A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 56

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 56

EP 10 – The End of Winter (5)

Tung! Tung!

We tapped the glass window with our palms outside the Gyeonggibukbu Government Complex building. The commander is busy grabbing the radio and shouting.

“hey! f**k! Evacuate everyone under the black goat! Don’t approach the fighter. Yeah! far away! uh? Just shoot missiles from afar and say shit! Oh, what if it doesn’t fit? damn


Tung! Tung!

“Do not freeze and evacuate as planned! There’s no way to stop it anyway, so take it out! Ahhh! Access is controlled at Howon 1-dong, and people south of there go over Suraksan and Buyongsan to #29.

okay! There are cubs from Seoul, so Park So-ryung goes down and drives a tank!”

I kept knocking on the window to call the commander, but he was focused on the radio and didn’t look out the window.

Gam Ji-yoon, unable to see, stretched out her arm.


– Wow!

The exterior walls and windows of the building were completely torn off.


The commander closed his eyes tightly, covered his head with his hands, and fell on his face. We entered through a large hole.

“Colonel Yu!”

“uh…? Ha, ha, why is Senator Han out there…?”

“Air support possible!?”

“Why, why, why are you in there? This is the 4th floor…?”

“Is that important now!?”

“ah! Then what is important!”

Gam Ji-yoon was upset.

“You have to catch that!”

* * *

Cheon Hwaran fell to the floor in despair. I ripped it off and dried it, but my daughter-in-law didn’t look back and flew away.

“Ugh, heh heh…!”


Cheon Hwa-ran couldn’t contain her anger and burst into tears and ripped her chest apart, and the cold-jaw carefully placed her hand on her shoulder.

“……it’s okay?”

“Gee, Gee and Abby look alike…!”


Yang Pan-seok looked down at the ground with a serious expression on the roof railing.

“Chief Jang.”


“…look over there.”

Where the yangban-seok pointed, people covered in black ooze were staggering around.

Some soldiers approached them.


They attacked the soldiers. Chief Jang said firmly.

“That’s a mental illness.”


Tang – !

The ankle of the infected person who was about to attack the refugees flew away.

he laughed softly.

“I can’t kill it by accident.”


It flew through the blizzard sky. I stumbled in the air holding Ga Ji-yoon in my arms.

“mister! Be careful!”

“Uh, thank you-”


“…Did you get along well with the construction workers?”

What have you learned at the construction site for half a year? Gam Ji-yoon shouted that her throat would burst and stretched out her finger towards the monster.

“front! front!”

“If you get too close, you get tentacled!”

“The closer you get, the stronger it gets!”

Damn it, you’re stupid. I was in charge of our flight with telekinesis. The commander’s voice came from the communicator in his ear.

[Oh, Senator! It seems too close!]

“……I’m going to hit the shield!”

[Waiting, are you all right?]

“Give me a signal, I’ll give you directions!”

We slowly turned around the monster and took an angle. Even a flying fighter was hit with its tentacles. Do not enter within reach of tentacles.

[Go, go! 10, 9, 8,]

“Jiyoon-ah! Shield!”

“Ah, Ara!”

Gam Ji-yoon clenched her teeth to see if she was nervous, and created a telekinesis field around her. The two forces collided, making it difficult to fly.

[7, 7654!]

Perhaps there was a mistake, the count suddenly increased, so I was not sure at all.


A sonic boom is heard.


The sound of fighter engines brushed past. Sound passes left and right like a surround speaker.


A missile protruding from behind the field of vision flew towards the monster.

It smells of smoke.

– aan!

leaned forward. Ga Ji-yoon stretched out her hand.

I hit the shield with several layers.

The monster quickly regenerated and flew towards us.


– Crazy!


After being beaten, there was a curse. It was hit by the tentacles and fell to the ground.

The scenery I saw changed in an instant. cloudy sky. snowstorm. tree. brown floor.

bang! Quajiic! woozy!

It fell to the ground in an instant from hundreds of meters in the air.

“Ugh…! Aww!”

I trembled and hugged Ga Ji-yoon tightly. The original fighter would crash even if it collided with a flying pigeon, so I didn’t expect the tentacle to be this strong.

All the shields I had hit were broken in an instant. It’s a pity that Ga Ji-yoon added a shield for a moment.

As if he had consumed his mental power with instinctive control, he was stunned. I don’t know if it was because I was cold or because I was scared, but I had goosebumps on my arm.

At the bottom of the forest, a crater was dug around us.

Yes. it is a forest

Bukhansan National Park to be exact. There was a monster above us.

The commander’s voice came from the communicator.

[tumor! The tumor will fall! Bounce!]

A black sphere falls to the ground. I clenched my teeth and hugged Ga Ji-yoon. He felt the taste of blood and flew away.

It moves around like a fly, avoiding falling tumors.

Drops of blood dripped from the tip of my chin and wet my white shirt.

I was far away from the monster and watched the tumors burst.

The forest turned black.

The commander laughed.

[half! Half success! Success!]

Hundreds of people were killed in one bombardment, but no one died this time.

[First goal achieved!]

The monster was driven from the sky over the city.

The monster was now on top of Mt. Bukhan.

I slowly descended to the ground, sat down and held the monster in the air.

The monster stopped in the air.

Of course, it was difficult to cope with the struggle of the monster as the mass increased with repeated regeneration.


– aan!

All kinds of guns that were retreating from Bukhansan toward Gangwon-do blew out flames.


“Isn’t it the same?”

“That is a thing of the past! I’m an administrative soldier with only basic training! 6 credits Associate degree-”


Director Jang gave Ilho Yang a pistol.

“I wish I had received basic training. What. In the Third World, even kids shoot guns.”


“let’s go.”

While Yang Il-ho hesitated for a moment, Jang pulled out a blue syringe from his inner pocket.

Then he smiled calmly and put it in my arm.

“Hey, it’s vision enhancement. Worst of all… I just wasted my life.”


“Miss Secretary?”

“ah! yes! I’ll go! I will go!”


Gam Ji-yoon, who was in my arms, opened her eyes. The boy rubbed his eyes with a gloomy look and muttered.


A smirk came out. okay. It’s not wrong.

Qaang – !

As the self-propelled artillery deployed in Bukhansan was heading north after receiving the policy of retreat, they all spewed fire from the gun gates.

The tentacles moved here and there and fired shells, but what is a cannonball? If it exploded, it exploded.

-Comse me eoSh……

The behemoth roared with a strange howl, but it had no effect. It simply went into a fire network of self-propelled artillery and missiles and repeated destruction and regeneration.

Gajiyoon said.

“that! I! You have to absorb the Manastone!”

“Our purpose is retreat. It’s important to make time for people to run away. I’m sorry, but I can’t afford to fly because I’m holding it there.”

It is too difficult to prevent dozens or hundreds of deaths from being bombarded with tumors.

“Oh, no…!”

“Look at that. No matter how much you beat it, it won’t shrink below a third. If you approach, you might get hit by tentacles-“

Gam Ji-yoon grabbed my cheeks and screamed.

“You are coming!”


It felt as if the fire network of the self-propelled gun had diminished. Moments later, a half-weeping sound was heard from the communicator.

[Uh, all the monsters around Uijeongbu are gathering! Bukhansan self-propelled artillery battery has been hit! It’s turning into a monster field, so get out now!]

shit really.

Now the monster uses a strategy. Close! hard! He chewed on a single trash can nearby and couldn’t get into the back alley.

The headmaster was relieved for a moment.

“It was going to be a big deal-”



dump. An infected person attacking from behind was shot by Yang Il-ho and collapsed. There was a hole in his forehead.

“Uh, uh…!”

“Thanks to you, I am alive. Well done.”

“I, I now-”

“Even though it is a mental illness, it is incurable. Don’t worry.”

Lieutenant General Jang appeased Yang Il-ho with a good lie, and quickly walked around the back alley toward the commander.


After 7 minutes, the indiscriminate killing of the infectious agent ceased.


– omse……

A tumor swelled up again on the black goat’s body.

[Hey, little black goat! I am coming to Uijeongbu again!]

“How far did the retreat go!”

[The soldiers are breaking through in the direction of Yangju! Civilians are chasing them in between!]

“no! How far did the retreat go?”

[How do you figure it out in the midst of this, you desk bite!]

“Mi, I’m sorry.”

[If you roughly match the area and the size of the unit, 47% escaped!]


I took Ga Ji-yoon with me and took refuge at the foot of Bukhansan Mountain. Monsters are coming up from the south.

[shit! Monsters are besieging us around Uijeongbu! Yangju has a lot of tanks, so it’s fine, but the rest is a problem!]

“Aren’t there soldiers!?”

[What! A fake zombie has appeared! It just got cleaned up! I sent the police officers, so I caught them right away! In the first place, my job was to arrest yangbans who run wild every day!]

“What the hell is that!”

[Oh, I didn’t mean to say that to a Democrat-]

“Don’t be bullshit, you bastard!”

Cool! Blood came out of his mouth as if his ribs had come out. I guess it doesn’t quite fit with this guy.


I accidentally vomited blood on the top of Gam Ji-yoon’s crown. I wiped it off with my sleeve.

“? Why are you stroking me all of a sudden?”

“Because it’s special.”

“I know!”

Ga Ji-yoon closed her eyes again and grasped the location of the surrounding monsters. I was not aware of that vague feeling, and I could not capture it.

Ga Ji-yoon trembled and muttered.

“Umm… lower right here? slightly up there? A little further to the side!”

I translated and.


A familiar voice was heard.

I looked back in amazement.

“I heard it was a rip off, so I started coming up from South Seoul. It’s not as bad as you think, is it?”

“Not South Seoul, but southern Seoul, you ignorant man.”

“That’s it. tt,..! Secretary Kim, be quiet.”

Kim Chun-sik was arguing with the guild hunter who was next to him.

“Hey, David Kim…!”

“this! Why is our senator so bloody?”

Kim Chun-sik looked at me and grinned.

And behind it, in the forest of Mt. Bukhan.


“…is this a monster too?”

“Now I have to sell it, what…”

Dozens of guild hunters appeared every moment.

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