A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 60

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 60

EP 11 – That’s My Crazy Dog (3)

The key issues of the meeting were narrowed down to three.

“Propaganda, if you are going to propagate it, it will be resolved domestically. Why do you make enemies by causing international controversy? I know that internal unity only takes place when there is an enemy, but there is no need to use such a tough method…”

“Hmm, do you really need help?”

“No, no, I don’t mean it’s not propaganda, I think there’s something more to it than propaganda. This is it.”

“I can’t figure out what’s inside.”

First of all, why are these bastards so f**king stupid?

“It’s a little strange to ask us to send allies. I’d rather not know if it’s India or Russia…”

“It was mentioned that Japan was also mentioned, but you didn’t seem to want it, did you? What do you think of Secretary-General Yoshimura?”

“Oh, I strongly agree.”

“Honestly… Hunters aren’t what we need, are we?”

“There must be a lot of Hunters there too. How many people, ah, the land must be large.”

“I think Gam Ji-yoon is treated as a dangerous strategic weapon…”

Second, why do they hate looking at us?

“…what if?”

Third, what should we do now?

* * *

“… take a little break.”

As the meeting was ripening, Yoo Jae-kyung, the Minister of Strategy and Finance, who was constantly frowned, left his seat saying he was going to the bathroom, so the meeting went into a lull for a while.

To be precise, closed-room politics aimed at a niche market began.

There was no one in this position who did not hold ‘authority’. Because they were all people who could stamp any kind of paperwork.

In other words, if you brush your teeth well, you can get a few big deals. Everyone started talking quietly.


My family is missing. What kind of politics is that?

I was just dozing off with nothing to do.

Yang Pan-seok was talking with Governor Chung Jung-yeop about the April joint election, and Won Ok-bun was talking with Secretary Yoshimura Yoshimura. Both have strange Korean pronunciation.

hmm. If I said I would go to the bathroom, I thought I would run into Minister Yoo Jae-kyung next to the urinal, so when I was just sitting there,

“It’s been a while, Senator.”

“ah…! General Kim!”

2nd Operation Commander Kim Doo-sik handed a handshake.

Major General Operations Staff. Now the national hero of the Chungcheong defense line.

And it’s the bald general who rescued me from Cha Jae-gyun’s grasp and informed the news of Cha Jae-gyun’s death that evening.

“I don’t know if Chun-shik is doing well. Because he was isolated in Gangwon-do…”

“Ah, wearing a patient uniform-”

“Are you smoking?”


“The rotten bastard…”

He was also David Kim’s uncle. Because it was said that Kim Chun-sik or Kim Doo-sik were from a military family.

He took off his hat for a moment and pulled out a handkerchief. Then, he wiped away the sweat that had formed on his smooth hair.

Yang Pan-seok also carefully wiped the sweat on his head like that every time. I glanced at the plate.


Unsurprisingly, Yang Pan-seok was startled when he saw Kim Doo-shik, but I secretly pretended not to know. Commander Doo-sik Kim, who said he was insensitive, asked for his regards in a machine-like voice. So was his expression.

It’s still a muffled voice.

“I heard that Chun-shik and the legislator were injured a lot. In the process of subjugating the black goat, yes.”

“It’s okay to eat the potion. It got better soon.”

“I heard that it is a life-short treatment, but…”

“To be precise, it consumes the number of cell divisions to promote cell regeneration in a short period of time.

“Can I send you some herbal medicine?”

“All you need is a black goat.”

“There was only that… Then bellflower pear juice?”

We had a quiet discussion about whether pear juice and grape juice were medicine or sugar water for a while, and then we started talking about the Korean territorial issue.

“Right now, the northern part of Gyeonggi-do and the northern part of Gangwon-do are isolated. How will the military respond?”

“For once, we are thinking about normalizing the east coast of Gangwon-do and using it as a passage connecting the north and the south. The situation is…”

It was said that it was done to some extent, but it could not be said that it was 100% safe.

Really, my It’s not even the Joseon Dynasty, and as you pass by Gangwon-do, you have to worry about wild beasts coming out.

“It will be difficult to completely drive out the monster.”

“yes. As a result, the strategy is slightly different depending on the front. Western Front, that is. In the plains and cities, large-scale artillery battles are taking place, but in the east, well, in the Taebaek Mountains, partisan, no. bat-“


“Ah yes. It’s not that hard to catch those who are hiding. They don’t even know how to get rid of the gate.”

I nodded my head anxiously. You must be suffering a lot more than me, so I didn’t breathe a sigh of relief.

Suddenly, Kim Doo-shik confessed.

“Actually, I gave up on the North.”


It was to some extent expected, but I pretended to be startled and closed my eyes wide.

Kim Doo-sik continued speaking calmly in a cold voice.

“Actually, at that time, the opinion of forming a large Seoul siege again within the military was mainstream, but I overcame all of them.

It was because I thought that if the new Seoul encirclement was rebuilt under the circumstances at that time, the ROK Army would not be able to handle that vast front. Isn’t the basic goal of strategy the minimization of fronts? Then, if the power lines were cut, it would really ruin the country.”

Commander Doo-shik Kim wiped his sweat with a handkerchief and pressed his forehead firmly.

I already knew that war and politics are not so different, so it was a story that was tense enough for me.

“So… I asked acting authority Won Ok-bun for help, and I succeeded in persuading him, so I was able to take over all the command with the extra power. And the defense line of Chungcheong Province was formed. It is also the influence of the media that now floats me more than necessary.”

It was not a story to be told in the place where Won Ok-bun was. Especially in a sealed underground bunker like this, it wasn’t something that I wanted everyone to hear.

Kim Doo-shik’s expression, voice, and emotion were all in a dry tone, but what he was doing was very foxy. Now I wonder if this is a special feature of generals.

“yes. The introduction is long. No different than that, I have now taken over the military operation rights with the acquiescence of the National Defense Party. And it is safe to say that we have succeeded in a fairly and biased operation.”

In fact, as it is not yet known, Kim Doo-sik was the foe of all the now-isolated metropolitan refugees.

Because it was said that the staff of the ROK Army had given up on the northern part of Chungcheong Province at that time.

Of course, it wasn’t meant to be approached emotionally. The collapse of the organization due to the collapse of the Seoul encirclement, the urgent battle for each individual, and the ROK forces on the North Korean front.

However, with millions of people dying, it was difficult to expect a rational judgment from the people who lost their families.

From now on, because of my family, my mental and physical condition didn’t make sense. This morning, I was prescribed antidepressant medication and was on the way to Ringer.

Kim Doo-shik mumbled mournfully.

“yes. It will be as you might guess. It was a defensive line built on the belief that soldiers deployed on the North Korean front would rescue refugees, but politically, it would not. Depending on how you package it, that would be very cowardly.”


“Perhaps, if Rep. Han Seung-moon’s Kuomintang attack the National Defense Party on this issue, it would be a pretty lethal number. Especially in terms of timing, with the April coalition elections just around the corner.”

“……Is that so?”

“Yes, it is.”

He gave me his intuition without hesitation. In the past, it was a little difficult to be cold because I was in a position where I was in a position where I was in debt to my life.

It was a very high-level political and business matter. It was a little awkward to say this with a face that resembled Kim Chun-sik.

“The defense line in Chungcheong Province was strategically the best. Because rebuilding the Seoul encirclement was impossible, and when the monsters came down to Chungcheong, Jeolla, and Gyeongsang, they were really out of business.”

It was a little awkward to bring up this kind of story in the yard where the Japanese plenipotentiary and the Korean leadership are crowded right now, but I decided to listen a little more since I am a life-saver, an absurd yangban.

“I hope that the political circles do not interfere with the military’s exercise of operational power as much as possible.”



Kim Doo-shik was silent for a moment, took off his hat and scratched his head. I frowned and asked him.

“No, what are you talking about now?”

“No, umm…”

“Does the National Assembly not check the government? Isn’t the Ministry of National Defense also a strict cabinet?”

Kim Doo-shik spoke to me again in an emotionless voice.

“……After all, this kind of persuasion doesn’t seem to suit me.”

Kim Doo-sik looked at me with serious eyes. His voice and expression were the same as before.

“Rep. Han Seung-moon.”

“Please speak.”

“Please keep my seat.”


“Please don’t hit the insignia.”

terribly. terribly. I had nothing to say, so I just blinked.

“No, honestly, really, everyone looked at the politicians and said something like Seoul’s siege, so I set up a gun and defended the country. It’s a bit like going because of a political fight, isn’t it? I am also the father. most.

I was prepared to be fired and defended my country, but in April it is clearly visible that all branches are blown away.”

“Ah yes……”

“I thought about telling Rep. Pan-seok Yang or Governor Chung Jung-yeop. Aren’t they the ones who will mercilessly take my head to raise the approval rating?

The only person who has a connection is Senator Han Seung-moon. And in the past, I didn’t care what Cha Jae-gyun was doing, so you helped me?”


“My older brother passed away early, and Kim Chun-sik was raised by sending me money every month. No, no, so Senator Han, are you with David Kim?”

“Uh, uh. There doesn’t seem to be any left…”

“Then we will not be left. right?”


Doo-sik Kim speaks to me with a confident and serious, high-pitched voice,

what is it.

“So, I’m going to try this once with Rep. Han Seung-moon, who has a connection.”


“Aren’t you a patriot? Oh no. I’m not going to be sarcastic about patriotism.”

“Ah yes……”

You already did. mister.

“Please save me just once. To be honest, all of them are political officers and business soldiers, but only a small group like me are fighting properly.

Think of the gate’s early days. The 1st Corps, the 7th Corps, and the Capital Corps didn’t just suck their fingers until they were separated. Because I don’t want to put a gun on it. I’m going to keep my seat because there might be a North Korean invasion.

And then Cha Jae-gyun ties his gun, and only then does he move these bastards. really.

Am I wrong?”

“Uh, uh. I didn’t know it would happen.”

“It cannot be a world where political officers survive. In order to do that, politicians should not use the military for political purposes. in today’s world.”

“Ah yes……”

“People’s eyes are a little stingy. I will only tell you this far. I’m sorry for making it difficult for you.”

“No, well, uhm. yes.”

Hurrup. Commander Doo-Sik Kim casually sips citron tea from a thermos.

How did they know that the drink in the thermos was citron tea, because the flower-patterned sticker on the thermos had the words ‘citron tea’ written in cute fonts.

All of a sudden, everyone is looking at us with strange eyes.

I was red and covered my eyes, but Dusik Kim quietly closed the lid of the thermos and put it in the bag. profit. Only the sound of the zipper closing of the bag resounded in the back room.

Won Ok-bun was also covering his face with his hands with a sad expression on whether it was an agreement.



When the awkward silence continued,

Quick profit-!

There was an unnecessarily loud noise from the heavy iron gate.

“Ah, sorry for being late.”

Minister Yoo Jae-kyung, who went to the bathroom, returned.

No one opened their mouth.

“……Uh, um. Forgive me for being late. haha.”


“…Is it too late? I?”


“Oh, ugh. I’m not feeling well…”


The meeting started again.

Yang Pan-seok asked, and Won Ok-min answered.

“What does the Chinese ambassador say now?”

“It’s the same as the interview. He said he had nothing more to say.”

Kim Doo-sik asked, and Chung-yeop answered.

“Did you just knit it?”

“No, they said they did not receive instructions from their home country, so they are following the instructions in case of an emergency.”

“How do you know?”

“I know…”

This time I said

“Actually, propaganda is a monster or something. Isn’t that just a monster? It is best to curse directly at the perpetrator. Why do you dare to take risks and attract us? It seems a bit dark inside to see it as simply propaganda.”

“Umm… Couldn’t it be true that you want to send a hunter?”

“So it is more questionable. This is the word.”

Interpretation: Why are you doing this when you know you won’t?

“Later, we asked to send it back then, but you didn’t send it. So, listen to me this time. As an excuse to say that, it’s about when diplomacy is still alive and the economic sanctions imposed by it work. Well, don’t threaten me with nuclear bombs. Now China will touch us

There is no such thing as good-“

“…Oh, wait a minute.”

Yoo Jae-kyung, Minister of Strategy and Finance, interrupted me.


He remained silent for a long time.

“……Economic sanctions. It is eaten.”


“I heard rumors that… the method of converting magic stones into electricity is secretly circulating in the Han Seung-moon Foundation Research Center or in the United States. Is it true?”

No, why is this yangban so f**king Japanese? When I looked at it with an absurd expression, I was startled that Minister Yoo Jae-kyung had not even thought of it.

Are you a political beginner?

I answered carefully.

“…I can’t give you a definite answer on that point. I can tell you that it is a development process.”

In fact, it has already been completed. The development of the efficiency of how much energy can be extracted with the same amount of manastones is in progress, but the research on manastones’ energy conversion has progressed considerably.

Even with magic stones imported from Japan. It was a possible result because Japan did not know the value of Mana Stones at that time.

Anyway, Jaekyung Yoo continued.

“……yes. Isn’t there such a thing as a strategic resource? Using the excuse of profitability and hiding resources to mine in such an emergency. Oil, well, gold, gas, etc.”


“China and the United States are the best in that regard. Oil in the US, shale gas and rare earths in China.”

Yoo Jae-kyung frowned.

“Since the sea is sealed, it is a self-evident fact that China will lead the East Asian international economy through such strategic resources in the future. At least in my opinion.

To put it a little more simply, it’s not like we’re going to run out of oil, and we won’t be making smartphones in the future.”

Doosik Kim added a comment.

“Well, there is no guarantee that China will not seek unification under this opportunity. We are connected by land, and in fact, the reason our Air Force actively supports North Korea is to prevent China from sending troops to help North Korea, isn’t it?”


“Now that the international order has collapsed, it is not strange when war breaks out. In particular, how many nuclear bombs are there in a country like China…”

When the atmosphere becomes gloomy,

“Oh, I’ll Shitsurei.”

Chief Executive Yoshimura will excuse me for a moment.

“Ahh… on the nuclear bomb issue, can I add a moment?”

“Please speak.”

Won Ok-Moon gave permission.

“Ugh. You already know that China has already occupied the Senkaku Islands.”

Senkaku Islands, or Diaoyu Islands. It is a territorial dispute between China and Japan. similar to Dokdo.

“While our self-defense force returned to defend the mainland, China carried out a rather sensitive military action. They responded very rudely to our complaint.”

It is said that the word ‘disrespect’ came out in Japanese diplomacy.

In fact, it sounded like it had gone anywhere. Chief Executive Yoshimura frowned.

“If you have any complaints, fight. To summarize their answers: I will dare to say that I have tried to harm the world by prioritizing my own interests in the face of a global crisis.”

I’m finally getting to the point.

“…First of all, I would like to apologize in advance for what could be seen as a fairly rude proposal on the Korean side.”

Since Japan mentioned ‘apology’ first, I couldn’t even imagine how rude the next words would be.

“U.S. Forces in Japan, so, by the way, the U.S. military had deployed a large number of nuclear missiles on mainland Japan in preparation for war.”

– Bang!

“Hey, what! Chew!”

Commander Doo-sik Kim spit out double insults and pounded the desk, but the secretary-general continued to speak quietly.

“The American side also kept things secret without this consultation with our government.”

Whether or not there was an agreement was something we didn’t know, but Secretary-General Yoshimura continued his conversation calmly.

“And our Self-Defense Forces were concerned about the unexpected actions of the US military and retrieved them.”

“…how much?”

“More than four hundred.”


I asked with two fingers, and the secretary nodded.

Sick, really.

“…The Japanese side wants to hand over 100 nuclear warheads to the South Korean side.”

“Are you telling us to wear a meat shield? Then there’s nuclear war, man!”

“If the Chinese side does not suggest the possibility of annihilation, then there is no subordinate to yield to their oppression. That is the country’s decision. And, we will join hands with Korea to balance power in Northeast Asia-”

“Hey, what…! I’m not talking about having a fight with China!”

“No, calm down. General.”

“If there is a war, everyone will die!”

“Isn’t that the sound of going to war?”

“Aren’t you saying that they are going to force us to arm themselves with nuclear weapons from the other side?”

“It’s not. If you could lift a burden that is difficult to lift alone in your home country, please-”

“We are me in front of China! Tanks could come to Seoul in two weeks!”

“Distance is irrelevant in nuclear war.”

“What do you mean war!?”

“General! Calm down!”

“Oh my gosh…”

“Everyone, please calm down.”

Bang – !

The audience fell into silence at the sound of the desk being smashed.

“…Did you chat?”

Wonok-min said calmly.

“First of all, I fully understood what the Japanese side was saying. Let’s warn China by declaring an alliance against a common enemy and a common nuclear armament. Are you saying this?”

The burden is shared, but we are in a more dangerous situation.

We were a land-attached country with China, and if Japan actually received a nuclear bomb, we could lose to both the United States and China.

As you can see, Japan has already played a game with the United States. And it seems to be trying to open up with China as well. There we are seeking our cooperation.

gulp. I swallowed dry saliva.

Secretary-General Yoshimura nodded calmly, and Won Ok-bun asked.

“…who told us we didn’t have nuclear weapons?”



It harms the peace of Northeast Asia!

Against sedition and propaganda manipulation!

Fully armed with the gun bomb spirit!

Songun warriors of the People’s Army!

The safety of the people of the Republic!

Threatening the harmony of the world order!

To the horde of wrathful Seungnyang!


That we can open the gates of destruction!

clearly! You will have to remember!

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