A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician chapter 70

A Gate Opened on my First Day as a Politician 70

EP 12 – Bearers (7)

Seol Jinwoon is an ordinary high school student.

The reason he won 2nd dan kendo was to inherit his parents’ academy and to lessen his worries about getting a job, but he wasn’t like a swordsman genius. However, he was only a little used to wielding weapons at moving creatures.

It was not that I was a genius of judgment or anything like that, but that I was always silently observing the situation, it was just that my sister’s body was buried in a pile of stones on the first day of the gate, and my eyes on the world became colder than others.

Do I have to say it’s a little bit out of touch with reality?

Was it because reality didn’t look like reality and I didn’t want to change it for nothing?

He only had enough justice to the point of not wanting to show mercy to those who installed without knowing that the world had changed, or those who made fun of them after gaining abilities.

He only had the common sense that it was right to save him if he could save him within his ability, and he only had the earnestness to develop his abilities somehow in order not to die like this.

He was as usual.

However, because the standards of human beings imposed by the world have been slightly lowered.

He was now an ordinary high school student.

* * *

Yeo Do-yeon is 29 years old.

Being a former martial artist was a specification that didn’t work for the industry or the world these days, and I was embarrassed to show that a 7th-grade National Assembly official who was hired by my younger brother was a job.

It was difficult to become a bodyguard because of the perception that a female martial artist is a radical musical athlete who wears a bikini, and because he beat college to pursue his dream, he only had a high school diploma at the age of 29.

The blacker the resume, the more she realized she was a social junkie.

And it was tragic that his mother’s old-fashioned, nervous, surrogate-satisfying strangulation, which she had rebelled against all her life, might have been right.

At some point, I felt embarrassed that I was no different from my mother or myself in that I was immersed in my cousin’s success story and was vicariously satisfied.

The dream I had pursued all my life was falling apart, and I felt a terrible sense of helplessness and defeat that it was my will to destroy it.

If she had succeeded, she would have made a movie one day with her as the main character, but in the end, she was one of the ordinary supporting actors who only pursued her dreams.

It was probably natural for her to become addicted to the job of being a hunter.

Because everyone wants to be recognized.

It’s not particularly strange.

Since the gate was opened, Yeo Do-yeon has become a person who wants to remind the world of her existential value again by catching monsters and saving people.

To borrow So-Jeong Byun’s expression,

I fell in love with the hero game.

so that,

“Ah, you don’t seem to understand yet? Space is finite, but monsters are infinite. But after the Uijeongbu incident, the production of monsters increased. So the space predicted by the statistics I’ve researched so far is close to full.”


“The monster is drawn to magic. In fact, it’s just a monster induced by Uijeongbu’s magical powers. If this had been a runaway, the country would have collapsed sooner. How big of a space can there be beyond a one-kilometre gate?”

Yeo Do-yeon or Seol Jin-woon,

Hearing this prophecy of destruction, it was not a race that would just pass by.

However, the problem was that they still had a load they were carrying.

They had to pass the vaccine they received from the gambler to each infected person.


“De, I’ve finally found it!”

At the same time, Ri Cheol-jin, who saw the bitter taste of life to Han Seung-moon while trying to tinker with a white blood lineage, barely teleported to Yeo Do-yeon and asked for help.

The conclusion of the case was almost certain.

“My, you don’t know how hard I’ve been looking for my comrades..!”

“…Chuljin? What the hell-”

“My brother-in-law is pushing us north to kill us!”

“……How did my mom and dad come all the way here?”

“It was Han Seung-moon or something, a naughty old-fashioned bastard took it! I didn’t say high and low comrade brother! I beg of you! Please go ahead and say one thing!”

“What are our moms and dads doing now? You bastard!”

“I said Han Seung-moon would take you and treat you!”

“…! vaccine! Did you find a vaccine!?”

“There! Since he had secured it right away, he must have been taken to the hospital by now! It’s a situation where the bastards of the head of the South Korean political bureau are begging to throw our 100,000 compatriots into the wicked Ri Yong-su-no-Aguri! Ryeo Do-yeon, comrade! Please, just once…!”

It was the moment when the Seoul Gate subjugation team was formed.


Ri Cheol-jin was in Seoul, Nabal, and the lights on his feet had gone out.

Ri Cheol-jin tried to use the current situation to rescue the Baekdu bloodline.

That’s it.

“f**k! f**k! Shibaal!”

This was the reason why Yeo Do-yeon and the Hunters crossed the dead line on the roof of the 63 Building.

“Aerial support warm mae!”

“My older sister is Han Seung-moon!”

“I don’t even know!”

“Sam! behind!”


Originally, their plans included air support from the ROK Army. It was because of the judgment that if the issue about the Seoul gate runaway was communicated to the government, support would surely come, and there was Han Seung-moon.

The problem was that Ri Chul-jin was the signalman.

Originally, there was an agreement from both sides that the treatment of 100,000 North Koreans would be better if they defended the Seoul Gate, but Ri was doing this not because of 100,000 people, but because of one person, and he could not say this to anyone.

So Ri Cheol-jin betrayed them.

However, no one could have guessed him because the monster was thrusting a vicious jaw in front of him.

There was no time for that. Hunters were just focused on surviving the monsters.

Of course, they did not rush to close the Seoul Gate without thinking. They had very specific operations.

1. Team 1, led by Jinwoon Seol and a gambler, pulls the queen monster out of the gate. It is a team made up of a large number of melee systems and a small number of telekinesis.

2. Team 2, led by Yeo Do-yeon, together with the Air Force, bombards the Queen Monster’s regenerative power. Most of them are weak ranged strikers. The rest are escorts.

3. Absorb manastones.

Pre-reconnaissance using invisible humans,

The part of the queen that Seol Jinwoon will cut out,

Mass calculation taking into account the queen’s regenerative power,

The mass that Seol Jinwoon’s telekinetic forces can move,

How to get out of the gaze of the inner monsters,

The amount of impact the outside hunters inflicted,

Defensive formation to protect the attackers and hunters,

air strike time delivered to the air force,

Even the order of attack of the Awakened to bombard effectively.

The plan was thorough, and the preparation plan varied.

However, Yeo Do-yeon and Seol Jin-woon believed in Ri Cheol-jin, but

Ri Chol-jin, who was a member of a family of high-ranking North Korean officials, was close to the skill he had built up at the risk of his life. Because Kim Seong-ah of Baekdu blood was more precious to Ri Cheol-jin.

There was a plan to rescue 100,000 North Korean defectors and Baekdu bloodline while South Korea was in chaos.

So Ri Cheol-jin deceived them very specifically.

“Helicopter support! Wasn’t it all negotiated? I talked to the Air Force Chief of Staff!”

“Why not come!”

“Shut up and stop the crawling bastards! Where did Dooyoung go!?”

“Ah, it fell off earlier!”

It was simply not supported by the Air Force.

So, by the time Team 1 managed to cut the queen beast and push it out of the gate,


Group 2 was after more than half had already been sacrificed.

With the skin on the right arm melted away and the muscles exposed, Seol Jinwoon came back with three healers beside him.

Seol Jin-woon stood still and watched this bloody chaos in silence.

His gaze was even colder because he was used to it.


dark night. No, it’s a blue night.

The night sky of Seoul flashed with gate lights, and chunks of flesh that looked blue at first glance fell and quickly turned into a monster and ran wild.

The queen beast, which was cut into pieces and pulled out by 6 people dying, was regenerated in an instant and regained its original form.

In the sky, let alone the air force, winged monsters were hovering around Hoshitamtam, each with their teeth exposed and covered in skin.

The North Korean defectors could not even see where they had gone, and at their feet the upper body of a girl who lived life and death was rolling around.

hair is stained with blood

Obviously, the new year passed while being isolated at school, but she was not wearing a school uniform because it was a self-graduation ceremony commemorating her 20th birthday with a bright smile and she picked up her clothes.

In fact, he was a friend who made my heart flutter a little when we were friends in the production year. He has a good personality and has a good heart.

shit. The fact that the person’s strengths come to mind only after he died, no matter how many acquaintances died, did not change. Death was really hard to get used to. I didn’t even want to.


Seol Jin-woon, holding a half-shattered iron pipe, looked up at the sky, cursing in the shape of his mouth, in case anyone would hear it.

blue A one kilometer gate was in the sky.

A monster emerges from within. 👌👌👌👌👌

Humans are truly helpless under the gates.


boy, no. The young man laughed.

Seol Jinwoon has been the leader of the soybean flour organization for half a year. I was 20 years old, and I was actually in high school.

However, as the results of survival show.

to him,

Why is there only half left? Now what? Why didn’t the air force come? Yeo Do-yeon Didn’t your younger brother say Han Seung-moon? How the hell did this happen?

I had the patience not to say,

Without any question, he had the judgment to recognize at once that this situation was caused by Ri Cheol-jin’s betrayal.

Shit! Cheoljin Ri, you man! Rather than expressing anger,

“…not long now!”

There was a talent that came out instinctively from the word.

okay. This was a talent.

“a little bit! A little more push and we win!”

I knew I couldn’t win.

“Save Korea and receive medals! Yes!? Protect your family too! now! wake up!”

I could have expected everyone to die here.

“I am!”

So he laughed.

Fortunately, there was also a small amount of armed force.

Although the skin that had just been damaged had barely recovered, it was difficult to hold onto the iron pipe.

I wanted to cry while holding onto anyone’s corpse while slamming the ground saying it was all f**ked up.

He raised his magical power and covered the iron pipe with sword energy.

Seol Jinwoon straightened the sword with trembling hands.

under the dark night sky,

A magic sword the size of a street lamp shone.

Before long, a blue flash of light slashed the two monsters.

in people’s eyes,

blue light lingers

At that moment, an additional 24 monsters fell from the gate, but people were dazzled by Seol Jinwoon’s brilliant magic sword and could not watch him.

Seol Jinwoon deceived them. Trusting Jinwoon Seol, the wounded fighting at the forefront, he charged after the leader while losing his judgment in battle. This ability is commonly referred to as ‘leadership’.

However, they also knew in their hearts that they were already gloomy.

Still, Seol Jinwoon was smiling so brightly.

So, the spark in the boy’s eyes spread to the people in an instant.

it was blue

This is usually called ‘hope’.

In addition,

“Push! Don’t even give me a chance to play!”

It’s so heavy that I’m carrying it on my shoulders and I think I’m going to die.

“done! I’m done! little bit more!”

I couldn’t fall because of it, so I crawled and crawled,

“here…! Stop it here!”

A bastard who slams him in the head even though he knows it’s not going to happen.

“Let’s go back alive!”

The world called them ‘heroes’.


“…Hey, f**ker.”

He was not alone in the world.

“The situation is going to be fun.”

A one-armed Westerner was walking around, smoking a cigarette.

“Before, I heard a rumor that there was a Sword Master high school in Dongdaemun. Was it you?”

“……who are you?”

“Guys. nice to come Is not it?”

25 Hunters followed David Kim.

“Good-looking guy, what did they say earlier?”

“You could catch that in the sky.”

“David Kim, you crazy bastard… Do you come to Seoul because you came up with a 100-won bill?”

“The manager also followed.”

“Shut up.”

Fools who throw their lives away like a shard of a coin.

Hogus who can go to the limbs with a smile, saying that they will die together even if they die.

The only ones left with only a grudge after losing all of their families.

The remaining idiots prefer to catch monsters than money.

People who do things that will scare others.

That was the superhuman.

“Hey, do you guys have any plans to catch that one?”

This was the age of heroes.



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