A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 47

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 47

EP 9 – Jininsa Daecheonmyeong盡人事待天命 (2)

Society can never be at peace. So we crammed all the conflicts into one place to prevent annihilation.

That’s the battlefield called the National Assembly.

And democracy is a system that elects assholes to fight on behalf of the people. But what is the meaning of democracy if there is no fighting in the arena?

In other words, if the National Assembly is peaceful, the country will perish.

“Appropriate? Do it! I will create a new church! never! never! I can’t accept this affair!”

This is the beginning of a dogfight.

* * *

I pushed aside the lawmakers who had caught me in a rush. Everyone’s face is getting tired. With a reddened face, I swung my staff and shouted evil.

“Put this down!”

“Hey, Senator Han Seung-moon!”

I forgot to be in front of the camera and shouts come from all over the place.

“A clinic! Mi, are you crazy!?”

“It’s a Democrat! It’s Republican! You don’t need them all! Is this me?”

It is often said that there are lines that must not be crossed in politics.

“I don’t deserve it! How can a one-party dictatorship be achieved in a democratic society?”

But there is no good in the world.

“New Party, we will create a new party that only sees the people!”

So I decided to draw a line. With red eyes, I cry out with my throat bursting.

“April general election! April General Election! We must only uphold the will of the people! I will fight for the people!”

The more open the National Assembly is, the more peaceful the country is.

“We will open a new politics against the old style!”

draw a line

“I will create a new church!”


On a large, white sheet of paper.

so draw a line

When I left the conference room, my eyes met with Yang Pan-seok.


The country was engulfed in anger.

Anger makes people move.

[Rep. Han Seung-moon reported the formation of the ‘National Party’ establishment preparation committee to the National Election Commission.]

And when the flames are brought together, history is made.

[Jeju Provincial Governor Chung Jung-yeop, former Democratic Party floor leader Kim Jo-in, Seoul administrative mayor Woo Woo-hwan, etc., have expressed their will to participate in the founding-]

irrelevant to existing vested interests. Relations were bad, and people who had been neglected reached out.

The governor of Jeju Island, who was a Republican but was far from central politics.

A former tycoon who was taken care of by a cold meal.

Numerous politicians in Seoul with no constituency but supported by refugees.

It was very natural for people who were aiming for the April general election to gather around me. Because that’s what I was aiming for in the first place.

Anyway, that’s how I got the power.

The problem is money.

You have to create a central party, create dozens of provincial and provincial parties, and run numerous sub-organizations. Usually, more than 6 billion won is needed, and considering the current price, it is tens of billions.

I was originally going to use the chaebols.

Before the Gates incident, the reason the chaebols were able to act like kings was because they fought amongst politicians. It has been proven in the present situation. When politicians are united, they cannot use their power.

Therefore, they agree with me in that they want a two-party system.

However, if they were more than these guys, they weren’t worse or worse, and there were concerns that the political burden would increase in that they embrace the chaebols.

[In particular, GS Group President Cheon Geum-soon participated as a founding promoter and is becoming a hot topic.]

Geum Soon-yi fired 25 billion won.

[Rep. Han Seung-moon said that the main body of the founding of the Kuomintang was only the people’s voluntary fundraising, but there are also concerns that it is the beginning of plutocracy-]


Won Ok-bun turned off the TV.

“I’m really afraid of the power that words have.”

She put down the remote control with a distorted smile. Seeing that even in the news, people are scolding me in a line that does not go against the national sentiment, it seems that Won Ok-bun is also deeply hurt.

“Even though I told you to pick it up sometime. I didn’t know it would be like this…”

“Isn’t this all related?”

“Ah, hello…”

I went to Wonokbun with Cheon Geum-soon.

She maintained an unknown expression, but there was a subtle displeasure in her hazy eyes.

She brought up the topic first with a shaky expression on her face.

“They say they are doing it right. What is the National Defense Party?”

National Party. Republican Party. democrats. A three-way structure was formed while the people were desperately crying out for the April general election.

Of course, the Kuomintang has no choice but to win.

Because the regime judgment-removal of corruption frame always works. Especially in these difficult times like today.

There is only one way for them to survive.

“Are you worthy in the end?”

“They say they are forming the National Defense Party. So, didn’t a member of the council just drive it that way?”

“I guessed it.” National Defense Party against the Nationalist Party.

Perhaps it would be dramatic and appropriate by keeping the three-way structure and adjusting the timing well during the general election in April. It’s obvious if you don’t see it


In the end, the two rivers that dominated the Republic of Korea for the past several decades united. Even if it stumbled heavily, concrete that had been in existence for decades was not so hard to break.

Republican supporters were people who lived with memories of economic growth, and Democratic supporters were people who lived with the passion of the democratization movement in their heart.

Politics was not a choice but a part of their life for the strong supporters.

Now, in the opinion polls, I’m getting around 81% of the support, but I don’t know when or how I’m going to be shaken in politics.

‘The power-blind agitator tries to divide the people by manipulating the party.’

‘The country should not be divided like this.’

‘Leaving political logic, we must unite for national defense.’

That’s a pretty good slogan

Now, if the public opinion calms down a little, trustworthy elders and lawmakers who were not in the transcript come out and shout, it will be effective. It’s still early January, so I don’t know how it will turn over.

And anyway, people believe what they want to believe.

There are definitely people who shake.

Won Ok-bun picked up his old remarks and served them.

“I said there was nothing good about going out too far. I.”


I calmly closed my eyes, sipping orange juice, and Won Ok-bun touched the cuts on his face and squeezed his chin.

Of course, the acting president could never be ignored.

“Hey, Han-”

“Please stand in the mediator position.”

now i’m the one

I can assure you, there is no politician in the Republic of Korea more menacing than me right now. I forwarded my request to Won Ok-bun.

“You will not benefit from getting caught up in the National Assembly fight.”

There is a need to separate parliament and government.

“I will not ask you to join the Kuomintang. You can’t break the chain that’s so firmly attached to it.”

As Won Ok-bun is a key figure in an established political party, he cannot break the ties.


“I want the general election in April to happen.”

“…Rep. Han, are you ordering me now?”

“Among legislators who are arrogant. I want you to firmly hold the center of the country.”

[I’ll give you a concept you like. Listen to me.]

After all, Won Ok-bun does not need the support of the National Assembly, but the people who need it.

“There is public opinion, isn’t it not only the general election in April?”

The fateful April is approaching.

A fateful day to elect the president and parliamentarians at the same time. General Election Plus Election. I’m going to make it that way.

“Aren’t you going to run for president?”

Wonok-bun remained silent. At this point, it’s time to throw in a sweet suggestion.

“You have two of the most troubling problems.”

raised two fingers.

“economy. Press.”

a crazy economy. A media dreaming of revenge by looking for opportunities.

“I will fix it.”


Wonok-min started to ponder for a moment.

When she hit Cheon Geum-soon’s rib with her elbow, she pushed the investment development project proposal to Won Ok-bun.

It is a very favorable contract for the government.

In other words, it is a visible chunk of performance.

“This is a light upfront fee. I will explain the real solution from now on.”

Instead of solving the media and the economy, the April general election is held. I opened my mouth to explain the method.



Wonok-min stopped talking.

“I’ll explain that later.”


“Why are you doing this?”

While I was in a moment of embarrassment, an old politician began to interrogate me carefully.

“Rep. Han Seung-moon. If you want to take power, you just have to stand still. As I get older, it will naturally come my turn for a lawmaker to come to power.”

A veteran prosecutor has pinpointed the crux of the crime.

“Are you trying to divide the country into quarters and start a coup with the hunters?”

arab show.

“If it were me, I would have.”

She began the interrogation with a distorted expression.

He continued to stutter in a phlegmatic voice, but

“If you use hunters as assassins, there will be no evidence. If a ballpoint pen floats up and sticks in your eye, it destroys your brain. How do you know who killed him?”

The content was very aggressive.

“Tell me why.”


“Do you think I took half of the NIS and turned it over?”

That’s half of the NIS.

Chief of the Counter-Terrorism Security Agency.

survivors of the subject runaway.

those who participated in the bio-experiment.

People who were loyal to Cha Jae-gyun at the National Intelligence Service.

They were under me now.

It was necessary to continue researching the results of dirty biological experiments. Because Won Ok-bun himself did not want to bear that burden.

I received them in the process of disposing of the remaining NIS party party. Compensation for sending Cha Jae-gyun away.

And investment for nurturing superpowers.

Also, it was a weakness I made myself.

“A senator. Do you want to die?”

Won Ok-min grabbed my leash and warned me.

“It’s not worth the punishment for rebellion.”

Silence fell for a while. Won Ok-bun looked at me with scorching eyes, and I casually sip orange juice.

You’re reacting more harshly than you think.

strategy modification.

be lazy from now on Climb up and hit the accelerator.

“…do you think I am fighting to win?”

Pi Chae-won says

Maniacs who have abandoned their human conscience and brainwashed themselves with loyalty to their country.

I gave them a second chance.

“We don’t fight to win, we fight to fight.”

“Explain clearly.”

“To make a good country, we need a division of politics.”

What is the right country?

I do not know.

“It’s safe to think that Vice Minister Cha Jae-gyun is freeing him.”

“…don’t you want to tell me?”

How to make the right country

I do not know. Everyone is making up their own teeth.

But at least the monster killed the person covered in blood to kill them all, so there is no one to cover up with blood now.

It’s a dark world

There is a predestined doom.

When oil and ammunition run out, the country is destroyed.

Then who will save the country?

feel desperate

Cha Jae-gyun handed over a large load to me.

“If only you could read my mind. You will never be able to stop me.”

“Crime of rebellion, sentence, not easy, no! word! I did it!”

Won Ok-bun and I poured only one-sided arguments on each other.

This was not a conversation.

“I sacrificed a lot more than you thought.”

“Do you want to be shot? You think I only caught thugs gentlemanly!”

Chicken game.

If one doesn’t stop, both die.

“April general election and presidential election, please make it happen.”

“Where is the order from the president!?”

But I have no choice but to win. because she was a coward

“And you will have to cooperate in creating a new two-party system: the Kuomintang and the National Defense Party.”

“He’s the one who didn’t compromise even if the gangsters drew his eyebrows! I!”

The minions of the Roh Tae-woo administration are still in politics.

“Otherwise, I will fall over.”

“Don’t try to threaten me, just persuade me.”

In other words, she was a person who abandoned Roh Tae-woo and changed to Kim Young-sam.

“I already said it. We will save the economy, and we will control the media.”


He had been a conservative politician for a long time and served as a minister in the Democratic Party.

“If you don’t accept the request, they will hit you.”

“…Rep. Han Seung-moon, was this kind of person?”

Although she claimed to be neutral.

“If I hit it, it won’t end like Cha Jae-gyun.”

“Are you going to cause a coup d’etat?”

There is no such thing as political neutrality in Korea.

“If you think I’m doing a show to take power, you’ll regret it greatly.”

“Hey, crazy…”

Usually the person who is afraid to fight becomes neutral.

“Apgujeong Hunters. They are the ones who have killed a lot of people.”


“I want the acting representative to be neutral at this point.”

cooperate coward

Apgujeong Hunters could only catch monsters in Seoul during the first two weeks of the incident.

In the beginning, when I first met them, there was a systematic human hunting using wolf monsters in Apgujeong camp.

Even in self-defense targeting looters, all of them, including Kim Chun-sik and Hong Seon-ah, had a history of killing people.

“They are just crazy bastards. If you think I’m not, it’s difficult. I don’t stop here.”

Of course, they wouldn’t kill anyone if I asked.

The important thing is, Won-ok-bun doesn’t know that.

Rather, it was Won Ok-bun who first suspected the coup. She felt more threatened by my actions than I had expected.

Therefore, in compromise and conflict,

Which one to choose is obvious.

“When I die, someone is already ready to detonate a bomb for me.”

I pushed this weak old man.

“Let’s not talk politics with politicians who know everything.”

hit it with a noob

“Let’s do business, not politics. business.”


“If you make a joint election in April, we will save the economy within a week.”

An offer you can’t refuse.

“And tonight, we will extend the validity of the press dictatorship.”


[This is urgent breaking news. At around 7:21, Han Seung-moon was kidnapped by a terrorist group near Jeongseon, Gangwon-do.

They identified themselves as the remnants of former Vice Minister Cha Jae-gyun and posted a statement of the crime on the Internet. Let’s see the data screen.]

[The gate incident is a natural race for survival. Therefore, mankind must evolve. We should not fear them by calling them monsters, but imitate them.

With this in mind, Vice Minister Cha Jae-gyun studied the secrets of evolution for criminals who were removed from society.

In the end, we have already developed a drug to ‘evolve’ humans, but Senator Han Seung-moon intercepted the secret of evolution and denigrated ‘evolution’ as ‘monsterization’, seeking political gain. warn you about this

In order to eradicate the fear of evolution, we will spray a drug that ‘evolves’ humans in 3 hours.]

[According to this, acting authority Won Ok-bun expanded the emergency martial law that was applied only to the Seoul-Gyeonggi area to the whole country……]

Thirty-six precepts

wartime warfare

the 28th

Cha Si Hwan Wedding

: Borrows a corpse’s body and summons a soul

: by any means

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