A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 43

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 43

EP 8 – Youngest Granddaughter of a Conglomerate (5)

Cheon Geum-soon took me to the hotel’s basement wine bar.

“Well, what would you like to drink? self…?”

“This one.”

Oh Dodok. Oh Dodok.

In the luxury room, two men in suits sat down politely and ate karaoke popsicles.

“Did you read the contract carefully… did you…?”

“Oh, yes. I have seen it.”

Instead of giving permission for the magic stone business, they get married and have children. The percentage of stake that falls to me is 0.38%. In the event of a divorce, half of the property will be taken away from you.


I block the Fair Trade Commission and the prosecution, and they write cheats to the constituency and the media.

I smiled and returned the contract.

“Um… Mr. Cheon Geum-soon. How about asking the Ministry of Public Administration and Security or the Defense Acquisition Program Administration to inquire about this problem, not me? At least above me-”

“Now, it seems that there is no one higher than you…?”

“If it’s true… can I accept that this is really the president’s will?”

Interpretation: Is this what Negum Grandpa taught me?

* * *

“Thank you for your suggestion first.”

hey you bastard

“It seems that the mutual relationship is too careful to use the word 肝膽相照.”

If you hit a deal, you have to draw a hand.

“As a public official, I don’t want to be tied to a personal relationship, and I am skeptical as to whether this is really for the national interest.”

I’ll give you money, so you want me to be a prostitute? do you think you will?

“Of course, I think the Cheonmok group would have understood my situation right away.”

I don’t think you assumed I’d take this offer.

“In the same vein, I am guessing that you have an eye for a more constructive relationship, not just a business.”

Then it sounds like there’s something more up your sleeve.

“It’s a pity that we have no choice but to convey that we are sorry that we do not understand each other.”

Where do you know a person as a head and put a smoke screen?

“I am not very bright about the situation in the business world.”

And how do I know about you?

“I can’t afford that.”

Am I the one who should consider your feelings?

“It’s a bit of a pretentious statement, but it doesn’t seem like the Chunmok group is giving me full trust.”

You’d better be cheap.

“I believe you will understand that it is for the people, so we have to be careful.”

go away.

“As it is a state of affairs, I am cautious.”

If you don’t want to lose

Cheon Geum-soon looked at me for a moment with a mysterious expressionless expression. hard to read The eyes are weeping, the mouth is smiling, and the mood is cold.

Of course, I don’t think I’ll get caught up in the pace. I waited patiently for her next words.


Sighs came before words


It’s not a sigh, it’s a laugh

“After all… is this the basics of samgochoryeo…?”


“Expensive man…not bad…”

“Wow, what?”


Cheon Geum-soon laughed creepily.

“Wow, shall we talk in a more gloomy place…?”

I was taken to Cheon Geum-sun’s house as it was.


“Nice to meet you, Senator Han! This is Cheon Seung-yoon, the president of Cheonmok Heavy Industries!”

“Ah yes. Nice to meet you.”

“I’ve only seen it on TV every time, but I think the real thing is taller! I’m worried that my brother didn’t trespass on the way.”

“Ah, brother…!”

“ha ha ha…”

While Cheon Geum-sun’s oldest brother was having an argument with Cheon Geum-sun, the second came and held out his hand.

“I am Cheon Seung-moon, Executive Vice President of Cheonmok Heavy Industries. Nice to meet you. Senator Han Seung-moon.”

“Nice to meet you, Managing Director Cheon Seung-moon.”

“It is an honor to meet you.”

“Ah, the glory…”

“I was very impressed with the Apgujeong incident.”

It was too serious a voice to make a fuss about the same name.

I sat down at the dinner table after saying goodbye to Cheon Geum-sun’s parents, brothers, and wife.

The president is not visible.

I asked Cheon Geum-soon’s father, the vice president.

“Hey, Chairman, maybe…?”

“He is currently undergoing treatment for health reasons. It’s not that you’re really sick, but… Oh, I set up a small table for now. Have it.”

The atmosphere was very friendly.

Occasionally, arrogance that I did not know popped out, but I felt like I was restraining myself by paying attention to each other.

It was less dignified than the drama,

It was more polite than I thought.

They seem to wear masks pretty well.

No matter how nice people seem.

After all, they were Chi-deul who were doing business with their daughters.

5 hours and 41 minutes.

It was the time it took me to get out of the house. I timed it because I wanted to get out quickly.

I got rice, tea, fruit, coffee, and even a few years old wine from Rattumassi. It would be so expensive that I couldn’t even afford it.

It was the first time I ate seafood, but the seats were uncomfortable and my stomach was bloated. I want to eat ramen. It’s no joke these days, though.

I feel like I’ve been caught in a very luxurious multi-level. After being hit here and there for 5 hours, I’m exhausted.

Metaphors in current affairs, hints in regards, and invitations through context and proverbs. It was the most difficult and difficult conversation of my life.

They’re like scary humans.

I barely managed to get out of the house in an alcohol-drenched spirit.

He leaned against the wall, half-fallen with staggering steps.

White breath leaked out of his weakened body.

“Tongue, bro!”

“Hey, it’s Ilho…!”

Yang Il-ho grabbed me as I was about to fall.

“You cannot die here!”

“…I’d rather go through the test.”

– bread !



A passing Benz honked its horn.

As the windshield went down, Cheon Geum-soon smiled with sagging eyes and raised her head.

“Come on, honey.”


“Would you like me to give you a break…?”

“…it’s two in the morning right?”

“Hey, I know a restaurant…”

“No, what…!”

“I won’t stick around because I’m tired… I’ll just deflate…”


“Beef head soup.”



On a cold winter day, hot soup entered my body. happy to be alive After mixing the rice with the beef head soup, I blew it out and swallowed a big mouthful.

It feels like it’s going to burn out in your mouth, and when you swallow it, it feels like a fireball is going down your esophagus.

“Ah… this is…”

hururuoop. Hurup.あ. Hurrup.

When the white and cool soup was added, it seemed to break the alcohol. I asked, feeling the subtle flavor of the beef head.

“It’s me, Cheon Sang-moo.”


“Didn’t I say I was going to a dark place…?”

Where is the person who says they’re going to a dark place and takes them to the centipede’s house? I asked her with a slightly embarrassed recollection.

Cheon Geum-soon answered naturally.

“Usually… a place with few people is creepy, isn’t it…?”


“Gee, there are no human babies in the house. It’s a gloomy place, right…”

I’m so drunk

searing done right

I couldn’t help but stare at her with wide open eyes. Yang Il-ho dropped the spoon on the table.

When Cheon Geum-soon raised her hand, the owner took care of it and brought the bokbunja.

“Sha, Shata, will you drop me off……?”

“Yes, sir.”

The shop shutters went down. The owner is gone, and there are no customers in the store.

it’s wheat

She smiled softly and spoke softly.

“Uh, umm… it doesn’t matter if you listen…”

She glanced at Yang Il-ho.

It means that he is a person who can hear important stories. Before I could answer, Yang Il-ho stood up from his seat.

like that

Suddenly, I grabbed Yang Il-ho, who was getting up from his seat, and sat him down. He did everything the Foundation couldn’t do for half a year.

And there’s a pistol in Yang Il-ho’s inner pocket. I hit the lines nicely.

“If you don’t believe it, don’t write it. Whoever wrote it believes.”

“Do you like Three Kingdoms…?”

In fact, it was a drama line. Cheon Geum-soon smiled softly and tilted the glass of soju.

“I saw that too…”

“…even if I don’t really like it. Being with Rep. Yang Pan-seok, I learned a lot about this and that.”

“Hey, Senator Yang Pan-seok, do you really like Three Kingdoms…”

You looked at her with a look of how you knew it.

“Uh, umm… you were my grandfather’s friend. Senator Yang Pan-seok…”

“Ah, with the president…?”

“Yeah… that’s why we’ve been seeing each other since we were little…”

I asked her.

“Heh, did Rep. Yang Pan-seok want us to be connected?”


she replied

“I want…”


She grabbed the glass with her thin fingers, drank it in one shot, and poured it over to me with a bashful smile.

“I, I will read Seungmoon’s mind once…”

It would be analogous, but for a moment, I was startled.

“De, unheard-of rookies will give you money, so sell your body… They don’t even open their hands…”

Cheon Geum-soon smiled and continued speaking.

“It’s just because it’s congealed with magic stones… If you tell the media that you’re playing with a national strategic resource, everyone likes armbands, so the fire will heat up quickly…”

With dry eyes, I took a glass of wine from her.

“Since martial law is slowly getting weaker, the media are starting to fight back, but the politicians will need a bastard to thresh…”

I smiled silently and filled her glass.

“Well, then, with the Korea Development Bank, the Fair Trade Commission, and the National Tax Service… If we cut metallurgy over and over again… Dissolving a group wouldn’t be a problem…?”

Cheon Geum-soon will always have the idea of a tape recorder in her head. In fact, the recorder was still running.

But it comes out like this.

“Our Cheon Sang-mu, isn’t the wall smaller than you thought?”

I will risk my life and play with you. This is it.

“Soo, Seung-moon… She was a scary person as much as I thought… hehe. I also look at people well…”

We emptied half a bottle of bokbunja. Cheon Geum-soon muttered with a blushing red face.

“There is a saying that there is a power god of reign…

It is a term used to describe Cao Cao in the Three Kingdoms. In times of peace, he becomes an outstanding servant. In turbulent times, you become a cunning hero.

Again she filled my glass.

“Do you think the times change people…?”


“Chise is just a world where Gan Woong can’t make up his mind. I don’t even think that Gan Woong is satisfied with Neungshin…”


“ah…! This is a bit crooked… uh…”

She washed her dry face as if she was about to get drunk.

Cheon Geum-soon slapped her cheeks with both hands and continued speaking.

“Wow…! Now, to the point!”

Cheon Geum-soon put her face on her clasped hands and smiled.

“Chunmok Group’s circular shareholding is in the form of a spider’s web… The stock ownership company is Cheonmok Heavy Industries. It’s a shipbuilding place…”

I quickly started to roll my head.


Company A has company B.

Company B has company C.

Company C owns Company A.

The chaebol family only owns Company A.

As such, it owns B and C at the same time.

It was the sound of the whole group being entangled and entangled, almost like a spider’s web. Cheonmok Heavy Industries is playing the role of Company A.

“Is it a b*tch? Even Deigo didn’t come to his senses during the IMF. It should have been converted into a holding company.”

“Umm… I didn’t have any money to eat. Anyway… I was controlling the entire group with a 4% stake in Cheonmok Heavy Industries…”

This was possible because the scholarship students from the chaebols in the political relationship gave them meat shields.

It also blocks foreign capital. It also blocks shotgun attacks. It also prevents the Korea Development Bank and the Fair Trade Commission from occasionally trying to overturn it.

the problem is.

“The stake defense has been breached.”

country is ruined

It is a natural procedure. As the country collapses, the intangible power barrier disappears. In the end, the stakes could no longer be maintained.

I grabbed one A and swung dozens, but take away only A.

“Since the city and even a few subsidiaries are in a downturn… we don’t have enough money to defend our stake…”

Just before the group disbanded.

“The Cheonmok group… needs urgent money to defend its stake. And a new shield.

So, what Chun-mok really wanted to say to Seung-moon was not that we should do business together…”

I followed her words.

“I’m on the verge of being f**ked, so can you touch me?”


The most interesting thing was not the internal circumstances of the Cheonmok group.

“Come on, honey…”

The face on the two clasped hands said to me with a smirk.

“Okay, really, I have a hot plan…”

A bitter smile tilted her head.

“Can’t you help me just once…?”

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