A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 44

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 44

EP 8 – Youngest Granddaughter of a Conglomerate (6)

A month has passed.

in a dark office.

I sit silently in front of the turned off TV.

closing eyes.

Slowly fall into reminiscence.

‘For now… I will protect the Cheonmok group…’

‘Are you talking about defending your stake in heavy industry?’

‘No… I have to destroy everything…’

* * *

‘The world right now… even if it seems dizzy, it’s quite peaceful.’

‘Does the world look peaceful now?’

‘Blind stakes are floating around like pieces of toilet paper after their successors are dead. Nobody eats it…? Fools……’

Someone put an odd object on a checkerboard that I had been working hard on for half a year.

it’s queen

‘What’s really interesting is that even though it looks like a calm ice lake… Actually, water snakes are infested under the thin ice sheet.’

‘…Are you going to throw stones?’

Cheon Geum-soon poured money into the stock market, which ran wild like Bitcoin.

very. very. very. A lot of.

‘I was treated like trash and sold chicken to my kids, but I’m the richest person because it’s semiconductor high school and finance and everything is down…? Of course, paper money is cheaper than tissue paper, but that’s the same with stocks…’

Cheon Geum-soon repeated the game of chicken.

The crazy dog suddenly jumped in and released a huge bullet and stockpiled stocks that were still sensitive, so the stock price jumped like crazy.

Of course, management could not be taken away.

Because swings aren’t hogu either.

However, the companies attacked by Cheon Geum-soon, the stocks that soared because of her,

I had to buy more than her to defend, and I suffered a huge loss.

Cheon Geum-soon always sold half of the top and ran away.

Naturally, stocks bought for defense also became dormant.

Cheon Geum-soon repeated this joke four times.

‘Hey, isn’t this market disruption!’

‘The details have not been confirmed.’

‘Are you kidding me? A crazy b*tch is running rampant with a knife, the country shouldn’t have to stop it!’ Many chaebols protested.

Normally, a lot of the chiefs of the office would have come forward and immediately move the Fair Trade Commission, or the Korea Development Bank would recommend restructuring and hang the stock price.

‘If the country looks like this, where is the time to catch a stock trader?’


All those people are already dead.

‘Economic offenders will be arrested later. But right now we don’t have time to dedicate our manpower to that.’

‘It looks like all the shares have been stolen, but what kind of bullshit is that!’

‘Well, I’m sorry. We will do our best to resolve it as soon as possible.’

‘hey! Jaekyung Yoo! Can you do this to me-‘


‘…Is this okay? Oriental clinic?’

‘It’s something we negotiated with the vip. Minister Yu does not have to worry too much.’

‘Anyway, it feels good to be abused by a chaebol. okay.’

financial committee. To be more precise, the Minister of Strategy and Finance, who is responsible for the personnel authority of the Financial Services Commission, lightly ignored the requests of the chaebols.

Even though a financial committee member from business background, who was put in by the president of the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry, held a press conference, it was not broadcast on TV due to the press guidelines and only recorded 2,136 views on SNS.

It was because I played Showbu with Wonokbun.

She was in the midst of a fight with the press and had not lost control yet.

‘…Rep. Han, have you been having fun these days?’

‘I’m sorry, sir.’

‘If you’re joking, I’ll scold you.’

‘It’s not a joke.’

‘Tell me.’

‘As the gate government is slowly getting under control, isn’t the media wriggling? I’ve heard he’s very rude.’


‘Who would have given you instructions?’


‘Of course, each media company has different companies, so it’s impossible to specify one. It is possible that there was an organized lobbying of the FKI. It is difficult to find an obvious culprit.’


‘At this point, I think we need to exercise our skills.’

‘…without breaking the pen stand, let’s squeeze the money?’

‘Then why don’t you take care of yourself?’

‘…a member of parliament.’

‘Yes, sir.’

‘It became radical while I couldn’t see it. Who’s behind you?’

‘It’s called Cheon Geum-soon. One of the chaebols wants to have fun, so I’m giving them a hand.’

‘Are you the same age as me?’

‘I’m the same age.’

‘……Hmm. I know roughly what you’re thinking. playing cute I’ll get you one later.’

‘Thank you, sir.’

In the end, the work was completed as he was sentenced to six months in prison for ‘personal deviation’ of one director of Chunmok Investment Development. Of course, he was nominated for a special New Year’s pardon.

In other words, Cheon Geum-soon was fine. The chaebols saw it.

A squid far away from the ranks went crazy without knowing the fountain, but I saw that he was walking with a piece of meat in his mouth.

Finally, the thin ice sheet breaks,

The serpents woke up from their hibernation.

They realized that the veil of human beings no longer protects them. At the same time, it does not restrict them.

Of course, they did not bow their heads to the government or show any attitude of submission and entrustment to anyone.

It wasn’t that kind of race.

– BBC Chicken acquired Coconus Communications. This marked the seventh successful hostile takeover between large companies in the past 16 days.

– However, this case is also a speculative takeover that has nothing to do with the company’s expertise, and in that it was a volume offensive taking advantage of a temporary share price drop. The public is raising concerns and-

– A company that sold sweets is taking over a semiconductor company! Whether it’s the size of the business or the technology, I don’t care about anything like that!

– The KOSPI index continues to rise and fall. It is an analysis that, despite the price limit and sidecar, an enormous amount of money that cannot be stopped has flowed simultaneously.

– Former CEO Park Joo-cheol of Coconus Communication was found dead in his home. The will contained an apology to his family and company.

– The Federation of Korean Industries protested against Rep. Yang Pan-seok’s market blockade. The government expressed its intention that excessive market intervention is unacceptable under any circumstances.

– The twelfth circuit break has already occurred, but the ‘speculation frenzy’ shows no sign of stopping. While ant investors are also jumping into the market, speculation continues that some chaebols have simultaneously invested slush funds.

The Nanse Age has begun.

It’s time to be sassy.

The 6th Prince’s Rebellion, the Pan Yuseong Family Civil War. etc.

The media relayed the war of money with all kinds of modifiers. The public opinion also reached atrocities in that the fight against whales turned the economy into a sea of blood.

but what to do

An old hunting dog general manager who was kicked out of his job at the end of his life after only cleaning after 4 weeks.

The prince was immediately pushed out by his brothers.

After all the chaebols are dead, the CEO tries to take over the company by supporting a three-year-old descendant.

The youngest granddaughter of a chaebol family who has messed up the world and then hides in it and reveals her true nature.

For the deceitful heroes, only chaos was the world to live in.

All the beasts that had been hiding in the forest of buildings ran out and started to cut off each other’s breath.

There is only one distinction between hunters and prey.


No matter how successful they were, no matter how huge they were, they would die without the live ammunition they were holding.

And Korea was a country where most of the business was in debt. I started a business with debt and started a business. I owe that company as collateral to create a new company. The bigger the company, the bigger it was.

and died easily.

The food chain was completely shattered, and the Cheonmok Group’s circular shareholding was also shattered.

However, Cheon Geum-soon protected the Cheon-mok group.

Cheonmok Heavy Industries, the owner of the Cheonmok Group, is a shipbuilding company. Due to its large size and slowness, it is vulnerable to attacks. In other words.


“Fund liquidity is extremely low…”

A gloomy corner of a beef noodle soup restaurant.

“It will not be able to stop speculative capital and it will be disbanded…”

Cheon Geum-soon muttered, muttering with her eyes wide open from being drunk.

“At that time, when the president of SKY TREE MALL declares bankruptcy, the circular shareholding is completely cut off at the point I set. As the 2% of distribution owned by department stores disperses, distribution becomes owned by shipping…

At the same time, a group will be reborn as a holding company in which Cheonmok Shipping has a net exhaust company…

51% internal ownership. Debt-to-equity ratio on a stand-alone basis is 20%. This is the Maginot line…

ah! I mean, it’s tough…”

Cheon Geum-soon was basically a person whose voice did not rise above a certain decibel level.

“I didn’t design it well…? Can’t you believe it’s a plan you’ve come up with in half a year? right? thanks…”

So I always didn’t listen to what I was saying.




small, voice.

However, sitting in a dimly lit soup restaurant on this quiet night street.

Feeling the timid voice gently descending from her shadowed face.

Only then did I realize one thing.

“While the blood and wind blows, I will donate tens of billions of dollars to an orphanage in Gangbuk and distribute most of the food in the warehouse. If the water reaches the sky and you get something to eat, how will people feel…? And I plan to entrust most of the profits from speculation to the Bank of Korea…”

soft talk.

Slightly slow tone.

“At that time, the government is stepping in and talking about it.”

and violent nature.

“The state will intervene in the economy in the future to crack down on economic criminals who disturb the market…”

Every word that came out of her mouth seemed to pierce her eardrums and pierce her brain.

It feels like blood is dripping all over my body. The items were placed on the checkerboard, which had been painstakingly woven for half a year.

this is a crazy year

She took off her suit and emptied two bottles of bokbunja in a shirt.

“There will be no yangban who can spit out rags in this state of affairs…

The market would be fixed in a situation where each other’s flesh was torn off and put on my body…”

drooping eyebrows,

Between the gloomy dark circles,

A cold, indescribable life settled down in those eyes.

“Then, you’re saying that all companies are half-baked, right?”

With a tycoon who will draw a sword with burning ambition.

Won Ok-bun, who tries to control the press by pressuring them.

because of the wind that blows.

people suffering from

politicians who go out to get votes from

A government that will take control of the economy at the favor of the government.

Thanks to you ascend the throne.

Cheon Geum Soon.


“At that point, there are four major companies that I will take over. Steel, energy, food, construction…”

steel. food. power plant. erection.

Industries that benefit from war.

She planned a war enterprise.

“It’s perfect for patriotism.”


“Among the assholes who have eyes for Dondok. I also give rice to the people. fill the treasury. It is also good for national projects. There is such a solid and kind company…”


“How far do you think you can fly?”

Cheon Geum-soon drank again, muttering that when she tapped on the calculator, she would be able to reach 6th place within a year or so.

she emptied her glass,

I filled her cup.

“Good to hear.”

“Umm… don’t you have any more feelings? It’s a really hard plan…”

He said as he filled her cup.


The glass overflowed with alcohol and spilled onto the table and to the floor.

“Aren’t you going to destroy the Korean economy just by eating one group?”

I put down the wine bottle only after the bokbunja bottle was empty. The back room was filled with silence and the sweet smell of alcohol.

All of the Cheon Geum-soon had flowed away and I drank even the small glass of wine that was barely left. I asked her.

“Why are you doing this?”


For a long time, as if she had never thought about it because it was a natural thing, she fell into deep thought for a long time.

And he smiled calmly, licking the alcohol on his hand as if it was a waste.

“My family didn’t see me as me. I also have my own life… How can I only see my beloved daughter as a means of business? I’m too upset to take revenge-“

“Stop talking nonsense.”

“Actually, my father is the only one out of wedlock. I was raised by my mother.”

“If you just open your mouth…”

“My grandfather, who has cared for me a lot since I was little, is actually not in a nursing home, but in a coffin. I watched my father take off the respirator through the crack in the door…”

“What do you say?”

“It doesn’t work. this…”

She sighed and pondered again.

“okay. I don’t like the name.”

nalm. She licked the liquor off the back of her hand.

“What is Geumsoonie, Geumsoonie… After all, I’m not saying that I am a girl who gets money. Is it a talisman…?”

“I don’t think it’s because my family doesn’t like it.”

“Yes. Thanks to you, I should be satisfied if I asked for a gold spoon. in today’s world.

But there are only goldfish in the house… How can people call a crucian carp mother…?”


“The magic stone has become a new energy source.

After buying a bunch of Manastones as an excuse for business. Let’s resell it…

Geumsoon-ah… seduce me…”


“Hey what… I’ve always been good at seducing people. I don’t think so this time…”


“It’s frustrating to see them trying to sell even their daughter while trembling over the fact that they’ve come in from somewhere…

Nara can only use cards like that…? Arranged marriage here…?”


“And, the Han Seung-moon Foundation Research Institute has been around for half a year, can you not know that…?

Seeing that Japan is importing magic stones in large quantities, Seungmoon-san has already been stockpiling for a long time. Why are those teeth…


I’ll stop talking about this…

I’m exhausted…”

“…how, how,”

“The sea road is on the palm of my hand… Anyway, I don’t understand why you’re trying to touch it because you’re crazy…”

“Hey, Cheon Geum-soon.”


“Why do I have to do business with a crazy b*tch?”

“Ah… it’s okay…”

Cheon Geum-soon smiled brightly and grabbed my hand and waved it. It was sticky because the alcohol had dried up.

“thanks…!” she grinned Thanks to the drooping eyebrows, he always looked mild and immature.

As of right now, this smile is creepy.

I wanted to remove my hand, but it was sticky because of the alcohol, was she holding me tight, or was it that my arm was weak.

I can’t take my hands off

“Since you don’t care about the recorder… you’re going to hold my hand, right?”


“Even though the clothes are on, the eyes are honest… ahhhhhhhhhhhh! You finally got it…”

Cheon Geum-soon smiled broadly as if she had won.

“Rep. Yang Pan-seok was like that. Do you think I will be that fond of you…?”

The queen came up on the checkerboard that had been carefully crafted for half a year.

At once, it overturned the twisted state of affairs.

“self. Now I want you.”

…I hate to admit it.

It was the most needed cemetery.

“But, if this crazy b*tch is necessary…”

The problem is, this is the queen placed by Yang Pan-seok.

“What the hell are you up to…?”

in other words,

It sounded like my plans had been read.


I sit alone in a dark room and watch the news.

– The proud national army and hunters executed all the monsters that spread to the south of Gyeonggi-do due to the mistake of Cha Jae-gyun’s military at the beginning of the incident. Chairman Kim Chun-sik at the conference…

news below. Small lines of text passed non-stop.

‘I’m a four-week-old Cheonmok. Accused of leaking military secrets.’

‘Cheonmok Group’s successor, GS Group. Provided food materials worth 4.6 billion won to Gangbuk.’ Is it Geum Sun or Geumsoon Golden Shield? After all, if you look at food that cannot be sold after the expiration date, it doesn’t seem like a very strong shield.

But at least the food materials worth 4.6 billion won that she donated with one painting. I thought it would be bigger than the amount I’ve helped others in my entire life.

I answered the phone with a grin at the thought.

[Uh, oriental clinic.]

It is a slate stone.

[Is Geumsoon doing well?]

asked him

“Since when did you know?”

[…] I guessed from the moment Cha Jae-gyun died. I’m sure it’s been two months.]

“Thank you for your help.”

[What. Gong Myung is making the system. Even if there is no Liu Bei, there must be Cao Cao.]

“It made things easier. Where did you get such a talent?”

[This is what the times have called. that guy too. You too.]

For a long time, I thought about whether I could say this. A cracked voice escaped from his long, twisted neck.

“… Senator Yang.”

[…I’ve already had a lot of rest in my throat.]

“Really, do you really know everything?”


“The one that Cheon Geum-soon sent to me. Can I take it as a kind of acquiescence?”

[……Let me think about it.]

“thank you.”

[……okay. You, too, should end your aide.]


[…Chun Geum-soon seems to have finished her role as the youngest granddaughter of a chaebol family.]

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