A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 51

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 51

EP 9 – Jin Insa Daecheonmyeong盡人事待天命 (6)

“The principle of ‘awakening’ has been revealed at least in general. Humans adapt to magic. And in the process, changes in cellular characteristics occur.

The researchers at the Pentagon, whom you connected with last time, had similar thoughts. Mutant sounds, yes. So, the mutant sound was brought out first.

Those who have evolved to be able to handle the magic that has passed through the gate are called Awoken.

In conclusion, this drug is a mutation-promoting drug. It is by no means a drug that creates abilities.

Normally, people who have been exposed to magical powers for a long time are awakened while breathing.

So… this, a stimulant? In the same case, it promotes cell transformation by spreading magical power in the human body in an instant.

It’s not about directly changing cells, it’s just spreading magic to induce cell transformation.”

– Pair!

Hwaran Cheon lightly applauded, then smiled softly and made an expression, ‘It’s easy, isn’t it?’

“Did you understand?”


* * *

Cheon Hwaran touched her smooth chin for a moment, then raised her index finger and waved it in the air, continuing her explanation.

“People who are drowning have gills.

But this drug doesn’t make gills,

It’s a drug that you put into the water to give it gills.”

“Oh, I understand.”

“Isn’t the analogy good?”

“You are a kindergarten teacher.”

“You have four children.”

Hwaran Cheon cleverly shrugged and sat down on the lab table. I touched the handle of the climbing cane, matching her joke. Her husband is included in the kid’s counting.

“Kimja-nim is too big for a baby.”

“It’s like a baby when you see people shivering out of curiosity… Oh, how far did I tell you?”


Hwaran Cheon carefully lifted the awakening booster. The drug made by grinding hundreds of people is glimmering with blue fluorescent light.

“Isn’t this… a drug that you put into the water to get gills?”


“I don’t know if the gills will be on the arms or the back.”

“Are you saying that abilities awaken randomly?”

“That’s good enough. You’ve seen the experiments. He lost his temper and became half-monster-like, and he ran wildly.”

“…Are you saying that it’s not a drug that makes Awakeners, but a drug that makes monsters?”

“What is the difference between an Awakened and a Monster?”


“then. What is the difference between a drug that makes a rational monster and a drug that makes an awakener?”

“We’ll talk about that later.”

There’s no time for fuss. I frowned and looked at the softly shining flask. “……So, if you eat this, will you lose your mind?”

“No, that part is stable. By the way.”

“Then what’s the matter?”

Hwaran Cheon smiled bitterly and started explaining.

“DNA has telomeres. If cell division continues, this will decrease-”

“Can you explain a little bit easier?”

“Cells divide only a certain number of times.

We say that we get older when the frequency decreases.

But suddenly he woke up and said he had a third arm.

Then that arm is also created by cell division, of course—”


“I get old quickly.”


“Isn’t that the same for a person who wakes up normally?”


“Then why is it only people who have awakened from drugs?”

“I don’t know.”

I feel like I want to scream.


I squeezed my temples and sat down on the chair.

“Are you really not able to use this?”

“…There is also the problem of lifespan. Even if it was first stabilized, it’s unclear whether he would really lose his reason. It is doubtful whether it will awaken in a useful direction. I wonder if people are going to die when they wake up. You may not be able to control your superpowers—”

“A drug made by killing hundreds of people?”


Cheon Hwaran muttered as if comforting me.

“If you don’t know the principle, you can’t help it—”

Seepal. I can’t stop here. I looked up with bloodshot eyes. Chun Hwa-ran flinched as if his eyes were half-mad.

“……Yes. Deputy Minister Cha Jae-gyun could not be deduced, so wasn’t it solved by induction?”

[I don’t even know the principle, but didn’t I solve it with no gada while inserting a needle?]

“Uh, Senator…?”

I stared at Cheonhwaran for a long time without saying a word. She swallowed dry saliva with anxious eyes.

“Doctor Chen. Do you remember the last time I tested my skills with Jiyoon?”

“…from the Martial Law Command?”

“When Jiyoon is, obviously, with my sister, I look blue too. I said that when it falls, it doesn’t look blue.

If I’m not in contact with a psychic, I’m not saying I’m just an ordinary person, right? There is no magic in the body.”

“……no. that-“

“There is one thing I tested when escaping from the new election.”

“……No, no. I don’t think that’s it.”

“If you come into contact with two or more psychics, the latter applies.”

“Senator. I can’t.”

“…After waking up with the drug, if I contact Dr. Hwaran Cheon, wouldn’t the effect of the drug be canceled?”


In other words, infinite biological experiments are possible.

“……Let’s do it just once.”

We confirmed for the first time that day that this method worked.

And it was held 231 times in half a year.

finally got it done


[There are three conditions to become a hero.]

“I stopped Cha Jae-gyun’s plot and obtained the monster potion he completed. Even though I was plagued by the remnants of terrorism, I was able to develop a drug that secretly modifies a monster potion to create an Awakening.”


“I conducted 231 biological experiments with my body. In the process, telomeres were worn out, which significantly shortened their lifespan, but they succeeded in making an improved drug.”


“Of course, since I was the only sample, it cannot be concluded that the drug is intact. Although it is stable, the side effects are not completely eliminated, and it is certain that at least the lifespan is shortened. But, this is the best of Korea.”


“Everyone, please take this medicine.”

[He bows his head and shows his earnestness to the viewers. What I’m doing is an advertisement for recruitment for the entire nation.]

“5.26 million people died. These are not numbers.”

[Recognize the crisis]

“The politicians in this country have failed to protect the people in the midst of strife and division.”

[Inducing anger]

“The whole world is on the brink of destruction.”

[Recognizes blood.]

“If it hadn’t been for the sacrifices of our soldiers, we would have been giving away our corpses to the monster.”

[This is not simply a feeling elicited by a few words now.]

“There is the promised destruction. Sea routes are sealed, and our resources are not limitless.”

[All the plots up to now, at this moment, are to incite as many people as possible.]

“And we don’t know how to close the gate.”


“The moment either ammunition or oil runs out, the Republic of Korea is destroyed.”

[I deliver the prophecy of Cha Jae-gyun.]

“A fundamental reform of the national defense system is necessary.”

[Increasing fear and urging change]

“Only, we must stop the monster with superpowers.”

[Infinite enemies, limited resources.]

“We need more superhumans, and there are drugs that shorten their lifespans and awaken them to superhumans.”

[Human resources should be used, not material resources]

“…therefore, we demand the people’s blood, tears, and pain.”

[Only I can demand sacrifice from the people.]

“There is nothing I can give you. It’s just, it’s just a request to make sacrifices for the country.”

[Everything that is now entangled makes my argument convincing.] “This is something the politicians in this country have never been able to say because they are afraid of falling approval ratings.”

[Once a plausible reason has been laid. A new hand is drawn.]

“…Everyone, please look at this.”

[Unlocks all hidden magic stone techniques.]

“These are the results of secret research at the Foundation’s lab.”

[Save the economy.]

“And this is the basic method of making magic cures.”

[Throws the bait at companies.]

“This is a potion with magical powers that dramatically accelerates the human body’s resilience.”

[Now, look at this.]

“Sickness and wounds are healed, but human natural resilience is consumed, and lifespan is reduced accordingly.”

[Don’t you think it will be money?]

“This is the situation right now.”

[The demand for Manastone soars.]

“We have to cut our lifespans in order to survive.”

[Maestones become money.]

“I sincerely ask the people of the country.”

[People who have no homes, no families, refugees in the metropolitan area, and many orphans and unrelated people will be anxious to become awakened people.]

“Please, make sacrifices for your country.”

[There is even a plausible cause, what are you hesitating about?]

“We are asking businesses and the government as well. We need to come together and end the national crisis.”

[Originally, development is a free market economy.]


[By now, Hong Seon-ah must have resigned from David Kim. With the help of Cheon Geum-soon, I will establish a private PMC. Create a Hunter Association or whatever.]

“…with a free and just Republic of Korea,”

[The Han Seung-moon Foundation concluded a business with GS Group right before being investigated by the prosecution. All the magic stones are in her. He will release the numerous Mana Stones he has accumulated for half a year to the market. A nutritious market with relatively stable prices is formed. Geum-soon is also not a person who doesn’t know that if she monopolizes she will be shot.

All. I will eat it in moderation.]

“I hope for the infinite glory of the people.”

[Through the resurrection of the separation of powers, the hardened country flows.]

“I will end my shameful speech.”

[Use all the confusion and fear that arose in the process as the driving force for national reform.]

“That is all.”

[After all, the era of hunters opens.]

“…a question, I will take it.”

[Come on in peace. Vice Minister.]

Han Seung-moon was immediately surrounded by reporters. He patted his handkerchief in his wet eyes as he gave further explanations about the speeches he had made so far and the Korea he had envisioned.



Pi Chae-won heard a speech that was a little different from the others in the far corner.

The girl silently looked at the politician.

Fear, death, confusion.

and stability and reform.

The girl looked to the ground. bowed his head.

He did it, the girl didn’t. The girl also had a desire to make a better world. But she couldn’t.

Suddenly, the black eyes of the subject that we shared with each other came to mind. The sad smile that was trying to overcome the pain, the yellow amber tears, and the scattered brains.

The world was so cold. So the girl cried.

I felt sorry for the subject who was shot and killed, and I felt sorry for the suicide of the agent who shot the subject. I didn’t like the world made by someone’s sacrifice, and I hated myself, who had to just watch it.

I don’t have the ability to come up with an alternative. Because I am not someone who can confidently say that this is not the case. I can’t say I don’t like it.

The girl sat lonely among the empty chairs and wept bitterly.


The prosecutor charged me with rebellion. The country was turned upside down, but it was they who dealt with the law.

I stood before the Supreme Court’s all-inclusive body, that is, 14 judges, including the Chief Justice, before my trial.


“verdict! I give up!”

The Chief Justice threw the Ohhamma (pseudo stick). When I saw that I had to bring something I didn’t use and throw it in front of the camera, I thought that even a politician would do well.

He jumped up from his seat as if the Supreme Court had been waiting for him.

……It is a judicial wave.

Seeing it in front of my eyes, which has never happened more than 10 times in the history of Korea.

In fact, I was prepared to go to jail. After all, he was deprived of his right to be elected, and it was almost certain that he would be released as a special envoy in Section 3.1.

Even if I am kicked out of the political arena, the Kuomintang will not collapse. I was mentioned as a spiritual symbol and a political weapon, and it was enough to bring about divisions in the political arena.

Now, without me, the country will be fine.

by the way.

“The judiciary is not a bobcat.”

“How does a member of the National Assembly call the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court to decide the sentence!”

“The courts cannot be used as a means of suppressing political prisoners.”

Yang Pan-seok threw the Dong-a string.

was acquitted.

The raccoon grinned.


In front of Uijeongbu Prison.

Chun Hwa-ran, who was arrested on suspicion of biological experiments, held honey chestnuts in her husband who bought tofu and held her lovely daughter in her arms.



“Did the bean rice taste good?”

“……” Cheon Hwa-ran smiled softly and whispered in the cold-jaw’s ear.

“I told him not to say strange things in front of him.”

“Oh, I didn’t…!”

“Anyway, what is tofu, tofu……”

As I watched it, I gently put the black plastic bag down on the floor.

I just bought it

“Doctor Chun!”

“Oh my, Senator!”

“You’ve suffered a lot because of me… You’re not alone, but you’re in prison…”

“It’s not oxal. I came here for a little interrogation…”

Cheon Hwaran smiled warmly and accepted my greeting. My husband and I in pairs threw questions at me.

“By the way, what are you going to do now? You are a star.”

“I watched the Supreme Court live last night. It wasn’t a joke, was it?”

I laughed bitterly.

“Let’s go down first and see the faces of the family first.”


“Doyeon went down to Tongyeong. It’s on the way back to see me.”


The future is clearly visible. I’ll hit you while crying I smiled softly and waved my hand.

“It’s cold, so where are you going?”

“Oh, yes.”

“Jiyoon-ah, what do you want to eat?”

Gam Ji-yoon doesn’t answer.


That’s how it was when I first saw it. They said that the blue ones were floating around, and they didn’t even pay attention to their surroundings and looked at their magical powers.




Gam Ji-yoon pointed a finger at the dark cloudy sky.

“The sky is blue.”

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