A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 37

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 37

EP 7 – Northern Wind (7)

The enemy who Pi Chae-won detects the National Intelligence Service and promptly urges the cold-blooded person to run away.


“There is no time for this! Hurry before they hit you…!”

“No, wait…”

Chaewon said the NIS was nearby.

In other words, we have detected our existence and started tracking.

You can never run away.

The cold seems to think differently, though. he hurriedly cried.

“I’m going downtown! Would you like to kill in the middle of the crowd?”

“Whether caught or not, let’s get insurance.”

I ignored the prompting of the cold person and selected only the key parts from the biological test evidence and gave it to Yeo Do-yeon.

“…what are you doing, are you?”

“Take this and go to Representative Yang Pan-seok.”


The case is gradually getting caught up in a vortex. First of all, you have to keep the most important thing.

“…Do you want me to play alone? Are you crazy?”

“Did you catch a lot of magic stones in the Shinbundang election? It runs faster than a car, so it jumps on its own.”

“Do you think I will?”

“If you give this to Senator Yang Pan-seok, he will help you out. It’s like chasing Cha Jae-gyun’s weakness, so it’s safer than having my sister stick to me and protect me.”


“Impeachment proceedings are possible only with evidence.”

How many mana stones have you absorbed from the Shinbundang Line, and you will be able to escape by yourself. So I gave Yeo Do-yeon a brown envelope and sent it to Yang Pan-seok.

…to protect the most important thing.

Of course, I didn’t know that there would be a test object on the 4th floor of Homeplus, and I did it without knowing that I would be arrested by the National Intelligence Service disguised as a police officer at the same time as the sniper.

* * *

In any case, the novel made a bestseller for a cold.

“This disaster is the result of a biological experiment done by Vice Minister Cha Jae-gyun, not North Korea.”

If it doesn’t sell well, it will burn. Crazy fireworks ride the camera and burn the country.

“The military’s Cha Jae-gyun forces conducted a biological experiment to create a corps of psychics.”

the whole country is on fire

Now, it’s time to call the southeast wind.

“And the ‘Cha Jae-gyun faction’ instructed me to deceive the people by instigating the current situation as the actions of North Korea.”

Cha Jae-gyun’s ‘force’.

First of all, the reverse use of yeonhwangye連環計. I warned you that if you stick to Cha Jae-gyun, you will be ashes together. Emphasizing the meaning of group was a warning against Cha Jae-gyun.

the beginning of slicing.

It is the cornerstone of frame composition.

“During the biological experiments of Cha Jae-gyun and his aides, the specimens turned into monsters escaped, and this is why the present situation has arisen.”

I thought Cha Jae-gyun was a tough person.

That wasn’t it.

“…… Cha Jae-gyun’s forces tried to brainwash healthy people into awakening in order to create a private organization of psychics.

However, their experiments only turned humans into monsters, and the result of those subjects escaping is the disastrous present.”

He repeated the most rational and objective choice without considering the feelings of others.

That is the essence of this cemetery.

He took all the initiatives in the early stages of the crisis and placed the National Assembly, the National Intelligence Service, the government, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff under his influence.

Maybe this is the mindset of a soldier. It can be seen as a top-down suit. But from a politician’s point of view, this was a very dangerous thing to do.

You can spit it out, but you can’t catch it.

Speaking in a double voice, Cha Jae-gyun did not please the kkondaes.

and this country,

It was their country.


In the most urgent situation, you should try to understand and understand the other person.

So I tried to figure out other people’s points of view.

First, it is the view of the National Assembly.

Members of Parliament live to live. The next election, the nomination massacre between factions, the prosecutor’s crazy sword dance every time the government changes, etc.

Members struggle for survival at every moment.

This is where the first reason the National Assembly helps me arise. ‘survival’.

Cha Jae-gyun detained politicians to prevent their nonsense.

Of course it was the right decision.

‘Why can’t the ROK Army still recover Seoul?’

‘We must declare war on North Korea!’

‘We must act quickly!’


‘Oh, I don’t know! Resign!’

Being in front of the camera like this is good for your eyes. The reason that the ROK military was able to wield its undisputed powers at the beginning of the crisis was because there was no check from the political authorities.

However, his mistake made them feel ‘life-threatening’.

And they’re not the kind of race that keeps things alive.

Now the second reason.

Members of Parliament are ‘elected public officials’.

The reason they are so powerful in a democratic society is that they can say that what they do is because the ‘people’ want it.

We are representatives of the people.

But is the current National Assembly really the representative of the people?

12 out of 300. Even Won Ok-bun is gone and now there are 11 members of the National Assembly?

The National Assembly inevitably has no choice but to move in such a way as to sway the public opinion.

in other words,

If you move public opinion, you move Parliament.

“I ask the National Assembly to propose a proposal for impeachment and dismissal of Cha Jae-gyun.”

ignited public opinion.

In the midst of being criticized for being an 11-member National Assembly, if the basics of the representative system are not followed, the legitimacy of the National Assembly will be ruined beyond hand.

So, the most important impeachment prosecution can be defeated.

Yang Pan-seok receives the evidence delivered through Yeo Do-yeon. Unless the yangban-seok betrays me. We can immediately suspend Cha Jae-gyun’s military command.

This is the ‘impeachment proceeding’.

The problem is then.

Recommendation for dismissal. Literally, I’m asking the president to cut Cha Jae-gyun.

Now let’s think from the point of view of the ‘government’.

In fact, the government was close to a secret relationship with Cha Jae-gyun. It was because Won Ok-bun was the case where Cha Jae-gyun’s acknowledgment took over as acting authority.

However, there was a clear reason for the government to curb Cha Jae-gyun.


Cha Jae-gyun coveted more power because he didn’t want his strategy to be hampered by the greed of the foolish incumbents.

seize defensive power. At least assuming Cha Jae-gyun didn’t deceive me.

the problem is,

In the eyes of others, there was no big difference from being blinded by power.

In politics, that was the most important thing.

Because Won Ok-bun, the half-president, must also feel threatened by him.

If there was an appropriate opportunity, the government would be willing to cooperate with Cha Jae-gyun.

However, the biggest stumbling block is that Wonokbun is indirectly related to the recovery process in this biological experiment.

“Cha Jae-gyun tried to cover up the situation by deceiving the Won Ok-bun government.”

That’s a problem I can solve.

“This is an obvious civil war. I look forward to the swift and decisive leadership of Acting Representative Won Ok-bun regarding the dismissal proposal proposed by the National Assembly.”

Ok Boon-ah. please cut this bastard off


Suspension of acting Minister of Defense authority through ‘impeachment proceedings’.

As a ‘recommendation for dismissal’, a justification is given to acting authority Won Ok-bun.

And if the acting authority fires Cha Jae-gyun, a member of the State Council, Cha Jae-gyun is almost a civilian.

From now on, it’s a serious fight.

Cha Jae-gyun, with his legal authority revoked,

would move the army.

Exercise of command without legal basis. It is a private organization and a military rebellion.

so. for that future,

Send a powerful message to the military.

“Cha Jae-gyun did not go through Won Ok-bun’s acting power and used his military commander-in-chief. The Joint Chiefs of Staff, Jijaksa, Martial Arts Command, and each corps were all deceived by only one appointed official.”

‘I’m only a fan of one guy.’

I’ll give you an indulgence, so act wisely.

Since Won Ok-bun, the king of the prosecution’s jockey, is in control of the organization, the media is fussy.

In other words, what I say now becomes fact.

Of course, the control of the press after that goes to Won Ok-bun.

However, Won Ok-bun is an elected official, and in this situation, it is a self-evident fact that it is better to kill Cha Jae-gyun unless he is a tall person.

Because we were the beasts that lived tied to the approval ratings.

…Now, I’ve done everything a man would do.

There’s no set formula for politics anyway, and there’s no guarantee that the ‘probable’ things I’ve predicted will actually happen.

A nuclear bomb may suddenly explode in Seoul, or the gates may run rampant and monsters may pour out like crazy.

Cha Jae-gyun could capture Busan and eat this country in an instant, or Yang Pan-seok could be on the same side as Cha Jae-gyun from the start.

You don’t know what the world will be like.

I thought it was possible and did it, but someone might think it wasn’t. What. it’s all it’s politics

I closed my eyes and remembered one of Zhuge Liang’s words.

Jin Insa Daecheonmyeong盡人事待天命.

Heaven will decide the rest.


A fierce fire burns all over the country.

The southeast wind blows.

The fire and fire are advancing towards the martial law headquarters in Gangbuk.

National Assembly, Government, Military, National Intelligence Service.

The dominion of power, the positions of each, and the public opinion are oscillating to stop Cha Jae-gyun from breathing.


i made it that way

It is up to them whether to skim the tailwind or overcome the headwind. Because no one knows who will burn.

Politics is like a spark. Because you never know who will burn first. So, now we are just waiting for the results.

It’s over.

“… Above all, I hope that a free and just Republic of Korea and its people will have infinite glory.”

The speech that ignited the embers that would burn up a country lasted about 1 minute and 30 seconds.

The shorter the political message, the more entrenched in the brain.

I went to the side of the podium and bowed deeply. slept for a long time. This was a kind of condolence.

…the wind will blow.

Hunters rebel against the country that neglected them, and within the National Intelligence Service, battles over responsibility and honor come and go.

In the worst case, a civil war could break out between the Martial Law Command in Gangbuk and the Provisional Joint Chiefs of Staff in Busan.

However, victory or defeat has already been decided.

The basis of supply is the rear, and in what era these days would a soldier shoot the same soldiers?

In fact, it is safe to say that Cha Jae-gyun is already over. In a democratic society, those in power who have lost the will of the people are already over.

I have already won this fight.

Cha Jae-gyun would be overthrown, and although he did not know how much blood would flow, morality without conviction triumphed, and he ended the breath of vice without an alternative.

And soon I will die too.

Cha Jae-gyun is not a hesitant person.

I limped back to the car I was riding in with a grim expression. Have you ever been shot during a speech?

laughter came out.

It was possible to pass the time by asking and answering reporters and running away to a nearby cafe, but I did not want to show myself being dragged and dragged in front of the public.

Of course, that would have more media play effects, but well. Do people really need to be so meticulous? I wish I had done something like this

The soldier who brought me here froze and didn’t even open the car door. okay. I did pop a little big one.

The reporters followed, but I smiled bitterly and was silent. Only then did the soldiers rush out the reporters.


I closed my eyes and leaned against the leather seat.

The vehicle began to move slowly.

There was laughter and laughter.

Maybe this car was heading to a gloomy cliff and I could have been treated as missing, but it wasn’t really scary when it came to this situation.

“What kind of wealth and glory should I enjoy…”

I was in the back seat, but I habitually fastened my seat belt. There was a time when I survived thanks to a seat belt, so I had to wear it.

I was immersed in various thoughts as I watched the scenery passing by quickly.

Maybe I have killed more people than Cha Jae-gyun.

Is the conscience of a person something that should be protected even by doing this?

Will my sister be okay?

I was supposed to go fishing with Yang Pan-seok tomorrow, but I couldn’t.

What will be the fate of the Earth?

Sweet and sour pork tastes best when it’s poured, but why doesn’t my sister know about it? I don’t know taste.

What are the criteria for dictatorship?

How would you feel if you got a bullet in your head?

Does a country that survives on the blood of innocent people deserve to exist?

Am I being overly morally clean?

I didn’t have lunch. Hungry.

Maybe I’m just afraid to ‘endure’ the sacrifice of a cow for the sake of the generation.

I stared at the window gloomy for a long time and fell into miscellaneous thoughts.

And suddenly, I realized that this car was not heading to the Martial Law Headquarters.

Where is it really destined to be buried in the gloomy wilderness?

I asked the driver sullenly.

weird. There is only one driver. Shall I strangle my neck from behind?

“…Hey, we’re not going to the Martial Arts Command—”.

hmm. I stopped talking and frowned.

The driver was only holding the steering wheel with his right hand.

I am a car accident survivor,

There was also one who was a driver with a member of parliament.

In the midst of this, there are some things that do not seem necessary to even guard the tongue.

Anyway, I told him, because I was a little sarcastic about the way I drive.

“Whatever you say, how about driving with both hands?”

“What if I don’t have a left hand?”

“Oh, I’m sorry, ….?”

The driver was one-armed.

And it was a familiar voice.


My Korean name is Kim Chun-sik. My English name is David Kim. He looks like a sheep, and he talks like a bastard. guild chief.

David Kim looked at me in the rearview mirror and smiled.

I looked at him with a blank face.

David Kim giggled for a while, then looked back at me and widened his one remaining eye.



“…it’s crazy, really!”

“Did you even see the last leaf? What is that pitiful expression on your face?”


My face burned with embarrassment, but I couldn’t control the rising corners of my lips, so I barely smiled with a strange face.

“Wow, Mr…! Really, the hell, how…?”

“Seonah had a speakerphone in her pocket. From the moment I met you.”


“Didn’t you suddenly take Seon-a to use it for a secret purpose? The world must be so cruel. I just wanted to know what to do for Seon-ah.”

look at this

“It’s a wiretapping-“

“Well, thanks to that, I had a rough idea of the situation there until just before Sun-ah was arrested. After that, we lost contact with them, but we did our best to deal with it. Got it?”

“Thanks to you, I am alive. thank you.”

David Kim drove toward Gangwon-do, not toward the martial law command.

how long has it been We arrived at the coastal cliff overlooking the East Sea.

Two vehicles and a soldier are standing.

As my tense body relaxed, I got out of the car and stumbled slightly. The sea breeze is very sweet today.

Whoa! David Kim leisurely lit a cigarette and blew a whistle to me.

“How does it feel to be alive?”

Just as I was about to answer, I heard an unfamiliar voice.

“Look at what you say to the senator. Aren’t you going to put out the fire right now?”

A well-dressed Two Star grabbed the cigarette that Chun-Sik Kim was holding and threw it on the floor.

David Kim raised his eyebrows in dissatisfaction and introduced him to me.

“Ah, this is, uh, umm. What does uncle mean in English?”


“This is Director Kim Doo-sik. my father’s brother.”

Kim Chun-sik’s uncle, Kim Doo-sik, approached me calmly and gave me a salute.

“Loyalty, this is Major General Kim Doo-sik, Chief of Staff of the 2nd Operation Command. Nice to meet you, Senator Han Seung-moon.”

His tone was dry, but he looked more like a person than Cha Jae-gyun. However, in terms of his facial expression, he was drier than Cha Jae-gyun.

I was a little reluctant as I kept thinking of Cha Jae-gyun.

Anyway, 2nd Operations Command. It was a place that controlled the national army south of Chungcheong-do.

When he took off his uniform, his neat bald head was revealed. Unlike Yang Pan-seok, who was half-bald, he was perfectly bald.

With the hat on his chest, Director Kim Doo-sik asked me to shake hands with an expressionless expression.

and said softly.

“He drinks a lot of foreign water, so he doesn’t have a lot of stuff. sorry.”

“Oh, no. Thanks to David, I saved my life twice.”

“Thank you if you think so. Follow me. First of all, I will take you to a safe place.”

He supported me and escorted me to the prepared vehicle.

Chick, Quajik!

David Kim’s car was thrown off a cliff. with one hand.

with a plop! The vehicle flew far away and fell into the sea. The plume of water bounced high.

Kim Doo-sik, who had a ribbed in his forehead, clicked his tongue as he saw David Kim waving his hand on his tak-tak pants.

“That was also made with taxes, you bastard.”

“I do not know. It’s not my country’s tax.”

“That’s why the sheep…”


Kim Doo-sik even opened the door so that I could board comfortably.

He pointed to my seat ‘respectfully’.

“Come on.”

It was the trunk.


drenched. drenched. Kim Doo-shik’s expression is so serious that it’s confusing whether he’s joking or serious.

I stared at him blankly for a while.

David Kim grinned and opened the trunk of the car next to him.



Hong Seon-ah is included.

I climbed into the trunk without a word.


I was playing a farm raising game played by my father-in-law for about four hours with the cell phone that Kim Doo-sik handed over to Kim Doo-sik, who said he would be bored if it was in the trunk.

Knock. Knock.

Whoops! I held my breath and covered my mouth, wondering if it was a checkpoint.

The trunk door opened.

“……Come out.”

“Ah yes….”

Kim Doo-shik pulled me out with an expressionless expression.

where is the rest stop I shook my head to wake up my tired body and mind.

Director Kim Doo-sik said seriously.

“I have one good news and one good news. What would you like to hear first?”

“Uh, yes? Ah, uh, good news…?”

“I pushed through the ranks and passed all the checkpoints. It’s nice to be in the Tang army at times like this.”

Why are all the middle-aged people around me weird?

“…any other good news?”

“Cha Jae-gyun committed suicide.”

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