A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 50

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 50

EP 9 – Jin Insa Daecheonmyeong盡人事待天命 (5)

On TV, the announcer read the script with a white face.

[Ha, a search and seizure warrant has been issued for the Han Seung-moon Foundation. At the same time, the Special Prosecution Act was passed in the National Assembly.]

Prosecutors and special prosecutors were launched at the same time.

The government and the National Assembly worked together.

First, the prosecution.

Won Ok-bun is a former prosecutor and former president. And he was also an elite prosecutor. Won Ok-bun held the prosecutor’s office through the culture of horseman and organization-priority, that is, the government drew the sword.

and special prosecutor.

Special Prosecutor’s Office Team.

If there is a political agreement, an organization that wields the power of investigation unconstrained. An organization in which new laws are enacted to create an organization.

[Behind the legitimacy controversy and terrorism. The claim that Rep. Han Seung-moon exists-]

A weapon that can kill anyone if there is an agreement from the politicians.

The most powerful sword in Korea, chosen only by a political agreement between the National Assembly and the government.

[Therefore, the crime of rebellion on the basis of political incitement and terrorism manipulation-]

I can feel that blue sword fell on my hair.

The National Assembly and the government are holding me up to kill me.


Finally the end is in sight.

* * *

said the lawmakers.

“The VIPs also agreed. Let’s take off the badge.”

“Aren’t you worried about headwinds?”

“Just thinking about what he has done makes my teeth tremble. very!”

“A little word…”

“Oh, sorry.”

[After the special prosecutor Han Seung-moon passed, the search and seizure of the Han Seung-moon Foundation has been carried out. Hong Seon-ah means a great regret-]

In the basement of the National Assembly, 11 people were sitting around the TV.

10 members are members of the National Assembly, and 1 is the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

“Of course, the Kuomintang could also form a backlash and push it forward. But what is the reality of the Kuomintang?”

The legislator vomited.

“After all, aren’t they a bunch of people trying to eat something by riding on the popularity of a guy named Han Seung-moon? If you remove Han Seung-moon from the Kuomintang, there is only a shell!”

“If excessive punishment is imposed on Rep. Han Seung-moon, there will be a public backlash. I’d rather drag it like this and lower the approval rating-“

“How do you know what he’s going to do again!” The lawmakers said they should kill Han Seung-moon. It was a heated discussion, but in the end it was nothing more than discussing the difference in methods.

“Stop the legislature! You must be stripped of your right to vote!”

“Because the wind is blowing!”

“I think it’s fine. 👌👌👌👌👌 We need to show what happens to those who break the rules.”

“No, just because I entered the special prosecutor’s office, my image is being cut. How about using it to gain the upper hand in the general election in April?”

“no. There are many opinions about unfair oppression. Let’s make a quick decision and take off the badge.”

“Okay, public opinion is hot right now, just wait a few months. Are you eating it all up?”

The Chief Justice didn’t say a word. It was because nine lawmakers were deciding the sentence on their own.

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court smiled embarrassedly with friendly eyes and looked at the only member who was silent.

Motivated by the Judicial Research and Training Institute,

A comrade in the legal movement,

He was an associate of the Court Administration,

from the same judge.

Yang Pan-seok nodded slightly, and the Chief Justice spoke.

“Hey, senators? I heard what you said, but in order to calculate the sentence, you would need at least a crime that does not go against the public sentiment.”

“Isn’t that a manipulation of terrorism! President Won Ok-bun!”

“Whether the people really believe in that is another matter.”

A doctor with red and bloodshot eyes from stress checked a file sent to his smartphone.

“It looks like we need a strong extra hit.”


“The prosecution has uploaded a case.”

Yang Pan-seok quietly closed his eyes.

The senator chuckled and held out his smartphone.

“At the research center of the Han Seung-moon Foundation. A biological test record has been released.”


David Kim tilted his head.

“……what’s this.”

Hong Seon-ah smiled softly.

“buy! graph!”

“No, I know that. What are there so many?”

“Aren’t you more surprised than I thought…?”

“Because I was just guessing.”

Hong Seon-ah submitted 48 resignations. It was a majority in the sense that the total number of the ‘Skills Service Association’, which was continuously recruited, was 70 people.

Hong Seon-ah said.

“Umm…! Everyone seems to hate it because it’s a 3D job!”

“You know what 3D means?”

Hong Seon-ah quietly tilted her head and pondered.

Hunters were recognized as civil servants.

Income was less than labor.

It was because Han Seung-moon made the guild a cooperative organization of one country under the National Police Agency.

So there were always a lot of complaints.

Thanks to this, it helped Hong Seon-ah take control of the disgruntled forces of the organization.


Hong Seon-ah thought that Han Seung-mun was a little scary, and smiled broadly. And I answered Kim Chun-sik’s question.

“3D! dirty! I’m tired! No money!”

“Are you smart or stupid?”

David Kim accepted the resignations with a grin.

“sorry. It’s good.”


“If you’re sorry, I know you’re sorry. just.”

Hong Seon-ah looked at Kim Chun-sik, who was arranging the resignation letter, with a unique and subtle expressionless expression that did not know whether he was smiling or not.

One-armed David Kim whined with one hand and pulled out a cigarette. And while taking out the lighter, I accidentally dropped it.


Flames rose from the air and lit a cigarette. Hong Seon-ah turned around without saying a word. And it staggered forward.

she grabbed the doorknob.

And stood still for a while.

With a smile whose emotions are hard to read. restraining one’s own feelings. As usual, he said in a slightly overly energetic voice.

“I will go?”


“Aren’t you going to catch it?”

“Are you still going?”

Hong Seon-ah smiled softly and closed her eyes.

Also. who makes her angry,

There was only one in the world.



“ㅆ, sir, you bastard…!”

Hong Seon-ah collapsed while holding the doorknob. She smiled, dripping with tears.

“Yoo Ji-won, Sung Jae-kwang, Kim Jung,”

dingo. octopus. fake soldier.

“Do Eun-ah, Park Jae-jun, Jeong Seon-jae,”

lambs. me. dingo.

“Kim Bok-rye, Kim Jeong-gyu, Jo Jung-sik.”

a person wearing a helmet. collapsing building. sniping.

“Park Tae-cheol. Seo Joo-hee. Jung Ah-reum.”

flying monster. lambs. me.

“It’s me. Do you remember why they all died?”

It was Hong Seon-ah who burned their bodies.

“Seoul, we were able to escape on our own. You said you can’t leave civilians behind. I’ll stay, so you guys go.

therefore. everyone laughing I’m left too I’m left too I say I stay. I say I stay too.

just. Like a cheap American movie. everyone…!”

Take out only the lower half of the building and burn it. I wiped and burned a body that had cooled off naked in a gloomy building. Lower the body hanging from the rope and burn it. All the flesh was eaten, and only the bones left of the corpse were glued together and burned.

“The smell of burning meat got into my nose.” Hong Seon-ah remembers.

“I can’t eat meat!”

There were 12 Awakened people who died in Apgujeong.

“I’m going to a psychiatrist and taking medicine! Doctor says I’m crazy! Even Han Seung-moon looked at me and said I was a crazy b*tch! You say you are burning people with a smile!”

The number of ordinary people that Kim Chun-shik kept was 1,200.


1200 people saved by the sacrifice of 12 people.

When asked to compare the weight of life, no one can give an answer.

But no one can’t count.

So Hong Seon-ah is an idiot.


She smiled and opened the door.

“I will go?”


“Are you really going? Last chance to dry! Aren’t I coming back?”

Kim Chun-sik accepted Hong Seon-ah’s request.

“Don’t go.”

Hong Seon-ah smiled softly.

“go away.”


All kinds of evidence and arguments are pouring in.

Han Seung-moon manipulated Hapdang.

Han Seung-moon manipulated terrorism.

It sounds like an excuse from established politicians. That’s what I was aiming for in the first place.


One effective follow-up hit was nailed down.

[Since the controversy surrounding Rep. Han Seung-moon’s bio-experiment initiative, the controversy has not ceased from all walks of life. A lawmaker made his first announcement at 2 pm-]

[The results of about 200 biological experiments have been found at the Han Seung-Moon Foundation Research Center. Some argued that it was a conspiracy of established politicians.

In that there were claims by terrorists that Rep. Han Seung-moon obtained the results of Cha Jae-gyun’s ‘monsterization drug’ -]

“Um, shall I take it?”

“No, just leave it on.”

It seems that the prosecution has not done its job lightly. It was well hidden, but I managed to find it.

[Records of about 200 biological experiments were found at the research institute affiliated with the Han Seung-moon Foundation-]

Super stimulant.

It is said that Cha Jae-gyun made it with a criminal bio-experiment, but it cannot be commercialized immediately. Without a word, Hojeong Lee stuck a straw into one of the banana milk and held it out.

“……Thanks for your efforts.”


I looked at the scenery of the passing city. I ruffled my hair because I could see my image overlapping the window.

“Ah, white hair…”

Noticeably whitish hair is visible. It was perfect presbyopia for a 28-year-old.

“It’s all old, it’s all old…”

[The special prosecutor’s team indicted Rep. Han Seung-moon on seven other charges, including biological experiments, agitation, and destruction of constitutional order.]

The country was split in two.

People are torn between two hypotheses.

The ‘hero’ that the KMT speaks of.

Han Seung-moon, who faced the conspiracy of Cha Jae-gyun, the party of lawmakers, and the threat of an extreme terrorist group to the end.

The National Defense Party speaks of a ‘demagogue’.

Cha Jae-gyun, the second man who fabricated all kinds of facts to take power, manipulated terrorist groups from behind and conducted biological experiments.

The Kuomintang has the cause and the people’s will, and the National Defense Party has the evidence and the media.

The public opinion still belongs to the Kuomintang, but Jurisprudence and the media are supporting the National Defense Party.

People get confused.

and in this chaos.

A person who gives a clear direction is called a great person.

I will show the way to this crazy country.

“Hey, it’s Han Seung-moon!”

“Rep. Han Seung-moon! Controversy over biological experiments-”

“Han Seung-moon! Han Seung-moon! Han Seung-moon!”

“Who is the guild?”

As soon as I got out of the car, I was surrounded by a huge crowd. It’s a familiar place.

I chose that place on purpose.

The familiar meeting room at the time when Cha Jae-gyun’s biological experiments were exposed is reproduced.

I got into a wheelchair and headed over the red carpet to the podium.

I have slaughtered myself countless times, and now I am in this position as a full-fledged politician.

I don’t see fantasies I now know what I have to do, and I do it.

To prevent the promised downfall,

To lead the already established rulers and the confused people in the right direction again.

I came to give hope to this country that is slowly going crazy.


I now know the proper distance between my mouth and the mic, and I know how to process my gaze to look reliable on the camera.

This is a familiar greeting.

“I’m Han Seung-moon, a member of the National Assembly.”

A four-second bow to show the wretchedness. Three seconds of silence to heighten anticipation.

“I risked my life to stop Cha Jae-gyun’s plan, but

He manipulated the Cha Jae-Gunists’ terror behind the scenes,

They kidnapped him and shot him.”

light paradox.

Show your supporters leeway.

“Also, young, promising,

He was a politician with a guaranteed future, but

By manipulating the party of established politicians,

It was revealed again.”

I obviously played politics like a madman.

In other words, there is no probability in my politics.

“Do you believe this?”

It’s so unbelievable.

“Did I have a reason to do that?”

Of course, the special prosecutor and the prosecution presented very objective and valid evidence. Documents, testimonials from officials, etc.


“The evidence presented by the special prosecutor and the prosecution. Most of it is fabricated.”

Humans were originally creatures who believed what they wanted to believe.

“The evidence puts me in court. You could put him in jail.”

Evidence and trust are not related.

“But I believe that truth and justice do not change!”

Political trust is determined by cause and public opinion.

“I will make everything clear, clear, here.”

Finally, all the puzzles are put together one by one.

“I have revealed the ties between Republicans and Democrats.”

It divides the political sphere and promotes mutual checks. Bringing social leaders back to work.

A country develops only when politicians fight each other.

“I fought against the dictator Cha Jae-gyun, and I am still fighting the remnants of that party.”

By creating a virtual enemy, he confuses the people, and turns that fear into approval ratings.

“The special prosecutor’s claim is clearly a conspiracy operation.”

Inducing attacks by established politicians.

“But, one. There is something that is true. I have done about 200 in vivo experiments.”

In the end, breaking the attack.

“I make ‘monstrous drugs’ into ‘stimulants’ through biological experiments. It alleviated the side effects.”

slaughter the government,

liberate the prosecution and the press.

like that.

“I was the only test subject. I applied my psychic powers and performed 200 biological experiments.” It completely breaks the ties of established political circles.

“In return, I have 10 years of life left.”

The revival of the separation of powers.


“Now, I will no longer discuss the past. Let me tell you about the future. Instead of elaborating on the slander pouring on me,

at this place,

We will reveal what the Republic of Korea should be.”

Giving a clear direction to a chaotic world,

Ending the dynasty

Thirty-six precepts


: I achieve my purpose by harming my body

The three divisions of the world

: Divide the power into three and promote mutual checks

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