A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 42

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 42

EP 8 – Youngest Granddaughter of a Conglomerate (4)

Started with the 2008 global financial crisis

The era of the Great Recession.

Politicians need to save the economy if they want to survive, and if they want to save the economy, they need to open the barns of chaebols.

Public officials who work on scholarships from chaebols are embedded in the administration and government relations.

Politicians who were elected through an election campaign with the money of the chaebol and married to the chaebol are embedded in the National Assembly.

In this dense system, the individual is just a thin thread.

Spider web. 99% of the flying insects woven into the web of the top 1%.

Only spiders make the board.


In a situation where the entire forest is turned upside down with spider webs and nabals in a strong typhoon,

Can a spider really be a king?

* * *

After barely letting go of the restless Cheon Geum-soon, she sat on the sofa in the bedroom and looked at the contract she had handed her.

Hurrup. Yulmu tea is delicious I tilted my teacup and slowly handed over the contract.

They want to get the right to export Manastones.

because. In Korea, it is strictly forbidden to own and trade magic stones except for the government and accredited organizations.

This is the bill I introduced.

Even the tinkering is done everywhere in the commercial law, so the guinea pigs can’t get out. It’s a law that was made by asking professional law clerks.

However, the Cheonmok Group expressed its intention to do business with magic stones.

uh huh It’s not a contract, it’s a business plan.


A stable supply of magic stones in Korea. Intermediary trade between countries aiming at market profit. Hiring container ship guards. Scamming abroad with Manastone Concentration. etc.

All kinds of complicated and creative ways to make money were written down, but in the end, their arguments were summarized as follows.

‘Magic stones are money. leave it to me I will earn.’


If you start a new business with my help. You’re going to bring me in as your son-in-law. Then it will be more comfortable with the constituency management, the media control, the prosecution, this and that. a lot.

The real power of the chaebol is not money, but

‘Cause they’re the people who made money

It is always ironic that staunch adherents of capitalism desperately know that people are more important than money.

By the way.

Is the chaebol really the best at this point?

no no. Is it really beneficial for me to work with a chaebol? The most important image may be spoiled.

The problem is that this situation is led by Yang Pan-seok. Because Cheon Geum-soon was introduced by Yang Pan-seok.

How the hell is this going?

– Bump!

“hey. rice.”

I quickly closed the contract. Yeo Do-yeon opened the door with her big toe.

“What did you see?”

“Aren’t you knocking…?”


Interpretation: Eat

ahduk. As I sharpened my teeth and stared at her, Yeo Do-yeon roughly chinked her teeth.

“come out.”

“Wake me up…”

“I had chicken.”

I jumped up from my seat.


We sat on the floor and ate the chicken. Yeo Do-yeon always eats only chicken breast, so when we ate chicken together, I was happy to eat the legs.

Yeo Do-yeon scooped out the chicken breast with chopsticks and ate it up.

“Are you here early? I’m going fishing.”

“Uh, uh…”

I decided to get love counseling.

“Actually, it wasn’t fishing, it was a blind date.”

“Wow, what!?”

“The blind date was actually fishing.”

“……I mean, it’s a fart.”

Yeo Do-yeon raised her eyes wide and was excited for a moment, then quickly subsided.

I asked her.

“I went out on a blind date, but I don’t think it’s worth it, so if I just open it up, will the mediator’s face hurt?”

“Probably so.”

“But, the hostess is not the kind of person who can introduce a woman like this without thinking. So, obviously, she’s a good girl. Why am I so bad?”

“Aren’t your taste buds different from yours?”

hmm. Survivalism.

“It seems a little different from what I’ve heard…”

“Is that so?”

“But why am I asking this to someone who has never been on a blind date, huh? Oops! hurt! 🥳!”

She poked me in the side with her toe, but luckily it didn’t hurt too much because I was wearing sleeping socks.

Yeo Do-yeon was upset.

“I’m a cheetah man!”

“You dropped out!”

“Do you know how many college boys I sold? Because all the kids I wanted to date came to me. Let me introduce you to a man.”

yum. Yeo Do-yeon asked while muttering chicken breast.

“Is she pretty?”

“He just looked a little gloomy and innocent. Among the women I know, Han… 3rd place?”

“Who is number 1 or 2?”

“It’s Hong Seon-ah and Hojeong. It’s a cold-looking Ryu, so it’s not my taste. And even though the rankings are different, the scores are the same…

Anyway, it’s 8 out of 10, but the drooping eyebrows and the depressed expression match well, so 0.6 points are added. So 3rd place. I think it’s a close match, as none of the people I know have more than 9 points.”

Yeo Do-yeon looked down on me with hateful eyes.

“… you crazy bastard.”


“… you crazy bastard.”

“Why, what, why?”

“It’s terribly specific. How much am I?”

“Do you think I look like a man…?”

“I understood.”

Yeo Do-yeon (28. love broker), who had been thinking deeply about something for a while, began to unravel the story.

“The kid who was fussy about falling in love at first sight broke up in two weeks,

The kid who said that he doesn’t seem like a good person to see him once more now has three kids, right? I don’t know if he’ll be alive. Anyway.”

Yeo Do-yeon waved a chicken bone to me instead of her finger.

“Can’t you see a person once?”

“Have you met several times?”

“I didn’t think Zhuge Liang was a bit like Yubi, so I didn’t call him at the 3rd meeting after chatting.”

“They both died badly.”

“Isn’t that…”

Yeo Do-yeon and I ate chicken legs one by one without thread.

“It’s delicious.”

“Noona doesn’t normally eat chicken legs.”

“You don’t exercise anymore. It’s been 10 years since I ate it and it’s so delicious. Seabulger… It’s like 120,000 won apiece.”

“Uh, did you pay the money alone?”

“Okay, ma’am.”

We spread out on the floor like that and spent a leisurely evening watching entertainment.

“Oh, Hong Seon-ah is out.”



I really feel like my body has reached its limit. Tired and short of breath even at rest. It feels like someone is poking a needle into the muscle.

I added a health checkup once every two weeks, and the doctor sees me and often kills me.

Reduce stress and get more sleep, isn’t that easy? in this country.

Due to the reluctance of an acquaintance and a doctor, I decided to leave the foundation work for a while. Recuperation or rest is a luxury in this situation.

For the time being, I decided to only carry out my schedule as a politician.

I have Cheon Geum-soon’s business card, but I put it off because I didn’t have time to meet.

The bereaved families of the Shinan Mountain accident that occurred last week left chrysanthemum flowers at the incense place.

I met the Minister of Public Administration and Security there, and I received a request for manpower support to subdue superhuman criminals, and solved it with one phone call on the spot.

It’s been a while since I stopped by the Underground Parliament, and while eating jajangmyeon, I proposed 4 bills.

Close your eyes for a while in the car while going down to the constituency.

As soon as we arrived, we cut the tape for reopening Gimhae International Airport.

The sea monster defense system briefing session announced by the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries brightened up the seat by sitting on the top of the podium.

Finally that evening. at the end of the day.

I went to a Korean university reunion.

It was a very important event in the Korean tradition of pushing and pulling each other.

Maybe it wasn’t the people who had a lot of brains, it seems that they didn’t spend money at a 5-star hotel and got a suitable hotel.

This is how they learned


In fact, it was not that he was humble, but the size of the reunion meeting was probably the largest ever. That’s why I caught it in a cheap and big place.

The country is mad at me, so why not find a way to make a living by stealing your personal connections? Thousands of people will gather in search of straw to catch anything.

It’s a very expensive job market.

I am no exception. I went there to become someone’s job and someone’s labor force.

I greeted the organizers first, and gave a moderately calm and public-interest speech. And I returned to my assigned seat.

Numerous requests for handshakes followed.

We smiled and took pictures with the Minister of Public Administration and Security, whom we met during the day, and exchanged greetings with the Fair Trade Commission judge who was next to us.

The mayor, who lost his constituency, cuts them off without mercy. I’m sorry, but any executives or mediocre public officials are refused.

sorry. professor. I don’t have time to take care of a professor’s job right now. And you weren’t very close with me. pass.

He used to be a scarecrow and suddenly became the governor, but he signed a contract for a useful public service project to the administrative governor of Chungcheong Province who needed a connection.

After all of my older brothers died, I took a moment to have a face stamp with a chaebol who became the heir. He said he was a close senior with Yang Il-ho and shared business cards with the prosecutor.

Then, on the way home, I picked up plenty of meat from the buffet to eat some rice.

“Oh, Senator, over there.”

Yang Il-ho, who was next to me, pointed at a table.

It’s a familiar backache. I quickly approached him.

“Gan doesn’t even have an egg? Whoa, really…”

“Hey… even if you… don’t…”

“Even so, you can’t do that to your brother-in-law! Even a married couple has manners…”

An old man with a big belly was struggling. I tapped him on the shoulder from behind.

“You have a cold.”

“Uh, huh? uh!? uh! Doctor! What is it, ah, that’s right. You said you were in Korea…!”

The cold-jaw patted his chest as if he had eaten, and then caught his breath.

“No, you should have told me that you would come! Are you surprised?”

“Uh… am I doing something wrong?”

“I will forgive you especially this time.”

write it As he tilted his head while swallowing dry saliva, the cold-jaw smiled softly and raised the person next to him.

“Brother Gan. Greetings. Senator Han Seung-moon, who saved our family.”

The bloated old man smiled subtly and rolled his eyes at the cold.

“No, spit it out. Waiting for me to come to see you too. OMG…! Nice to meet you.”

He smiled broadly and handed me a business card.

“under! See…! I’m Kyung-soo Kang, head of the Lee Neung Investigation Department at the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office. I always listened to the old man, but it was late to say hello, Won. sorry.”

“If you’re an old man…?”

“Yang Pan-seok, Uwon-nim will become my father-in-law.”

Why did I become a member of parliament?

It was because Yang Pan-seok’s son-in-law indicted the other candidate under the Political Fund Act.

“Ah, he, he, then, that was the election…!”

“ah! Yes!”

“I, the Political Fund Act, he, he…?”


I smiled as broadly as I could and asked for a handshake with both hands.

“Gosh! I should have been looking for it sooner, but I didn’t have too many cases.”

“Child, what are you talking about! I should have come to see you first, but now I will see you.”

“I should have greeted you right away. I’ve become less of a person. This is Seungmoon Han. It’s really nice to meet you, liver inspector!”

“Child… If I take a picture with Won-nim, my son will love it! It’s not rude, can I take a picture-“

“ah! yes! Sure!”

He’s the best ace in the Special Forces, so he’s someone I’ve never seen before even when I was an aide.

He was a grim reaper sent to politicians and chaebols, so it wasn’t a race I would treat lightly.

To be honest, it’s my ally, though.

Said the cold who was watching the middle-aged and young people clinging to each other and taking selfies.

“…what, did you two know each other? And the older brother, the father-in-law, was Senator Yang?”


“No, you can’t even keep it a secret from me! How many drinks did you have together?”

“I work in a special barrel, and the craftsman must be rumored to be Uwon!”

Is not it. Catch a chaebol and politician George works in a department, and his father-in-law is a member of the council.

It’s only effective if only people who know about it know it, and it’s rather bad if it’s revealed openly.

“Uh, um. Combined…?”

“Oh, yes! Let’s eat.”


Yang Il-ho, an infant from the Judicial Research and Training Institute, politely poured alcohol to the liver prosecutor. I asked him.

“Are you currently in the Special Investigation Department?”

“Oh, yes! These days, those with psychic powers have a lot of accidents…”

If you are the head of the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office, you are at the level of the Prosecutor General of the District Prosecutor’s Office. Rep. Yang Pan-seok inserted the straw amazingly well.

“Our father-in-law, Hado, he, and a member of the legislature met and set the fire for us to serve some rice…”

“Oh, I have to treat you. And you must be busy with your country work.”

“Child! Do you know that I don’t even know about Apgujeong?”

I gilded each other’s faces together with a liver test. The cold clenched in with a small bite on his tongue.

“I saw this often in dramas. With corrupt politicians-”

“Shake! What are you talking about!”

“Brother Gan! I am him! With the oriental doctor, huh? Apgujeong and Shinbundang Line, huh? Shoot guns, catch monsters, huh? All done!”

“I sat down with a chirping noise…”

The cold person smiled mischievously and asked me.

“Me, Senator. How is Chaewon?”

Thanks to the fact that the cold person knew that Pichaewon had a good ear, I was able to get rid of Pichaewon safely.

He’s my intern assistant.

I answered calmly.

“Oh, yes. I’m helping out with this. These days, I am taking care of the children with the orphanage staff-”

tock. tock.

Someone lightly tapped my shoulder.

“Come on, babe…”

I was startled by the sullen voice and looked back. Cheon Geum-soon was smiling and pulling my shoulder.

“I remember that I applied for after-sales…”

“…Ah, Mr. Chun.”

“Why aren’t you contacting me…?”

Yang Pan-seok’s son-in-law and Yang Pan-seok meet the woman introduced to them on the same day and in the same place.

Coincidence is so funny. this.

I stuck out my tongue in bewilderment.

“You didn’t like me…?”

“sorry. I’m busy with life…”

“It’s okay, it’s okay! I have a lot of time!”

slate stone. Thousand Group. Cheon Geum Soon. I don’t know who wrote the script. He doesn’t seem to want to let me go so easily.

Cheon Geum-soon smiled cautiously and asked for forgiveness from the cold and liver prosecutor.

“Excuse me, but I had a bit of a gloomy place with the oriental clinic…”

“ah! yes! Take me!”

I got up holding her hand that was pulling me tight, pretending not to win, and fired a small jab.

“The world is so small.”

Cheon Geum-soon smiled mischievously.

“Because I can’t do it without Mr. Seungmoon…”

was it you

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