A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 40

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 40

EP 8 – Youngest Granddaughter of a Conglomerate (2)

I used Cha Jae-gyun’s office as it was.

Thanks to this, I drove the car at maximum speed in the cold winter and entered Dal-dong, northern Gyeonggi-do. The road was narrow and cars could not enter.

We parked our car on the edge of the alley and ran with full power. Yang Il-ho jumped out first, Lee Ho-jeong followed, and I limped and followed.

Everyone knew where Kang Seok-ho’s house was, because he occasionally went to play with the kids and even bought soju at a nearby convenience store.

“Collock! Whoops…! Huh…!”

Cold air entered my lungs, causing a cough with phlegm.

I leaned against the alley to catch my breath for a while, and finally arrived at Kang Seok-ho’s house.

The guys had already opened the door and stood blankly at the front door.

I squeezed two men and women and checked out Kang Seok-ho’s narrow house.

Three broken portraits.

crumbly incense powder.

Dozens of soju bottles, no. Hundreds.

The concrete of the wall shattered with fist marks.

The small shelter, which was poor but did not stop laughing, was filled with the strong smell of alcohol and incense.

It smells like a funeral home. The deep smell of death.

Kang Si-ho, who was trembling in fear with a small size, crawled up.

“Help me…!”

Traces of violence were evident on the child’s body.

Kang Seok-ho was sitting blankly in the corner, blowing a bowl of soju. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen it.

How is that blunt and staunch bastard like that?

– Clang!

Can you throw a bottle of soju?

thud. thud. Kang Seok-ho punched the back of the head against the wall with a reddened face. The wall was quickly crushed and stone dust fell.

“…Jin-ah… So-young… So-jeong…”

Kang Seok-ho looked at the air with dead eyes and was calling out the names of his younger brothers.

He was already crushed by the deaths of his younger brothers to whom he had dedicated his life.

“……Hey. You crazy bastard.”

I squeezed Ilho and Hojeong, who were stiff, and entered his house with my shoes.

“Do you even want to see your older brothers? Yes?”

“……What. f**k.”

“Woojin! Soyoung! cow-”

I couldn’t name all of the lagoon brothers.

– Whisper!

It was because Kang Seok-ho grabbed the leg of the table and threw it.


Hojeong Lee screamed. The table flew at an unrealistic speed and crashed into the wall next to me.

Kang Seok-ho is a superhuman at a considerable level. A hand swung without thinking can lead to death for ordinary people.

Kang Seok-ho staggered and got up from his seat and pointed at me.

“You… you, C-Pal. I didn’t even come to the rescue. The sibling…”

The guy staggered over to me and looked down at me with his massive size.

And with his drunken eyes, he pokes his finger into my chest.

“Where, sissy, act as an older brother, sissy, bastard…”


I didn’t answer.

I was just looking at the wooden fragments of the dining table that were stuck on Kang Si-ho’s back. The little boy is crying sadly.

“hey. You look at me and ask me to protect him.”

I grabbed Kang Seok-ho’s finger that was stabbing my chest. and broke it

“Can you only see the younger brothers? very?”

“…f**k you, bastard, doc… f**k, kill-”

– Whoops!

In this place, I was the only person who could subdue Kang Seok-ho, the awakening of the physical world.

And now, if he runs rampant, everyone dies.

You need to be stunned before it gets any worse. Healing is possible with superpowers anyway.


It was the second time in my life I had hit someone with all my might. The first was the first murder committed in Apgujeong.

I’m thinking about it, but after the gate opened, I did a lot of things that I couldn’t do.

perk. The third time he hit the face, Kang Seok-ho fell to the floor. I climbed onto the floundering drunkard and took a mount position.

And for every word he slapped, one hit.

“His wrist. Did you make it like that?”

Kang Si-ho’s left wrist. It was crushed in a direction it shouldn’t be bent.

So I broke my hand and slapped Kang Seok-ho in the face.

“I was whining while grabbing pictures of the things I lost.”

Kang Seok-ho wasn’t a bad person. Two of Kang Seok-ho’s four younger siblings were cousins, but Kang Seok-ho was responsible for the abandoned children like his own younger brother.

This young guy who didn’t hesitate to go through all sorts of hardships to earn money, this guy whose corners of his mouth went up when he saw his younger siblings.

How can you be a bad person?

“I haven’t even seen that bloody thing that’s still alive!”

The guy just couldn’t adapt to death and collapsed.

There were many deaths in this cold world.

If you can’t stand it, it will only break.

“Drinking and breaking that young man’s fingernails?”

I held back my tears and continued punching, and Kang Seok-ho gently hit me.

The boy was only muttering calmly with his swollen lips.

“What do you know…”

With that said, I paused my fist for a moment and looked at him. Blood trickled down from the bruised Kang Seok-ho’s eyes.

“Niiga, C.E., arm, what, do you know…!”

Kang Seok-ho swallowed a cry and barely chewed his words out.

The guy started sobbing.

“Your brother…! no, you’re dead Mr. Arm.”


“In front of your eyes, ooh, our kids, get eaten-”


He put his fist into Kang Seok-ho’s mouth.

okay. I do not know.

Because he has truly lost a family, he knows that no one but himself knows the pain.

No one can sympathize with the sorrow of losing blood. How could each of us feel the same sorrow after losing someone else?

just. I’m too late to be shaken like this. I’m already too used to death.

I already know how to walk in the snow.

So I silently stunned him.

Then he got up and fell on his side.

* * *

……What was I doing while our member was wearing a badge and became a hero? should I repent? I have to repent.

am i a sinner Because it was a surplus of years that our dear member of the House spent doing nothing while he collapsed.

okay. While Seungmun won the International English Debate Contest, I was enchanted by a strange neighborhood youngster and sparring.

While Seungmoon was receiving a full scholarship to Korea University, I kept fighting until I got sick while listening to my body or being called Daeju.

Is not it? How much money did my parents give me, and even though I’m grown up, I’m not doing anything? Yes? I’m a furry bastard very.

…Do you think I want to live like my mom, peeing and licking corporate shit? Don’t people who didn’t go to college look like people? Isn’t it hard to give up a child who can’t even get a job? okay.

At least the boxing grandpa was a hundred times better than you.

Do you know that I just lived on him? Don’t you care how I’ve lived up to now? ha, yes It’s a no-brainer life, so you probably wouldn’t even look at it…

yes i failed

Never win once in your life!

Try not to succeed once with my own strength!

I’m a f**king rotten dog bastard by those naughty parents!

Now that my 20s are coming to an end, I haven’t accomplished anything. Is not it? I was lucky enough to catch monsters and play Power Rangers with one superpower, so I wonder how similar it would have been to our lawyers? Yes?

okay. okay. ok so please From now on, I’m not saying that I should stop all the fun of catching monsters and saving people, and the seungmun should act as a bodyguard.

no what is it?

Isn’t that what your mother said? That’s Okay. hang up do you want to quit? What are you coming? I’ll come back and say the same thing again.

Ah, yes. okay. I know how much of a dog-f**king garbage bastard I am, and from now on, I will live with the head of a tomb. Please, let’s not see each other often.

Please, please, please…!

When I woke up, I was lying in the hospital room.

I heard the sound of Yeo Do-yeon hanging up the phone.

She sat by the bedside, grabbed my hand and leaned on it. and trembled.

The back of his hand was damp.

I stayed still for about 15 minutes and then opened my eyes.

“……Ah, uh…”


Yeo Do-yeon patted my cheek.

“Are you awake?”

She pokes my cheeks with her callused fingers and smiles playfully.

“Did I get some sleep? asshole.”

“……I know.”

“I was sick with a cold, and I collapsed from fatigue and stress. It happened in about 18 hours, and Rep. Yang Pan-seok took care of all the minor issues. End of explanation.”

Yeo Do-yeon was wearing a black suit.

Seeing that his suit was dirty, he must have been hunting a monster. And he was standing next to me, unable to change clothes.

She stood up and put on her black coat. The coat went well with the long stature.

Because it was a birthday present that I carefully selected last year.

“Hey, I’m coming from somewhere.”


“Well, just a breeze.”

Yeo Do-yeon took care of her belongings and slurped it out indifferently.

“Mom is coming.”


“Ugh. About an hour or so?”

Just before closing the door to the hospital room, Yeo Do-yeon glanced back at me and smiled.

“I go.”


shudder. I muttered quietly as I stared at the already closed door.




The doctor looked at me and said I was half dead.

After being discharged from the hospital for a few days, they are told not to work for two weeks and take a break, but I don’t know if that will work.

Anyway, I’ve been visited by quite a few people.

Family, hospital director, mayor, representative of Apgujeong survivors’ compensation organization, lawmaker who is bored and wants to post a picture on Facebook, even my fan club.

Of course, the first person I met was Kang Seok-ho.

Kang Seok-ho came to my senses and apologized while crying profusely. I hugged him and patted him on the back.

Kang Seok-ho said that he would receive treatment for alcoholism from now on, but Kang Si-ho said that he was already afraid of Kang Seok-ho.

So, Kang Si-ho is now raised by Yang Il-ho and Lee Ho-jeong. Kang Seok-ho adds to the living expenses.

I’m worried because if it’s a lagoon personality, he’ll send everything except the money to barely make a living. If you don’t watch it, it’s a video.

While I was eating hospital food and turning on the TV to see what kind of scenario would appear on the news today, I heard a knock.

“Uh, overworked?”

“Oh, sir, are you here?”

“Hey, just sit down.”

Yang Pan-seok placed the drink gift set on the table and sat down on the chair.

“Is that Kang Seok’s marriage? Bury it all I made it because I passed out while working in the office.”

“No face.”

“Well, my youngest son took drugs at the club and even got caught up after being caught.

Oh, was that for you?”

“I was also hit a few times while supporting my son at that time.”

“Hmm, I’m sorry.”

Yang Pan-seok pushed a note. And he held a ballpoint pen in my hand.

“You know our granddaughter? It’s his notebook.”


“Take less.

Thank you for your concern. Sheep sheep.

Study hard, grow up healthy,

I hope to become a person who will brighten up the country in the future.”

I jotted down as I was called and returned the note.

“By the way, if you just look at this, is it the way Doctor Yang speaks?”

“I wish I could get you an autograph. what would you ask for And where is the tone of the grandfather’s tone? I just want to be okay.”

“……Oh, yes.”

A picture of Yang Ah-reum squeezing out Rep. Yang Pan-seok automatically played in my head, but I just kept my mouth shut.

Yang Pan-seok drank a cup of Vita 500 that had been placed on the table, and found a picture on the Internet.

“Hey, do you know if it’s a before-after picture of politicians?”

“Oh, is it?”

This is a picture of before and after political life.

This is a photograph that proves that when a person is a politician for a long time, his outlook changes. In general, the impression is a little gloomy and harsh.

If you look on the Internet, there are also series of politicians from time to time. Yang Pan-seok said.

“Your one is here.”

“Yes…? I’m still in my 20s-“

I couldn’t even speak.

Han Seung-moon aging process. Two pictures were attached with the title.

The first is an interview photo taken as the youngest elected candidate.

The second is a capture from last week’s 100-minute discussion.

The composition of the photos was almost identical, so the differences were clearly noticeable.

Thin skin, dark circles, dark skin, sharp eyes, typical politician eyes.

It’s only been half a year and I thought it was someone else. Looking at the first picture, I realized that there was a time when I was so fresh.

As I was looking at the picture, shaking trembling, Yang Pan-seok laughed.

“Why are you laughing so much!”

“No, look at the comments. How much I laughed when I saw that I had matured in half a year!”

“ah! Then, of course, the person died! The world is rotten!”

I was furious and denied reality.

“Still, this is good enough, isn’t it! Yes?”

“His facial features are clear, but he looks like he’s in his mid-30s.”

“Oh My God……”

With a gloomy face, I lowered my head, and Yang Pan-seok patted my shoulder and moved to my side.

“Still, isn’t this a moderately dignified face?”

“It’s not about dignity, it’s about age…”

“It is also a property for politicians. property. How many politicians are living in the world?”

I one-shot one Bacchus and lamented the world.

“Ah, life…”

tt, Yang Pan-seok lightly clicked his tongue.

“Don’t say things like that because you live less than half as much as me. And it’s true that you’re being unreasonable these days.”

“…that, but.”

“I’ll send some of my aides, leave it to them for a while. They’re just playing anyway, so I need to get some work done.”

hmm. If the aides do something futile, things get in trouble. I looked at him with a puzzled expression.

“…you, can’t you believe me?”

At Yang Pan-seok’s displeasure, semi-automatically plausible excuses came out of his mouth.

“Oh, no. If they’re your aide, they’re my former bosses…”

“They are all dead.”


“They are filled with people I knew originally, so you don’t have to worry too much.”

I quickly rolled my eyes and looked around.

The odds of a banseok hitting me in the head, the weaknesses we hold on to each other, the things the Foundation will deal with sooner or later, the security of the Foundation’s finances, etc.

Judgment was quick. It would be more damaging if Yang Pan-seok’s feelings were hurt even a little by refusing here again.

“If not, I will be grateful for help.”


hot. Yang Pan-seok’s strange eyes pierced my heart. Yang Pan-seok laughed softly.

“I think of you, but unlike the guys these days, there is a cute side.”

Sometimes I wonder if Yang Pan-seok and Pi Chae-won have the same superpowers.

“okay. Numbers can be filled, but people’s hearts cannot be filled again. Politics is ultimately about people. Be mindful.”

“……All right.”


Yang Pan-seok smiled brightly.

“Moore, I think I took two weeks off. What are you planning to do next?”

“……I do not know.”

I was so busy that I didn’t have any hobbies. I don’t play games, I read less books, and at least occasionally with Rep. Yang Pan-seok.






“……All right.”

Where did you put your fishing rod?

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