A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 69

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 69

EP 12 – Bearers (6)

It is only after losing something precious that it feels precious, and only after making a mistake does it feel wrong.

Byun So-jeong was lying on the floor with her arms and legs tied with blue tape. Yeo Do-yeon gently caressed her mother’s face.

Attorney So-jeong Byun, who was traumatized in her poor childhood and obsessed with ‘pretending to be’ to the point of being fed up all her life, greedily bit her daughter’s finger.

The jaw muscles trembled from biting so hard. But rather, his fingers were as hard as steel. hard. There was the sound of grinding teeth.

Yeo Do-yeon cried and asked her mother.

“…bit, don’t.”

“Creek! Crumple…!”

“Ask…! Don’t ask…! You hurt your teeth…!”

Yeo Do-yeon was just resentful.

With her mother drooling and biting my hand,

Even her blackened eyes.

And her father, crawling on the floor next to him and growling,

Even though her mother is biting her, her fingers are still intact.

“Ah, ahhh…!”

Yeo Do-yeon screamed wretchedly because of her anger.

“Whoa! aah!”

When I was pulling my hair for a long time,


Seol Jin-woon, who lived life and death together in Namyangju, carefully called out Yeo Do-yeon. Yeo Do-yeon looked back at the boy with half-melancholy eyes.

“…if you have one last chance, what would you do?”

* * *

The time when Han Seung-moon and his party had just exterminated the black goat.

“……What did you just say?”

Namyangju camp was divided into three main groups.

“There are people I met when I was organizing the Dongdaemun camp. He was the one who stayed in Seoul saying that we had to escape together, but there was still something to study…”

“Tell me the gist.”

“I saw you bring back a monstrous person.”


“Will it be possible to cure the infected?”

A group of escapees from Seoul led by a high school prosecutor (劍士) and Seol Jin-woon.

“So what are you going to do?”

“I will go.”

“The group has finally been settled! I think that going back to Seoul in this place would be absolutely childish!”

A group of North Korean defectors led by Ri Chol-jin, who is capable of teleportation.

“…I’m sorry, I’m leaving.”

And Yeo Do-yeon, who exerts the influence of ‘power’ alone.

“…I won’t ask you to go with me. Just take care of your parents. Wherever you lock him up in the basement, whatever he does—”

“That sounds natural. It seems that the comrades who have passed away are unlikely to come back alive.”

“Doyeon’s noona and us, too, have lost a lot of people…”

Seol Jinwoon scratched his head and confirmed.

“I will go.”

Ri Cheol-jin yelled at Seol Jin-woon and Yeo Do-yeon.

“In the middle of Seoul, there is a chaos! It is not the only person who said that he writes the chukjibeop that he writes in the same way. All the way to Seoul, are you ready to go!”

Seol Jinwoon answered.



Seol Jinwoon was an ordinary high school student. Until the gate opens.

He was one of the first Awoken, and was the first to awaken at school, beating the principal (and due to his death to be exact) and leading hundreds of people.

In half a year, hundreds of people were reduced to dozens, but the important thing was that Seol Jin-Woon survived for half a year in the middle of Seoul and saved dozens. With students who don’t listen to words and teachers who have a resentment towards students.

So, for a person who just turned 20, Seol Jinwoon dealt with a lot of people.

either physically or mentally.

However, about a month after the gate opened, this gentleman I met was the most bizarre person Seol Jin-woon knew.

Physically and emotionally, Seol Jinwoon was the most like a stranger he knew.

“These are bastards!”

The man in the white robe grinned and widened the mouth on his right cheek.

The snake-like tongue went down to the collarbone of Nalm and went back into the road.

“Ahahaha…! hey! Seol Jinwoon! Dude, you said that one of the previously escaped specimens was turned into a human, what, did you think you could treat even a zombie you’ve never seen before?”


“I know. young. Are your neurons fresh?”

He was a man who fled to Seoul after hearing the news of Cha Jae-gyun’s suicide. In other words, he was a person who could feel the threat of life to the fact that Cha Jae-gyun was dead.

To be more direct, it was a researcher who participated in a living experiment.

His name was Seok-jun, but everyone called him a gambler because he was a doctor, not a master’s or bachelor.

“It’s old. vaccine.”

Therefore, he also knew the cure for plague tumors. Yeo Do-yeon stared blankly at the vaccine in the form of a sprayer placed on her hand.


“Lady, why are you dissatisfied?”


I walked with the last hope, knowing that it was not going to happen, but the case was resolved in less than 45 seconds.

“…can’t you even joke? What are you so obsessed with?”

“……thank you.”

“Aww, sir, you have good manners. Your welcome man.”


“What am I, because I talk a lot because my snout runs down my cheek while playing with my body? To be more precise, if the facial muscles don’t move, the nerves are constantly being pressed, so you have to have a lot of headaches. Sadly, even if I am alone, I am destined to live with my mouth open. So, won’t you look at me with an annoying look?”


“Oh my gosh, why are you so wide-eyed? hey! Jinwoon! Take this little girl and go home without saying! Bring your friends too!”

Seol Jinwoon suddenly asked.

“…… Uncle, aren’t you going to escape Seoul?”

“Why am I leaving Seoul? He’s already half a monster. Also, because I’m a bit of a sinner, I get mixed up with people a bit. Still, I was a civil servant. know? The problem is that the yangban who looked after me is gone. do you want to be still alive Do you know by any chance that you are an exaggeration? okay. Do you know the NIS? Anyway, I’m not going to Seoul.”

“Is the study not over yet?”

“no? The research is already over.”

Yeo Do-yeon asked lightly.

“What kind of study was it?”

That word was a problem.

“How to close the gate.”


“If you look, can the Awoken enter the gate? There’s one damn big chick in there. i call you queen It looks different for each gate. Anyway, that cub gives birth to a monster. To be precise, it gives birth to a mass of flesh that becomes the prototype of a monster. If you catch that bastard, you can close the gate.”

They experimented with a small gate nearby.

“…Isn’t that a building?”

“Even if it looks like a building made of flesh? That in itself is a big creature. He threw a Molotov cocktail and got up on all fours and ran away.”

“Have you tried it yourself?”

“I’ve done it, you know?”

“How did you bring the firebomb?”

“Put it in your esophagus.”


“Ugh. look at this Can I put my elbow in my mouth after I took the top off?”

Seol Jin-woon chopped the queen monster, Yeo Do-yeon chopped it up, and Seol Jin-woon’s gang poured all kinds of attacks.

It took several hours due to the constant replay, but Seol Jin-Woon vomited a spirit of absorbing the queen monster’s manastone with the tip of his sword, and the gambler threw his invention into the air like a grenade.

“Come on, look. I did it like this. Because there is no magic stone reaction in the space inside the gate? Since this is a space maintained by magic, a core axis is absolutely necessary, so to automatically create a core, magic stones are created in the air, and another queen monster comes out of it. But, if you throw a fake bait on the shaft here, it will be treated as an impurity again. That is why, when the manastones are created, the garaches become brittle, so there is a puncture in the coordinate axis. Then one side will be distorted? Is it just that the spatial coordinates are distorted? Naturally, if the space is damaged, the interior will be ripped apart, so the input and output coordinates of the passage connecting the two sides will change, then of course…”

The gate is gone.



“So, after all, beyond the gate is the individual queen monster’s house. When the queen gives birth to a child and the house is full, the monster comes out of the door. The gate is runaway because every corner is narrow and it bursts, and the kids want to go out to every corner of this guy, Erai.”

The gambler opened the mouth on the ball wide and put in Hetbahn and Spam.

“It tastes like honey when you rub it in your stomach. Anyway, if you don’t follow the queen monster, the monster will crawl out of the gate indefinitely. If we leave it alone, there will be periodic gate runaways.”


“Hmm. I should have known the neighborhood inside the gate. Even though they look like dog-headed beasts anyway, they also have dimension-transporting skills. Could there be something more? Or it could be nothing!”

Maybe it wasn’t a lie to say that if you didn’t move your mouth, your nerves would be compressed and your head would hurt.

“Anyway, I’m going to do some more gate research, so please go away. It seems that these days, I can feel my body being gradually encroached into monster cells. I don’t think there will be any major health problems! It seems that the super-large gates in Seoul are starting to run rampant! Anyway, there is a lot to study!”

Seol Jin-woon, who was leaving the gambler’s lab with a tired expression, stood firm.

And he slowly turned his head.

“…just, what did you just say?”

Seol Jinwoon led the camp for half a year right after the gate incident.

Of course, it was easy to escape Seoul with only the superpowers, but he was able to protect the Dongdaemun camp because he couldn’t leave the civilians behind. because they were friends

However, the reason Seol Jinwoon escaped in the direction of Namyangju with only the superpowers was because of the monsters rushing madly from the center of Seoul.

This was when the Seoul encirclement collapsed.

Without anyone to protect, they escaped without hesitation.

In other words, they are here because of the Seoul gate runaway during the Uijeongbu incident.

And because of the Seoul Gate runaway, I lost all the civilians I had been protecting for half a year.

Because those civilians were teachers and friends who lived and died together.


“…what did you just say?”

Seol Jinwoon couldn’t get over the gambler’s words.

It was also due to the fact that he was a bit harsh in his original personality.

“uh? There’s a lot left to research? Or is the Seoul Gate runaway just around the corner? Or is it that I am gradually turning into a monster?”

“The second one.”

“Ahh. what is it. I regularly observed monsters popping out of Seoul Gate. But this time, since the black goat came out to Uijeongbu. The amount of monsters appearing per hour increased little by little, and since the last time I ran into a runaway, the graph has been on the rise. I think the Queen Monster has evolved one step further.”


“Ugh. In my theory, the space inside the gate doesn’t expand any further. I haven’t been wrong since I’ve experimented enough with a f**king gate. However, the size of the monster grows, and the frequency becomes more frequent. But the expected accumulation is close to the spatial saturation calculated according to my formula—”

“What does that mean?”

“The Seoul Gate is going to run rampant again soon. in about two weeks? no no! So far, that’s not what you’d call a runaway!”


“Ugh. If my theory is correct, even if one monster occupies 5 square meters, there will be enough to fill two and half of the Korean peninsula with monsters.”

“…that, what, no, that, are you sure?”

“There is no right answer to a scientist’s theory.”


“But none of the theories I had ever thought were wrong.”

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