A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 7

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 7

EP 2 – Red Han River Superman (3)

“…Communication is lost.”

It meant that the cable communication building in Seoul had been slaughtered.

“Sister, do you have a map you captured earlier?”


“Give me that for a second.”

People sitting around the campfire gathered around me. I started explaining by zooming in and out of the photos on my smartphone.

“Once you aim to make contact with military units, you have two options.”

first. Pass through Paju City and join the front military base.

second. Stuck in a dark place and wait for the military base.

Ho-jeong Lee, holding the high heels in hand, abruptly got up from her seat and glanced through the blocked window.

“…Brother, my mother said earlier that monsters fell from an open hole near Seoul.”

“Uh huh.”

She beckoned to Yang Il-ho.

“Ilho. There must be a hole in the opposite window where the monster falls in the sky.”

Ilho got up hurriedly, checked the window, and shook his head. Ho-jeong Lee frowned for a moment and then began to unravel her assumptions.

“Huh… Honestly, I don’t want to move any more here. The holes in the sky are open as if they are spread only in Yeouido, that is, in the center of Seoul.

“Let’s get as far away from the center of Seoul as possible, right?”

Ho-jeong Lee nodded with a stiff face.

* * *

The sun had already set. It’s dark outside. We are trembling with fear and fatigue.

I fell to one side while trying to get up. Without prosthetic legs, a person became a real idiot in an instant.

As I let out a sigh due to a slight fever, Yang Il-ho ran to me and grabbed me and lifted me up.


“Thank you. Let’s look at the window.”

Hojeong Lee took my hand and gave me a seat by the window.

dark night. The night view of the city is dark as if painted with black paint.

Until yesterday, Seoul, which was glowing with neon and fluorescent light, is as dark as our reality, and the noisy voices are as quiet as commemorating the death of the day.

While the moon is also obscured by clouds, a blue light emanates from the openings in the sky. Something that still looks like a dot is knocked to the ground.

“…I’m glad I crossed the Han River.”

A building in the distance across the river collapses. Gangnam is still a den of monsters.

made a decision

“Let’s go.”


“The monsters are still fighting in Gangnam. It doesn’t matter whether it’s day or night.”

Everyone seems reluctant.

“I just saw a building collapse across the Han River. The monsters are still active. We’re lucky to have moved away from the center of Seoul, but the monsters are still scurrying and killing people.”

If you talk about this, you’ll understand. Fortunately, everyone frowned, but no one objected to my words. If you whine to rest in this situation, you leave. really.

“Once you enter the center of Paju, it’s a densely populated terrain. Let’s go up along the Han River. After passing Dochon and Gusan IC, you will reach the Paju Book Complex. The Armed Forces will probably be there now.”

Everyone started packing their clothes. By the way, your daughter is a bit strange.

“… Sweetheart. Are you okay?”

From the first time we met, except when bitten by a monster, he was staring into the air with a blank face. The cold, with a sad face, grabbed the child’s hand tightly.

Did you even lose your mind? I asked the child to confirm.

“Kid, what are you doing now?”



“The blue dust is floating…”

Cold and his wife’s expressions were distorted. Does the child have a mental illness? From the first time we met, I’ve only been staring into the air.

“…what do you see?”

“It’s blue.”

The child began to wiggle in the air.

“Just, move…”

“…can you touch it?”

“Yeah… pretty.”

Something about this feels weird.

“…what was your name?”

“This is Jiyoon. Gamsiyun.”

“Yes, Jiyoon-ah.”

I started covering Ga Ji-yoon.

“How does it feel to touch the blue dust?”

“Just. Just.”

“How many?”

“The world is full…”


The child nodded.

“Just, did the blue dust fill the world?”


He has something It doesn’t seem crazy.

Then, someone put a hand on my shoulder. When I turned around in amazement, it was a girl who had been crying in the corner since before.

“Ah, uncle…!”

“Uh huh, student. What’s going on?”

The student trembled and stuttered at me with anxious eyes.

“Wow, wow, come. That. He, come. Come.”


“The big one…!”

The student was restless and grabbed me and wept like crazy.

It was obvious what was coming.


As we chatted, I signaled to those who were packing their luggage to be quiet. In an instant, the factory went silent.

A subtle sound is heard.

– Cheek puck.

It is the sound of a mop wet with water being dragged along.

– Cheek puck.

That’s a damn big mop. The smell of rotten water suddenly wafted out.

As if everyone had heard the sound, they gathered around me in an instant.

where is the sound seed.

We squatted against one wall of the factory and covered our mouths. I showed myself turning off the cell phone, and everyone silently instructed me to turn it off.

Something. Heading towards the factory entrance.

have to leave now

I quietly pointed my finger at the opposite door. Please, there shouldn’t be any bastards running without notice.

People began to sneak to the back door of the factory. My sister picked me up.

– Slurry.

Something touched the factory door.

– profit.

The door is open.

A black figure is revealed in the light of the bonfire.

Liquid. eyeball. tongue. teeth. Black color.

what should i express It’s a form I’ve never seen before.

“Don’t scream, run.”

It was obvious that he looked like a dick. The monster roared for a moment, then spread across the floor and started chasing us.

People burst into tears and started running away. Yeo Do-yeon and I finally got out of the factory and locked the door.

“It’s open. Hurry up!”

The first cold person who ran out got into the driver’s seat of a car that someone threw away.


Twice was enough.


As for breaking the locked door.

The monster jumped out in an instant, and it moved slowly and followed this way.

No, but you can’t get in all the f**king cars. 9 people.

I don’t know how things turned out because it was dark, but it was clear that the car had started with a lot of people crammed into it.

Probably, the cold person was in the driver’s seat, so I guess he would have checked the whole family and stepped on the accelerator.

I muttered while being carried by my sister.

“I didn’t mean to put people on a f**king yacht.”

“Now that’s important!”

“Then what’s important?”

“Shut up your mouth!”

Yeo Do-yeon jumped over a white Benz in an instant. even carrying me.

The monster swallowed the Benz and squirmed and squirmed this way. Slime or that shit.

she asked me hurriedly.

“Hey, hey, what now!”

“Once it pops.”

“aah! f**k!”

“Don’t scream for nothing.”

“I’m going to throw it away!”

“Is that so?”

Only now did the remaining personnel come into view.

Yang Pan-seok, an unknown student, and us.

Yang Pan-seok covered his mouth and hid under a truck, and the student is now entering the karaoke building.

The monster’s target is us.

Yeo Do-yeon almost ran away doing parkour, but it was only a matter of time before she was caught.

“Sister, leave me and run away. Paju-ro.”

“닥쳐! 이 개새끼야!”

“Would you like to take the leg cripple and search with me?”

“f**k! f**k!”

The older sister shouted wildly and once again dodged the monster’s attack.

“Oh, ah!”

I’ve never seen Yang Pan-seok scream, but now I’ve heard his backlash for the first time. He shouted with all his might under the truck.

“The monster escaped the bonfire!”

I am sincerely grateful that Rep. Yang Pan-seok is an old-fashioned person. He lit a cigarette with a Zippo lighter from where he had seen Hong Kong movies. Of course the lighter is mine.

And with the Zippo lighter on,

can throw

“Please search.”

He prayed earnestly and threw a burning lighter at the monster. The monster was wriggling and chasing us, so it wasn’t too difficult.

-!! –!!

With an indescribable scream, the monster began to burn. After running away for a while, Yeo Do-yeon stopped at her seat, and Yang Pan-seok crawled out from under the truck with a smile of conversion.

He grinned and stuttered, stopping next to me.

“It’s a good ride.”

“Thank you, Senator.”

“If you almost died, pretend to be a little surprised.”

He tapped me on the shoulder that was carried by Yeo Do-yeon. Yeo Do-yeon was watching the burning monster wriggling with a blank face. Suddenly the street became bright.

“By the way, the wife and wife are really great too.”

“……Oh, thank you.”

“I heard a lot of stories from Han Seung-moon. He said they were good siblings-“

I cut off the conversation.

“I’ll hide for now. It’s too bright.”

It’s like having a big bonfire in an open space. Yang Pan-seok called me. He was holding a blue jewel in his hand.

“Seungmun. This was just from the monster corpse-“

“Me, over there! Over there!”

A student who had just left the karaoke building pointed and shouted.

A 5m tall gorilla cub with blue fur is looking at us with red eyes, murmuring its sharp teeth.

There was no time to tell him to run away.

The monster rushed at us in an instant.

– Bang!

Renault Samsung Motors premium diesel midsize sedan SM6 ran at overwhelming speed and threw away a car accident.

The monster fell backwards in an instant, and it doesn’t seem like the car was damaged because it took the muscle mass.

Instead, the car with the bumper smashed back and stopped in front of us. A cold-blooded cold-blooded man poked his head through the broken window.

“Hurry up!”

Even the door was smashed, so getting into the car was very easy. The downside was that there were shards of glass on the sheet, but it’s much better than going through it.

Yang Pan-seok took the front passenger seat in an instant, and Yeo Do-yeon pushed me inside and took the seat next to me.

As the vehicle is about to depart,

“Please don’t throw it away! Please!”

An unknown student ran towards us. The distance is a bit far because I hid inside the building earlier.

The blue monkey woke up. He runs towards us with his red eyes and squeaks.

“Slightly slow down, cold.”

He slowed down slightly without saying a word.

I reached out to the student, sticking my torso out the smashed car door.

“come fast!”


A student chasing a car, and a monster chasing him. Two hands outstretched eagerly.

I don’t know how many times I’m shooting a movie today.

at that time.

The student fell.

I quickly judged the situation and entered the car.

“He fell.”

The cold person stepped on the accelerator without looking back. Yeo Do-yeon was silent as well as now.

We didn’t look back.

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