A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 6

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 6

EP 2 – Red Han River Superman (2)

“Seungmun, no. A member of the council. Come here.”

I was stabbing the baby cheek that my wife Cheon Hwa-ran was holding when I caught a cold, but I got up and ran to Yang Pan-seok’s call.

When Yang Pan-seok called ‘Seung-mun’, it became a routine to run automatically. Im sad.

“The Ilsan Bridge collapsed.”


The reason I thought I was f**ked wasn’t because my leg collapsed.

Yang Pan-seok lamented as he looked at the Ilsan Bridge, which had already collapsed and blocked the Han River.

“What about this… I can’t go on a yacht.”

“A riverside, a riverside.”


“North, riverside! Hurry to the right bank!”

Monsters kill people. You have to go down to break the bridge.

But why does the monster go down? There are a lot more people on the bridge. Therefore, it was a bit unreasonable to say that the monster came down the bridge and smashed the pillars supporting the bridge.

Maybe he’s intelligent, but that’s what it’s all about. The problem is not that.

We have passed under numerous bridges including Yanghwa Bridge. Those legs were fine. The problem is that Ilsan Bridge is the outermost bridge.

It is possible to guess that something from the sea came into the Han River and broke his leg.

in other words,

“There can be monsters in the water.”

There was no time to explain. Yang Pan-seok immediately proceeded to the north bank of the river at full speed.

That was a mistake.

The sudden loud engine noise called out to the guy in the water.


Once, a huge impact hit the yacht. The yacht was sprinting towards the north bank of the river.

“Hey, what is this!”



A stronger impact than before hit the yacht.

I shouted out loud.

“Swim in the direction to the yacht now! You have to go that way!”

– Quajik!

The third shock sounded different. You could tell by looking at the rear of the yacht that it had been ripped off.

let’s be calm If an attack from the back gradually destroys the yacht, it’s a gamble to go out the yacht’s side door now.

I took out the fire extinguisher and rolled it over to my sister.

“Sister! Break the front of the yacht with this!”

Yeo Do-yeon grabbed a fire extinguisher and ran at full speed. Then he smashed the windshield and smashed it. I took off my suit to protect the placard from debris.

The yacht is close to the riverside.

“Get out of the yacht’s windshield!”

My sister and my aides followed me to the front of the yacht. In fact, it is suicidal. Because there is no exit other than the narrow front window.

So the students went out by the yacht. The family did not know what to do and remained silent.

– Crazy!

In the fourth shock, two students fell into the Han River. The one who hadn’t gone out yet came back inside the yacht crying.

Noona and Yang Pan-seok have already escaped to the ship deck through the window in front of the yacht, and Il-ho is pushing Lee-ho’s buttocks hard from behind to get her out.

The family is slowly coming to the front of the yacht.


The rear of the cabin was exposed, revealing the monster’s top panel. The yacht is on fire. People ran frantically towards the front of the yacht. f**k I have to leave now.

The monster is a giant 30m tall crocodile. It has six eyes, and its teeth are much sharper. And it’s purple.


And it shoots tentacles from its mouth. Your young daughter-in-law caught a cold.

Me and the cold-jaw naturally grabbed my daughter-in-law’s hands, respectively.



It’s a terrible confrontation.

A girl caught by the tentacles that came out of the monster’s jaws.

And the father holding the hand.

and me

Looking back, the yacht has reached the riverbank and people are disembarking ashore.

A giant crocodile spreads its jaws in front. Tentacles from the mouth grab the girl, and the cold and I are barely holding onto her.

I am a quick judge.

If, if.

If I let go of the girl’s hand, the female and female will come in in pairs. I would be able to escape while the monster chewed on them.

It is a momentary concern.

I rushed in and fell, kicking the tentacles of the monster with my feet.

The tentacles were released, and the daughter was held in the bosom of the cold-blower.

The monster shuts its mouth.

My foot was bitten by the guy.


Yeo Do-yeon’s scream is heard. She broke the window with her body and ran to me.

but it’s late The alligator went into the water with my foot biting.


I was rescued by Yeo Do-yeon.

I lost my prosthetic leg.

While the crocodile was eating the wreckage of the yacht, Yeo Do-yeon grabbed me in an instant and escaped outside.

The crocodile tried to bite me again, but it barely bit my empty hem.

“A senator!”

“Ah! Senator!”

We barely made it to the riverbank. The yacht was dragged into the water in front of my nose, and I was holding my breath in Yeo Do-yeon’s arms.

“This is the back, the chest…”

“Shut up…! You motherf**ker…!”

She hugged me tight. Then he put his nose in my head and cried profusely.

A cold came to me crying.

“Oh, Senator…! I, really, thank you…!”

He knelt down at my empty left foot.

“Thank you…! Our Jiyoon, Assemblyman, saved my life…!”

I muttered with a blank mind.



“From now on, don’t do that because it’s because of a car accident on my leg, and say that a crocodile bit me in the Han River.”

Her back hug turned into a chorus.

“Kek! Kyeok! Kyaa been to have

“Look behind you, you bastard.”

Ga Ji-yoon was dazedly in her mother’s arms, and only then did she realize that my leg was originally disabled and regained her smile.

Yang Pan-seok was lying on his back with a half-dead face, untying his tie, and Yang Il-ho and Lee Ho-jeong hugged each other and shared a passionate kiss.

The only student who had lost two friends was just staring blankly at the red Han River. He was the only friend I didn’t know his name.

…and I thought about it.

When Yeo Do-yeon rescued me, her movements were closer to those of a monster than a person.


“…The sun is setting. Move quickly.”

I can’t walk anymore. This is because there is no lower left ankle.

My sister and the cold supported me.

We could hear occasional moans from the broken bridge, but we weren’t the people to care about it anymore.

We buried all the muddy mud along the Han River, and went into a nearby abandoned factory with water-soaked green onion kimchi.

It used to be a factory until noon today, but from now on it is an abandoned factory.

Yang Pan-seok let out a hoarse voice in front of the factory door.

“Hey, you’re asleep.”

It’s time to test your guesses.

“Sister. Break that lock with your hands.”

“…do you want to go after?”

“No, really.”

Yeo Do-yeon always understood my feelings well. Knowing that I was serious, I picked up the lock with a slightly unsatisfying look.

– Oops!






All sorts of exclamations came out. The last bite was an exclamation from Yeo Do-yeon herself.

“I’ll explain later. Let’s go in.”

The evening was slowly coming to an end. We entered the abandoned factory.


Fortunately, this factory was a fabric maker, and we were able to get warm duvets.

Everyone was wet and trembling. In particular, the youngest son of the cold-blooded child, the state of his newborn baby was slightly sullen.

Representative Yang Pan-seok. Yeo Do-yeon. Ilho Yang. Ho-Jeong Lee.

Cold, wife, daughter, son.

A student who has lost two friends.

This was our party, and the tacit leader was me. It is because judgment and the spirit of sacrifice have been proven. Gamja, the representative of the family, carefully asked me.

“How about making a fire…?”

I don’t know if fire will attract monsters. However, if you spend the night shivering like this, your baby may die, and most of you will catch a cold.

“…Il-ho, Lee-ho-ya. Let’s block out the factory vents, door gaps, etc., with the pieces of cloth that are scattered around here.

“Oh, thank you…!”

“Do you have a lighter for a cold?”

He looked around to see if he was a smoker, and said with a bewildered face that he must have missed it earlier.

okay. Yang Pan-seok was a smoker.

“Sir, maybe a lighter…”

“I don’t carry a lighter…”

okay. This grandfather has always been someone who lights a cigarette next to him.

“Oh right.”

I took the lighter out of my inner pocket.

“Why do I still have you?”

“I forgot to give it back…”

“Aren’t you going to light a fire in the future?”

“I’ll have this with me in the future.”

It was a serious situation, but it made me laugh a little.

Only the student who had lost his friend was squatting quietly in the corner.


“I don’t know how many times I have saved my life today thanks to you.”

“Ah. I’m a member of the National Assembly. The first day of my tenure hasn’t passed yet…”

“You’re still elected. By the way, was it your first day?”

“How did that happen…”

We sat around the fire like a campfire, warming ourselves.

“…Brother, what is it?”

Yang Il-ho asked with an anxious expression,

“How would I know?”

I had nothing to say but this.





Yeo Do-yeon has been in a serious condition since she broke the lock with her hand.

“Before I was dragged away by a crocodile. I broke the window with my body.”


“Aren’t you hurt?”

This has a different meaning at the same time as worry.


“I think she didn’t move at human speed back then.”


Suddenly the atmosphere became somber. It wasn’t an atmosphere in which a normal person suddenly turned into a monster, but his eyes mixed with a bit of uneasiness went back and forth between them.

“It’s an unfounded rumor. I’m just saying it because I think it’s boring to talk about the probability of a monster falling from the sky anyway.”


“In order to save my brother’s crisis, my sister is that, something. Maybe it has changed?”

No one spoke, only the sound of a bonfire burning.

“A monster has fallen, but it is possible for a person to become stronger.”


“Anyway, I think so.”

It was a friendly conversation between an older sister and a younger brother, but I have already defined this as a fact.

No one will reject Yeo Do-yeon. Because if you reject me, you are not obeying my words. In a trivial sense, I warn them.

It was an unfounded story, but the reason I said this was simple.

to be honest.

I also have a feeling that something has changed.

Without being afraid in front of the monster’s jaws, it instantly neutralized the tentacles with a single kick. and withdrew

Yeo Do-yeon, who had become so strong, hugged me as hard as she could, but her bones were not broken and she was fine.

This was not something people would do.

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