A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 48

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 48

EP 9 – Jin Insa Daecheonmyeong盡人事待天命 (3)

There are several powerful elements that move the world.

[Vice Minister Cha Jae-gyun promoted the evolution and development of mankind for the survival of all, but a few stupid rulers blocked the nation’s work.]

[We kidnapped Rep. Han Seung-moon. He will be the first to experience human evolution.]

[This is a tribute to Vice Minister Cha Jae-gyun.]


[Chemical terrorism by car-rehabilitationists has been foretold! The authorities concerned are making every effort to identify the terrorist’s stronghold and the location of the terrorist-]

[The terrorist group has foretold the spraying of ‘monsterization’ drugs 3 hours later. Martial law was declared across the country-]

[All, the authorities have confirmed the terrorist’s stronghold! Some are considering suppression using missiles, but it is said that Rep. Han Seung-moon is being held hostage and discussions are being made over the suppression method!]


[The terrorist’s stronghold is suddenly engulfed in flames! Whoa, someone walks out! Hong Seon-ah! I’m Hong Seon-ah, the vice president of the guild! She is supporting Rep. Han Seung-moon! Vice-Chairman Hong Seon-ah succeeded in rescuing Rep. Han Seung-moon!]


Thirty-six precepts

losing battle

the 31st

beautiful people

: Captivating enemies through beautiful teeth

* * *


Yeo Do-yeon stepped on the giant’s skull and crushed it. Although he was lying on the floor, the giant’s head was the size of a human waist.

Of course, Yeo Do-yeon’s suit pants, which she crushed by stepping on it, were also stained blue. Because the blood was dark blue.


Likewise, bloody David Kim threw a mink coat at Yeo Do-yeon. She grabbed the object without turning her head.

“I picked it up at the clothing store next door. Use it as a towel.”

“……thank you.”

Only then did Yeo Do-yeon wipe her face roughly.

While wiping the cornea with a fur coat, she pondered for a moment whether this body was really human, but she was relieved by David Kim’s subsequent call.

“I think this area is almost finished.”

“thank you for your effort.”

“okay. It’s the first time he’s ever been like this.”

Kim Chun-sik kicked Yeo Do-yeon’s crushed head.

“Hiding in a corner of a building and hitting a car…”



Yeo Do-yeon wiped the blood with a mink coat without changing her expression. When I checked the price tag, there was one more zero in my old weekly wage, but I thought it would be so, and threw my clothes on the floor.

David Kim murmured, fiddling with his handsome beard.

“I’ve never seen such a big guy even use his head…”


“If it wasn’t for the two of us in the car, something would have happened. I guess I’ll have to tell you to be careful in this area for the time being.”

Yeo Do-yeon thought that the monster’s feelings would have been more surprising to see the two people crawling out of the car after the car was completely crushed, but she did not dare to put it into words.

match! David Kim gave a refreshing laugh and clapped.

“Well! let’s just go in Did you absorb the Manastone during the fight earlier?”

“No, it’s probably in your body.”

“Are you going to absorb it?”


“Then I will call the processing team. In the meantime, keep your seat I need to go to the bathroom…”



As David Kim runs to the bathroom of a ruined building, Yeo Do-yeon is left alone in the collapsed city center.

She leaned her back against the giant’s corpse and let out a small sigh.


relaxing. The cloudy sky seen through the forest of buildings and the blue gate are very familiar now.

She smiled softly, wiping away the beaded sweat, and grabbed the head of the monster that was attacking her.


She forcibly took the beast the size of a wild dog in her arms and stroked it.

“Kaah! Keek!”

If it were an ordinary person, her face would have been torn off by now and both wrists would have been amputated, but to her, it was just a prank on a dog.

After absorbing the magic stone by inserting her fingers into the body of the monster that was writhing in her arms, she grabbed the dog’s hind legs and threw it away.

The corpse of the monster broke through the glass window on the fourth floor of the building. Yeo Do-yeon smiled happily, leaning her back on the giant’s body, and crossed her long legs.

Yeo Do-yeon closed her eyes for a moment. A familiar voice echoed in my head.

‘They look pretty, but they have a dirty personality.’

‘I can’t use it because I don’t have a star.’

‘Where do you learn and eat something that is not fundamental, and when you grow old, you try to pick up waste paper or something?’

‘You are a kind person, so go and meet him. I’m your fan.’

‘If you want to sell some tickets, you have to change clothes and climb into the ring.’

‘A b*tch without talent has pride.’

“Cypal bastards…”

With a small smile, she threw a piece of asphalt and smashed the head of a nearby wild dog beast.

…Is it too much garbage to think that the gate is glad that it is open?

She thought that she was worried because her brother seemed to be babbling these days. It was an idea that had no context at all, but the original thought of my younger brother suddenly came to me even when I was sleeping.

After overworking for half a year, that bastard has turned into his 30s. I can’t walk well these days, and I’m not sure if I’m gasping for even a short walk.

When Yeo Do-yeon realized that this Thursday was payday, she was contemplating whether to eat herbal medicine or orphan chickens. Suddenly a phone call came in.


I heard that my brother had been kidnapped.

And David Kim is back.

“There was a person who committed suicide in the bathroom, so I came to bury a body, Um…”

He could tell that she had hurriedly gone somewhere.

Because her footprints were thickly engraved on the asphalt road.


I called the agent who was sitting on the sofa across from me.


The agent who was fiddling with the medicine bag looked up and looked at me. I asked the agent.

“How did the agent get into the NIS?”

“Uh, umm, there’s an exam…?”

“Not that.”

“I passed the civil service exam. 7th grade recruitment.”

The agent fidgeted with his pistol. I smiled bitterly and asked the agent.

“Tell me. The country should be remembered.”

“It’s done.”

“You didn’t tell me your name.”

“It’s Poshik Kim.”

“How did you come to this job, Mr. Poshik?”

The agent smiled and spoke as if he had lost. It wasn’t the moon.

“It’s 007. It’s a little obvious, isn’t it?”

“What is obvious? There is romance.”

“membrane. It was really cool to beat the bad guys. My uncle was also an NIS.”


I smiled as positively as possible and gave him a smirk. The agent kept his clothes neatly organized and continued talking.

“Because I was actually dispatched overseas to work. I became the villain.”


“Croatian industrial espionage families were taken hostage and shot to death. membrane-“

The agent hastily covered his mouth.

“ah! Seed! This was first class…!”


The agent scratched the back of his head and grinned as if he was embarrassed to inadvertently mumbled a top secret.

“Um… are you going to keep it a secret?”

“What’s wrong with the public officials?”

“thank you.”

Agent looked at his watch again. said the agent.

“……Would you like to hear a little more about me?”


The agent was trying to say something, but his mouth was muted.

“…Ah, well, I can’t think of what to say because I’m really going to say it.”

“It’s okay to just say it. I will remember.”

After 26 seconds, the agent suddenly opened his mouth.

“…In the end, I only blamed the country.”

The agent got up, poured water from the water purifier, and gulped it down.

“I am disappearing as an individual. Yes… just…”

“I know what you mean.”

“On purpose I thought of myself as a part… ahh.”

The agent drank eight water purifier paper cups in succession and returned to his seat.

Then, she wiped her face with her hands as if she was washing her dry face.

“…Sejin Yoo. Sejin Yoo. Yoo Se-jin.”

An agent obsessively muttering someone’s name said to me.

“Senator. Can you remember the name Yoo Se-jin? You may not remember me.”

“Sejin Yoo. I remembered.”

“He was a much better kid than me. I thought he was shot and killed by a redneck in London instead of me—”

A tear trickled down the agent’s eyes as he continued to speak.

“…Oh, I’m sorry. It’s all of a sudden.”

“no. Can I go out for a minute?”

“it’s okay. You can just stay.”


The agent got a tissue from nearby, pulled out several sheets and wiped his face.

“I must have loved you.”


“Now I only know.”


“Do you think I am crazy? Me too. sorry.”


sniff Agent checked his watch with bloodshot eyes.

After that, there was silence for about a minute. said the agent.

“…that, umm. It’s a biological experiment.”


“I don’t think I was particularly sorry for capturing civilians. It was just pitiful.”


“Because I’ve done a lot worse than that.”


“But why would I regret not being able to tell them I’m sorry?”


Agent frantically pulled out a tissue and wiped his face mechanically. I looked at the agent, who was crying without a word.

“…… Agent.”


“I might stop here-”


The agent covered his face with both hands, and confessions leaked out of the gaps in his hands.

“Five from Croatia. 9 North Koreans. 12 Moldovas. One Russian. 564 Koreans.”


“This is patriotism. it is patriotism And then I ran away It’s the first time I’m paying for my sins.”

The agent put his hand away and showed me a distorted smile.

It was a look I had never seen before in my life.

“It was a sinful life.”

“I’m sorry. Agent.”

“…is it going to be a good country?”

“I will do that.”

“At the end of the day, I only blame the country.”

“It’s a country that says so.”

The agent laughed and cried.

“…it’s time.”

bang! valid! Gunshots began to be heard in the distance.

– !

The agent rose from his seat and fired several rounds of pistols, creating traces of the gunfight.

“Oh right. Senator.”


“You used to be sitting on the 4th floor of that Homeplus with the test subject.”


“I was the one who shot it.”

“Ah… were you a sniper?”

“yes. So if you shoot a gun that doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t hurt, right?”


The agent fired a pistol in my left thigh.



The bloody smell spreads.

I screamed and rolled to the side.

Then he rolled over and fell under the sofa.

Agent swallowed the drug.

Agent sat on the sofa and slowly closed his eyes. I rolled on the floor and watched it.

“…Sejin-ah.” All the terrorists were killed.


Looks like he bled too much.

My mind is a little dizzy

It hurts so much that tears come out.

Someone shook my body and I regained my consciousness.

Something smells burning.

“ah! Are you here?”

“Hong… Seon-ah, Mr.”

While smoke was coming up from downstairs, Seonah Hong found me. She looked at my thighs and covered her mouth in surprise.

“oh! Shall I pour you a potion?”

“Your thighs, candles, bullets, ah…,! f**k…! Well, I guess I’ll have to pour it out.”

She pulled a bandage out of her inner pocket.

“All right! Then, just apply a bandage for the purpose of hemostasis.”

Hong Seon-ah took off the bandages and stopped.

“Are you too tired?”

“I’m coming to rescue the hostage, why did you bring bandages!”

“I was afraid, Senator, to get sick! Why don’t you know my heart!”

“why! why! why! Are there only crazy b*tches around me!”

“If you keep doing that, you’ll get pissed off…”

Hong Seon-ah carefully supported me. I held back the pain in my thighs and urged Hong Seon-ah.

“Hey, first, clean up, hoo… let’s go.”

“Front fire in 8 seconds!”

Hong Seon-ah shouted the slogan used in the Shinbundang Line and spewed fire. I borrowed Hong Seon-ah’s ability to clean up the agent’s body.

When the two flames overlapped, the red flame turned blue.

While everything in the room turned to ashes, I asked her a question.

“Where did you set the fire?”

“Once the first floor was burnt down. The second floor was also burnt down.”

Suddenly, flames filled the room. Hong Seon-ah patted me on the shoulder and cling to me.

“Senator. If you cut off contact with me from now on, would it really be a big deal? You know!”

“Sejin Yoo… Sejin Yoo…”

“yes!? You must hold on to me! Can you walk?”

“Oh, I got shot in the left thigh…”

“You can’t use your left foot anyway! Calm down!”

“… Come to think of it, I lived my life with my right foot every day.”

“ruler! Look forward to it!”

With the help of Hong Seon-ah, I scrambled out of the burning building. The molten wire from the molten wire did not burn me. I looked at the bodies of the agents in the hallway.

Those who killed those who shouldn’t have died.

These were the key players in the in vivo experiment,

Among the NIS who survived the test subject runaway,

They were the ones who wanted to die.

In other words, it was all except for Jang Won-jang.

They committed suicide by poisoning, leaving traces of a gunfight around them. As I exited the building, I shredded their bodies again.

I set them on fire and hesitated for a moment. Hong Seon-ah, who was silently watching from the side, burned the body instead.

“ruler! Come on!”

“……Hong Seon-ah, Mr. Are you okay?”


“…People, burning things.”


okay. It was a stupid question. Burning people isn’t a good thing mentally.

“Ugh! Burning people is not something you should do with your bare mind, right? Even if it looks like this, I’m having a hard time right now, right?”


“It’s so much better than burning a living thing!”

When dealing with looters in Seoul in chaos. Hong Seon-ah would have had no choice but to burn the opponent to death.

“smile! So hold on!”

I looked at her with a wide smile and suddenly opened my mouth.”

“……I’m sorry. by doing something you can’t do.”

As always, Hong Seon-ah looked at me with a mysterious expression that I couldn’t tell whether she was smiling or expressionless, and then spit it out involuntarily.

“…do I have to keep my promises?”


Yeo Do-yeon was in the crowd.

In the distance, I could see a burning building and two dolls coming out of it.

“Ah, ah, this is the scene! Now, Vice-Chairman Hong Seon-ah has rescued Rep. Han Seung-moon. Rep. Han Seung-moon is injured, yes. Visually on the left thigh-”

“Chairman Hong Seon-ah is screaming and calling the medical staff! Medical staff are running to treat Dr. Han Seung-moon. Alas, I must have been injured.”

There is a secret that Yeo Do-yeon has not told anyone.

It’s a secret that nobody really asked, so I didn’t say it.

“Put the gauze in! Hemostasis! Hemostasis!”

“Move the helicopter a little! I can’t see Han Seung-moon because it is covered by a tree! camera! camera! OK!”

Everyone knows that she’s gotten stronger and stronger.

“Woah, are you on fire?”

“Te, the terrorists have been caught!”

“what? Can’t receive? No, Kim Yong-hyun, the head of the press, is filming the broadcast in front of me. You can’t put it on the news?”

Yeo Do-yeon was a human whose five senses, including hearing and sight, were also greatly improved.

As soon as she heard of her brother’s kidnapping, she ran to the location mentioned on the news in an instant. They approached the building to infiltrate the building occupied by the terrorists.

I listened to all the conversations going on inside the building.


Though she herself thought she wasn’t that smart.

At least. One seemed to be clear.

Usually this is not called terrorism.


January 8th at 22:00.

Rep. Han Seung-moon was rescued by Hong Seon-ah, vice president of the Guild. The 14 terrorists who predicted a large-scale bioterrorism were killed on the spot, and it turned out that they were former NIS agents who conducted biological experiments on the orders of Mr. Cha Jae-gyun.

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