A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 49

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 49

EP 9 – Jin Insa Daecheonmyeong盡人事待天命 (4)

When I woke up, the first thing I felt was the pressure of the bandage around my thigh. The second thing I felt was that it was now night.

The third thing I felt was

It was that someone was holding my hand.

someone is looking down at me In the cloudy world, there were quietly shining eyes.

As my eyes grew accustomed to the darkness, I called her out in a cracked voice.


dim hospital room. A cold face was visible in the faint moonlight. She sat by the bedside and stared at me.

I realized when I looked at the cold eyes that fell.

What should I say? Instinct. Something that could only be described as instinct flashed through my mind. Maybe this is some kind of superpower.

She instinctively realized when she saw the moonlight reflected in her dark eyes.

she knows

* * *

it’s a cold night Only the sound of the boiler heater running filled the room. It hurt a little because the blood vessels in Ringer’s arm were swollen.

Yeo Do-yeon stuttered a question.

“…terrorism, isn’t it?”

I closed my eyes without saying a word.

Silence was positive.

Yeo Do-yeon’s expression darkly distorted. she grabbed my hand

“Why… did it?”

It took me a very long time to answer.

Public interest, morality, responsibility, justice, duty, wrath, impulse.

The plausible words ran through my head. Among them, there were several excuses to deceive her.

However, I was not a person who lived with such a wonderful belief in my head, and I was not strong enough to deceive her now, so I spit out the purest intentions.

“Because I have to.”

I stuttered and answered her politely, drunk on painkillers and drugs.

“Hey, this damn thing, someone has to change it…”

I just didn’t want to go crazy.

When the excuses mixed with light abusive language were over, Yeo Do-yeon’s expression distorted again and she bowed her head.

she lay on my chest,

I slowly closed my eyes and recalled old memories. Why do people go crazy?

f**ked Crazy

Unless you’re a born psycho, you’ll go crazy when a normal person gets f**ked. That’s how crazy people are born.

Suddenly, the whole family died in a car accident, and all the people involved in the accident died except for themselves.

Suddenly, a gate opened in the sky, and my dear daughter-in-law and the whole family died.

f**ked people end up hating the world.

When I see people passing by, I want to wield a bottle of soju, and when I see the world running smoothly, I want to crash into a truck. That’s it.

That was the reason why I understood Cha Jae-gyun.

He and I are f**king people.

And we struggle because we don’t want to go crazy.

Focus on your anger towards the world. Set an obvious plural target. Gather your resentment towards the world into one point.

In other words, they set out to find something to resent.

Cha Jae-gyun was a monster.

He didn’t want to go crazy, so he tried to get revenge on the monster. He released his inner resentment to the monster.

Performed mechanical revenge. Derive the best number, take the least damage, and mechanically kill as many monsters as possible.

That was Cha Jae-gyun’s footsteps.

He said. Politics is a series of wars. I’m not greedy for power, I’m saying I’ve seized power to achieve strategic goals.

he is right Whether it be politics or war, in the end, it is only a means. Biotests, strategy, politics, suicide, all of which were included in the category of revenge.

After all, his life itself was a part of revenge.

I took revenge because I didn’t want to go crazy. And slowly went crazy. He did such a crazy thing, and eventually died as a madman. I don’t want to go crazy, so I go crazy when I take revenge.

So did I.

In a world left alone, sitting in the corner of the funeral home, trembling. When I closed my eyes, I remembered the crumbling flesh of my parents.

200,000 won per child with disabilities indicated in the bankbook. Red. Inconvenient wheelchair. heavy crutches. Awkward prosthetics. view from above. I just hated it all.

So I pretended to be fine, pretended not to be mentally ill, was discharged cleanly, and at dawn I took out a kitchen knife and prepared to go out.

The target is a kid who ran out onto the road for jaywalking and got hit by a truck and died.

‘s parents.

I thought I’d go crazy if I didn’t get rid of this grudge, so I went out the front door.

And Yeo Do-yeon grabbed me from the front door.

She knew I was crazy, and she stopped me.

she drove me crazy A crazy person must be sorry in order not to go crazy. Yeo Do-yeon gave me regret.

The more people have, the more they hate to let go of what they are holding.

that is the regret

Preoccupation with what you still have.

People who don’t have it are called crazy.

Yeo Do-yeon then

Let me know that I still have her.

At the same time she put me in her hands.

She was then, as she is now.

Hold my hand without saying a word. squat without looking.

cried uncontrollably.


5 o’clock in the morning. dark hospital room.

She fell on me and cried.

He carefully placed his hand on her back. The shoulder blades protruding slightly are trembling slightly. The back of his hair was wrapped around his hands and gently stroked.

It was a feeling that is difficult to describe.

No words were spoken, but many conversations took place. Perhaps this too was a truly bizarre superpower.

I gently patted her on the back and listened to her persuasion for a while.

Don’t let go of what’s in your hand.

I don’t want to let you go,

Don’t you want to let me go too?

It would be a pity to end it like this.

She cried without saying a word. Tears that flowed out little by little piled up on the patient’s clothes and finally wet my chest.

In the small hospital room where only the sound of the boiler was running, only the sound of Yeo Do-yeon swallowing her anger could be heard from time to time.


While holding the kitchen knife, I dropped the knife I was holding and held it in her arms and cried for a long time.

she made me sad

It made me think that it would be a waste to end it like this.

It’s a pity that I have so much to let go of like this.

It is usually called hope.

she says

“……don’t go.”

she clasped my hand I grabbed it so that it turned white without blood.


She seems to still think I’m holding a cleaver.

I’m already crazy He seems to think he’s going to wield it.

I answered her in a cracked voice.

“……It’s my sister.”

A shrill voice escaped from his dry, twisted lips.

“…Martial Law Command, I remember the first time I went.”

No voice came out, so I had no choice but to whisper to her.

“My then, to the deputy minister, …pick up a decent guy.”

Yeo Do-yeon, who had been trembling, stopped.

With a distorted expression on my face, I barely continued to whisper.

“……Let’s try shoveling a magic stone and see what happens.

…it was.”

I swallowed dry saliva. His voice began to tremble a little.

“Cha Jae-gyun. To me. I asked if you were going to do a biological test.” finally.

“I replied, “Is that what you were going to do?”

A single tear streamed down the side.

Every time you chew each word, it’s like you’re vomiting something that sticks to the deepest.

“Yeah, but really. Seeing people die It didn’t seem like this. There are people who taught the vice minister superpowers. I also did a biological test.

…because I’m afraid of taking responsibility for the life of the dead. That’s why I’m afraid I’m skipping it I pretend I didn’t mean to. just. just. like that…!

… to survive.

Treated like a hero, received…

So. It didn’t seem like a bit.”

I have seen many absurdities over the past half year.

“…one in ten people died. They don’t want to build camps because they don’t want to receive refugees. I’m taking the hunters and filming variety shows because people don’t want people to ask me why I’m like this. Press control is in place.”

It is said that one million South Korean civilians died during the Korean War. I don’t know the exact number. At least it was clear that there were more people dead now than there were then.

“Five million, huh? 5 million died. I don’t even know how to close the gate. There are hundreds of thousands of civilians isolated in Seoul. I sat down to play with money while placing an order for the reconstruction project.”


“Is this country?”

I patted her back and smiled.

“But, I was not in a position to curse those people.”


“I am and I am the same person.”

I remember muttering something with a hazy mind, drunk on weak energy.

“I’m going to take over the psychics and eat the pie… Between Cha Jae-gyun and Yang Pan-seok, I’ll stick to the winning side… Instigate, deceive, and spit…”

Yeo Do-yeon knew I was crazy. caught me

But, I wasn’t crazy this time.

“…the world is crazy.”

crazy is the world

“…someone. …I have to.”

until dawn in the morning. We hugged each other and patted each other on the back.


“I think Rep. Han Seung-moon is a person who fully symbolizes how we fought back after the Gate incident.”

“I’m really embarrassed to say that.”

The governor of Jeju held my hand firmly and waved it with solemn eyes.

The mayor of the Seoul administration, who was next to him, said looking back at the cameras that filled the hospital room.

“Look. Aren’t all the reporters here representing the people’s concerns?”

“Never mind the terrorists who talked about the evolution of mankind. We are not foolish enough to fall for such a propaganda.”

“I hope you get well soon.”

The reporters left, and we sat around the hospital room. An awkward silence passed between the four politicians.

The news that was just taken was played on the TV.

[Rep. Han Seung-moon regained consciousness around 4 am today. In response, the next senior members of the Nationalist Party visited Rep. Han Seung-moon as a group, and while the number of party members who joined the Kuomintang exceeded 600,000 in three days, the next party-] “Are you in good health? A senator?”

“Ah yes……”

The governor of Jeju, the deputy mayor of Seoul, and the political elder surrounded me and gave me worried greetings.

It deserves it. Now I have to enter the party competition.

Of course, there are also rice bowl fights within the political party.

The first person, the ‘party representative’ who represents the party

2nd person, representing the party inside the National Assembly, ‘minority representative’

‘The highest elected member of the National Assembly’

‘The highest member of the nominee position’ nominated by the party leader

The ‘Policy Committee Chair’ who deliberates on the policy direction

‘Secretary-General’ in charge of the party’s livelihood

party face. ‘Chief Spokesperson’

These are the only important ones, and there are many other watch duties (Gamtu).

If you count the chairman of the delegate council, the chairman of the central committee, the chief of the secretary of the party representative, the chairman of the central party supporter, the chairman of the policy research institute, the chairman of the advisory council, and the auditor of the party affairs, there are really endless numbers.

The important thing was that the party leader would be elected by voting at the national convention, but perhaps the person I supported would be the party leader.

That is why these elders were flattering me.

Of course, I can also be the party leader, but then the floor leader disappears.

The floor leader is the party leader in the ‘inside’ of the National Assembly.

And in the Kuomintang, I am the only member of the National Assembly.

In other words, I am the only person who will be the floor leader.

The fact that the floor leader is the second person, and the importance of what he does is no different from the first person, so it made sense for me to be the floor leader.

Naturally, the party leader is empty.




And these three would want to become party leaders.

It’s not like I’m choosing the starting Pokemon, I’m just now picking the party leader.

First, the Jeju-do governor. Although the constituency is a steel fortress, it has no national recognition. Recently, all the chaebols have moved to Jeju Island, and their influence is also growing in the business world. and water type.

Second. Seoul Deputy Mayor. After serving as ward mayor three times, he dropped out of the National Assembly and became deputy mayor, so although he has no constituency, he is supported by 10 million refugees from the metropolitan area.

third. political path. It’s a walking modern day. There is a lot of awareness and a lot of anti.

I told them first.

“…I am a little rude, but I don’t think this is the time to discuss the duty.”

“…what does that mean?”

“I think I will be arrested.”

And after 6 hours.

[The prosecution requested a search and seizure warrant for the Han Seung-moon Foundation, and the ‘Han Seung-moon Special Prosecutor’s Act’ was passed in the National Assembly! Acting Authorities Won Ok-bun said that Rep. Han Seung-moon was behind this terrorist attack-]

The dice was thrown.

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