A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 58

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 58

EP 11 – That’s My Crazy Dog (1)

Again, the chaos has opened.

– The death toll is 3 million. minimum number.

– …don’t mention numbers in the news for the time being.

As always.

– The ROK Army has succeeded in stopping the monsters from moving south from the defense line in Chungcheong Province! Beyond the gate distribution line, the designer of the absolute defense line that leads to Mt. Songni, Mt. Worak, and Mt. Sobaek, Chief of Staff of the 2nd Operation Command, Major General Kim Doo-sik…

– Gyeonggi-do martial law coordinator, Colonel Yoo Hyeon-jong, evacuated about 4.26 million North Gyeonggi refugees toward the front line. The struggle between the Armed Forces and the talented continued centering on Uijeongbu, and in the process, Rep. Han Seung-moon and President Kim Chun-sik were seriously injured…

– New PMCs are starting to protect the Republic of Korea. Numerous hunters, including GS Aegis, Kumho Service, and Cheonghaejin, voluntarily jumped into the front lines…

– GS Aegis started a large-scale resistance battle in Gangwon-do. With CEO Hong Seon-ah in the lead, they are burning the Taebaek Mountains to stop the monsters, but in some cases…

The more the country was at stake, the more victories appeared on TV.

– Hunter Jinwoon Seol succeeded in killing the giant monster that destroyed the Namyangju area! Seol Hunter, who defeated the monster with one wooden sword, was surprisingly still in high school…

– 162 survivors of Incheon successfully managed to escape to Chungcheong Province by injecting stimulants! The Awakening Stimulant of the Han Seung-moon Foundation has been distributed nationwide…

– Major General Kim Doo-sik, who established the Chungcheong defense line by rallying the retreating ROK forces, was promoted to general and served as the commander of the 2nd Operation Command. He protects people’s safety and lives…

So, at first glance.

– Rep. Han Seung-moon regained consciousness around 5 am today!

The era of heroes seemed to have arrived.

* * *

I woke up at the military hospital in Paju. I can’t remember, but he said he was drunk on weak energy and asked the family’s well-being in a hazy manner.

So I took a deep breath and was able to hear the answer as soon as I woke up.

“I asked the soldiers, but I haven’t found them yet.”


“There are too many people in Gangwon-do.”

“Hey, what…!”

Yang Pan-seok questioned him with a cracked voice, but the answer he got back was shocking.

“The ROK Army is forming a defensive line in the southern part of Chungcheong-do and stopping the monsters from going south. Do you know what this means?”


“It is said that North Chungcheong Province is isolated.”

South Korea was divided into North and South. The occupied territory of the monster crossed South Korea.

“The monsters from Seoul have spread to the southern part of Gangwon-do. Now, the northern part of Gyeonggi-do and the northern part of Gangwon-do are isolated.”

“……Oh My God.”

It’s a land island.

“…I will try my best. There are very few gates in Gangwon-do, so it will probably be okay.”

I didn’t know that, but I nodded reluctantly. Yang Pan-seok did not bother me by adding more words and quietly left the hospital room.


I was drunk on painkillers and spent my time hazy.

Considering that painkillers are drugs that disturb the nerves and make the pain dull, it was safe to say that he lived half-drunk on drugs. In fact, some narcotic pain relievers were prescribed.

Even if you stand still, it feels like someone is hitting your whole body with a hammer. It’s even more so if you put any strength into your muscles.

It is absolute stability. That’s why, except for a few hunters who occasionally come and rub my body with flashes of light from their palms, no one has met me.

Except that sometimes Gam Ji-yoon and the cold-jaw stick their heads through the door of the hospital room, and look at me in tears for 30 seconds and then go back.


I put on a respirator and recuperated for a long time.

Muscles burst, bones shattered, blood vessels burst, and joints broke.

“Actually, if it hadn’t been for the Hunters’ first aid measures…”

The doctor came to me every morning and explained how serious my condition was. He said he would have to be hospitalized for several months. I have to go through a few more surgeries.


I ate the potion and got better in two days.

To be precise, movement became possible. As I got up from the bed and sat down, I saw the doctor cuss in the mouth. When I asked him why he was swearing, he said that it seemed like the day he would receive his severance pay was short.

Frankly, it seemed so.


As soon as I was able to move, I went to David Kim. He, too, was in a similar situation to me, wearing a patient uniform and groaning.

I asked him.

“David Kim, are you okay?”

“Is it better than you?”

“……I’m sorry to say this, but are there any hunters who are good at finding people?”

David Kim stared at me without a word. I added the words with anxiety.

“……please. The family is missing in Gangwon-do.”


David Kim carried me out of the hospital.



Cigarette smoke rose from the collapsed city. David Kim, dressed in a patient’s uniform, puffed out smoke. It was a terrifying thing for the nurses to see.

“…Why did you bring me here?”

“I need to catch my breath.” It was a voice I didn’t want to tell yet.

I sat silently on the rubble of the collapsed building and watched David Kim. I sat on the pile of rubble, and there was something soft underneath, so I moved to the rubble next to me and sat down.

“I, uh, in Iraq. I mean, he killed a lot.”

David Kim puffed out smoke and clapped at me.

“I had a good time and studied well, so I had a high rank. He wasn’t a very good squad leader.”


“I would have killed more allies than enemies. maybe.”

He preached to me for a long time.

It wasn’t the moon. There was a slight alcohol smell.

“I thought there was a bomb in my inner pocket, so I shot and killed it, but nothing was in it. There was one local I was close with, and a bomb was buried under the dinner table. Um… You know the atmosphere, right? A beggar’s choice.”

“It’s like now.”

“okay. I often made the wrong choice. That’s how often the face underneath me… Oh, let’s stop talking about this. I am so ugly.”

David Kim coughed, fiddling with his red ears. In the middle, I mixed swear words in English, but I was able to understand roughly because I had spare time in English.

“Large… What is the reason for talking with such a heavy weight? okay. It’ll be a bit boring. Just be patient and listen.”

“I am listening. well.”

“okay. The president at the time was George Bush. Thousands of people are dying A fighter got off the aircraft carrier. Even in a pilot outfit. and declared the end of the war The Americans have won.”


“…how many people died just to increase the support rate for that bastard? no, f**k it. Even if it was the right war, the president shouldn’t do that shit.”

David Kim threw a cigarette on the floor. Cigarettes exploded and dust spurted out.

“Everyone knows it’s dog shit. We all know it’s political showmanship. But why?”

“…it must have been because it worked.”


David Kim pointed at me.

“Even if a soldier complains, if a politician does a show, the world goes on without a problem.”


“So, live a good life.”

David Kim said.

“Before asking me to find my family, just ask me once if the Hunters I fought with are okay.”


“It’s difficult for me to first say that Kim Han-bit is dead, Park Joo-cheol is also dead, and Joo Ho-jeong is also dead.”


“He died while carrying out the operation you set up.”


I nodded my head without a word. David Kim looked at me calmly with blue eyes.

“…Of course, the operation was very good. Thanks to that, more people lived, and we fought knowing that a few of us would die in the first place. but, that, what is it? Whoa…”

David Kim shook his head. Then he put his hands in his pockets and patted his legs like a mentally ill puppy.

But he squatted on the floor helplessly.

“…just a little. tell me to take it People.”

There was silence for a while.

In the middle of the collapsed city, a wind of blood blew through the buildings.

I answered his request.

“…I see what you mean.”

He had a distorted smile.

“I don’t even know what I’m talking about, you know?”


“what the. Funny kid…”

David Kim laughed out loud.

“okay. Let me know who died after the operation. okay. Umm… I didn’t mean to just swear.”


“I know a little bit about what it feels like to know someone is going to die because of my plan. by the way. Whoa…”

It was also not a lullaby. He continued speaking clumsily.

“I wanted to comfort you. It’s kind of like doing it while you know it’s not comforting.”

“The heart is well received.”

“Well, I’m even thankful for calling out and swearing at me.”

he spit out

“There are kids who smell good and have good ears. Scout kids.”


“I heard from Rep. Yang, and I’ve already sent two of them. Umm. Yeah. I’ll let you know as soon as I get news.”

“…Thank you. Really.”

David Kim reflexively tried to pull out a cigarette, but, realizing that the cigarette was empty, he awkwardly put his hand in his pocket.

“…is there any religion?”


“I’m an Inactive Christian, and that’s in Korean, umm… Ah! okay. Nairong believer.”

“You speak Korean very well.”

“That’s not a compliment.”

“I know.”

David Kim laughed softly. And I looked around desperately.

“…they said Secretary Kim died here.”

“…Are you talking about Mr. Hanbit Kim?”

“Ugh. your fans.”

David Kim laughed.

“I am going to pray. Can you wait?”

That day, for the first time in my life, I prayed to someone.

I want those who died for others to go to a better place.

And I don’t know which chewed gate opened,

If I meet you, I will kill you.


February is over. It’s March.

And there are general and presidential elections in April. Members of Parliament and President are elected. Politicians are starting to move.

[Jeju Governor Chung Jung-yeop delivered the funds raised for the FKI to the Refugee Organization.]

I shredded shrimp crackers and watched TV. By the way, that meant that I was a cold and strong man who pranks the chaebols living in Jeju Island, but was warm to my people.

“Everyone is playing smart.”

“Seoul Deputy Mayor Woo Jung-hwan went away after an open election campaign.”

“I didn’t know that the yangban would go like that…”

Hojeong Lee added sternly. I told her.

“But who knows that this is an election campaign.”

“You’re deceived by everything you know.”

“Is that because it works?”

“Because it’s Jeongseok.”

Hojeong Lee nodded. Yang Il-ho, who was next to him, said while slurping the cookies.

“…isn’t that the person who is the leader of the Kuomintang party?”

“Is that so? Jeju-do politicians should have a strong foundation.”

“Is your brother the floor leader?”

“He said that he would be the chairman of the platoon soon, and that I would make an official announcement as the floor leader.”

“Are you here to run for president?”

“So why don’t you call me three times a day?”

We sat in the hospital room and observed the different parts of the world. When I was biting my teeth while eating cup noodles in the corner of the Capitol, the conversation started to come to life.

Whenever the news section changed, the topic of conversation also changed.

[The April joint election is near. With the nation’s survival at stake, the presidential hopeful dragons who will overcome the crisis are on the rise. By the way, 18% of Assemblyman Han Seung-moon, who does not have the right to run for office, said…]

“Who do you think will win this election?”

“The best position is for my brother to run for president. Aren’t you going?”

“Ugh. To be honest, I was a little tired. I don’t have the confidence to do well. It remains in Parliament.”

Lee Ho-jeong, an octopus fortune teller during the election season, added an analysis. As a result of the election, he had a record of hitting him four times in a row, so his ears opened spontaneously.

“Well, the age limit for the president is 40. If you want to run for office, you have to amend the constitution, and your approval rating will drop a lot. I think I will be Commander Doo-shik Kim of the Chungcheong-do defense line. There is no such thing as a good person. Because people trust the person who protects their house.”

“Isn’t Commander Doo-Sik Kim David Kim Uncle?”

“…!? really!?”

[Hunter, Gam Ji-yun lifted the mountain and filled the upper reaches of the Han River. This will reduce the threat of amphibious monsters from the downstream…]

“Oh my, look at that. It’s CG.”

“Isn’t Jiyoon joking?”

“Awesome, really…”

“I called you last evening. They say that they fight in Gangwon-do in the morning, fight in Jeju-do in the evening, and eat late-night meals in Gyeonggi-do.”

“Oh my gosh… it’s hard.”

[France saved Paris. Considering the fact that due to the nature of Europe, battles are taking place in all directions […]

“Lumière is a wonderful person.”

“That, France?”

“You said tens of thousands of people were restored in one shot. On the Eiffel Tower.”

“I think it was a bit MSG in the press. Heroes like that are hot these days.”

Yang Il-ho mumbled mournfully.

“It was beautiful…”

Hojeong Lee said.



[… Today the abnormal climate in the central region has subsided. While the warm spring wind blows-

Breaking news!]



“……” [China has requested the dispatch of Gam Ji-yoon Hunter!]


[At 2:30 pm today, Li Chong-bin, Vice Chairman of the Central Military Commission of the Communist Party of China, expressed the position that close cooperation of the Korean side’s superintendents is necessary for the defensive operation to protect the 56 nuclear power plants located on the east coast.]

Interpretation: Send Ga Ji-yoon

[During the interview, the Great East Japan Earthquake and the Fukushima nuclear accident were mentioned-]

Interpretation: Do you know very well what happened when a nuclear power plant exploded?

[Although he expressed his position that he would pursue peace and coexistence in Northeast Asia in the face of catastrophe for all mankind-]

Interpretation: Do you want to see 56 nuclear power plants explode?

[-Proposed the formation of a joint operation force.]

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