A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 36

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 36

EP 7 – Northern Wind (6)

walking on the line

You have to do what you have to do.

what to do

* * *

North Gyeongsang Prison. Commonly known as Cheongsong Prison, it is the worst criminal den in Korea. It is said that death sentences are imprisoned in a detention center, where all those sentenced to life imprisonment are gathered.

In that sense, the list of subjects Cha Jae-gyun gave me was a list of human garbage. Serial murder, homicide, infant rape.

“I remember it took quite a while to sort. Of course I didn’t do it.”

I looked at Cha Jae-gyun for a long time without saying a word. Cha Jae-gyun counted his life as an official.

“As a result of the internal investigation, 514 violent criminals were used as test subjects, and all but 14 escaped prisoners have already been killed.”

a little quick tone,

grim expression,

polite speech,

Even an office-like smile that is faintly felt.

“There were 17 civilian victims.”

It was the figure of Cha Jae-gyun I always saw.

“All 6 civilians conscripted during the recruitment process were killed, and 11 civilians contaminated with magical factors during the suppression of the escaped water were killed just before becoming a monster.”

“…is it a monster?”

“One of the Awakened Mutants has revealed infectivity. I heard that they turned the people around them into monsters in the form of spores, but they say they were killed.”

He was making terrible noises, but there was no particular change in his appearance.

“The person in charge of this experiment is Jeong Jun-seok, director of the National Intelligence Service’s Counter-Terrorism Security Bureau. “They were shot for the forced labor of civilians for confidentiality.”

Just, this was originally a person named Cha Jae-gyun. It was Vice Minister Cha Jae-gyun, whom I did not know.

There is no reason to be angry or disappointed.

Originally, this was Cha Jae-gyun.


“Do I look like a villain?”

I was just cutting this guy up on my own. I didn’t know Cha Jae-gyun.

“In the process of conscripting criminals, six civilians were killed and Director Jeong Jun-seok died. In addition, 42 people, including researchers and civilians, were killed in the unrest that occurred during the disposal of the specimen, and martial law was declared. Now, Director of the National Intelligence Service, Kim Do-hwan, is going to commit suicide tonight. Officially.”

I looked at him with an unknown expression. Cha Jae-gyun said to me.

“This case will be settled by appointing a person recommended by Won Ok-bun to the vacant head of the National Intelligence Service. In the future, I will have to share the NIS with Won Ok.”

Cha Jae-gyun asked calmly.

“Do you see me cutting off my tail?”

“Isn’t it?”

“You may believe it, but I didn’t know anything. At least until we got an emergency report around 8pm last night.”

This is the most difficult time in politics.

I don’t know what’s bullshit and what’s real.

Cha Jae-gyun suddenly picked up some papers and was examining them while tilting his glasses.

“One, conduct a human experiment on the worst criminals in Korea.

Two, now that the experiment is successful, get rid of the heinous criminals.”


“I have not been involved in anything other than directing two things. You can’t just hang on there. Besides, I can’t help but look at the problems that the front-line working team has all day. Either way, they didn’t even report it to me to hide the fault.”


“Oh, I’m not saying I’m avoiding responsibility. If you are resentful, you can do it. Besides, I was the one who gave the order to kill the monstrous civilians in order to destroy evidence. We have already paid a significant price to the politicians, and we will.”


“You look like you can’t believe it. I’ll tell you again and again, I’m not a laid-back person to meddle in the front lines.”

As if Cha Jae-gyun was talking about his daily routine, he continued talking calmly.


He really calmly told me about his daily routine.

“The Flying Monster has disrupted the existing rescue policy. Also, monsters that don’t have firearms often appear, which is a pain in the ass.

Some monsters can be killed with a single shot of a rifle, while others have five self-propelled guns attached to them, so they won’t fall down even if they fire.”


“You know what’s fun? The monster that had withstood the artillery fire of five self-propelled guns melted when water was poured with a fire engine. This is why field commanders are dying. It is completely different from conventional warfare.”


“Sometimes a 32-meter-tall giant monster appears, and a swarm of 2 cm-long killer bugs attacks the refugees. A flying monster self-destructs with a combat helicopter, and a sea monster appears in the sea off Busan.

No matter how many times I hold onto it, it won’t shrink. Even if you push the wires all the way to the front of the gate, there is no way to close the gate, so there is no way to end the attrition war.”

Cha Jae-gyun held out two fingers.


“Ammo and oil.”

And he delivered a horrifying prophecy.

“The moment either one of them falls, the Republic of Korea will be defeated.”


“We need a sustainable battle. A sustainable way of fighting. Don’t you already know our Senator Han Seung-moon?”

I answered bluntly.


“Yes. We need to get as many hunters as possible into the battlefield. And in the end, only the hunters should catch the monster.”

“…So, did you conduct a human experiment? To recruit hunters?”

Cha Jae-gyun gave me dry eyes.

“s*x offenders, serial killers, and survivors. It wasn’t a very difficult piece of flesh to cut out. Although unfortunate things have happened among the working-level staff, it must be tolerated. I.”

“…are you even pretending to be a hypocrite?”

“Didn’t I just tell you? There is no greater patriot than me.

I am the only person in power who can ‘objectively’ envision an efficient way without being biased towards power and honor. In my opinion, that was the only way the Republic of Korea could survive.”

I questioned him.

“Isn’t that a way to kill more monsters?”

He answered calmly.

“Is there any difference between the two?”


“You’re also smart.”

Cha Jae-gyun turned his attention to the documents again. And he continued the story without looking at me.

“We killed 514 heinous criminals to achieve our strategic goals. However, in the process, 48 innocent victims were killed. So two people died with that responsibility.”

He smiled bureaucratically, beckoning into the air with his fountain pen hand as if he needed more here.

“564 deaths.”


“Is there anything more I can explain now?”

there was no

I didn’t want to hear it either.


The only answer exists in a country that is doomed to destruction.

He cut out the rotten flesh to find the answer. There was also a little bit of normal blood. About 48 people to be exact.

standing at a crossroads

Walking on the red Han River, or crossing the passage of the Shinbundang Line.

I was arguing in front of him. And I didn’t want to go down that road, so I tried to run away.

“……First of all, I have to do what I have to do. Let’s fix the situation first.”

“Acting authority Won Ok-bun has already taken care of it.”

However, there was nowhere to retreat.

“This situation will be defined as North Korean terrorism.”

“…will North Korea tolerate that?”

No matter how we tried to stop the monsters through air raids, there was always a line in politics.

Usually, everyone was on the side of keeping that line.

“The new North Korean regime will tolerate it.”

sometimes it even breaks

“There seems to be a lot of talk in North Korea. Forced conscription, abandonment of defense lines, nuclear bombardment of civilian survival zones, fallout damage, etc.”

Cha Jae-gyun said with a pen in one hand and a barley tea in the other.

“Actually, the country is in chaos, so it must have been the idea of power. Ri Yong-su, Minister of the People’s Armed Forces of the State Council of North Korea, gave us the coordinates of the bunker where Chairman of the State Council is hiding.”


“The fighter-bombers going to attack the North Korean monsters will be carrying bunkersters.”

Cha Jae-gyun did not explain further, but I was able to fully anticipate what would happen next.

Our government is outraged by North Korea’s terrorism and has established national prestige by punishing the Chairman of the State Council.

The Minister of the People’s Armed Forces is outraged by the assassination of South Korea and at the same time occupies a power vacuum.

And as the two countries continue hostile propaganda towards each other, they regain their respective political stability amidst the chaotic situation.

Cha Jae-gyun uses the blood of hundreds of criminals and dozens of victims to install a respirator in South Korea, and takes care of the rest for political gain.


I had nothing to do.

As I kept my mouth shut with an expressionless expression, I heard Cha Jae-gyun’s plain voice.

“I have no intention of being hostile to Rep. Han Seung-moon.”


“We can have a fairly constructive symbiosis. and, above all, you have in your hands what I want the most.”

I was talking about superpowers.

“I have no intention of taking it away. And you can’t take it.”

The gold badge I was wearing was a stronger shield than ever. The 11-member National Assembly, led by Yang Pan-seok, is protecting me.

“I’ll break the cake.”


“Terrorism is the work of North Korea. I want you to make it clear at the press conference.”

He said to me with a formal smile, as always.

“Do you like politics?”

Because I’ll make you do whatever you like.

It was said to be an accomplice.


Cha Jae-gyun confiscated the cold and all the evidence I had.

Even my recorder disguised as a tie pin.

The cold person was in a position that could not reveal this from the beginning. Hwa-ran Cheon and Ga-myeon Gam were living in the research center of a university hospital near the martial law headquarters.

So, he tried to hide his identity until the very end, and then he tried to expose it through me, but well. This is how things turned out.

Hong Seon-ah was detained. If you are angry at the death of a friend who was protecting Apgujeong, it’s because Cha Jae-gyun, who had neglected the rescue, was also an indirect murderer.

And it was the day of the press conference.

I got on the vehicle provided by the military, took the script written by the military officer, and headed to the conference room with the soldiers.

It looks like there are strings attached to the hands and feet. How does a marionette feel?

I got out of the car, earnestly thinking about Yeo Do-yeon in my head.

A lot of camera lights poured out. Now, at first glance, I am used to it.

A podium in the distance caught my eye.

I walked on the red carpet,


This isn’t an awards ceremony, it’s some kind of red carpet. I looked down at the floor bewildered.

There was no carpet.

It’s just my illusion.

I was now standing on the red Han River.

Blood drips down to my ankles.

one step, one step forward

A red hand grabs my ankle. I walk away from them.

Reporters ask questions.

It’s a question about death. Why did they die, how many died, who died, how they died, what should I do if I don’t want to die?

All of the questions were roughly the same. Yellow tears flowed down from the black eyes that were blooming in the camera lens.

I reached the podium with a cane and limp.

The yangban-seok whispers in my ear. be patient This is the duty of politicians.

Passing through the red Han River like that,

I finally

He climbed onto the podium, covered in blood.

Looking back at the crowd for a while.

grab the mic

“……Hello, fellow citizens.

I am Han Seung-moon, a member of the National Assembly.”

Open your mouth in a hoarse voice.

“First of all, we wish the best of luck to the 11 victims who died in this raid.”

little contemplation. Now I’m used to crying.

“I, this situation…”

I shut my eyes tight.

“This monstrous situation is…”

And I thought of a lot of things.

“North Korea’s biological terrorism…”

Everything woven into the web where I stand.

The insurance I arranged and the psychology I didn’t know.

Of course, as always, judgment was quick,

“…I saw this as a terrorist attack in North Korea,”

The dice are thrown on the political board.

“I am here to incite the people.”

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