A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 62

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 62

EP 11 – That’s My Crazy Dog (5)

I was standing in my socks on a mountain road in the dark night. The feeling of each leaf and stone is good.

The vanity in the dark spoke quietly to me.

“I have heard well of the heroic deeds of a comrade member of the House of Representatives.”

Deep in the mountains where no moonlight enters. Only the voice from the dim shadows made him guess that he was a man.

“Comrades are high and low-”

“Where are my family now?”

he replied

“I met Ryeo Do-yeon at the foot of a mountain on the way away.”

“…Is there only one Yeo Do-yeon?”

“Two more minutes.”

* * *

Following him, he arrived at an old pension village deep in the mountains.

Several puppet figures were seen moving in the dark.

is a group


When I opened the door, an old-fashioned lamp hanging in the air caught my eye.

I frowned at the pleasant smell, and then I trembled in surprise at the scenery that followed.

“Uh, what…?”

“Is that your brother…?”


Dozens of children were packed on the first floor. When the door opens, everyone bows their heads as if frightened.

eyes are cloudy It was brittle and dried out. Some were wearing bandages that were hardened with blood.

After he beckoned a few times, the children clung to the wall and made a way.

“Come in.”

His facial features were revealed through the dim light. I’m not the North Korean I thought I was. At first glance, the finely grown tea stood out.

The guy was a boy.

“What is your name?”

“……This is Ri Cheol-jin.”

Ri Cheol-jin answered bluntly and strode into the building. When the children got tangled in his leg dance, Ri Cheol-jin stroked his hair a few times one by one and pushed it away.

We took the stairs and went down to the basement.

and. I was reunited with my family.

Exactly my aunt and uncle.

They were tied with ropes.


“Kreuk…! Kew…!”

And he was locked in a cage.

They raised their blood-stained blood and cried out to me.

with dark eyes.

dripping watery saliva.

Infected with a black goat’s tumor.


I ran out.

And for a long time, I squatted outside on the stairs in the night breeze.

The cool night air of the forest seeped through the baggy shirts, but it wasn’t particularly cold because he had already stiffened his body.

“…are you okay?”

“Are you okay?”

In response to the harsh answer, Ri Cheol-jin stood behind me without saying a word and kept silence.

I washed my face with trembling hands one after another.


Not the worst. where are you alive

okay. let’s be calm To be mentally shaken like this, I went through-



before I go out of my mind


Director Jang clearly said that he was mentally ill.

that people come and go

So I told Lee Cheol-jin.

“I’ll just make one phone call.”

“…I understand your feelings. I went in. Call me if you need it.”

I heard the sound of walking on the wooden floor behind me.

Eventually, I heard a night beetle crowing, and the phone rang in my ear.

Fortunately, Director Jang answered my call even this night.

[…Yes, Senator. What’s going on-]

“Chief Jang, that, madness. Black goat.”

I want to be calm, but I can’t.

[Are you a zombie? Yes. To be precise, the plague-]

“Are you mentally ill?”

As he poured out questions before he could even finish speaking, Jang Won-jang realized the seriousness of the matter and spoke faster. He is also a very quick-witted person.

[yes. To be precise, it paralyzes self-control-]

“Are there any cures?”

Not a question, but an obsessive confirmation. If the existence of this plague had been known in the course of in vivo experiments, the only person who knew about the cure would be Jang Won-jang.

[I handed over the union to the government while you were in a coma.]

fists clenched clenched.

[The infected people are now locked up in a facility, and it seems it will take some time for a cure to come out.]

“Are there any remedies you made in the past?”

[There were a few vaccine samples made as a preventive measure in the Yeoninsan underground bunker.]


[for awhile…]

Gulping, swallowing dry saliva, he clenched his fists.

I heard something rustling.

[There is one spray type treatment for 30 people. In case you didn’t know, I got it-]

“Love it!”

[Me too.]


“First of all, Comrade Ryeo Do-yeon is not here.”

Ri Cheol-jin started the explanation with a polite attitude. It sounded like a report, probably because it was a little bit overpowered.

“I heard that the family fled in the direction of high and low Uijeongbu.”

Did you come to Seoul without running away to Gangwon-do?

shit. He came to find me.

I frowned and swallowed a small sigh.

“Then we met here on Mt. Cheonmasan. We were also fleeing to the south at the time, so at that time, we fought together with all kinds of monsters from all directions.”

It’s Mt. Where have you heard of it?

The former 1st Corps garrison is now retreating.

okay. Namyangju.

shit. Namyangju?


It was one of the biggest battlefields along with Uijeongbu.

The place where all kinds of monsters of Seoul poured out because the Seoul encirclement was breached first.

Our family got caught up in it.

And I made contact with Lee Cheol-jin.

“There were students wielding cypher swords, and many high and low people fought hand in hand. In particular, Ryeo Do-yeon’s dance stood out.”

“Are you a student?”

“A group of South Korean students showed off their skills and killed the monster. In particular, Seol Jin-woon’s swordsmanship was unusual-“

“What happened to the group members?”

“Umm… Eight South Korean students and three relatives of members of the House of Representatives. And yes. There was a lot. If you include the comrades who gathered later, the high and low spirits were generous.”

it’s a large group

“At that time, this plague spread. At that time, relatives were also severely injured. So, only our elites survived and hid in this Cheonmasan Mountain.”

“Oh, the zombie. Do you sometimes come back to your sanity?”

“The comrades who approached me were the same way. Whether it’s a special craft or something…”

It was obvious that the zombies had spread from Uijeongbu.

Ri Chul-jin lowered his eyes and muttered in a sombre voice.

“Comrade Ryeo had his teeth brittle even when bitten by the rain, so we took our comrade parents and ran away, but we all lost our loved ones.”

The boy looked into my eyes again.

“They all left to heal the plague. to Seoul.”

“…Yeo Doyeon?”

“Yes. According to the students at the time, I have a comrade that I left behind in Seoul. It is said that his comrade’s healing power was truly revolutionary.”

To go on a journey risking your life for a healer you might not know. I felt tears in my eyes as I felt Yeo Do-yeon’s desperate feelings.

“The students went to Seoul to find their comrades, and Ryeo Do-yeon also followed the students.”

“How long have you been gone?”

“It must have been three days or so.”

three days ago


I know who these guys are.

In Namyangju, where the Seoul encirclement first collapsed, a North Korean defector organization with the power to repel monsters from all directions.

“I don’t know how the people who led the Kaesong revolution got here.”

Kaesong Rebels.

“…First of all, thank you so much for saving my family.”


North Korean defectors are detained in the civilian control line, that is, north of the Civilian Control Line.

And Cheonmasan is a county park in the northeastern part of Gyeonggi-do. Considering that the North Korean front had never been breached, their existence was clearly heterogeneous.

Let’s think slowly.

how did you come

Perhaps because of Ri Chol-jin’s teleportation, a small number of elites broke through the South Korean army’s surveillance network and went south. That’s natural.

Then why did you come

They fled from the military.

Why did you run away from the military?

Because I thought it was dangerous. They know that the military is in danger.

In other words, he knows about the secret agreement between Wonokbun and Ri Yongsu.



It was possible to speculate that the Kaesong rebels were closely related to political circles that I did not even know about, or that there was something in our military that had a scourge.

Of course, information is still lacking.

how will we do it. I do not know.

Politicians usually laugh when

“I am not a person who does not know grace.”

“Uh, what are you talking about…?”

“Is there anything I can do to help?”

You have to take your opponent’s hand.

Ri Cheol-jin looked at me blankly for a moment. There was silence between laughter and embarrassment.



And these bastards didn’t seem to be a very reliable race.

That’s usually the case.

There are zombies in the basement, isn’t it a bit strange to have kids on the first floor?

I don’t mean to show it to anyone.

“Oh, Senator…!”

At that moment, Ri Cheol-jin got up from his seat and grabbed my hand with a thrilling expression.

“Ah, children…! Please save the children…!”

It was quite expected.


His aunt and uncle, who had been taken over by the Kaesong rebels, were put in a hospital. He barely puts on an oxygen mask and is being treated.

When I heard the principle, it was said that it takes a long time because it is similar to detoxifying a neurotoxin.

Thanks to this, Dr. Cheon Hwa-ran rolled up his sleeves with a full-term body. He has not regained consciousness yet, but the treatment is going smoothly.

Thanks, now I can sleep soundly. I stopped taking the medicine.

I’m worried about Yeo Do-yeon, but isn’t that the spec that she’s going to be beaten to death? I was relatively relieved that I was going out with my new friends while I was away.


Ri Cheol-jin teleported 45 little children to Seoraksan Mountain, and I changed Yang Il-ho and built an orphanage to accommodate the children.

“…I will accept 45 North Korean defectors.”


So naturally, I was called by Won Ok-bun.

“……Where did you come from?”

“It appeared out of nowhere. Two at a time.”

I accepted the requirements of the Kaesong Rebels.

Wonok-bun muttered quietly.

“Looking at it, it seems like you know enough.”

“The North Korean refugee camp above the Civilian Control Line. Are you going to return it next week?”

“Did you?”

Won Ok-bun tilted his head and put down the paperwork.

“What? I don’t think he intends to be arrested for violating the National Security Act. I’m not going to ask you now how you stole these guys.”


“As my sister and sister say, the most important thing is the reason…”

Won Ok-bun brushed the cut and sharpened his teeth.


“You know, don’t do it.”

I put my interlaced hands on my knees.

“Does it make sense to bring 100,000 people to death with common sense?”

“What if?”

“I’m like that of Senator Won Ok-bun…”


“I don’t think he’s ruthless.”

I choked my throat with the barley tea for a while.

Wonok-min smiled bitterly.

“I asked why.”

“No, children are the future of the country, aren’t they? No matter how good it is for the national interest.”

“I have my own thoughts, too. Do you know how far that compromise has gone?”

“Do you think it’s ok to kill 100,000 people to stabilize the system?”

“It’s not that simple.”

“I was also very surprised to see that 100,000 people knew about it. I’m guessing it’s not a simple popular uprising, but a power struggle.”

“Yeah. It has its own-“

“But you probably didn’t know that among the 45 kids I brought, there was a great-granddaughter of Kim Il-sung.”

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