A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 52

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 52

EP 10 – The End of Winter (1)

Ga Ji-yoon asked.

“…is the sky blue?”


“Dr. Chun, how does the sky look now…?”

“…it’s dark.”

With trembling hands, I placed my hand on Gam Ji-yoon’s tiny head.

In an instant, the world changed.

Magical energy dances here and there, and you can feel the flow around you naturally.

That’s why I couldn’t help but be astonished.

it feels It feels so natural.

In the cloudy sky, huge waves of magical power were fluctuating.

like a whirlpool.

As if to sweep this city away.

* * *

“I, I, I, I, I,”

I stuttered and pointed my finger at the sky. It was such a majestic and bizarre landscape.

In the end, he took a step backwards little by little and got caught in his foot and slipped backwards.



The cold caught me.

“Oh man, I almost broke the back of my head.”

“No, why are you doing this all of a sudden? Senator?”

The sky I just saw shimmers before my eyes. He closed his eyes tightly and regained his composure.

“Can’t you see that?”


“Ah, it’s my spirit. Of course you can’t see it…”


A cold person lifted me up with a distasteful look, but I hurriedly pulled out my cell phone and called someone.

[…Your data is-]

Oh right. During a political battle, the government blocked my cell phone so I couldn’t talk to anyone.

“Sir, can you lend me your cell phone?”


“Hurry up.”

As soon as I picked up the phone, I quickly entered the number. Because I was a person who had been serving like the sky for 4 years, my fingers moved first before my head could remember the number.

The bell rang for a while.

I swallowed dry saliva and waited eagerly.

Very, fortunately.

[Umm. I feel like I’m having an affair with someone because I’m hiding and answering the phone.]

“Senator Yang!”

[I was with other lawmakers. What’s going on?]

reached him


We immediately arrived at Yang Pan-suk’s house. To be precise, it was an apartment on the outskirts of Dongducheon that Yang Pan-seok’s second daughter secretly bought in an area to be redeveloped because of land speculation, and Yang Pan-seok noticed it and lived there.

Yang Il-ho, who had parked his car in the parking lot, naturally stuck to it.

“Is this considered a weekend allowance?”

“I’ll give you severance pay as well.”


No one brought a car, so I used it as a driver by telling Yang Il-ho, who was wallowing around the house, to bring the Kuruma.

We took the elevator up to the 7th floor. They rushed to his house and knocked on his house, but he didn’t feel popular.

“We arrived first. Senator Yang is also on the way, so please wait a little bit.”

“Ah… Then again by car?”



Hold on tight.


He opened the door and waved calmly.

“It’s shabby, but come in.”


Who is the one who hangs up and hangs up the drunken man every time and doesn’t know the password? The password was the reverse of Yang Pan-seok’s granddaughter’s birthday.

Ilho and Gimja and his wife sit around the table and say hello after a long time.

While Gam Ji-yoon was lying on the luxurious sofa and bubbly, floating her younger brother in the air,

I quietly limped out onto the veranda.


The world is dark.

It is full of gloomy dark clouds in the cold winter.

I called again on the cell phone I borrowed earlier.

“Oh, my sister. It’s me. I borrowed my cell phone. Where are you now-“

[S, Seungmoon? hey, hey, you bastard How many years do you have left!?]

A terrifying voice mixed with a Busan accent poured out like a rapid-fire cannon.

“……uncle?” [you…! You, sir, are you f**king in front of the camera? Huh?]

“Are you with your sister? where are you!?”

[How many years left? Mundi!]

“ah! Where are you! now!”

I heard my uncle speaking urgently to someone.

[I, I, where is my leisure now?]

[I just got on the Yangyang Expressway.]

[It’s a sheep!]

“Where is the sheep!”

[Hey, what’s wrong with Yang?]

[ah! Seed! Gangwon-do! This human!]

[Let’s go, Gangwon-do!]

“……Higo. I will be delighted.”

I heard the voices of Yeo Do-yeon and her aunt. It seems that the whole family is riding in a car to hear that their lifespan has been consumed.

I humbly recommended.

“Go down the road. Because I am anxious.”

[hey! Seed! So how many years left?]

“ah! Come down! again!”

[I can’t go because the car is blocked! f**k you! So a few years-]

“ah! How hard is the lifespan of a person!”

[hey! Hey!]

“I don’t even know how long my original lifespan is left! It’s just that the number of cell divisions is consumed and you get old faster. Because no one knows what this is?”

[……therefore. Wow.]

“The estimate is roughly 10 years, you can live longer or you can live less. just. It’s just around the corner.”

There was a brief buzzing over the phone. As I frowned and waited patiently, I heard my uncle’s exhausted voice.

[…Higo, dear. My aunt passed out.]

“I’m just going to go back. a little. please.”

[…Meet you, that, what? Let’s stay with a stew. I used to go there every day.]

“I can’t go there because it’s in the middle of Seoul.”

[Oh right.]

The call was cut off unexpectedly. I’ve seen all the dragons now.

My uncle always hung up the phone at odd timings, which was often criticized by my family.

There was laughter and laughter. They were the ones that made me smile even when I thought of every little habit.

For a moment, he looked at the dark world with expressionless expression.


I don’t know if I did well. I’m rummaging through my inner pocket with a confused mind.


Kwok. Gam Ji-yoon came out on the veranda and pulled my trousers.

“do not be angry……”

“Oh, I’m not mad. I was just talking.”

“Hey, uh…” Gam Ji-yoon frowned as if he wasn’t sure. uhm. The child’s tone and expression vaguely notice.

“My mom said that every day…”

“Uh, uh. Adults are like that.”

“Jiyoon will understand…”


I pat Ga Ji-yoon on the back and let him out from the veranda.

Then, leaning back against the railing, he slightly awkwardly asked for a cigarette.

Smoke rose.

“Collock! Heck!”

it’s snowy

“ぁ…! Cool…!”

Suddenly, I heard the sound of the balcony door opening from behind.

“No, why is a person who can’t even smoke a bite?”

“Ah, sir, reporter. Cologne!”

The cold person came out to the veranda and gave me a pint glass.

“Don’t smoke. It’s not good for your body.”

“…No, well, I won’t live long.”

“Uh-huh, that’s something I can’t write.”

The cold was accustomed to lighting a fire and exhaling smoke.

“Whoa… Senator, don’t do this when you’re grown up.”

It was a joke with a mischievous laugh, but it could not be seen as a joke.

Of all the people I know, the cold sore is probably the most invisible thing I’ve seen in the world. Because this guy’s business was looking for things like that.

“…Thank you for treating me like a baby.”

“If you are in your 20s, you are still a child. What.”

The cold was giggling and suddenly his eyes widened.

“But is it okay to do this in someone else’s house? That’s the 4th Senator…?”

“I don’t think it’s something you’re going to say after the fire has already been lit.”

The cold smirked. I pointed to the fishing chair on the veranda and answered sarcastically.

“Senator Yang, do you live here alone?”


“It was my hobby to sit here on a chair every day, make me stand up, and smoke while admonishing me. While looking at the night view of Dongducheon city together…”

The cold shook his head.

“Did Senator Yang also need a companion?”

“No, this veranda is a smoking room.”

I laughed bitterly.

“Smoking on the veranda is romantic. That’s why they said they didn’t let the residents on the 8th floor.”

“…Is the 8th floor also from Senator Yang?”

“Because this is Senator Yang’s apartment.”


This apartment was owned by yangban-seok. From the 1st floor to the 8th floor. I spent time with a cold, telling stories.

“It’s a family that ran a large farm in Honam in the early to mid-20th century…”



Fifteen minutes later, the plates arrived.

“Why are the few leftovers so fussy… I barely gave up the idea of having a dinner party.”

It was said that the lawmakers who had only a few remaining political careers came together and refused to hold an emergency meeting.

“thank you.”

Yang Pan-seok smiled bitterly and took off his shoes and entered the house.

“Cheongchul-ram, in the end, you just let me go like this.”

“Anyway, both of them are short on names.”

“You’re waiting for me to die together, huh?”

After shaking hands with all the people in the house once and for all, Yang Pan-seok casually laid down on the sofa, exhausted.

“It’s probably not a political story in the yard where everything is organized…”

“I’m saying that all the ministers’ lines are cut off now. Is there anything wrong with the Seoul siege these days?”

“What do you mean by making them all vegetative? The Minister of National Defense, the commander of martial law, and the commander can’t even go in and out because he’s noticing. They’ve all been locked up by acting aides…”

“Then there’s no way to figure out what’s going on on the front lines?”

“Aren’t you friendly soldiers?”

“There are many in the underworld.”

“I hope to see you soon.”

“Would you rather bet which of the two will go first…?”

Looking at him with a sad expression, Yang Pan-seok smiled and waved his hand.

“It was because I hated it. okay. Stop joking around.”

Yang Pan-seok smiled softly as usual.

“…well, something serious seems to have exploded.”

“Magic was swirling in the sky on a very large scale. Above the Uijeongbu Correctional Center. very. very. It will be big.”

“Then the guild must have told the public affairs department right away?”

“Only Jiyoon can see it.”

“Actually, there was a hint that Gam Ji-yoon was a bit special for a psychic.”

hmm. Yang Pan-seok made a soft voice and touched his chin.

“Isn’t that the point of evacuating people?”

“It’s a vortex. Isn’t the visual a bit different? The magic is converging into one point.”

“Is this the harbinger of the gate?”

“Maybe it’s just a natural phenomenon like high pressure and low pressure. Even just the clouds floating in the sky right now don’t look like a vortex when viewed from a satellite image.”

“I hope this is the situation.”


“It’s vague…”

We didn’t have to say it, but we recognized the political seriousness of the situation. If I say, ‘I don’t know what it is, but the gate in Uijeongbu may or may not open!’, millions of refugees in northern Gyeonggi-do must evacuate immediately.

Only two witnesses.

kid and politician.

It was natural to criticize politicians for imposing responsibility on the little boy and trying to create a terrorism mood, and he could become millions of scammers while suffering from a frame of lies.

Yang Pan-seok pointed out the key.

“I’m not doing this because I’m afraid of being cursed.”

“I don’t think it will help.”

“I will.”

The refugee evacuation process requires the assistance of public authorities.

Of course, if I say on social media, ‘The gate will open in Uijeongbu!’, millions of people will flock and run away.

The problem is that the road network will be paralyzed and all kinds of traffic accidents will occur, just like a crushing accident occurs when spectators exit the stadium. The economy is faltering because of fear.

So the large-scale evacuation should be led by the police and the military.

“If I tell you, will the government help you?”

“That’s why you called me.”

“The situation is urgent. It may be troublesome, but Senator Yang, thank you for your hard work-”

“Ah, yes. What would you hesitate about in this yard? Nearby division commanders will move. If the gate doesn’t open, you stand up with a shield.”

“Thank you, Senator.”

“It’s a country thing, what?”

I sighed in relief and checked my watch. The first response was completed in 1 hour and 47 minutes after confirming the anomaly.


I thought I was not a true politician, so I sat down on the sofa with a smile with a proud heart.

Yang Pan-seok was tying a tie in the kitchen in the distance, offering dinner to his family.

“It’s been a while since we’ve been together, so are you going to bring dinner?”

“Oh, can I…?”

“I used to eat at your house too, didn’t I? There are a lot of Korean beef that came in as New Year’s gifts, but I can’t eat it because my teeth hurt. You guys go get it.”

“I’ll eat thanks!”

“But I have to get out of here because our Senator Han Seung-moon has ordered me. It’s funny. Stir the meat, see a lawmaker and grill it. Bake well. he.”

“ah! Why are you folding!”

“People are lazy because you put on your badge. Eying. I lost my original mind…”

I smiled and looked at my phone. Just got a phone call. This is Yeo Do-yeon

“Uh huh, sister.”

[f**k…! f**k…!]

My spine was chilled.

[A monster falls from the sky!]

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