the back seat.

“Oh! Doyeon’s older sister! Long time no see…!”

Nucksal is good too. Hong Seon-ah broke her voice and half cried and shook Do-yeon’s hand.

“……Uh huh. Long time no see.”

Yeo Do-yeon was greeted quietly, but I realized that it was awkward and embarrassing to me. Hong Seon-ah also greeted Pi Chae-won, who was next to her.

“what! hello friends? My sister is Hong Seon-ah! Call me Seon-ah unnie!”

“Ah, ah, yes…”

The atmosphere became ambiguous when one insa was eaten between the two of them. I, who was quite friendly, intervened in the conversation.

“What coat? Although it is late summer, it is still hot…”

“I don’t get that heat!”

Hong Seon-ah grabbed the back of my neck.

I suddenly felt strange.

Something is hot, but hot is not hot.

I have to say that the heat isn’t particularly bothersome. Anyway, it’s a weird feeling. When Hong Seon-ah let go of her hand, it started to feel hot again.

“Mr. Hong Seon-ah.”


“Would you like to go with me in the summer?”

“If I hold hands with the oriental doctor, I will remember the trauma and not hold it!”

Hong Seon-ah smiled, spit out a half-joke, and started to fasten her seat belt, but I remembered the half-joking intently.

Dark, suffocating, red eye beams approaching in an instant and nailing their teeth to the nape of their neck.

ID line.

Even though it was a road that I got out of hand in hand with Hong Seon-ah, it was an experience that gave me chills just thinking about it. Especially the one sticking out of the sewer lid that caught my ankle-

“By the way, what did you call me for?”


I got out of my thoughts and told Hong Seon-ah about the business.

“I need a heavy-mouthed, reliable hunter.”

“Oh, it’s me!”

Hong Seon-ah’s immediate answer came out, but the expressions of the two guys in the back seat looking through the rear-view mirror were not very reliable.

But I knew how big-mouthed Hong Seon-ah was.

When it comes to covert and forceful work, it’s best to go with the elite.

If you’re going to catch one big guy, Yeo Do-yeon is enough.

If you’re going to catch a lot of little guys, Hong Seon-ah is the best.

Of course, if it becomes dangerous, I will run away immediately, but I decided to get confirmation until the end.

I looked back for a moment.

“Does Chae-won know Hong Seon-ah?”

Hong Seon-ah was quite famous. You know just how strong it is. Pi Chaewon nodded her head slightly.

“Is this enough then?”

Likewise, Pi Chae-won nodded her head.

I stepped on the accelerator toward Gangbuk.


“Oh, you are in trouble.”

“Loyalty! I’ll help you check the permit, ah, Senator!”

“It’s about the guild and I’m going to beat the monster. Can I use some military roads?”

“Ah, yes!”

As the soldier gestured, the barrier went up, and we safely entered the military road.

If I had used the general road, I would have been messing around on the highway for an entire day, but on the military road, there were no traffic jams except for the occasional tank and truck passing by.

let’s go From here to the northern part of Gyeonggi-do, as long as there is no blockage.

“It takes about six hours.”

“Can I play music?”


I played Kim Kwang-seok’s 2nd album in the car via Bluetooth.

“I’m going to play what I like.”

The gloomy electronic piano prelude of ‘I Love You’ began to sound.

Big…! I let out a thick groan, drunk by the atmosphere.

Yeo Do-yeon closed her eyes and tilted her head with a look of that bastard starting again, and Pi Chae-won tilted her head wondering whose song this is.

When I heard the vibrato of the sad chorus, Hong Seon-ah looked at me with a complicated expression.

“Seungmoon, you were such a person…?”


“no. just……”

Hong Seon-ah stopped talking awkwardly. I asked her, speeding up on an empty highway.

“By the way, why did you tell me to pick you up at the broadcasting station?”

“ah! right! That TV is coming!”


She replied with a fuss. Come to think of it, I thought my makeup went well today. It looks like it went through the hands of a professional.

“Section TV Entertainment Communication!”

“……No, why are you there?”

“what! Can’t I go out there?”

“Hong Seon-ah is not a talent.”

Hong Seon-ah looked at me with disgusted eyes.

“Ah… Talent?”


“Oh, no. I want you to be mature in your choice of words…”

“Are you saying you’re noticing me right now?”

“I didn’t.”

“Originally, people in Busan say they are all talented!”

Yeo Do-yeon, who had her eyes closed, said in a solemn voice.

“I don’t.”

“Weren’t you sleeping?”

“My sister doesn’t sleep.”

Hong Seon-ah chuckled and laughed at me.

“it’s okay! Twenty-eight is old enough!”

“I’m twenty-seven.”

“That or that!”

Yeo Do-yeon (28 years old, secretary), who looked in the rearview mirror, flinched for a moment, but I tried to ignore the pitiful appearance and concentrated on driving.

“What have you been doing lately, Hong Seon-ah?”

“Umm, catch monsters, go to restaurants, catch monsters, Chun-sik does the uncle’s drinking business, catches monsters, goes out to entertainment…”

“Did you go to entertainment?”

Hong Seon-ah asked with a sullen expression.

“Can’t Hunter go on TV?”

“Aren’t you a celebrity?”

“You look like a celebrity?”

“Since when?”

“Since birth?”

You’re strong. She smiled and looked at me. I continued driving with a trembling expression on my face.

Hong Seon-ah suddenly muttered as if it was nothing special.

“Hmm. Isn’t it similar to how politicians go out on TV?”

He said that he had fun with media play, and that I couldn’t.

sharp stabs In fact, Hong Seon-ah has been gaining a lot of popularity for her gorgeous abilities, looks, and tongue.

That was what I was wary of right now.

There is no need to attract an angler who covets hunters for nothing. The influence on this floor had to be solely in my hands.

More than anything. Hong Seon-ah was a character who was easy to make public opinion on her side. Naturally, my influence on her is bound to diminish.

I said bluntly.

“Ugh. The job that hunters perform is practically close to official work. Hong Seon-ah, there’s nothing to worry about, but the other hunters…”


“Well, journalists have to be very clever. I want you to always be careful because you can frame the hunters and make a centipede profit, and I’m worried. This is it.”

Hong Seon-ah shed her open eyes at me.

“My senator, are you surprisingly a little possessive?”

shit. It’s also quick.

She smiled softly as she pretended to pinch my forearm.

“If you turn on the radio, I will cut the broadcast!”

“Turn it on.”

“Oh yea!”


– …..This is a resolution to protect the constitutional order, and this is immediately notified to the National Assembly.

There was no song to come out, and a solemn voice was heard.

and. It was a familiar voice.

– Accordingly, in accordance with Article 77 of the Constitution, guard martial law has been declared for the Gyeonggi-do area as of this time.

Acting President Won Ok-bun declared martial law.

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