A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 65

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 65

EP 12 – The Bearers (2)

First Wednesday in April.

The joint election is approaching.

Numerous positions will be filled again. 300 members of parliament, mayor, city councilor and president.

National affairs will no longer flow into closed-door politics as it is now, and the administration will be activated under the mutual checks of the two large parties.

The military will no longer depend on the field commander, and the economy will also be somehow managed by people who want to eat approval ratings.

In other words.

… Now it was said that I did not have to carry all of them.

* * *

The National Convention is literally the general assembly of the party.

Party leaders are usually elected, and just before the election, presidential candidates are also elected.

The power of the party leader varies according to the time period, but is usually the strongest because the party leader holds the right to nominate (the right to decide where to run for the National Assembly members) just before the general election.

Considering that the joint by-election starts on the first Wednesday of April, the party leader elected on March 3 today was able to eat almost anything in the Kuomintang.

Whether it’s who to push for in the presidential primary for the next 10 days, or to decide which members of the National Assembly to run nationwide.

Originally, fierce competition was expected.

Jeju branch Chung Jung-yeop, economic official Kim Jo-in, Seoul deputy mayor Woo Jung-hwan.

However, thanks to the law that Woo Jung-hwan played a song without notice and lost his taste during the election campaign, and that the head of the local government could not hold an elected position.

“Former Rep. Kim Jo-in has been elected as the first representative of the Kuomintang!”

Kim Jo-in peacefully waved his hand and climbed onto the podium. He was a strong technocrat who only walked the economic path from his fifth day.

Considering that the current Minister of Strategy and Finance Yoo Jae-kyung took the civil service exam while he was the Minister of Finance and Economy, he was able to guess how deceased that grandfather was.

– Wow!!

I was blankly thinking about something else, and when I woke up to the sudden shout, CEO Jo-in Kim, who was going up to the podium, leaked in a different way and was approaching me.

It was a very wise choice considering the fact that the Kuomintang was actually a group gathered through my personal play, and the higher you go, the closer you are to the Han Seung-moon fan club.

I cautiously got up and reached out to him, but he didn’t accept my handshake and opened his arms to hug me.

Our hugs were displayed on a large billboard.

Considering that this is the second time I’ve met this grandfather in person, it was quite funny.


The first week of April is an election.

“Republicans and Democrats have been immersed in power play during these horrendous times and ridiculed the people! If it were not for the condemnation of Rep. Han Seung-moon, our Republic of Korea would be no more! It must have reached the point of no return, folks!”

Candidate registration for the presidential election is 24 days before the election day;

Considering that the registration of candidates for the House of Representatives was 20 days ago,

The timing of the presidential election and the formation of the nomination management committee is right.

“New wine must be put in new troops, and innovation and national defense must be made by the people’s choice! Therefore! We will hold the primary to select the presidential candidate of the Kuomintang, starting now!”

It was now.

President Kim Jo-in declared a seven-day presidential primary with a loud shout that was not his age.

Of course, it was a meal. You can tell just by looking at the candidates.

number 1. Jeju-do Governor Chung Jung-yeop.

The safest land in Korea, the governor of the new administrative capital, an expert on Chinese diplomacy, and a politician supported by the FKI.

Existing chaebols and their conglomerates have moved their headquarters to Jeju Island, and unlike other local government heads, the Jeju governor was the only one who had authority similar to the presidential decree only for the Jeju self-governing police.

Only Jeju Island was the place where the head of the basic group was elected by the governor, not the election. For this reason, Jeju Island is the Navarri of the audience.

Even though this was not a party representative election, it was a different presidential primary, so Chung was able to participate in the primary while maintaining the position of governor.

No.2. Park Seong-pil, Deputy Governor of Economy in Gangwon-do.

Gangwon-do was a local government famous for economic growth, and I heard this person’s name for the first time in my life.

number 3. Self-employed Shin Soo-kwang.

Also, it’s the first name I’ve ever heard. He said he was the representative of a refugee camp in the metropolitan area. It was an uncle in his 40s who worked at a supermarket in Siheung.


Just by looking at the faces of the candidates, it was clear that there was some kind of agreement between Kim Jo-in and Chung Jung-yeop. I’m running for president, so you’ll be the party leader. Well, that kind of thing.

Of course, this was possible due to special circumstances. If it had been the way it was, it was clear that a bloody war would have been waged. Internal shooting, media exposure, and frame construction.

How did the present situation come about?

Party leaders and presidential candidates were things that a person with a certain level of ‘class’ could eat. And in Korea, there were very few people with that level of ‘class’.

There are no big politicians.

Of course, times have produced heroes.

Commander Doo-sik Kim of the Chungcheong Defense Line, Division Commander Hyeon-jong Yoo of the North, Geum-soon Cheon, President of GS Group, a little shy, but myself.

A lot of people thought of him as a hero. Even the division commander or PMC guild leader who was blocking the area was treated as a hero in that area.

But none of them were politicians. Except me.

exhaustion of politicians.

Even lawmakers eat what the players do, but there are only four remaining members of the National Assembly.

One of them was even unconscious in the hospital, and the other was politically dead because of a transcript I blew up.

In fact, there were no members of the National Assembly except me and Yang Pan-seok.

“Professor Jeong Seon-guk has agreed to lend power to the nomination management chairperson!”

That was the reason why Professor Jeong Seon-guk’s expression was rotten.

Normally, you could grab and hit one of the committee chairpersons who are rolling around, or hit the one who pays more money in the contested area, but this time, they are really busy.

You have to find new people and stick with them.

In other words, a large number of new faces will be appointed to the central government.

Literally, it was just before the beginning of a new era.


“Brother, are you okay?”

As soon as I got into the car after the national convention, I was baptized with Yang Il-ho’s worries.

If I said it was okay, it would have been found out that it was a lie.

“…it’s just, a little, I’m tired.”

Hojeong Lee snorted.

“It didn’t seem like a little bit. I saw you staggered even when you were standing still.”


“Would you like to reschedule for the time being?”

“…Is that possible? The general election is just around the corner.”

While talking with Ho-Jeong Lee, Il-Ho Yang naturally stepped on the accelerator. The car moved smoothly and exited the parking lot.

The car is on its way to the hospital. Where your parents are hospitalized.

“……Stop staying up all night.”

“If it were you, would you sleep soundly?”

“You know, Senator, you stumble a little when you walk every day?”

“I don’t know.”

I murmur gloomily, ‘Thank you so much for the light. I hope to see you again in the near future. Prosperous ^^’ was sent to Cheon Geum-soon.

“…Isn’t it funny if I told the 5th place in the business world to prosper?”

“I think I’m going to laugh. I’m not even a restaurant opener.”

“Already sent.”

I closed my eyes for a moment, soothing my heart with such a bitter voice.

“… get some sleep.”

“yes. I’ll wake you up when you arrive.”

life is so hard

what is it. I try to explain it, but I have no energy to say that it hurts my mouth. I don’t know where someone might pop out and pierce a knife.

I felt sorry for Kim Chun-sik’s hunters who were dying and suffering because I split the guild in two.

I was worried that someone would pop out and hit the back of the head, and I was worried that reporters would come in the morning and ask about the manipulation of terrorism and plagiarism.

I was afraid that the gate would suddenly open again in the sky, and I was afraid that Gam Ji-yoon, who is now fighting the flying monsters in the sky over Chungcheong-do, might go wrong.

I was worried about Yeo Do-yeon, who was going to be somewhere, and I was afraid that my parents who were hospitalized would escape and spread the black plague of black goats.

In the beginning, it was very illegal to have a person infected with the plague in Sokcho, Gangwon-do.

And, again, people who speak two words with one mouth and use people’s minds casually are fed up,

“Oh, senator. I got a text message from Chaewon, and people from Gaeseong came to the orphanage.”


“I asked where they stole our children.”

It was difficult for me to become that kind of person now.

“So what did you do?”

“Hong Seon-ah, who was waiting, and all the talented people in the military were arrested. Except for Ri Cheol-jin.”

It was very sad to know that there was a reason that the ‘like’ type had no choice but to live like that.

“Tell me to see your face.”


We stole 45 North Korean refugee children with Baekdu ancestry. It must have been in an underground bunker somewhere in Gyeongsangbuk-do by now.

Naturally, the Kaesong rebels came to the orphanage and protested violently, and we arrested them, predicting that.

So, bringing Ri Cheol-jin, who can flash from east to west, and put him on the negotiating table.

“It’s been a while, Ri Cheol-jin.”

“…Did you know?”

It was easy.

“What do you mean?”


I smiled and tapped the desk in the interrogation room with my fingernail.

“Are you of white blood?”

“This twin…!”

Ri Chul-jin opened his eyes and clenched his teeth.

I hit the boy in a soft tone.

“First of all, the Government of the Republic of Korea respects the survival of the Kaesong rebels and wishes to maintain a cooperative relationship with you if possible. So, be honest about each other’s intentions-”

“Is this cooperation to kidnap and intimidate our compatriots!?”

Ri Cheol-jin got up from his seat and clapped.

“Where do you dare discuss cooperation while dragging the youngsters under the age of 10 and leaving them alone!”

“You seem to care a lot about children.”

“It’s not about advocacy, it’s the moral of a person!”

“It’s hard to call it the right thing to do to put 44 people into a crisis to hide one. Just calm down.”

I told Lee Chul-jin.

“We speculate that Kim Seong-ah is the great-granddaughter of Kim Il-sung and the last remaining of the Baekdu lineage.”


“…The term speculation is an idiom in South Korea to mean that you already know everything, so there would be no point in exercising your right to remain silent.”

Lee Cheol-jin bowed his head. A voice filled with weeping came out.

“…are you planning to sell our comrades to Yongsu Ri?”

“They don’t even know that we are aware of Kim’s existence. I just want to know why South Korea is coming out like this, but I don’t have clear information. Ri Yong-su, Chairman of the State Affairs Commission, is probably-”

“Don’t talk nonsense!”

Ri Cheol-jin interrupted me and asked me. I was tired, but I was a little offended because I was talking with a hot-tempered person, but I didn’t lose my smile.

Because I was working.

“How can that reactionary traitor be the Chairman of the State Council!”

“Ah yes. I know you are loyal to the Kim family, but-”

“The exact enemy of the Republic is definitely…!”

“Let’s stop. A little.”

I pointed softly. I know they are royalty.

“You really know everything, don’t you? After all, it’s all propaganda for the sake of power. Looking at it, I think it was the ruling class. The instigator cannot be brainwashed backwards.”

“……I admitted it in a fragmentary way. Well. Listen. It is absolutely unacceptable for the South Korean comrades to regard Ri Yong-su as the head of the republic. How did you think of a man who sacrificed 100,000 people as a scapegoat for power as the father of all the people?”

“So who is the ruler of North Korea now?”

“Your morality should be upheld—”

“Did you keep your temper, Kim?”

Finally, Ri Chul-jin shuts his mouth. I muttered, carefully scribbling down his ideological characteristics on a piece of paper.

I have roughly suggested three contexts of an oral contract. Outside the interrogation room, the recorder was running.

“Stop talking about who the North Korean royal family is. Let’s get to the point. Our government has determined that North Korean defectors from Kaesong, wandering the territory of South Korea with some purpose, may pose a threat to our people.”

1. Don’t roam our land with teleportation.

“However, repatriating 100,000 North Koreans to North Korea as requested by Ri Yong-su’s military regime is also against humanitarian principles. As stated in the Constitution that it aims for unification and that the people of the North are also under the jurisdiction of the South Korean government. To protect the constitutional order, we have decided to temporarily accommodate and protect North Korean defectors north of the Civilian Control Line.”

2. Live in a protected area designated by us.

“Our government is actively discussing diplomatic and military countermeasures to find a direction for the future safety and survival of 100,000 North Korean defectors, and we hope that the leadership of the Kaesong Rebellion will not spare active cooperation for mutual coexistence. I have a wish.”

3. I’m in the process of making a board, so don’t think about playing in vain and listen to what I have to say.

As expected, he has learned enough to learn from North Korea, so he doesn’t seem to understand what this means.


Otherwise, I wouldn’t be trembling with my face blushing like that and biting my lips.

Ri Chul-jin asked with a trembling voice.

“please…! Did you really have to do it like this…?”

“You must not pretend to be unfair by infiltrating other people’s land with a white-headed bloodline. If you make a mistake, a nuclear bomb will fly because of you.”

“Of course, of course, I apologized a hundredfold and a thousandfold. But, high, high, low, it’s a doorway that we all depend on for survival. If it’s north of the Civilian Control Line, it won’t be strange if the People’s Army comes in, isn’t it?”

“South Korea is also saturated with population. And if you disperse in our society, you pose a serious threat to our people, both in terms of national security and diplomatically.”

“…! my, come on! Highs and lows of comrade Han Seung-moon, a benefactor of parents, no! South of the Taebaek Mountains. At least move us out of the reach of Ri Yong-su!”

“It depends on how you behave, not me. I am a member of the National Assembly, and those in power are government officials.”

“You don’t know how to do it!”

this is a funny kid

“I don’t say anything if people say that shooting a torpedo at the Cheonan ship and shooting and killing civilians in Yeonpyeong Island is absurd.”


I stimulated him with a calm voice.

I thought it would be difficult to work together.

“Oh, you don’t know. Yes. Anyway, from the point of view of democracy that you are not familiar with. There is no difference between Lyon-su and that one. Why do you think we are on your side?”


“Of course, I am grateful that my parents were there. But I am a public servant. I do what other yangbans tell me to do.”


“Am I an important person here? If something goes wrong, the country is turned upside down, and the fact that I am sitting here is an indirect respect that our government is saying to them.”

I was an important person.


Chuljin Lee kidnapped me by teleportation. Negotiating with our government would be very effective.

Ri Cheol-jin trembled like an aspen and looked at me with wide open eyes. I just had to stretch out my hand. Because he wasn’t handcuffed.

You could kidnap me by throwing yourself, grabbing me, and then teleporting together.

I waited a moment for him to kidnap me.


“…I got it.”

This little guy must have been patient in his own way.

I smiled softly and got up from my seat.

“I am here. I hope that the next person who comes in will be a little more calm.”

“…I got it.”

There was no soul in the answer.

I left the interrogation room without saying goodbye.

His patience saved his life.


When I came out of the interrogation room and closed the door, the four snipers attached to the window were poised.

As a bonus, two psychics from the GS Aegis side were waiting for my safety.

A police commando veteran negotiator entered the interrogation room, and I was escorted by the National Intelligence Service and escaped from the underground bunker.

tuk. tuk.

Only the sound of sticking a cane echoed through the dark stairs.


It was the next evening when I heard the news of Yeo Do-yeon.

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