A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 5

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 5

EP 2 – Red Han River Superman (1)

“You must go to a safe place first. Where are you going?”


Yeo Do-yeon answered briefly, and I nodded my head.

“Where’s the nearest military base from here?”

I don’t know because I am disabled. Yeo Do-yeon and Lee Ho-jeong are female. Yang Pan-seok went to the Vietnam War to win national merit.

The only remaining military writer is Ilho Yang.

“Yes. Ilho. Where is the nearest military base from here?”

Yang Il-ho said.

“…how do you know where the South Korean military is stationed just because you’ve been in the military?”

“Oh, that’s right.”

“Brother, is it Mipil?”

“…17 Division. Capital Defense Command.”

Rep. Yang Pan-seok’s eyes lit up.

“I was on the National Defense Commission when I was in the first election.”

“It’s also a Yang doctor.”

“The 17th Division is in Incheon, and Subangsa is in Gwanak.”

The 17th Division is in the west, and Subangsa is in the south. It would be better to go to the 17th Division to follow the Han River.

Whether or not the 17th Division or Subangs can catch those monsters is another matter. It’s usually an army with rifles. And I don’t think it’s going to be able to kill a bunch of junk the size of a house with it.

Above all, the majority of the ROK Armed Forces are forward-facing. North here.

“…How about going north?”

Everyone pricked up their ears.

“I need to join the army first. I think it’s right to go to a place where tanks and artillery are located. Ilho, is there internet now?”

“Ah, I’ll see you. …I can’t, hyung.”

“Then it’s only Yeouido, no. You’re saying that monsters aren’t coming out. What is your news agency?”


“Please check with those who use other carriers.”

Noona and Ho-jeong Lee answered each.

“LU+ Internet.”

“The MU carrier’s internet was cut off.”

I sighed and instructed.

“Sister, while the internet isn’t off yet, search the map of Gangbuk and capture roughly everything near us. In particular, go up the left side of the Han River and go up to the military base in Paju. All.”

There was the sound of Yeo Do-yeon holding her phone and taking screenshots like crazy.

“Mr. Yang, how about going up north along the Han River? It’s a bit insecure to head towards Subangsa Temple and the 17th Division-“

“Tell me the gist.”

“It’s the 17th Division and it looks like it’s going to be a bit of an accident. I think there are some gents with tank hats in Paju, so let’s go there.”

“I’m already heading there.”

“thank you.”

I don’t know it well because it’s not written, but I know that Paju is at the forefront. There will be tanks and cannons. Not surprisingly, I searched my cell phone and found the 2nd Armored Brigade.

“Let’s go to the 2nd Armored Brigade in Paju. If you go to a lot of people, monsters will come.”

I went ahead with one more problem.


“Where are your sister, aunt and uncle?”

“I called you earlier. They say you’re in Tongyeong.”

“A monster?”

“I don’t know. I don’t think so.”

If you are in Gyeongsangnam-do, you are lucky.

Ilho is from an orphanage. I don’t have a family, my lover doesn’t love me, and the only acquaintances are us.

Then, Ho-Jeong Lee.

“Hojeong-ah, your family is safe-“

“You can’t take it.”

It looks like you have a close relationship with your family. This is fortunate in the current situation.

The problem is Senator Yang Pan-seok.

The constituency is in Jeolla-do, so all of the family members live there, and the son-in-law is there because his son-in-law works for the Busan District Prosecutor’s Office.

The problem is the only granddaughter who attends a prestigious Seoul high school. Occasionally, I have a little bit of an acquaintance with the child I used to drive to.

“… Yang Won-sama. Maybe your granddaughter.”

“I went on a school trip. Gyeongju-ro. What kind of luck is this…”

“Then it seems that everyone in the family is safe. I’m glad.”


It seems that there is no military family that everyone needs to take care of. If so, then Paju-

-Tiliriring! Tirilling!

call I carefully picked up the phone. aunt


-S, Seungmoon-ah! Now in Seoul…!

“Doyeon’s sister and I are both safe. We’re escaping safely. Did a monster appear there too?”

– Whoa…! thank god. Lord, really…!

“Are there any monsters?”

– No, I didn’t…

thank god.

“Attorney So-Jeong Byun. Can you summarize the news you have seen so far with a cool head, only the core?”

-He, Seo, there was a bioterrorism attack in Seoul. The Houses of Parliament collapsed. Wow, weird monsters. Whoa…..

Aunt took a small deep breath. My aunt is sleeping next to me, change it for a second! A voice was heard shouting, but luckily she didn’t hand the phone over to him.

-The monsters that fell in central Seoul are killing people, and they declared martial law in the area and the ROK army suppressed it.

“Then, the cell phone battery is precious, so I’ll cut it off for now. I love you, please be safe. I’ll go back safely. Say hello to my uncle, too. If possible, I’ll call you first.”


“Come on, let’s go to Paju. Martial law has been dropped, and the South Korean military is on the way.”



Everyone looks at me with strange eyes.

Representative Yang Pan-seok touched me while driving.

“You are my school.”


What happened to Kang Seok-ho?

No one was talking like that. We quietly moved forward.

Hojeong Lee got up with trembling legs and approached me.

“Me, over there. People…”

She pointed under the boat.

It was in the cockpit of the yacht, so I couldn’t hear it very well, but there were dozens of people waving their hands and shouting something. It was obvious what he meant.

Some people jumped into the river and swam towards it. Of course, it was an unreasonable attempt.

I put my hands on Lee Ho-jung’s cheeks and squealed. It was as if I was holding her head.

“Food, safety, initiative.”

Food to feed them if the evacuation is prolonged. The attack potential they implied. A struggle for initiative that arises when an unspecified majority group is formed.

That was the reason I couldn’t burn them. Ho-jeong Lee quietly returned to the corner and squatted down. A parliamentary aide is a person who has learned enough to learn.

– Whoops!

Yeo Do-yeon hit my face head-on.

“Did I f**king teach you that way?”

“…Say it, say it.”

I grabbed my throbbing face and stood up. and told everyone.


I could tell just by looking at the eyes.

Chansung: Hojeong Lee, Ilho Yang, Doyeon Yeo

Opposite: yangban-seok, me

Again, Rep. Yang Pan-seok was a person who did not like to make enemies.

“…Turn the boat around. But, this will be the last time.”


“Thank you! Thank you so much!”

The young wife grabbed the child and nodded her head again and again. Do-yeon Yeo, Il-ho Yang, and Ho-jeong Lee were pulling people up next to him.

Seven new staff were added. The yacht was so large that it could fit perfectly.

They managed to get onto the yacht, convulsing with whitewashed faces. Some people grabbed the railing and vomited.

Yeo Do-yeon approached me with a slightly sorry face. He had a rough and ferocious face as usual, but it was a sorry face that his left eye was slightly narrowed.

“…aren’t you sick?”

“I’m sick.”

He looks like his father, so he’s not very good at apologizing. Without a word, she turned around and entered the cabin. It wasn’t like that for a day or two, and I decided to forgive.


While lawmaker Yang Pan-seok was running furiously in the Han River, we decided to sit together in the cabin to say hello.

4 people per family. 3 students. It almost looked like that.

While everyone hesitated, the head of the family greeted them first.

“Thank you very much. It’s called Gam Cheol. I went out for a picnic with my family, and suddenly-“

I thought the words were going to be long, so I grabbed my hand with a worried face.

“You must be very surprised. I’m worried that the children might get hurt.”

“Sa, I’m glad I’m alive. Just. Yes. Thank you. This is my wife Cheon Hwa-ran, daughter Ga-ji-yoon, and son Gam-seok.”

The woman was holding a crying newborn baby, and beside her, a pretty daughter with a blank face was holding her hand.

“Are you Jiyoon? You saw something you couldn’t see. Are you okay?”


I knelt down, made eye contact with the little boy, and stroked his hair. It was very pitiful for a girl who had just entered elementary school to nod her head with a blank face.

This time, it was the students’ turn to introduce themselves.

“Oh, hello! This is Gina! Thank you so much for saving me!”

“Yes. Gina-san. Are you in high school?”


The guy cut off the conversation with a short answer to see if he was out of his mind and stared blankly into the air. I turned to my friends.

“What are the students’ names?”

“…Oh, I’m Jaehoon Kim. Thank you for saving me.”


The last student suddenly fell to the floor crying profusely, so he didn’t know his name. It didn’t matter because I wasn’t going to memorize it anyway, but two students clinged to their friend’s cry and wept together.

The inside of the yacht suddenly became a sea of crying.


I was standing next to the nursing home and watching the sailing yacht. Behind me, my sister and No. 1 and 2 were attached to each other, and they were chatting with the newcomers.

thank god.

“Aren’t you happy?”

When Rep. Yang Pan-seok said what I was thinking, I was momentarily startled.

“…what, you mean?”

“The people behind you are laughing and talking. You can’t see this scenery.”

I looked at the red Han River from the yacht’s cockpit.

A person fell from the bridge, and fragments of limbs were floating around. The yacht hit the floating corpses and, occasionally, miraculously hit those who swam here.

He was driving silently, grinding people with a yacht propeller.

I was curious to see how they could laugh and chat with each other without seeing this scene, so I glanced at the back.

“This is what politicians do.”

Yang Pan-seok quietly drove the yacht.

“Escape the people from the terrible reality. You’re driving it all by yourself.”


“Sometimes the people who have seen the terrible reality rebuke how it can be like this, but politicians have to keep moving forward. Only then can the country survive.”

He looked at me and smiled.

“Do you know what this means?”

I didn’t want to think about it.

“I’ll drive a yacht. You keep the people away from reality. That’s it.”

When I heard that, I joined them with a bashful smile, not letting people see the scenery outside the window.

“How come, did you finish the common name?”

people welcomed me In particular, the father of the family shook hands with me with both hands.

“Oh, I didn’t know you were a member of the National Assembly.”

“Oh, yes. What does that matter?”

“It seems that he has a kind personality because he works for the country. Thank you once again for saving our family.”

He got up and bowed his head to me. And I glanced at the scenery outside the window. But his face didn’t change and he smiled bashfully.

“I call it Gam-cheol, a Korean newspaper. Call me Ga-cheol.”

The red Han River passed through the window, and we shook hands with him smiling in the background. He seems to be someone worthy of memorizing his name.

In addition.

Seeing people avoiding their eyes without getting up even after having a cold, Yang Pan-seok’s words were a bit strange.

Politicians think that the people don’t know anything, but they pretend they don’t.

It’s just that, knowingly, there are times when I just ignore it.

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