A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 57

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 57

EP 10 – The End of Winter (6)

“It’s not a stupid thing to say.”

At David Kim’s words, I wiped my cheek. A thick porridge mixed with blood, soil and leaves came out. It smelled disgusting.

I wanted to wash my face, so I looked at the floor.

…there is no snow.

I suddenly looked up at the sky. The sky over Bukhansan was strangely clear. Uijeongbu is in the midst of a snowstorm.

Did the vortex attract nearby clouds? He looked up at the sky without saying a word and crumbled the dry leaves with his hands.

“Are you okay? Calm down!”

He looked like he was out of his mind as he was just staring into the air without saying anything and crumbling the leaves.

The woman who was guarding David Kim came to me with a handkerchief. Although she had a gentle voice, it was the woman who accused David Kim of being ignorant.

“Did you bleed too much… Group 3! Do you have any healers left?”

“Oh, it’s okay-”

“Stay still!”


She carefully wiped my face with a handkerchief and looked at me with a worried expression.

“Chief Park! Please treat this person here. No, it’s this one. Here’s a doctor’s treatment-”


she stopped moving,

He looks at me with an expressionless expression.

“A senator?”


“Rep. Han Seung-moon?”






She slapped me and got up and shouted at David Kim with a reminded face.

“Hey, why is Rep. Han Seung-moon here!”

“Can’t you recognize the highlight video every day?”

“How do you know when you’re wearing a bloodbath?”

She reached out to me again in a voice about two feet high.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I… ……Ah, Mr. What should I say?”

David Kim added sternly.

“Call me a fan.”

“Then it doesn’t look like much.”

“Isn’t it now?”


She nervously reached out to David Kim.

“oh! Follow me!”

A small spark went off. She wiped my face with a handkerchief again, wiping my face softly.

“Ah, I didn’t know that we would suddenly meet here. nice to meet you Anyway, I’m a fan. That’s great too. You saved my life twice in the Shinbundang election, don’t you remember?”

“……ah. sorry-“

“okay. I didn’t seem to remember. You were so crazy Then remember from now on. This is Kim Hanbit. I’ll ask you next time, so memorize it! who am I?”

“Kim, Hanbit…?”


She smiled broadly, put her handkerchief in my front pocket, and went back to David Kim.

David Kim asked Hanbit Kim.

“Did you solve the circle?”

“After this fight, I will propose to you.”

“Don’t be rude.”

* * *

“uh! uh! Not a zombie! no! Just suppress it! Whether to rip off the leg sticks, huh!? It’s not that I forbid killing, but I can subdue it, but don’t kill me!”

Director Jang listened to the command from the commander and smiled.

“That’s good enough.”


“Let’s go back to the hospital.”

Realizing that a monster had arrived, the commander spread the soldiers everywhere to save their lives, and they returned safely to the hospital.

On the way up to the roof of the hospital. Yang Il-ho looked at the Jang Won-jang, hesitating with a strange expression.

Jang Won-soo caught his eyes.

“Are you weird?”

“yes. yes!? no! Oh no, not…! What, what?”

In spite of the double-corrected answer, Director Jang came to the vote.

“Isn’t it awkward for such a person to say that he would reduce the damage to civilians? This is it.”

There was no need to mention what the chief Jang was doing. Yang Il-ho simply bowed his head with a look of anxiety.

They walked up the stairs without saying a word.

jerk. jerk. jerk.


The chieftain stopped. Yang Il-ho stopped awkwardly at the edge of the stairs and looked at Jang Won-jang looking down at him.

the chieftain asked.

“Do I look like a villain?”

Yang Il-ho answered involuntarily.


And he covered his mouth in surprise. Yang Il-ho rolled his eyes and looked at Jang Won-soo’s expression. There was no special feature in the smile that was no different than usual.

“If there is a button that kills 10 people and saves one. Are you going to press?”


“To be specific, can you shoot a North Korean kid who digs mushrooms to kill a maniac who wants to start a nuclear war? There must be some examples.”

Yang Il-ho was afraid to answer.

Just like the human in front of you.



Yang Il-ho looked like this gentleman would pull out a pistol from his inner pocket at any moment.



There was silence for a while.

Chief Jang smiled softly.

“Let’s go up. I am waiting for you guys.”


Director Jang without a word walked up the stairs of the hospital.

Clearly, he had no reason to come here and explain.

I didn’t want to, and I thought it was too late for that. After all, people live by inertia.

Just, Yang Il-ho remained on the stairs idly and silently watched the path he had climbed.

Tired footprints were stamped.


“The siege of Seoul is collapsing. In order to reduce the burden on the electric wire, I was thrashing around as much as I could see in Seoul, is there something dazzling in the sky over Uijeongbu?”

“…Thank you so much for coming.”

“Anyway, the 2nd Operations Command is building a defense line in Chungcheong Province. What is the current situation?”

“The black goat that came out of the sky bombed the city with a mass of tumors, and wielded its tentacles, shooting down the fighters. There were also rumors that a person who got a tumor would turn into a zombie, but that’s fine…”

“Totally f**ked up, I mean!”

David Kim chuckled.

“Are there any plans?”

He asked me about the plan as if it was natural. There was a hole in the forehead.

“Operation doesn’t come out when you just press it.”

“So are you there?”

“…there is one. It just came to mind.”

crumble. The leaves at his feet were crumbling. I think this should suffice.

“Aren’t you afraid of heights?”

“I’m from the Iraqi paratroopers.”

“Let’s go play with rat fire.”


The blizzard, which had been chasing and chasing, suddenly turned into a violent storm and was beating the city. Refugees took their breath away and moved on.

Under the influence of the vortex, all nearby clouds were concentrated over Uijeongbu.

In February, no, there was a blizzard that could not be seen in Korea.

An old man crammed into a narrow truck, a parent trying to find their child while backtracking a procession, and soldiers driving them north.

There was an unhidden uneasiness in the eyes of all of them. A high-rise apartment is on fire under a cloudy sky.

at that time. A soldier pointed at something.

The monsters ran out of the road.

“I, I! Next! Next!”

Pointing soon turned into gunshots, and several wild dogs fell, but it was not enough to stop the rushing of a monster the size of a large bus.

The procession quickly dispersed with all kinds of screams.

Gunfire and astonishment mixed in confusion.

The moment the people who failed to escape felt death and fell on the floor,

– Whoops!

A power pole flew and pierced the body of the monster. Hunters ran up the roof of the building and dealt with the monsters nearby.

Fire, ice and lightning were scattered here and there. In the meantime, the superhumans put their arms into the monster’s body and absorbed the magic stones.

The situation was settled in an instant. Hanbit Kim shouted into the walkie-talkie.

“The west procession defense begins!”

[Ah, ah, Article 3. waiting on the roof. If you need support-]

“Just send me one healer in advance! Captain!”

[……hey! Hands-on man! Uh oh, Suchan is going.]

“Are you relaxed?”

[depending on.]

In fact, they were very leisurely blocking the monsters. It wasn’t much different from where I usually played in Seoul or here. Rather, it was even advantageous in that there was military support.

the problem is.

“…the three of us are slaughtering black goats?”


It is a battle that can only be called a bad battle.

– Whoa, whoa!

– Kee E E Ek!

There are monsters everywhere. In the middle of Bukhansan Provincial Park, we were swept away by waves of monsters from all directions.

He vomited blood from his mouth and was no longer fishy, and his chewed lower lip was tattered.

The nosebleed went into his mouth, but now was not the time to worry about it. I drove the monster back into the valley of Bukhansan Mountain.

– leo Coms eoShm……!

Again, he summoned all the monsters around here.

The monster wave continued again, again, and again.

It blocks flying monsters flying back and forth, left and right, up and down, left and right, and occasionally targets the flying missiles and presses the Black Mountain sheep into the valley of Bukhansan.

– Whee!

And dodge the tentacles that fly from time to time. I lost my center of gravity in the wind pressure that followed.



I tore the beast in the air that was rushing up from below.

The corpse of the dead monster, split in half, passed on both sides, and literally a wind of blood blew. cold. Blood got into his eyes.

We increased the altitude of Bukhansan Mountain to the corpse of a monster for about 4 hours. The number of monsters rushing in from all directions is invisible.

There were several reasons why this insane defense was possible.

“Shut up…!”

That David Kim is struggling enough to survive, biting the tentacles with his teeth.

“shit! Fall!”


Telekinesis is affected by mass, so no matter how tired we are, we can pick up and throw at least one adult male,

“You better let it fall! Get some rest!”


“f**k! f**k! f**king goat!”

“? What does that mean?”

“You’re still in a hurry!”

Therefore, all three are thoroughly fighting in the air. In other words, there was no need to deal with the monsters that filled the earth.

“Jiyoon-ah! Eat this!”


The fact that I was fighting while feeding the flying monster’s manastone to Gam Gam Yoon.

[It’s 20 seconds before the next raid!]


Finally, there was adequate air support.

of course,

[This is the last one!]

“Did the headquarters make a decision!?”

[This is not enough, it overflows! The entire Bukhansan National Park is full of monsters from the metropolitan area!]

All of this had one purpose.

To drive as many monsters as possible into Bukhansan Provincial Park.

We succeeded.

And, woo woo woo – !


The largest flight squadron arrived at Bukhansan. We backed away a bit and watched the majestic sight.

Recognizing that the sound of this engine would make the situation very messy, the Black Mountain sheep concentrated flying monsters around her with a strange spell. It is a kind of meat shield.

But, unlike before.

Not a single one of the many planes was heading towards the Black Mountain. They scattered far and wide and flew towards their respective divisions.

not a fighter,

Because it was a bomber.


-Kuu Woo Woong …….!

In the distance, the sound of bombs falling was heard.

– Whoa, whoa…!

– Whoops…!

I can’t hear the bomb well. However, the flame could be seen with the naked eye.

That’s US napalm. It is a kind of incendiary bomb.

what is it.

“……It rides well.”

A huge fire broke out on the outskirts of Bukhansan Provincial Park.

In other words, a huge ring of fire surrounding Bukhansan was created.


“Wildfires usually spread to normal…! You bastards…!”

“Wow! Bogs! ”

“Whoa…! 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

The three of us watched the wildfire spread at the speed of light, dripping with blood. There was relatively little snow on Mt. Bukhan as the whirlpool carried away all the clouds nearby.

it’s a good feel

Occasionally, I cut a burning tree and threw it halfway through, and the effect was amazing. The dried up trees and fallen leaves were entangled by the monsters, not knowing that they would fall.

aah- !

The last screams of the monsters couldn’t be this good.

And, there was still one step left.


“Shit…! Something is coming…!”

“You only get one chance.”

“I always did!”

David Kim, who was wearing seven coats of blood, clenched his teeth and took a pose. Magical power moved precisely, creating a straight path.

I matched the sum of the yeomdongsul (念行術) together with Gam Ji-yoon. So we became guns, and the strongest bullet named David Kim entered it. At the thought that it was the last time, strength entered my eyes. His cheeks were moist and his eyes seemed to bleed.

The escorts protecting the bombers poured the last remaining missiles at the Black Mountain sheep. Tumors and tentacles burst out and fell limp at the foot of the mountain.


magic stone. That damn black manastone shone.



That cold winter sky,

– aa

split in half

The blue magic that surrounded them was scattered. It was so beautiful to see the world through Ga Ji-yoon’s eyes.

With our superhuman instincts, we rode that magic and rushed to the monster. The blue powder that had been scattered came to us again.

In less than two seconds, I cleared the five flying beasts from David Kim’s flight path. Gam Ji-yoon must have cleared it twice that.


The moment David Kim reached out to the magic stone.

The goat’s eyes gleamed red.

– eo Col…!

David Kim stopped in mid-air.


It flopped and fell to the floor.


Judgment was quick.

I did to myself what I did before.

shot me

– Woodduck! Kwajik!

Of course I am not David Kim. It wasn’t a body that could withstand such superpowers.

But, you can’t win by just doing what you can handle.

Broken bones, black blood gushed, but I still flew through the sky,

finally reached


to David Kim. I can feel the power coming into my body. I grabbed David Kim’s ankle.

“Die, you bastard!”

All the muscles in my body exploded.

David Kim was thrown in the air with David Kim’s strength.

David Kim flew to the hearth again.

I fell in the opposite direction at the same speed.

That is, it fell to the ground.

Barely, not in a strengthened state at all.

Whether it was because of the adrenaline or the periwinkle, the world started to look slow.

David Kim flying towards the magic stone.

Gam Ji-yoon turns to look at Ma-seok with a bewildered expression.


Before David Kim reached the magic stone,

flew by and pushed him away,

flying monster.

wrong track.

broken forearm.

bloody cornea.

red sight.

falling body.


” stop – ! ”

clear voice.

With that, everything stopped.

It’s not an illusion.

David Kim, who was flying towards the magic stone, and even the monster that threw him away.

Snowflakes that slowly fell, and even the leaves that were blowing violently.

The monster that was on fire, and even that flame.

it all stopped

Literally, the world stopped.


In the frozen world, the black goat’s body slowly scatters. Gam Ji-yoon, who absorbed the magic stone.

His blue eyes gleamed softly and he landed on the ground.

I was about to hit the ground and shatter to pieces.

In other words, it stopped right above the dirt floor.

I rolled the eyes in the eyelids that were slowly closing.

Between the hides of monsters and the burning ashes.

With drops of blood dripping from the tip of my nose.

A small green bud was sprouting.

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