A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 59

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 59

EP 11 – That’s My Crazy Dog (2)


The door of the Busan Metropolitan City underground bunker was closed.

The sad eyes of the National Intelligence Service agents scattered me in the sunglasses.

Between them, they lined up left and right, and passed through the passage of an underground bunker and went deep.

jerk. chin.

jerk. chin.

jerk. chin.

The sound of sticking a cane echoed through the dark hallway.

An iron gate was visible at the end of the hallway. The agent with a metal detector lightly scanned my body, then opened the door carefully with a card key.


Several people were seated around a table in a dark closed room.

“…Ah, here you are.”

Yang Pan-seok, dressed in a sloppy suit, not even wearing a tie, smiled slyly.

“Long time no see.”

Commander Doo-Sik Kim touched his cap and bowed lightly.

“How much is this!”

Jeju-do Governor Chung Jung-yeop, who was fiddling with a luxurious tie pin, smiled broadly.

“……Nice to meet you.”

Yoo Jae-kyung, Minister of Strategy and Finance, who was half-dead from overwork, muttered tremblingly.


“How are you?”

“It’s been a while, sir.”

“I have lived a long life. sit down please.”

Won Ok-min smiled kindly and suggested a seat.

In the slurred and blurred pronunciation characteristic of an old man who has not aged well,

There was a sharpened knife.

* * *

Yoo Jae-kyung, Minister of Strategy and Finance, was uncomfortable with this position. To be precise, it felt like my stomach was being stabbed. To be honest, I wanted to go to the bathroom.

“…everyone has come.”

When Acting Authority Won Ok-bun started the meeting with a loud noise, he thought he would look disgusting if he said he would go to the bathroom, so he kept his mouth shut and frowned.

That wasn’t the only reason this seat was uncomfortable.

“Everyone, I’m so glad you are looking good.”

“It’s not a safe world.”

“Oh my gosh, that was a lie, yes.”

It is a friendly conversation between Yang Pan-seok and Won Ok-bun. Politicians have already started fighting.

Yoo Jae-kyung swallowed dry saliva.

To be honest, I’m a bit bummed.

Yoo Jae-kyung covered her mouth with her hand so as not to show her nervousness. And he bit his lower lip hard and held on.

Of course, it wasn’t the spec he was really chasing after. Because the Minister of Strategy and Finance was a ‘deputy prime minister for economy’ who acted as an acting agent when the president and prime minister were not present.

Even he was originally the head of the budget department of the Ministry of Strategy and Finance. He is an elite economic bureaucrat who passed the level 5 exam with the top score for 4 years in the Economics Department at Korea University.

From the time of the secretary, he held his head sharply in front of first-class civil servants, and when he was the head of the budget office, he was in a position to approve the budget by receiving greetings from the vice ministers and provincial governors.

by the way. It’s wonderful to work as a manager and come to your senses.

Succession sequence Namba three.

Minister of Finance, Deputy Prime Minister of Economy.

The deputy minister and the minister had all died, and as I was rolling with the remaining chiefs of the office in the Sejong city government building, I realized that they had become ministers.

He is still a first-class civil servant, but working like a dog to save the economy, he became one of the top five powerful people in Korea.

“I’m really glad that Acting Won seems to be in good health.”

“Thank you.”


Of course, there were many good things. A typical example was sending family members from Sejong City to Jeju Island. In this day and age, even the chaebol can’t get on an airplane recklessly.

by the way. The yangbans here were of a different so-called ‘class’.

“Because it’s Lee Choong-bin’s award… I remember that he was the ambassador of Shenyang County before joining the Central Military Commission. He was a typical political officer…”

Commander Doo-Sik Kim vaguely muttered his name.

At the time of the Cha Jae-gyun incident, he rescued Rep. Han Seung-moon and reorganized the troops that were retreating at random from the collapsed Seoul siege to form the northern defense line of Chungcheong-do.

“Are you in the military? Are you in a comment position? Let’s take this seriously.”

Rep. Yang Pan-seok asked slowly.

Also known as King Maker. Gwangju Flavored Raccoon. He was half-appointed as the next party leader of the Democratic Party, winning the presidential and general elections in succession through all kinds of political maneuvers. In addition, it was secretly known that he was leading the judicial uprising related to the Han Seung-moon rebellion and that he was in possession of the judiciary, which is part of the separation of powers.

“Because the Chairman of the Communist Party Military Committee is the head of state of China… If the Vice-Chairman said something, it is the same as if the President said it out loud.”

“Are you sure?”

“There are a lot of Chinese living on Jeju Island.”

“I didn’t know there was an informant on the Chinese side.”


Jeju Governor Chung Jung-yeop smiled kindly and hid his informant.

He is considered to be the next presidential candidate. He is a person who naturally represents the upper classes of Korea by moving the chaebols, all kinds of corporations, and even various government buildings to Jeju Island. A new sleep dragon in the Korean political sphere that spreads influence in all directions based on the unique concrete of the Jeju political sphere.

“By the way, Senator Han, did you have a good way to come?”

And such a sleep dragon crawled at someone 30 years younger than him. Jeju Governor Chung Jung-yeop clings to Rep. Han Seung-moon.

“Ah yes. Thanks to the helicopter you sent me…”

“Haha, what the entrepreneurs had was requisitioned. By the way, he said he was isolated in the northern part of Gangwon-do. Would you like to come to Jeju Island…?”

“After the meeting, we have to go back. families-“

“I thought you would too. Do you think people’s lives so terribly… Oh. My son is two years older than you, and looking at him…”


“If not, the helicopter is used by the legislator. In the future.”


“Please do not hesitate. It’s me, the governor, I’m in a hurry to take care of the constituency, so I don’t go anywhere. Isn’t Rep. Han the pillar of the Korean people now?”

Jeju Governor Chung Jung-yeop trembled in a friendly manner.

It was saliva in front of others. very blatantly.

“The construction project is going to be very difficult in the future, but I want to add even a little bit, so I hope you don’t feel burdened too much. Isn’t this all patriotism?”

Governor Chung Jung-yeop was quite young for his age, and he was one of the top middle-aged politicians among politicians, but Yoo Jae-kyung, who was constantly being tickled by a 20-year-old child, was a little annoying to see.

However, Yoo Jae-kyung suddenly remembered.

Is this kid 28 years old?

“It is a bit of a waste to ride alone with such a meaningful gift. Except when a position like this is created or when I go to visit the governor for political affairs, is it okay if I leave it to the ROK soldiers to use it to rescue refugees? Governor?”

“ah! sure! it’s okay!”

“Thank you for your continued concern, Governor.”

They said that they would cover their stomachs with military tarpaulins because they thought they would get a stomach ache if they were eaten alone. Oil is also replenished there.

Han Seung-moon is now in the public interest, saving his face in moderation, receiving gifts crookedly, and keeping a vague distance from the other person. again vaguely thank you

Commander Doo-shik Kim was also there, so he said he would entrust the helicopters to the soldiers.

you are doing well


Yoo Jae-kyung felt a bit bitter when she saw a girl of the same age as her daughter, who would be hysterical to her mother in Jeju Island by now.

Escape from Apgujeong, Han Seung-moon Foundation, Cha Jae-gyun’s overthrow, Confession of the Party, founding of the Kuomintang, development of arousal stimulants, self-experimentation, and subjugation of black goats.

This guy was a politician who didn’t need to explain his achievements.

On the day that a man without the right to run for office had 19% approval rating in the presidential election, Yoo Jae-kyung spilled the beer he was drinking in every corner of the house.

I still vividly remember Han Seung-moon’s visit and telling the chaebols to do their best. It must have been the design of the founding of the GS group.

At best, Yoo Jae-kyung thought about insider trading or the dissolution of a chaebol, but never imagined that he would revamp the Korean business world from scratch.

Now, what is the reason why Jeju Governor Chung Jung-yeop has reached out to the business world? Maybe it’s because the chaebols fight among themselves at that time, and they can’t unite with each other because they have become like a sin chimera due to the ownership structure, company connection, and so on.

So the chaebols living in Jeju Island entrusted Chung Jung-yeop…


By the way, both Chung Jung-yeop and Han Seung-moon were from the Kuomintang. They are the figures who are predicted to be the party leader and the floor leader, respectively.

The audience is the presidential candidate…!

Come on…!

Ha, Seung-moon Han. How far…!

Yoo Jae-kyung glared at Han Seung-moon.

“? What are you doing…”

“Oh, no. You look very tired.”

“Ah, yes… I heard that Minister Yoo is also working hard.”

What does this mean now? Are you saying don’t suffer under Wonok-bun and get over it? Or does it mean that you are struggling with an economy that you can’t save anyway?

When Jaekyung Yoo laid a poker face and started sweating inside,

“Did everyone say hello?”

Won Ok-bun entered the main topic of the meeting harshly.

“It is an order to send greetings from the Japanese side as well.”

squeaky. The door opened.

And there was a new character.


“Nice to meet you.”

The new person was Yoshimura, the secretary general of the Liberal Democratic Party.

And in Japan’s modern political history, which spanned decades after the war, the Liberal Democratic Party had lost power in less than 10 years.

So, considering that Japan is also effectively a one-party dictatorship of the LDP, the fact that the second-ranked party came to us meant that what China did was not serious.

Although he had a poor pronunciation, he spoke fluent Korean.

“Eh… Again… About Chuung-guk’s rather radical alliance proposal. The Prime Minister’s judgment was that the Korean side would also be continuing with considerable political considerations. Since it is a matter of peace in Northeast Asia and it is a matter of various public security and security issues, I can help you a little bit. I think. I asked permission from Won, Ok, Boon, and Kwon Dahaeng, in a line that would not be rude, and I was given a seat. hello.”

Interpretation: Hello?

This was quite a lot for a foreigner. Because it wasn’t a place to put earphones in your ears or bring an interpreter next to you.

He smiled broadly and carefully sat down at the table.


Ok-Moon Won began to lead the meeting in earnest.

“First of all… What China wanted is to send our superpowers, including Hunter Gam Ji-yoon, to us. Was this? I said it was necessary to protect 56 nuclear power plants, but…”

Commander Doo-Sik Kim added.

“The Chinese army is not an easy place to be pushed back. Of course, it would be great to avoid it now, but if the nuclear power plant explodes, it will put China at risk, so it will probably be prevented at any cost.”

[If the front yard explodes, you’ll be f**ked, won’t you stop it?]

Yang Pan-seok struck the mark.

“If the damage you must bear unconditionally, and if the damage concerns the whole of Northeast Asia, please bear it together.”

[Isn’t it okay to want to f**k together?]


Minister Yoo Jae-kyung pointed out, waving his tail.

“…I don’t think that’s the truth. Maybe there is something else Korea wants you to do? Actually, Gam Ga-yoon is enough to lift a mountain, so it is true that the loss of life can be greatly reduced…”

[China is not a country that tries so hard to save people.]

“Yes, well. There is a trend that values prestige somewhat.”

[right. It is not a country that seeks to save the nation’s face.]

Cheon Jung-yeop, the governor of Jeju from China, smiled calmly.

“I don’t think that’s for us.”


“It’s for the people of your country.”

Jeju Island had a lot of exchanges with China, and Governor Chung Jung-yeop had a Chinese side of the city, and thanks to this, he was in the state of drawing a rough picture by collecting various miscellaneous information.

“China is inevitably causing a lot of casualties. It’s densely populated, and the city slums are so… tens of millions of people must have died by now. Naturally, trust in the Chinese Communist Party is inevitably diminished.

The People’s Liberation Army of China is not the Armed Forces, but the Party Army of the Communist Party. The responsibility rests with the CCP.”

The audience swayed the audience with a dignified, low-pitched voice. The dark and quiet atmosphere of the conference room focused on him.

“In this situation, the dignified and great Chinese government, the military chieftain, bowed his head to another country, and asked to send only a child.

Ah, of course, we are not children, we are valuable talents and precious citizens, but only from the Chinese perspective. Senator Han Seung-moon, yes. Anyway.”


“If we reject this, how will public opinion in China spread? A foreign country that doesn’t send a single elementary school student right before 56 nuclear power plants explode.”


“This is propaganda.”

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