A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 39

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 39

EP 8 – Youngest Granddaughter of a Conglomerate (1)

I opened my eyes to the cold that came in through the tip of my nose. tingle

It was like sleeping with the window open, so the chill was settling down in the room. With a trembling body, he crawled to the window.

I have a headache and I feel like I have a fever.

The time I checked was 6:30. Outside the window it was still chewing like night.

However, pure white snowflakes were twinkling in the darkness.

That cold December.

Korea was enduring the coldest winter than ever.

* * *

Everyone has a characteristic.

We all have our own peculiarities that are different from others. That’s why we say humans are special beings.

However, even though these trivial ‘extraordinary men’ make us special, we are often not satisfied with ourselves.

The saddest thing is that sometimes we have a hard time fixing the parts we don’t like.


In my case, I hated the sound of my sneeze.

The reason is omitted.

I can’t count how many ridicules, ridicules, and contempts I’ve endured in my life because of this sneeze.

Epuching! Epuching! I sneeze three times in a row. Yeo Do-yeon, who took the porridge out of the microwave, laughed and mocked me.

“Hey, cute. Did you catch a cold?”


あ. Swallowing her nose and nodding her head, she added.

“I told you not to mix nasal passages when I sneeze.”

“Is that okay…?”

She was already wearing a suit as if she was ready to go to work. He is also a bodyguard, so he wears suit pants.

“Does the suit suit you well?”

“hey. receive.”

I accepted the chicken porridge from Yeo Do-yeon. You can see a lot of jujube and ginseng. She said lightly sprinkled with salt.

“My mother sent me.”

“Aww, all these things…”

Yeo Do-yeon grumbled with a grim face. It wasn’t much different than usual.

“You should contact Tongyeong and live. Mom was worried.”

“You know we don’t have time to eat. It’s like we stick together every day. Have you already had breakfast?”

“I ate all the meat you were eating right now.”

“Is the gate open in every corner…?”

Interpretation: Are you human?

Of course, the chicken was plentiful. I started eating porridge in a state of exhaustion.

Life is always like this these days.

When Yeo Do-yeon eats breakfast and prepares to go to work, only then do I get up. Thanks to that, Yeo Do-yeon even takes care of my suit.

Of course, it wasn’t because I was lazy.

She crossed her arms awkwardly.

“Did you not sleep for 6 hours yesterday?”

“Your sister doesn’t sleep for three hours.”

“I, dude, that’s it.”

body magician.

Physical Awakener.

close-range talent.




There are various names in and out of the country. There is no specific name Each broadcaster is using a different name.

Anyway, research on superpowers is being conducted ‘intensely’. Thanks to this, I also learned that Yeo Do-yeon is a very special superpower.

Usually, rigid body magicians have to give strength or focus their minds to make their bodies stronger.


Some have strong arms,

Some have strong legs,

Some are strong as rubber,

Some are strong as rocks,

Some are not strong, only strong.

The types of awakening were more diverse than expected.

But in the case of Yeo Do-yeon, she usually has a hard body. In addition to being solid, it is also strong.

I thought it was normal, but it is said that this is a very rare case. That was the case with Cheonhwaran.

Of course, you have to eat a lot of manastones to become stronger, but manastones are things that can be obtained with money and power. Yeo Do-yeon absorbed a lot of magic stones.

That’s why it’s really scary to see Yeo Do-yeon fighting sometimes. Superpowers and martial arts show a terrifying synergy.

“Sister, get some water.”

Of course, it is now my water shuttle.

“Ah, Mul…!”

“Oh, sir, really!”

Yeo Do-yeon knew that if she had to ask, ‘I have no hands and no feet,’ I would wave my prosthetic leg with a disgusting expression, so I gently brought out water.

yum. I chewed on the porridge and asked in an awkward tone.

“Well, does it make sense for a person to sleep less than 3 hours…?”

When I looked at her with mysterious eyes, Yeo Do-yeon smiled.

“I want this to be a person too.”


“Oh, yes, I’m sorry.”

– How is this different from what the local thugs do! Do you know how many buildings the Hunters cracked down on!?

“Oh, I’m really sorry. However, it is a loss that occurred while catching a monster, so we cannot legally compensate for it-”

– It’s a decent building! Beat it down! Are you ignoring the protests of the residents? You can still call yourself a member of parliament!?

“Ah, I’m sorry. deputy chief.”

– her! I really…! no, hey one legislator. You keep trying to mess it up like that. It won’t go straight through this time. If you can’t compensate for damage to the building, no more support!


The deputy mayor in charge of the mayor of Uijeongbu just hung up the phone.

With a small sigh, he gestured to Ho-jeong Lee, and the guy sprinted towards him. I muttered quietly.

“The residents heard some signs saying that some of the apartments were destroyed this time. This bastard is a dog without fear. It’s because I’m a beginner.”

“Are you aiming for the next mayoral election?”

“Even though I know I won’t be able to get any money anyway, it seems like I’m trying to please the locals a little bit and eat the market. I can’t let it go like that.”

Where do you come up with the hunters’ activities and dare to politicize?

“It’s number two. Pick up a few things from the cabinet and shoot them in the prosecutor’s office. I’ll cut you off right away.”

“There will be a gap in the administration, ah. Let’s find a suitable person among the greetings of the mayor in Seoul. Can I just listen to you?”

“okay. After confirming with me, fax it to the martial law commander.”

Since Ho-jeong Lee was promoted from secretary to aide, there are two interns under him, so it was probably an agenda that would be dealt with in the near future.

I replaced one uncooperative deputy mayor and looked at the budget execution report of the orphanage, which was slowly starting to operate. Yang Il-ho’s neatly organized document made it very easy to read.

A lot has changed.

No, a lot has changed.

The Supreme Prosecutor’s Office has an Investigation Department,

A Monster Response Bureau was established in the National Police Agency,

Even the suggestion to create a talent management department has been raised in the Blue House public petition.

Ability Management Department, Hunter Management Department, Superhuman Management Department, etc. When something like that happened, I was the number one minister. Thousands of people say, ‘Han Seung-moon as Minister!’ because I shouted

It would be nice to be a minister. Riding the Equus and receiving the ceremonies, taking pictures with the president every day while listening to Minister Han, holding all the hunters in the country in one hand.

But the Hunter was already in my hands.

Don’t be blinded by the useless lust for power. As practical and safe as possible.

So I moved the National Assembly and public opinion to stop it.

They were also concerned about putting too much force on me, smiling brightly and holding my hand.

…the stronger the power, the more enemies there will be.

And, I am already strong.

No need to be greedy

So, I made the guild to be designated as a ‘public service-related organization’ under the National Police Agency’s Monster Response Bureau.

Only organizations that will become more important than the national army in the future

under the ‘Ministry of Acts and Safety’

‘Police Department’

Cooperating with the ‘Beast Response Nation’

made into a place

The conclusion was honey.

First, the National Police Agency never touches the guild. because I am In other words, it is free from the pressure of public authorities.

Second, although hunters were subject to the Kim Young-ran Act, we received a huge amount of national budget from the Ministry of Public Administration and Security. Exactly what I got

A person in power without a clear title.

In this way, I was reborn as a powerful person in the dark. It’s like something out of a movie.

However, that was the cause of my overwork.

I don’t have a clearly defined position, but since I’m controlling various organizations, I’m doing all sorts of things.

It’s an important job, so I can’t entrust it to someone else. It’s a half-way between Yang Il-ho and Lee Ho-jeong, and he’s barely holding on.

In the process of designating a public service-related organization, it is entrusted with work. It is money laundering while maintaining the equity ratio by repeating capital contribution and re-appearance.

In order to avoid the touch of the Board of Audit and Inspection, the budget was set to less than 10 billion won.

Create a team to clean up monster corpses. Create a team to disassemble monster corpses. Create a team to analyze monster corpses. How do you get along with the Cheonhwaran Lab?

More than anything.

Hanging up bastards who play tricks on saving lives.

It was very difficult to do such a thing.

It seems that life expectancy is being shortened by implementing social justice. Anyway, I was building Cha Jae-gyun-style defensive power in my own way.

And for the monsters, George is painstakingly sculpting the system one by one.


The shocking news came.

“Sir, did you have a gray hair…?”

Yang Il-ho, who was passing by, said.

As I was looking at the list of vehicle providers to be used by guild hunters, I turned my head in amazement.

Yang Il-ho ran up and down and held out a mirror. Then he ran through my hair by hand to find the gray hair.

I looked in the mirror with trembling eyes.

There was a little bit of gray hair on the top of his forehead.

And, there were no gray hairs in our family throughout the whole family.

in other words,

“Oh, no…!”

This was purely due to stress.


That evening. After work. As usual, Yang Il-ho and Lee Ho-jeong went to a meat restaurant. Yeo Do-yeon went to catch the monster.

Although we always have dinner together,


In the midst of something, I often feel like I can’t go to a couple’s house and force them to have a dinner. I sat down, turned the towel around, and spoke.

“Hey, guys?”

Yang Il-ho and Lee Ho-jeong looked back at me with a blank face at the same time. Is this the boss who watches over his subordinates?

“Hey, maybe you don’t want to eat with me, ah, isn’t it…?”


“I didn’t even ask questions like this in the first place, and I had to send them home on their own, but it’s not like I’m just arguing that we should have dinner together…?”

“Are you sleepy right now?”

“how did you know?”

“In my experience, the reaction to being drunk is usually similar to being drunk.”

“by the way?”

“…Hyung, when you’re drunk, you feel a little fat.”


Yang Il-ho was sitting on a seat at a meat restaurant, rubbing his side.

It was because Lee Ho-jung hit Yang Il-ho’s side with his elbow earlier. Putting on her apron, she said to me as she tied her hair back rough.

“I am raising money to buy a house with him. But thanks to you, I’m saving a lot of money, so don’t worry too much.”

“…you mean we eat together for money?”

“Um, Friend Rain?”

Ho-jeong Lee smiled playfully and began to cook the meat casually. Yes, I am forced to work overtime, but I have to pay a friend’s fee.

We ate beef yum yum for a while and talked about various things.

“Ah, I was relieved today.”


“Now, 0.1 people die per second.”

“Huh, if you die, you die. How do these statistics come out?”

“1.3 million people have died in the last five months.”


“That’s a lot less than the 3 million deaths in the first month of the crisis.”

Lee Ho-jeong looked at her smartphone and shed words.

“Uh, the Ministry of Defense official just came out. Rescue work on the outskirts of Seoul is almost complete, right?”

“It’s bullshit. I’ve heard from the minister that it’s a little over half over now.”

“Oh, press play?”

“We are creating a safe atmosphere to revive the economy. The monsters are pouring out endlessly…”

Yang Il-ho spoke again.

“Ah, a senior I know joined the Greatsword Hunter Investigation Department. The Awoken killed another person.”

“Isn’t that a test subject that hasn’t been caught yet?”

“It was just overkill. A woman killed her husband as soon as she woke up. I just grabbed the shoulder of the person who was washing the dishes, so electricity goes through…”

“But why is everyone calling it the Hunter Investigation Division?”

“There are many Awakened people who say they don’t hunt monsters. To give the awareness that the awakened must catch the monster. When you awaken, your title will naturally become a hunter. Maybe it’s in the press release? Use the words ‘hunter’ and ‘hunter’ frequently.”

“This time, Ho-yeop Yoo’s body has been found.”

“Ah, the national MC……”

We continued eating while talking about someone’s death naturally.

These days, everyone was in a state of bluntness because it was death to touch with papers every day.

We weren’t the only ones. The news also talked about death naturally.

– The story of famous actress Lee Song-ha and her manager is gathering sadness in the world. The manager throws himself to save Lee Song-ha…

“Is all of that stuff on the news these days?”

“I heard that it would be better to broadcast that than to say that 26 people died in a gas explosion in Seocho-gu last night.”

“No, Senator, where do you hear that?”

“I go out drinking with the broadcasting station presidents these days to manage the images of hunters. Because the presidents are all dead, the executive team is acting as the president, so the story was very interesting.”

While I was chewing beef with Il-ho Yang and peeling the nori, Ho-jeong Lee suddenly received a call.

“hello? Seok-ho?”

Hojeong Lee continued speaking in a shocking voice.

“…Is it Shiho? Hey, are you Shiho? What’s up. yes!?”

Shiho was Kang Seok-ho’s fourth younger brother. Hojeong Lee handed the speaker phone to us with an odd expression.

Kang Si-ho’s desperate cry was heard.

– Shut up..! Buy, buy, try…! scared…! Whoa…! Oh! Ugh…!

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